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The non-stop attacks by the Israeli Defence Forces this week have

killed nearly 80 people in Gaza and wounded almost 00 others!

"any of the victims of the Israeli attacks are children and women!
This war wa#ed by the Israeli Defence Forces a#ainst children and
women in Gaza has the stron# support and backin# of $ashin#ton
plus its stout allies like those in %iev& $arsaw& 'erlin& and Tokyo!
'ut the citizens of many nations are totally a#ainst the slau#hter
and senseless destruction carried out a#ainst the people of Gaza!
(n $ednesday& or two days a#o& hundreds of people #athered
outside the Israeli )onsulate in *ew +ork to protest the barbaric
policies pursued by *etanyahu a#ainst the people of Gaza!
,i#ht-win# diehard -. supporters of *etanyahu numberin# about
a hundred stron# /uickly #athered on the opposite side of the street
to support Israel0s campai#n of terror a#ianst Gaza& claimin# that
the attacks by Israel are merely a form of 1defence!0
Israel launched its violent campai#n of 1defence0 after the bodies
of three Israeli youths were found on "onday 20 3une 4056& and
both the -. and Israel were /uick to blame the 7alestinians despite
non-arrest of suspects! Israel then decided to unleash its iron fist!
Thanks to (bama& and his half-baked policies for the "iddle 8ast!