The main purpose of the picnic is to celebrate Annual-high tea for PPISMP
Semester 1 teacher trainees from class D. We planned this party so that our
friendship gro deeper and at the same time to get to !no each other better.
"esides that# this party also ill be held to gi$e us piece of mind after si%
months of stress# lots of as assignments and also busy ith functions held by
IP&M '"M itself. During these si% months# e ere mentally stressed and
physically tired. We ere gi$en lots of assignments to do and the dead line for
the assignments are near to one another. As for T(S) students# the Semester 1
is all about course or!s. So e ere forced to gi$e our best to e%cel in our
Semester 1.
*urthermore# this annual high-tea also planned to held to than! our
honorable lectures for their guides during these si% months. Without them# I am
sure e on+t be able to summit our assignments on time. ,ot only for our
studies# but our lecturers also help us to face all the problems that e
encountered during these si% months by moti$ating and encouraging us. So e
are glad to ha$e our lecturers in this party.
We hope our lecturers together ith class ID teacher trainees ill ha$e
hale of time.

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