ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY, Psych 30 Fall 2008, Assignment #1 Professor Althea Maduramente, M.A. Assignment1 - Clues to a successful research experience: 1.

To find your popular article: a. Newspapers, like the New York Times, have a special Science section on certain days (usually Sunday) b. These newspapers also almost always have searchable websites c. Health and Advice Magazines almost always have mental health articles d. If all else fails, www.Google.com is your hot best friend 2. Remember that things like substance and sexual addictions fall within the mental health range 3. To find the corresponding research article: a. Get to know your best friend’s really smart sibling, www.Scholar.Google.com b. Use keywords from the popular article to find at least a title for the research article c. Use the library OR the library website, http://library.brooklyn.cuny.edu/ to search the collection i. If you know the journal name – go to the E-journals finder ii. If not use the resources by subject d. The library will usually give you access to Free-Full Text copies, if not, talk to the subject specialist: Martha Corpus mcorpus@brooklyn.cuny.edu 718-758-8216

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