"A Cage" ~ inspired by 'Lord Of The Rings


When seeing the Elder, Leaning over on his Walking Stick At this Pow-Wow event I saw an urgency about him I felt a sadness within him It was so thick, and no one could see it Over the loud, thundering heartbeat Of the Honor Song ~ played by the young I could touch his hurt with my heart When I approached him He looked at me, and then immediately looked away His eyes glossing with tears He was one of the respected Elders of the Clan He was among the ever-disappearing, Honorable and True fellows of his day Then I felt some kind of braking Something trying to stop me from analyzing From creating hurt in a world I did not understand From making the waters even more murky From my wanting to help, heal the hurt Then, just as suddenly, a voice came to me Remembering the words of Nelson Mandela: “People say to you: How dare you to do what you do? Now, I say to you: How dare you NOT do the things you do? The world will not become a better place by you silencing all the miracles you could perform in your life! Your staying small amounts to NOTHING!” So I stepped closer to the fragile, beautiful Elder, still coiled on his Walking Stick, and I spoke… What is it that saddens you most, Sir? What is it, I asked him, that hurts you most? What is it you fear most?”

“I fear a cage”, he answered slowly… “A Cage…” “To stay behind bars until use and old age accept all of us that are left. …And that all chance of Traditional Valour has gone beyond Recall or Desire…”

~ final quote taken from Lord Of The Rings (The Two Towers)

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