Chavez, Julius Caezar C.

Villaraiz, Ma. Elena G.
The British company BMT Nigel Gee has created a building that will float on water and they think that
the future of life is at the sea. Floating building
project is called Utopia. It consists of 11 deck
intended for the accommodation, it gives you
a view of 360 degrees and landing place for
four helicopters.
The project Utopia was unveiled in Monaco. It
is not yet known how much money is needed
to build it, and what kind of customers would
be interested in purchasing.
Floating city is actually floating on four
platforms. Each of them have mechanisms
that keep it stable, even in extreme conditions at the sea. It is able to move at lower speeds, and its
height is 65 meters. On the 13. floor is an observatory. Below are the accommodation facilities, shops,
bars, pools and restaurants.
Design director James Roy said that visions of the future are often limited by the knowledge of the
present and focus on the past. The project in Utopia is a facility where it is possible to live, and travel at
the same time.
Through the middle of object passes a column that dives into the water and acts as an anchor. There is
also a dock that allows access to the sea.
The design was developed in partnership of Island Yacht Design. This company is engaged in designing
yachts, commercial ships and combat, and use technology that's driving innovation in industry.
Reference: Susan, Lexi (2014, May) Floating Home – Utopia Retrieved Date: June 25, 2014 Retrieved

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