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Testing the Basic Concept

Prepared by Dr. Abhijit Kar Gupta


1. Calculate the arithmetic mean and root-mean-square (rms) value of the four numbers
1,2, 3, 4. Which one is greater?

2. Sketch the behaviours of the following functions:

e x , e − x , xe − , x 2

3. The motion of a body falling from rest in a resistive medium is described by the
= A − Bv , where A and B are constants. Show that the velocity at any time t is
( )
given by v = 1 − e − Bt . Show that the velocity becomes constant (terminal) after a
long time. Can you plot v against t ?

4. You are given a cube. If its each side is increased by 10% then what will be the
percentage change in its volume?

5. If θ be the angle between two vectors A and B then show that the resultant vector
C has the magnitude C = A 2 + B 2 + 2 AB cos θ . What is C if A and B are
perpendicular to each other?
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6. For a simple pendulum total energy mv 2 + kx 2 = constant. Prove that the time
2 2
period T = 2π .
7. If the magnitude of velocity of a body is measured to be 8 m/s and 12 m/s at time 2
sec. and 4 sec. respectively then find out the average acceleration of the body during
this time.
8. Newton’s law of Gravitation is F = G 1 2 2 . Find out the dimension of the universal
constant G . Find out a quantity from the above relation whose dimension is mass per
unit length.
9. Are the two vector products iˆ × (iˆ × ˆj ) and (iˆ × iˆ) × ˆj equal?
10. A wave is represented by y = 2 sin π . Find out the amplitude, wavelength and
frequency of the wave.

11. Are the following quantities scalar or vector?

(i) ∇ ⋅ r , (ii) ∇ × r , where r is a position vector.