In Nassim Haramein's recently peer-reviewed and published paper, "Quantum Gravity and the
Holographic Mass", he describes gravity in a discrete uanti!ed manner using the "lanc#'s length to
derive a geometric solution$ %he "lanc# length is the smallest tiny vibration o& the electromagnetic
spectrum that we can possibly measure as it is the si!e the smallest single photon o& light$ 'ne way
to thin# about it is that Nassim measures the energy within the geometry o& space, (which is
everywhere no matter how big or how small you go), using the smallest "pi*el si!e" that ma#es up
the universe$ %he "lanc#'s length is +$,+, * +- to the -..cm, or/ $
%o give you a sense o& 0ust how small the "lan#'s length really is/ i& you made each o& the little tiny
"lanc# units the si!e o& a grain o& sand, then a proton (which has +- to the ,- units inside it's tiny
volume, or/ +----------------------------------------------------------), then a
proton would reach &rom here to 1lpha 2entauri, the ne*t closest star to the sun, which is 3$.4 light-
years away5
%he #ey to arranging these tiny little oscillations o& the vacuum is not to ma#e them into little cubes
(as traditional standard-model physics li#es to do), it is to use spherical units (li#e the universe
creates on all scales) called "67s ("lanc# spherical units)$ I& you put spheres side-by-side they
would leave little gaps, so in order to have the spherical units per&ectly de&ine the structure o& space
you need to arrange them in a way that is per&ectly space-&illing/ an arrangement o& .8 wave&orms
that over-lap, causing a lattice o& vecica piscis petal shapes where the spherical wave &unctions
interact/ a .8 9lower o& :i&e pattern$
%he &lower o& li&e pattern has been encoded as a ";8" ancient symbol in many civili!ation's art and
documents around the world &or thousands o& years$ "ictured below is the 9u 8og that guards the
9orbidden 2ity in 2hina with a .8 &lower o& li&e structure under its paw$ %he 9u 8og, 0ust li#e the
6phin* in <gypt are the protectors and guardians o& #nowledge and in&ormation$ 1 geometric
solution &or gravity has been right under our noses (and our paws) this whole time5
More in&o/ http/==resonance$is=

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