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Summer 2014

Dixie State University

BSN Program
NURS 4600 Senior Capstone

Learning Plan

Completion of the Senior Capstone is done primarily by the BSN student in cooperation with
the course instructor and in most circumstances, a clinical mentor/professional colleague.
The purpose of the plan is to provide a blueprint for learning activities and participation in
this learning experience. The plan is to be completed and approved by the course instructor
and a mentor prior to participating in the Senior Capstone experience.

Senior Capstone Placement

Jill Smith, RN

University of Utah, College of Nursing
10 South 200 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Madeline Lassche, MSNEd, RN, Assistant Professor (Clinical) University of Utah, (801) 585-7548

Statement of Purpose

To understand the knowledge and skills required in the role of nursing professor. To gain
expertise in planning, implementation and coordination of simulation teaching/learning
experiences that occurs in the Simulation Learning Center (SLC). To increase my
understanding of pediatrics. As I pursue these skills, I will broaden my comprehension and
scope of practice, and develop skills necessary to assist me toward future educational


1. Gain knowledge in simulation technology and learning theory.

2. Create a lesson plan and teach basic skills to first semester nursing students under the
observation of my mentor.

3. Increased personal knowledge in pediatrics.

4. Demonstrate leadership/management ability to work collaboratively and productively with
individuals and groups by participating in faculty meetings working to change faculty
governance with the dean.

5. Gain knowledge in curriculum development.

Description of Activities

Collaborate with professional mentor, Madeline Lassche, MSNEd, RN, at the University of
Utah, College of Nursing, to understand the job requirements of a nursing professor and to
assist with simulation teaching/learning experiences focused in pediatrics, while increasing
personal knowledge. BSN appropriate duties may include:

Evaluates the effectiveness of simulation-based teaching and learning activities
Facilitates cooperative and collaborative community and institutional relationships

Teaching-learning practices
Assists with the development, implementation, curriculum integration and
coordination of simulation learning experiences
Provides knowledge in the development and implementation of intra and inter-
professional education (IPE) scenarios within the SLC

Interfaces with research liaison as related to curricular/program research items
Consults with researchers related to curricular and scenario development

Gain knowledge of administration policy and procedures
Effective collaboration/communication with faculty, administration, and students
Professionalism, appropriate delegation, and efficient time management
Serve as a role model, mentor, and teacher

Course Assignments
Personal nursing philosophy essay
Professional resume
Literature review on field of interest pediatrics
Weekly discussion/blog related to learning activities and progress
Develop professional portfolio
Provide and receive peer feedback and make changes based on suggestions
Present project to faculty/peers during capstone seminar


Criteria used to determine achievement of Senior Capstone goals:
Successful completion of course requirements
Progress toward or completion of goals as described in learning plan
Project implementation with appropriate hours

Professional appropriate communication skills, ethical behavior, and personal
Foundation of knowledge built on Evidence Based Practice (EBP)
Informal, anonymous, student evaluation of my teaching session
Clear and professional project presentation

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