Medium temperature chain oil LHMT 68

SKF LHMT 68 is a high quality mineral
oil specially formulated for the
lubrication of chains operating at
medium temperatures.
It exhibits very good anti-wear and anti-
corrosion properties.
The ageing stability and oxidation
stability are excellent and it is neutral
towards seals and polymers.
SKF chain oil LHMT 68 is a high
performance chain oil that can be used
in every industry (cement, material
handling, etc). It is suitable for the
following applications:

Conveyor chains
Drive chains
Lift chains
The use SKF chain oil LHMT 68 reduces
maintenance costs by:

increasing chain life
increasing re-lubrication interval and
so a reducing the oil consumption
reducing the energy consumption
thanks to its excellent lubrication
Available pack sizes
(LAGD 60/HMT68
LAGD 125/HMT68)
400 ml spray can
(LHMT 68/0.4)

5 l can
(LHMT 68/5)

Technical data

LHMT 68/0.4, LHMT 68/5
LAGD 60/HMT68, LAGD 125/HMT68
Colour Yellowish brown
Base oil type Mineral
Specific gravity, DIN 51757, at 20°C (68 ºF) 0.85 g/cm³ (0.03 lb/in³)
Operating temperature range -15 to 90 ºC (5 to 194 ºF)
Flash point >200 ºC (392 ºF)
Pour point, DIN ISO 3016 < -15 º C (5 ºF)
Base oil viscosity, DIN 51562
40 ºC (104 ºF), mm²/s ISO VG 68
100 ºC (212 ºF), mm²/s Approx. 9
Shelf life 2 years
For technical details on the SYSTEM 24 single point automatic lubricator, please click here
© SKF Maintenance Products Date of issue: 2005-08-01

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