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Name. Period Date. 1. What were the general sentiments between the American and Russian soldiers as they met at the end of the war? 2. What did the Russian military officers tell their soldiers was responsible for the war? Do you agree or not? 3. Who and what was it that changed the U.S. public mood toward the post war world? 4. How did the Soviets attempt to get the allies out of Berlin? How did the U.S. respond? 5. What was the “red scare” all about? What groups of people did they target? 6. What was the first eastern European country to rebel against the Soviet Union and communism? How did the west respond? 7. What did premier Kruschev allow to come to Moscow? What was his response to VP Nixon and America? ‘8. How did the Soviet Union attempt to prevent people from leaving East Germany? ‘9. What did the west call the Berlin Wall, what did the Soviet Union call it? How is this terminology a microcosm of the entire cold war?