july13.2014Ban Loterya ng Bayan – solons

Ban Loterya ng Bayan – solons

After calling for a ban on all Small Town Lottery (STL) operations nationwide,
Reps. Rufus Rodriguez (2
istrict, !agayan de "ro !ity) and #a$imo Rodriguez %r.
(&arty'list, Abante #indanao) are now see(ing to outlaw all Loterya ng Bayan operations
in t)e &)ilippines.
*n +ouse ,ill --2., t)e !agayan de "ro !ity lawma(er /uoted retired bis)op
"scar !ruz w)o said Loterya ng Bayan will only end up being front for jueteng operators
and a cas) cow for corrupt go0ernment officials.
1Loterya will only be used for jueteng operations because t)ese bets are more
profitable t)an t)e legal lottery,2 !ruz said.
T)e Rodriguez brot)ers earlier filed +ouse ,ill -345, w)ic) see(s to put an end to
t)e practice by many legitimate STL operators of using t)eir STL franc)ises to operate
jueteng or illegal numbers game to generate more income.
As it is now, Rodriguez said, t)e police forces and ot)er go0ernment agencies
running after jueteng operators are )a0ing a )ard time distinguis)ing w)ic) operation is
legal and w)ic) is not.
1*t would be more prudent if STL is pro)ibited as it gi0es jueteng operators a legal
front to co0er up t)eir illegal acti0ities,2 Rodriguez said in filing +ouse ,ill -345.
6nder +ouse ,ill --2., all Loterya ng Bayan operations, )owe0er named or called,
and ot)er 0ariants of said lottery s)all be pro)ibited and declared illegal.
All contracts and franc)ises entered into by t)e &)ilippine !)arity Sweepsta(es
"ffice (&!S") wit) operators of Loterya ng Bayan s)all be rescinded.
T)e Loterya ng Bayan was introduced by t)e &!S" in 2378 to combat illegal
gambling and )elp raise additional income for t)e go0ernment. (83) mrs
NR # 3526
JULY 13, 2014

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