Real Life Questions

1) I can help you?

2) How much is this cost?

3) What time is?

4) What’s your birthday?

5) Where is the toilets?

6) Where am I get taxi?

7) How long time are you going to stay?

8) You speak English?

9) What you favorite game?

10) Where you come from?

11) What part of India is you from?

12) Can your guide me to the room, please?

13) What can I find a taxi?

your/ national/ of/ What/ country/ sport/ the/ is?
is/ favorite/ What/ movie/ your?
of/ listen/ What/ music/ you/ to/ type/ do?
keys/ my/ Where/ my/ are?
teacher/ the/ is/ Who/ best?

Shahrukh Khan liking Dubai.
I get up late always at weekends.
I like going to the Mall of Emirates.
He everyday eats pizza.
My best friend is not play cricket.


is your date of birth?
do you want to learn English?
is your car?
did you come late?
do you do?

Are/ for/ is/ with

How long you going to stay for?
Where the nearest cinema?
Who goes a walk daily?
Where you from in Pakistan?
Who lives her mother?

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