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Advised and instructed the patient to take his home medications at a
constant time and prescribed dose. Explained the purpose of taking it, to
prevent complications and to promote health for his full recovery.
Instructed also the patient to eat meals before taking his medications.
Emphasized to the patient the importance of obediently taking prescribed
medications and the disadvantages or complications that may arise if
these are not taken properly.
Instructed patient to avoid strenuous activity. He can do light exercises
like walking gradually.
Encouraged patient to have an adequate rest and sleep to maintain
internal equilibrium.
Informed patient about the purpose, actions and side effects of the
medications given to him.
Explained to him the importance of taking his medications and instructed
him to continue his meds at home.

Educated patient to do personal hygiene regularly which includes
brushing of teeth, cleaning of ears, trimming of nails, hand washing and
regular bathing to prevent infection.

Instructed patient to return on the scheduled date of her follow up
check-up one week after discharge at Armed forces of the Philippines
Medical center OPD section.
Advised the patient to visit his physician whenever he feels any discomfort.

Instructed patient to eat nutritious foods rich in protein, vitamin C such as
citrus fruits and have an adequate fluid intake.

Instructed patient to continue his spiritual relationship with God. Have
faith and trust in Gods divine power, believe and be assured that the Lord
will intervene.
Instructed patient to continue praying and attend Sunday masses
regularly as this will draw a closer relationship with God.