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I got my Bachelors degree from Ankara University in American Studies

Department in 1999. I continued my education and got my master’s degree from the same

institution and same department in 2003. My education in Ankara University provided me

with basic academic skills. My Master’s thesis about Hollywood movies and violence

helped me realize that history was the basic tool to evaluate, to make judgments or to gain a

better understanding of the human condition. To further my studying, I applied to Bilkent

University as a full time graduate student in the U.S. History. I was granted a graduate

scholarship from Department of history in 2005. I took courses for one year. Then, I

decided to study history in the United States and applied to American University’s public

history program for a master’s degree in 2006.

Throughout my career, I have been interested in the broad scope of American

history. My areas of specialty include U.S. history after 1865, early U.S. Middle East

relations and immigration history.

I applied to public history program in American University because of the many

opportunities to work outside the academy. My graduate coursework taught me that history

is a constantly changing and living phenomenon. The Public history courses I have taken,

awakened me to the endless possibilities of interpretations of history as well as the chances

to interact with different perspectives in public.

As a public history student, I found a chance to actively involve in the field outside

the academy. I volunteered in a historic house museum as a tour guide. I had a research

internship in another historic house museum, Stratford Hall. I also worked for an exhibit

project for the School of Public Affairs in American University. After these experiences, I

now know that public history is a profession which emphasizes practical training, good

communication skills and education of the public.