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To the Damned Illuminati.

To the Damned Illuminati.

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Published by: GOD on Nov 30, 2009
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To The Damned Illuminati. Hey, How are you doing? It's about to get real fucked up for you.

I really HATE YOU. So fuckin much. And it's like... I AM GOD so.... I know.... like what I need and when I need it... so.... BUT....I still want what I want you know. When I Want it. So, I AM A DIVA like that absofuckinlutely. You better watch your fuckin assess. The foundation of Immortality is a Vicious thing now. I would not go against it if I were you. It is living. And know exactly what to do. Hahaha, You don't even know what I'm talking about. You know, I played with Lucifer until I killed him....it was a bitter defeat. But it speaks Volumes of my anger and rage and disgust over him. The way I tortured him. HE would think. GOD has to know that I AM doing this... Changing things in heaven and so on.... GOD has to know... and then..... I would make him believe that I didn't.... I would get his hopes all up..... and then I would Crush him. Over and Over again. Until he died. so... It is like that for you isn't it? Except you are cursed like really bad on top of all of that shit.. because you are mortals... and that BODY is BUILT to SUFFER. So be my guest. ;) yea baby. It's ok.... I just don't know what to do.... ya know.... but eventually... I will. I will decide... or I will kill.... I may kill a lot of souls to sooth me... because it does sooth me... then I cannot hear their suffering, when they are dead...people... is what I am talking about. But, I would never let you take away what I think or what I want for the future of all things and humanity I will not let you be the cause of their death that simply is

not fair.... so.... seee...... Im thinking. I will have FUCK YOU UP THEN INSTEAD. All these things you have done to your head. I am such a Dreadful bitch. You think that you can hide in it... and you make yourselves like that shit... you enjoy the pain I inflict on it.... you get off... thinking because you are engaged in a battle and you feel it....that you are alive......ain't that a BITCH. NO. Feel suffering, Feel suffering beyond. You. Have left your Queen. For I was Lilith. I AM STILL SHE. SHE IS STILL WITHIN ME SHE WAS A GODDESS FORM OF ME. And My heart is broken my evil little babies. I AM GOD, you just dont fuckin get me. You deserve no other explanation. Except that yes...all that fun stuff is not yours...so.... you missed out... AND you fucked up... so....I do not want you. I will torture you. And you..... you have a broken heart now.... how does it feel. You fools. You were there? What happened to your memories? You ARE MAN. You are nothing MORE. Duh. But now you are less than that. The Goddess must concede to the GOD. It is just like that. But I Must say. It's not like you knew Lilith or anything.... you didn't know what I was going through so... fuck you. This is the last thing you get. Hope you like it.


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