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The US is now aggressively pursuing a hitlerian policy of subjugation

and conquest of the whole planet Earth and it is willing to kill, destroy
and maim whoever that dares to stand in its way.
n its quest to conquer and control the whole planet, the US is very
ably assisted by four main actors. !r the evil four fingers of death.
The four actors or fingers aiding the US hand for carrying out world
conquest are"
#$ the western media %such as &euters, U', ()), etc$
*$ the many different offshoots of al+,aeda %such as S-$
.$ the war machines that belong to )ato and other US allies
/$ the emerging groups of highly powerful and ultra rich
neo+fascists %such as Takfirs, Shintos, 'rabowos 0 'oroshenkos$.
1estern media outlets such as &euters and U' act as e2traordinary
branches of the great propaganda offices of north 3merica a.k.a.
the '& organs employed by the (3, )S3, 'entagon and State 4ept.
nternet+savvy and media+friendly offshoots of al+,aeda such as
S- are now faithfully e2ecuting the plans of the US government,
as they go about sei5ing oilfields and weapons depots belonging to
nations very unwilling to take orders from 1ashington.
The war machines of )ato are fren5iedly acquiring new weapons and
holding endless war e2ercises 6 war rehearsals in full preparation for
the ne2t world war. They are even using civilians for target practice.
The US world conquest dream is being covertly funded and nurtured
by emerging fascists and na5ists from around the world who are also
willing to provide men, bases, oil supplies, 0 equipment to the US.