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Big Writing Term 3 2014 Year 2

EN1-3A: composes texts using letters of consistent size and slope and uses digital technologies
EN1-5A uses a variety of strategies, including knowledge of sight words and lettersound
correspondences, to spell familiar words
EN1-7B identifies how language use in their own writing differs according to their purpose,
audience and subject matter
EN1-9B uses basic grammatical features, punctuation conventions and vocabulary appropriate to
the type of text when responding to and composing texts
EN1-10C thinks imaginatively and creatively about familiar topics, ideas and texts when
responding to and composing texts
Week Writing Prompt & Guiding questions Reg & Ev.

*What would it be like to be a pet?
*How would you feel about your owner?
*What would you think of human beings?
*What are the positives of having an owner?
*What are the negatives?
Write a story through the eyes of a family pet.
It can be any animal and even your own pet
if you have one.

The magic Tree House
Read up to page 12 but it wasnt the same oak tree
Students write the remainder of the story.

*Where is it from?
*Why is it so small?
*Are there more like it?
*Where will it live?
*How will you look after it?
*Will you keep it a secret or tell someone?
*What is it called?
*Is it magic? What magic can it do?
Leave a set of instructions for a friend to let them know how to take care of
this special pet.

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6 Anthony Brown Gorilla

Read the story to the class and discuss.
Possible writing activities:
*Write the story from the perspective of the gorilla.
*Write a sequel to the story what other adventures
did Hannah and the gorilla go on?

You are a scientist who has just discovered a
new planet. In one year people will be
coming to live on it. What will you name the
planet? Write a paragraph describing this
new planet.

Discuss the image and the problem.

Students write a story to accompany the
image. Some students might benefit from
a story starter: I could smell the cheese. It
was so close I could almost touch it.
Discuss 1
person narrative before
students begin.

9 Watch The girl with the yellow bag by Maia Walczak (YouTube) silent film

Discuss the film and the meaning conveyed in
the images. Children to share what they think is

Writing tasks students can:
*Write a story to accompany the film
*Write a story about a magic bag what does
the bag do? Why is it magical? Does it transform
objects or people?

Additional Writing activity (if time permits)

Use this picture as a stimulus for writing.

!"#$%& (&)%*