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Technology Briefs

Sunlight Readable LCD

Sunlight Readable technology can increase the LCD backlight module light efficiency without
increasing its lamp power consumption. Normally, light transmission is lost in standard LCD’s as shown in Figure
1. Conversely, Figure 2 illustrates how Sunlight Readable LCD technology allows for more light

Light Guide Films Cell Light Guide Films Cell

Figure 1
Normal LCD

Figure 2
Readable LCD

Input Output Input Output

Lamp Light Light Lamp Light Light

In addition, Sunlight Readable technology reduces glare from reflected light. Normally, LCD with
normal touch screen or with some protection, are clear in opacity, resulting in glare from strong light sources.
Sunlight Readable technology provides complete and total solution by extending the benefits of
Sunlight Readable technology to touch screen and protection glass.

Sunlight Sunlight

Figure 3
Normal LCD

Figure 4
Strong Small
reflection Sunlight reflection
Readable LCD
Cell Touch Screen or Cell Sunlight Readable
Protection Screen Touch Screen or
Protection Screen

This specification is subject to further improvement without notice.