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Invitational Cricket Club

Annual General Meeting

29th November 2009

Present: Terry Preston, Afsheen Panjalisadeh, Martin Friend, Neal Purser, William
Worthington, Kiegan Vallalelelely, Sam Dixon, Jacket, Tom Highstead, Skins,
Stephen Vidler, Craig Fowle, Emma, Dean Renphrey, Peter Meldrum

Apologies: None recorded.

1. Welcome & Introductions Actions

a. PM Introduced the club and how it was founded and
described the club should be welcome to all (he did
this quite badly)
b. For the purpose of the meeting each founding member
was then invited to introduce themselves and describe
what they were going to bring to the team.
i. TP Is going to bring length to the showers
ii. AP Is going to bring an international flavour
iii. MF Is going to do showering
iv. NP Will bring the average length of the team
v. KV Will bring magic
vi. SD is an alchoholic
vii. TH is big
viii. Skins will bring gun batting and bowling
ix. SV is a sick cunt
x. CF is AP’s favourite player
xi. Emma is bringing renners
xii. Pete is bringing specs

2. Team name and club badge

a. TP came up with an idea of calling the team
Eastbourne CC. This was put to the vote and deemed a
crap idea.
b. SD suggested Mill Road Invitational XI. This was put
vote and the motion carried. From this moment the
club shall be referred to as Mill Road Invitational XI in
all future memorandum.
c. It was decided there was no need for a badge as we
don’t need a kit.
3. Brighton University CC Facebook Photo
a. TP explained in great detail that a guilty party; namely
Sam Walters has requested that the photo for the group
should be changed. This caused much outrage
including wortho breaking his hand on the table. A
motion was put to vote to block the motion brought
forward by the defendant Sam Walters, this motion
was carried and as a result Mr Walters will now be
officially known as a gay.
b. TP also explained the picture episode had originally
been put to vote, the vote did not include the honorary
past members. Therefore the void has been declared
void and this made Sam Dixon very angry.
c. It was deemed necessary to administer a punishment
on the gay. It was decided that SV would be
responsible for pooing on Mr Walters’ face at the SV
Annual Brighton Uni CC vs Mill Road Invitational XI
match in May.

4. Sams Gag
a. SD told a good joke about a newt on his shoulder. SD SD
is to circulate full notes of this gag at a later date.

5. Kit
a. It was decided that fancy kit would need buying and
hence cost money. It may also give us the image of
being a decent cricket team, therefore a club decision
was made to wear your own whites. If any two or more
team members are caught wearing matching shirts they
will be labelled cunts and be forced to carry out a

6. Coffee & Panninis

a. Skins brought it to the attention of the club that
Panninis and perhaps Chocolate Mocha Frapachinos
are needed for teas. The club members agreed on this
point. It was also suggested Fish would put together a
good spread complete with Mozarella and Pepperoni. ALL

7. Tour
a. Suggestions were made for tour venues. They were the
i. East Fife
ii. Ice Cricket
iii. Magaluf
iv. Somewhere sunny and nice (not magaluf)
v. Trinidad & Tobago (This was discounted as
each member was only allowed to make one
suggestion, this was deemed as two). SD
vi. Eastern Europe
vii. Bollocks

8. Tel’s Shirt
a. Tel showed us his pink, tent like t-shirt.
b. It was deemed a good shirt

9. Lemon in Japseye
a. Fowle took lemon juice to the japseye.
b. He screamed and then suggested it tingled.

10. Club Positions

a. CF was voted in as Captain
b. SV was voted in as Vice Captain
c. TP was voted in as Treasurer
d. Stumpy was voted in as scorer
e. MF was voted in as shower marshall
f. Sue Carpenter, Suzanne Charlton, Pam, Edu’s Whale
bird, HP & HP’s mate, Slutty police lady (N.B. Slutty
police lady was added to the minutes after they were
ratified by Chief). It was deemed necessary to vote in
more than one slut.
g. AF and NP were voted in as social secs
h. SD was voted in as tour coordinator

11. A.O.B
a. A constitution was not written, PM to write a
constitution and PM circulate to all founding members PM
to sign.
b. Suggestions were made as to what will be going into
the constitution:
i. Britton will have to wear white jeans if he plays
for the club
ii. Skins can take flexi time so should be available
for most games
iii. AMADEUS is the law
iv. Everyone should be forced to watch the
facebook spot videos where puss went
v. PM needs to bring new hair
vi. Penis is tingling
vii. No

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