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Outwardly, the US is busily making a superficial big show that it is

just starting to find a replacement for its B-2 intercontinental stealth

bomber but secretly, the US has already assembled the replacement.
Sometime in pril, or just about three months ago, people walking
around the outskirts of the city of marillo, !e"as, caught sight of
a strange aircraft flying #ery high in the sky. !he huge aircraft was
triangular-shaped and seemed to be powered by #ery $uiet motors.
%any people agreed that it was some kind of brand new bomber.
&owe#er, the US' insisted that what they had seen was only a
B-2 but nobody is belie#ing the sham statement from the air force.
(et just on ) *uly 2+,-, or four days ago, the US' with much
fanfare, officially launched its in#itation for bids from the defence
industry to produce the new replacement bomber or ./0S bomber.1
2ndustry analysts speculate that the bids are a ruse and that defence
contractors ha#e already built the bomber in a top secret location in
the eastern US, most likely in south-eastern 3e#ada near the highly
secreti#e !onopah air base.
!he US' wants to ha#e a fleet of the bombers within the ne"t ten
years and the new bomber must surely ha#e already gone through a
few initial tests by now. 2t is clear the US military is as secreti#e as
e#er, and as for the US go#ernment, it is ob#ious its right hand ne#er
does know what its left hand is always doing and #ice #ersa.