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August 11, 1961
Mr. S. Brown
Press Staff Writer
Asbury Park Press
Press Plaza
Asbury Park, New Jersey
Dear Mr. Brown:
This is in response to your letter of August 2,
1961, regarding the reapportionm.ent controversy in New
Jersey. I appreciate your interest in bringing this
m.atter to m.y attention.
The Departm.ent has filed in the United States
Suprem.e Court in the case of Charles W. Baker , et al. ,
v. Joe C. Carr , a brief for the United States as am.icus
curiae. A sim.ilar issue is presented there with respect
to reapportionm.ent in the State of Tennessee . Under the
circum.stances , it would be inappropriate for m.e to com.-
m.ent on the outcom.e in the New Jersey battle at this tim.e.
However , I am. enclosing a copy of the brief referred to ,
and, as you will note , we have referred to the New Jersey
case on pages 11, 33 , 34, 36, and 40.
.L.l. torney Gener