Latihan dan Kunci Jawaban Adjective Clauses With Expression of Quantity


Terjemahkan lah kalimat-kalimat berikut kedalam bahasa Inggris menggunakan Adjective
Clauses With Expression of Quantity.
1. Mr. Amir mempunyai 5 orang anak, yang semuanya telah lulus universitas.
2. Saya mempunyai dua buah rumah, yang keduanya telah disewakan kepada
3. Fitri, yang anaknya cantik dan lucu, telah diangkat menjadi pegawai negeri sipil
4. Mira telah berjumpa dengan semua temannya, yang tak satu pun masih mengenal nya.
5. Pitra mengenal dua wanita cantik itu, yang keduanya ternyata mencitai nya.
1. Mr. Amir has 5 children, all of whom have graduated from university.
2. I have two houses, both of which have been rented to students.
3. Fitri, whose children are beautiful and funny, has been appointed a civil servant.
4. Mira has met all her friends, all of whom do not recognize her.
5. Pitra knows two beautiful women, both of whom fall in love with him.

Gabungkan lah dua kalimat menjadi satu kalimat. Gunakan Adjective Clause With
Expressions of Quantity.

1. She has three cars. All of her cars are new and expensive.
2. Have you met Lutfi? Lutfi's eldest son is getting married this week.
3. There are 4 young people. Two of them want to see you now.
4. I have been to all villages. None of the villages is interesting to me.
5. We have watched the celebrations of New Year's Eve. All of the celebrations have
amazed us.

Menggabungkan 2 kalimat menjadi satu kalimat.
1. She has three cars, all of which are new and expensive.
2. Have you met Lutfi whose eldest son is getting married this week?
3. There are 4 young people, two of whom want to see you now.
4. I have been to all villages, none of which is interesting to me.
5. We have watched the celebrations of New Year's Eve,aAll of which have amazed


1. The man who is sitting over there is my father.
A.Who B.Whose C.When D.Ø
2. The book which you bought yesterday is very interesting.
A.Who B.Which C.Whose D.When
3. This is the place that I visited some years ago.
A.Where B.When C.That D.Who
4. Mr. Kurniawan whose son is my friend is presenting a paper in a seminar.
A.Who B.What C.That D.Whose
5. The time when the plane takes off and lands will be changed soon.
A.When B.Who C.Ø D.That
6. Lumajang is the place where I was born.
A.That B.Where C.When D.Whose
7. Andrea was a married woman who lived in Brockbourne.
A.That B.Where C.Who D.When
8. Hirata shivered at the snow which was piled in the fields.
A.Whose B.Who C.That D.Which
9. She missed listening to the radio, which had been stolen.
A.Which B.Whose C.That D.Who
10. Rizky stopped for an old lady who was standing by the road.
A.Whom B.Who C.That D.Whose
11. The old lady had a sign that was handwritten.
A.Whose B.Which C.That D.Whose
12. Kurniawan opened the door for the lady, who was very fat.
A.That B.Whom C.When D.Who
13. Mario was afraid of the old lady, whose voice sounded strange.
A.Whose B.That C.Whom D.When
14. Conan was terrified when she saw her arms, which were hairy.
A.Whose B.When C.Whom D.Which
15. Kurniawan realized it was a man who was dressed as a woman.
A.That B.When C.Who D.Ø

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