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* This questionnaire will be kept anonymous so please do not put your name on it.

**For the following questions please fill in/circle answer which best applies to you.

1) Age? _______

2) Gender?

Male Female Other

3) Current Occupation/Job title? (ex. student, full time employee…)


4) Sexual Orientation? (circle one answer)

Straight Gay Bi-sexual

5) Do you watch sports?

Yes No

6) Rate the following sports from 1-10, 1 being the most watched and 10 being the
least watched.

___ Basketball ___ Tennis

___ Football ___ Boxing

___ Soccer ___Wrestling

___ Hockey ___ Swimming

___ Golf ___MMA (Cagefighting)

7) Do you participate in any of the sports above on a regular basis?

Yes No

8) If so, which ones? ( list as many as apply)

__________________ __________________

__________________ __________________
9) Are you currently apart of or involved in any groups or organizations? (excluding

Yes No

10) If so, do you hold a leadership position in this group/organization?

Yes No

11) Which 5 of these characteristics would you say best describes you? (circle 5)

Determined Traditional Ethical Dominant
Loyal Independent Aggressive Rebel
Adventurous Selfish Ambitious Logical
Daring Physical Proud Nice
Witty Emotional Trustworthy Fashionable
Articulate Intellectual Competitive Caring
Lazy Sexual Relaxed Stubborn
Over-achiever Sensitive Healthy Friendly
Smart Honest Helpful Artistic

12) Do you think men should hold the dominant role in households? (Ex. being the
breadwinner, protector of household…etc)

___ Always ___ Sometimes ___ Rarely ___ Never

13) Should men still be the first to ask a woman on a date?

___ Always ___ Sometimes ___ Rarely ___ Never

14) Societies expectations of men are… (check all that apply)

___Unfair ___ Unattainable ___ Overbearing ___ Unreal
___Fair ___ Attainable ___ Just right ___ Good