As Hemodialysis Staff Nurse she has performed the detailed duties and responsibilities listed below

• Follows hemodialysis orders and treatment plan
• Prepares dialysate, assembling and priming the dialyzer & extracorporeal circuit
• Predialysis patient check: weighing, ital signs, ealuation of ascular access and
communicating with the patient
• !alculates fluid remoal, predicting ultrafiltration rate and transmembrane pressure
• "eedle insertion in a fistula or graft
• #nitiates dialysis treatment
• $andles dialysis catheter pre and post hemodialysis
• %akes ital signs and monitors patient&s general condition during
• Proides comfort and diersion for the patient
• Attends to the needs of the patient
• 'onitors deices and heparinization during dialysis
• $emodialysis termination
• Post dialysis patient check and ealuating treatment session
• (ischarges patients in good condition
• )*uipment clean up
• Proper documentation
• +lood transfusion as prescribed
• ,ithdrawing specimen for lab interpretation as ordered
• #ntraenous therapy and drug incorporations
• Administers erythropoietin in-ections
• Assists in .ubclaian, #ntra-ugular and Femoral !atheter #nsertion
• Proides health teaching to patients
• Acts as liaison between the patient&s and hospital personnel
• #nterprets to the patients and his family their roles in promoting successful therapy and
• 'aintains good relationship with other hospital personnel
• Attends meetings and lectures
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