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• A revolutionary pendant that emits healing energies, the Ch'i Energy Pendant by Amezcua it has been known to harmonises your

body's life-force to keep you calm and well. An exclusive mineral-based disc made of hightemperature nano engineered glass, it has been known that the pendant is capable of absorbing heat energy and transforming it into bio-energy that can helps you achieve holistic wellness in your body's metabolic functions, and may stimulates your brain and can improves your mental processes. • The minerals embedded in the disc create an energy known as 'scalar energy' which can help your cells return to their 'rhythm of life' and regain their ability to repair themselves. • Feel an inner sense of balance and vitality when you wear the Ch'i Energy Pendant.


What is the Ch'i Energy Pendant?

The Ch'i Energy Pendant produces frequency which Prognos tests show can lead to an increase in energy levels. The Ch'i Energy Pendant is designed to help and enhance strength, stamina and endurance as well as being a mental stimulus

How does it work?
• The frequency generated can stimulate the brain's functionality while awake and reduces the effects of E-Smog. Kinesiology tests are shown to be positive when the Ch'i Energy Pendant is worn.

What kind of minerals are in the Ch'i Energy Pendant? How many of them?
• The mineral content of the Ch'i Energy Pendant is fused together using transfer energy and nano fusion techniques which involve several high heat and frequency techniques.

How does the Ch'i Energy Pendant transfer energy to water?
• Nano Transfer energy creates a "wave of pulsing frequency". When the pendant is spun around the outside of a glass of water, the frequency is transferred through the pulsing action into the water. However, the main use of the Ch'i Energy Pendant is not its ability to create energised water, but to enhance the energy effects of the brain's functionality and to reduce the effects of E-Smog. THE PENDANT SHOULD NOT BE CONFUSED WITH THE EFFECTS OF THE BIO DISC AS THEY ARE DESIGNED FOR TWO DIFFERING POSITIVE EFFECTS.

Is there an expiry date?
• No known data exists as there are no moving parts. The original samples show no sign of reduced energy or frequency since the date of manufacture three years ago.

What would be the effect if the Pendant stopped working?
• Kinesiology tests would not work.

What proof is there that the Ch'i Energy Pendant actually energises water?
• Again, here we should not confuse the designed effects with those of the bio disc. We advise that it be used for body energising effects.

Do any International organizations such as the FDA approve or recognize the bio technology used in the Ch'i Energy Pendant?

• We are currently seeking examination from a well known German Institution. Meanwhile, all results have been gained from Prognos and Kinesiology tests. No FDA will ever be applied for.

Do you have any lab test results proving that the Ch'i Energy Pendant works?
• Prognos tests results prove this.

What is a frequency?
• All known living things are governed by a 'frequency'. This frequency can be affected positively or negatively by certain other vibrational frequencies such as electro magnetic fields which are negative to the body. e.g. mobile phones, computer screens and even air flight (jet lag). The positive frequency of the Ch'i Energy Pendant reduces the effects of negative electro magnetic fields.

How far can the energy be transferred?
• Over a 500 mm circumference. The Ch'i Energy Pendant should be worn to hang on the chest area. This is why QuestNet does not supply a chain with the pendant as the length from the neck to the chest area differs from person to person.

Can I use it to improve sleep? How should I do it?
• No. The pendant stimulates strength, stamina and endurance so should not be worn during sleep. The pendent should also not be worn by females during menstruation as the female hormones are over energised by the pendant at this time.

How does the Ch'i Energy Pendant prevent Jetlag?
• Over a 500 mm circumference. The Ch'i Energy Pendant should be worn to hang on the chest area. This is why QuestNet does not supply a chain with the pendant as the length from the neck to the chest area differs from person to person.

What other benefits does the Ch'i Energy Pendant have?
• Endurance and mental stimulus can increase the brain's ability to cope with long hours of work. Long Distance runners, boxers and others who require strength and stamina can really benefit from this. Students using the pendant during school exams can have heightened memory abilities.

Do you have any testimonials for the Ch'i Energy Pendant?
• None other than the Prognos tests at present as the product has not been launched yet.

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