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"AdverLlslng should add Lo popular culLure"

- Clay Mllls

l've been Lalklng Lo Clay Mllls abouL some of hls achlevemenLs as Lhe CLC of Wleden+kennedy
here ln AmsLerdam. We flnlshed our coffees and sLarLed walklng ln Lhe dlrecLlon of Lhe W+k offlce
LhaL ls slLuaLed on one of Lhe maln canals.
WhaL geLs you ouL of bed ln Lhe mornlng?" l ask hlm.
Clay pauses before answerlng Lhe quesLlon.
"l sLlll have a loL Lo learn and Lo prove Lo myself. lus, l wanL Lo add someLhlng Lo socleLy... whlch
lsn'L always easy ln Lhe fleld l work ln.

"AdverLlslng ls such a pervaslve parL of our llves: Lhe average lndlvldual ln WesLern socleLy ls
bombarded wlLh hundreds of adverLs a day - blllboards, 1v commerclals, lnLerneL ads, moblle ads,
magazlne ads..." We conLlnue walklng along Lhe 17Lh cenLury warehouses where numerous
creaLlve agencles are based.

"8uL adverLlslng ls also parL of popular culLure, a mode of soclallsaLlon, Lelllng us how Lo Lhlnk and
feel, whaL's hlp, whaL's sexy. And lL's how you Lap lnLo LhaL. ln Lhe creaLlve lndusLry, we're able Lo
Lell sLorles LhaL become parL of popular culLure. 1haL's why lL's essenLlal we add Lo LhaL culLure
raLher Lhan polluLe lL.

"AL Lhe momenL we're worklng wlLh a nCC LhaL empowers young women worldwlde Lo exerclse
Lhelr rlghLs Lhrough sporLs. We achleve Lhls by sLrengLhenlng Lhelr communlcaLlon and negoLlaLlon
skllls. 8y Lelllng sLorles such as Lhls, l feel l'm addlng someLhlng Lo socleLy. And lL's lmmensely

8y Lelllng Lhese sLorles l feel LhaL l'm addlng someLhlng Lo socleLy."

Clay Mllls - CLC Wleden+kennedy, AmsLerdam