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Praise for Dheena Subramanian’s J esus, The Yogi

“It has a great theme, which is inspiring and moving. The book holds you
tight till the end. Congratulations.” — maharaj Kaul, uSa

“I certainly appreciate your scholarly interpretation and the ability to see
the point of convergence of various religions. Needless to say that this is a
significant contribution towards greater tolerance and appreciation of the
essential goodness in different religious teachings, namely an invitation for
enlightenment ie. the state of being one with the cosmos and absence of
separation of body, mind and soul.”
— Simon Joseph, india

About the Author: Dheenadayalan Subramanian was born in india. he
studied at Voorhees high School and Voorhees College (Christian missionary
educational institutions) , Vellore. Studied m.a.english Literature at

JeSuS, The Yogi
Presidency College, Chennai and bachelor of Law at madras Law College,
Chennai, Tamilnadu, india.
he had written poems in english and publsihed most of them in POET,
an international magazine. he had written and published a novel, “Kaadhal
Poyin…” in Tamil Language.
he has always been interested in World religions, mysticism including
Tantra, Sufism, Kabbalah,Yoga and meditation. his favorite philosophers are
buddha, maharishi ramana and JK (Jiddu Krishnamurthy).

Jesus, The Yogi
The Theory and Practice of Yoga, as outlined in this book , will re-establish
Jesus as the master Philosopher and Yogi of all times. This book may prompt
the Church to review further the gospel of Thomas and assign a due place to
St.Thomas! an hypothesis to the scientific community, especially
Psychologists! a dear treasure to the seekers of enlightenment or god!
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Dheena Subramanian
A Commentary on the Gospel of Thomas
A Revolutionary and Comprehensive Guide for those who seek Enlightenment/God

$15.95 Canada • $13.95 u.S.a. Dheena Subramanian