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Nicolet Pro Digital Oscilloscopes Operation Manual Nicolet a Nicolet Pro Digital Oscilloscopes Operation Manual [Nicolet Pro with Optional Pro Disk Nicolet 3862787 NCOLET MDS » PAX. 602736 NICOLET SYSTEM WARRANTY ‘Nicolet warrants hat each product we sl yous ee fom efector and materials and shal conf ts ‘roduc specications a defined inthe product wer ‘Socumentaion Tr he prodact doesnot fiction a warranted ding the ‘waranty period, we wil pao replace it without charge. Tein ou jadgment we ae unabe w J 30, You may ear i and we wil efnd your money Warranty Period “Tae warranty pero sated in the product user documen tation, fou instal he prod tbe waranty period begins ‘on the dof invoice. I we instal te prodct the war ‘ty period begins on the dof installation but will begin ‘o ltr than 30 days ro the def invoice. “The warranty pero for products Sold ouside the US.A. nd Cana 12 months fom the dae of aston oe 14 ‘moots fom the dae of shipment, whichever sess, Limit of Warranty Mise, acideat modification, unsuitable physical or ‘opening envroament improper maintenance, cr damage (Sina by alc for wh me are nt empl will void the waranty. Crain components may have separate waranty periods as ated inthe product user documentation. Consumes are ot covered under waaay. ‘TIS WARRANTY REPLACES ALL OTHER WARRAN- ‘TIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE. [IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY ‘AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND ‘ANY OTHER OBLIGATIONS OR LIABILITIES ON THE PART OF NICOLET WHETHER IN CONTRACT, WARRANTY, NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE. NICO- LET SHALLNOT BE LIABLE FOR AND DISCLAIMS ‘ALL CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL AND CONTIN (GENT DAMAGES. Items Not Covered by Warranty ‘We donot warrant ninterpted erortee operation of 2 rodt| ‘We provide certin non-Nicolt products om an “as is" tsis. [Now-Nicolet manufacturers o supplies may provide hee ‘own wares 0 you. ‘Separate software warranty is povided with software user ‘documentation ABOUT THIS MANUAL ‘Te infomation in his pbicaton is povided for reference ‘aly. All information contained in his publication is ‘eieved to be comet and complete. Nicolet Instrument Corportion stl ot be lable fo eos consined been ‘or for incidental cr consequential damages in connection ‘withthe fishing, performance, othe use ofthis materi [All rodut specications, as well asthe information ‘onlaind ia hs publication are subject wo change without “This pobication may contin reference information and rode protected by copyrights patent and doesnot ‘Convey any license unde he pat iphs of Nicolet Insrument Corporation ore rights of bers. Nicolet Insrument Corporation doesnot asume any Kab asing ut fay infngemens of patents or Ober rights of third | ui ‘Nicolet nseument Corporation makes no warranty of any nd with regard hs material, inelading bu 0 ite ‘othe implied warantes or mectanabiliy and fines or a parila purpose (© 1901 by Nicolet Insrunest Corporation, Madison, WL 53711, Printed inthe United Stas of America, All word ghar. No prt of hie pti ay be ed i ‘retical system, ranemite cr reproduced i any way, fncloding bt 0 ined wo, phowccopy. pot, ‘magnetic roe eord, witout he pee wate pemls- ‘Son of Nicolet inant Corporatio. Nicolet — eee