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Lesson Components Instructional Method Alternate Method(s) to Alternate Method(s) to

Originally Planned Assist Students Challenge Students
Major Concepts PowerPoint presentation. Have students create Have students create a
Economic and political study cards. Pose a movie strip illustrating a
causes of World War II. question regarding a key sequence of events that
Major events of the war concept on the front of occurred during World
(1939-1945). the card and have the War II.
Major leaders of the war. answer to the question
on the back of the card.
Vocabulary Terms PowerPoint presentation. Have students create Have students create
Totalitarian powers (Germany, snapshots; a recall acronyms or mnemonic
Italy, Japan), Nationalism, device that shows devices to remember key
Treaty of Versailles, League of students how to define terms.
Nations, appeasement, key terms through
Isolationism and pacifism. illustration. Drawing
pictures that will
associate an image with
a term.
Activities Writing letters to World Provide students with Have students
War II veterans. proper letter format demonstrate knowledge
outline and examples. and understanding of
topic by writing a
reflection paper about
their veteran’s response
Assessments Short answer quiz per Provide students with Peer
lesson. word banks, study guides conferencing/editing to
and teacher led study assist in letter writing.
40 question multiple session prior to unit test. Teacher assists students
choice end of unit Teacher in developing student led
examination. conferencing/editing to study sessions.
Differentiated Instruction Organizer