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25 Days of Giving

25 Days of Giving

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Published by: thetraintocrazy on Nov 30, 2009
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Make a treat and deliver it to neighbors Make a Christmas card for an injured soldier and mail it to: A Recovering American

Soldier c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center 6900 Georgia Avenue NW Washington,D.C. 20307-5001 Learn about homelessness then make sack lunches- hand them out to homeless people

Sort through toys and donate a bag of gently loved, no longer used toys to a local organization

Write a note of appreciation to a friend

Donate food to a local food bank

Create personalized artwork for grandparents

Write notes of appreciation to teachers

Visit an animal shelter to pet lonely animals

Do a chore for a friend or neighbor

Make a meal for someone

Call a family member you don't normally call

Hand out flowers with notes of encouragement to strangers

Sort through closet and donate clothes to a local charity

Write a letter to your sponsored child or sign up to sponsor a child

Donate gently used shoes to Soles 4 Soles

Do something special for someone, keep it a secret

Visit a nursing home

Tell your family members what you love about them

Make a treat or package hot cocoa mix and deliver to your church staff with a note of encouragement

Compliment a stranger, wish them a Merry Christmas

Wrap Christmas presents and pray for the recipients

Pray for those who sent you Christmas cards

Bring cookies to your local ER staff, fire station, police station or NICU staff

Celebrate Jesus' birthday by giving him your heart

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