IR sample preparation

for solid samples
What is a mull?
 a mull a suspension of solid sample in mineral
 It is used to make a thin-film cell from a solid
Thin film IR cells
 Salt (NaCl) discs are used
 To hold the sample
 So the holder won’t absorb infrared light
 and only sample absorption is detected

Sample preparation
 so dry the sample well
 because water etches the IR discs
 and emulsifies with oil letting less light through

How do I make a mull?
 grind
 the sample
 to a smooth
 powder
 add mineral oil
 and mix it
 well

What should the mull be like?
 the mull
 should look

 and spread
 like soft butter

use clean gloves
to work with salt discs
 put on an extra pair
of gloves
 to protect cells
 from anything
aqueous on your
regular gloves

applying the mull
 use a rubber policeman
 to spread
 a thin layer
 on one disc
 lower the 2
 on top of the 1
 and twist the discs
 to spread sample evenly

placing discs in cell holder
 use your finger
 to make a platform
 in the cell holder

 lower in
 the NaCl discs
 do not wedge them

 gently
 place lid
 on top

 slide into position
 in light beam

 close
 sample
 compartment

 remove gloves
 before using
 keyboard

to clean discs
 add a few drops
 of chloroform
 to each disc

 rub gently
 to clean off
 all traces of sample
 …

Keep discs dry
 replace
 in desiccator
 after cleaning
 …

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