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Weekly English Quiz - 07/07/2014
Holiday time!

Exercise 1. Read the dialogue and fill in the gaps. It could be a dependant preposition,
particle, phrasal verb, auxiliary verb or idiom.

A. So, how was your holiday?
B. It rained the whole week! 1. _________ the rain, we still had a good time.
A. It's good that you made the 2.________ of it!.
B. Well, you can't let the weather get you 3. ________ .
A. Well, it doesn't seem to have 4. __________ your spirits!
B. That was a rubbish joke!
A. Fair enough! So, how was the accommodation?
B. It was amazing! We managed to get a really cheap 5 star hotel. It was more by accident
than 5. ________.
A. Wow, sounds great!
B. Yes, we couldn't have 6. _________ for more!

Exercise 2. Match the vocabulary to its definition
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7. to make the best of it
1. to not allow yourself to be
disappointed by something
8. don't let something get you down
2. when something happens due to luck.
Not due to organisation or skill.
9. to dampen your spirits
3. It was the best thing you could
imagine. It couldn't be any better.
10. more by accident than design
4. to think and act in a positive way even
in a negative situation
11. couldn't have asked for more 5. to reduce your enthusiasm

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Exercise 1.
1. despite
2. best
3. down
4. dampened
5. design
6. asked

Exercise 2.
7. d
8. a
9. e
10. b
11. c

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