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Test Report No. 475-3131-1 Page | of 10 National 1596 East Valencia Dive Technical Fullerton, California 92691 systems Tol: 714870-6110 Fax: 714-879-8117 wer February 10, 2004 GETAG, Ine. 20762 Linear Lane Lake Forest, California 92630 Purchase Order Number PO400143 A. JEST: Explosive Atmosphere ‘Three (3) GETAC Laptops with Power Supplies See Page 2 to for Test Item Identification C. SPECIFICATIONS: MIL-STD-810F, Method 511.4 NTS Change of Procedure COP No. 1 ANSI NCSL 2540-1 ISO 17025 ps es s lo certify that the three (3) GETAC Laptop Computers and Power Supplies were subjected to the Explosive Atmosphere Test according to the above specifications. ‘No evidence of main chamber detonation was noted during the testing of the three (3) Laptop Computers. The Laptops and Power Supplies were returned to GETAG, Inc. for post tests and final evaluation, ‘Test data, an equipment list, and photographs are attached. NATIONAL TECHNICAL SYSTEMS Wid T. Gi poatty SOR, Program Manager Qualify Xssurance Manager ‘Tse antheinermation contin herein pee heres tinge tis iid eet het pone pecieins odes ‘lect he cent. Nation Texel Stems (NTS) ms oo repent, exec or pied tht chen nega leg) dena ‘ie, paras, rats, ra er brn ofthe les Deg eos pst. Th spss pons reese "tfeation by NTS often ested nodes ese any seen whee ao laa ies ier pac 8 Parr pupoce. The tept hal ot be epedaed esa i al LMBy” Test Report No. 475-3131-1 ‘Test Item Identification One (1) GETAC Laptop (ENG Sample) with Power Supply Laptop P/N 791901180002, S/N TR36A00350 Power Supply P/N ADP-90EB, S/N UFW0339001829 One (1) GETAC W130 Laptop with Power Supply Laptop P/N 791901144006, S/N TR38W0040 Power Supply P/N ADF-90FB, S/N UFW0346002802 One (1) GETAC Tablet with Power Supply Laptop P/N CA2ST, S/N TRO20204DM Power Supply P/N F19603H, S/N TR36000095 Test Report No, 475-3131-1 LBS CHANGE OF PROCEDURE om BSE TRS Bee MJ 47S -3/ 3f pate: £24 es of cusToMER NAME: (9E7AC, ZpvC. copno, £- BE CBE tae F _hesattees henge te etound spcteston ETRE LA DESCRIPTION OF CHANGE: Ear oF EZ nts leone £5, GREATER. 2) MED. 772: ra of Aang. apr 225 cm ante \ JUSTIFICATION FOR CHANGE: Chyperber. ge Hs cabttiz Cbpenlae. Aza Pthiteot.. NIS APPROVAL | PROJECT MANAGER: ‘QUALITY REPRESENTATIVE: Aer custower contact: ign 0 eee cusromen aurvonzanoy (Sipe, Te Oat) 1 oR 250, R6¥.0