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Russian sources say that 9-11 was an American inside job and that

Israel, the CIA, top Washington conspirators plus the Bush-Cheney

administration were all deeply inoled! It was a ery eil conspiracy!
"he term #inside job$ being applied to 9-11 means that the attac%
was a &alse &lag operation in which e'plosies were planted by its
agents and later set o&& during the attac%! Although hijac%ed airplanes
were used to crash into the twin towers, the buildings could not hae
collapsed straight down but would almost certainly hae withstood
the impacts! "hus secretly installed e'plosies were ery necessary!
9-11 was meant to accomplish two things ( start WW) right in the
*iddle +ast and use it to slay Israel$s enemies i!e!, ,addam -ussein
and Ira., /and later0 Iran, ,yria, Russia and to control the whole o& 1,
society through a declaration that the 1, was on a total war &ooting!
"he Bush administration was &ully in charge o& the plan and when
the 2BI on 13
4uly 5331 put out an alert that some o& 6sama$men
had been detected entering the 1, it was ordered to %eep .uiet! "he
CIA also told o&& the 2BI a&ter it raised a .uery about multiple-
entry isas being used by two o& 6sama$s men to slip into the 1,!
9-11, and the subse.uent inasions o& Ira. and A&ghanistan, and the
7ato adentures in 8ibya, A&rica, ,yria, and 1%raine are clearly part
o& the 1,-7ato-Israel-"a%&iri plan &or ultimate war to control the globe!