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For 49 years the mural was on display on the wall in

front of the auditorium in The Rayen School on Benita Avenue

where so many have marveled at it’s beauty, been fascinated
by its visual history, and have taken lasting pride in its value to
The Rayen School, as well as to the Youngstown community.

Phyllis Beard

Phyllis Beard, Restoration Artist, was contracted to

remove, clean, restore, and remount the mural.

Phyllis has extensive experience in mural work in the

Youngstown area. She
first gained recognition by
heading the team that
restored the murals
adorning the walls and
rotunda of the Mahoning
County Courthouse in
partnership with John
Benninger. They also
painted their own murals.

Her first solo

exhibition at the Butler
Institute of American Art
in Youngstown, So Great
A Cloud of Witnesses,
took place in 1993 and comprised 40 drawings of 20th Century inspirational figures,
such as Mother Teresa, C. S. Lewis, and Billy Graham.
Other works include Sts. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church, St. Nicholas
Byzantine Church, St. John Greek Orthodox Church, at WKBN, portraits at Fellows
Riverside Gardens, and restoration of seventeen judges portraits at Mercer County
The mural was removed in one
continuous piece in under two hours, unrolled,
covered with a clear material to protect the front,
and re-rolled.
The artist continues to clean and restore
the mural her studio, applying chemicals, using a
small brush in a confined area, wiping it clean
with a cloth and repeating the process until the
original brilliant colors reappear. She will remount
the mural in a new ‘Rayen School’ educational
building. The canvas covers 370 square feet.

Removing The Rayen School mural,

January 9th, 2007. Pictured is artist Phyllis Beard
with Harry Mays assisting.