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Texas STaR Chart

Session Learning Goals

By the end of this session you will:
 understand how the Texas STaR chart
impacts technology on our campus.
 analyze the data collected for our
 use the data from the chart to create
future technology goals on your campus.
What is the Texas STaR chart?

 STaR is the acronym for Student
Technology and Readiness
 It is designed to help teachers,
campuses, and districts determine their
progress toward meeting the Long
Range Technology goals.
Why is the Texas STaR Chart

The Texas STaR chart tracks progress
towards meeting goals of
 the Long Range Plan for Technology
 the district
 the school
Our Campus STaR Results
These results can be found at:


10 2006-2007
5 2008-2009

K ey K ey K ey K ey
Area 1 Area 2 Area 3 Area 4
Our Campus STaR Results
Key Areas 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009
Key Area 1: 13 13 12
Teaching and
Learning Developing Tech Developing Tech Developing Tech
Key Area 2: 12 12 11
Preparation and Developing Tech Developing Tech Developing Tech

Key Area 3: 13 13 14
Administration, and Developing Tech Developing Tech Developing Tech
Instructional Support

Key Area 4: 15 17 19
Infrastructure for
Technology Advanced Tech Advanced Tech Advanced Tech
Summary Strength

Key Area 4: Infrastructure for Technology

 Our district provides equitable access to all
 There is secure and safe connectivity to online
 We have a reliable technology support team
on our campus
Summary Weakness

Key Area 2: Educator Preparation &

 No ongoing professional development
 Preparation programs are not modeled
 No opportunities for distance learning
Next Steps/ Future Plans

At your table, brainstorm ways to
improve Key Area 2: Educator
Preparation and Development.
Next Steps/ Future Plans

All suggestions presented will be placed
on our interactive campus moodle site.