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New Moon Programming Course is a collection of audio lectures, tools and special

ly created Luna Meditation Exercises that will empower you to leverage the gravita
tional pull of the moon and add more thrust to your manifestations, programming an
d Quantum Jumps.
The program is divided into 3 distinct Parts, each containing 3 Modules. Everyth
ing you need to master the science of New Moon Programming is here, including:
Immersive Luna Meditation Exercises that effortlessly put you in a state of min
d for optimal lunar leveraging.
In-depth lectures, insights and lessons to help you understand the history, s
cience and mechanics behind working with the moon.
Fascinating handpicked case studies that will expand your mind and illustrate
the infinite possibilities of New Moon Programming.
An entire section dedicated to the art of merging Quantum Jumping with New Mo
on Programming for previously unattainable outcomes.