The purpose of the MEM Field Hot Work Program is to ensure that before commencing and after
completing any brazing, cutting, or burning, all necessary precautions are taken to prevent fires. No
work shall commence until all elements of this program are met.

Many facilities and/or businesses have their own Hot Work Program. Talk with the site manager or
contact to determine what the requirements of the program are or if a program exists before beginning
work. Inquire about special restrictions or other Hot Work limitations that may affect the work.
The MEM Field Hot Work Program applies to all Pepsi employee.
Prior to beginning any brazing, cutting, or burning check the area where the work will be
conducted to make sure the following conditions are met:
1. Inspect work site to determine if smoke detectors or fire sprinkler systems are present
• Work with site contact making sure detectors are properly inactivated
• Sprinkler systems are active and working properly
2. Equipment to be worked on is shut down and free of combustibles
3. Where possible, refrigeration decks are removed and work conducted outside or in an
approved Hot Work zone
4. Fire extinguisher is part of the Pepsi tool set and is within 3’ of the work site
5. All floors are broom clean and free of combustibles
6. Within 10’ of the work area all other combustibles are protected with fire resistant covers or
are removed
7. Floor, wall, pipe, and duct openings within 5’ are sealed off with fire resistant covers or
8. Adequate ventilation is present for the work being performed
9. PPE is being worn
• Properly tinted impact resistant safety glasses
• Leather shoes
• Long pants (shorts are prohibited when conducting Hot Work)
• Leather gloves when appropriate
1. After completing all repairs / installations, visit the work site where brazing, cutting, burning
took place
2. Carefully inspected the area to ensure there are no smoldering embers or fire
3. Carefully inspect the equipment to ensure there are no smoldering embers or fire
4. Review completion of Hot Work and site inspection results with account contact

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