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My favorite subjects are Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Fluid mechanics and Engineering

mechanics. I generally teach by using chalkboard. Whenever required I use projector. I generally finish
my lecture 5 minutes before the time allotted to me, so I can summarize, raise questions, preview the
next topic. I briefly summarize the previous lecture & introduce the topic for the day. At the end
of the every chapter I go through the question that has been asked in the competitive examination
like GATE, IES, NTPC, SAIL, and COAL INDIA etc. All these question increase interest in
study. Before starting new chapter I tell about the objective of the new chapter.
I gauge student reaction and repeat critical points immediately if I sense the necessity. I use my
voice to underline and italicize the important point. I pause before new points and use
transitional statements to move to the next idea. I use gestures to emphasize points. If I notice
students with questioning looks then first I try to clear their doubt if it is required. I try to address
my answer to whole class and ask whether you are satisfied with answer or not.
I conduct midterm course review. In midterm course review I ask about what is the most
important thing you have learned, which topic I should explain again etc.
Interest of student starts decreasing after 15 to 20 minutes. So I take pause from technical topic and talk
about general things like cricket, politics, movie etc.