--Lilly's Path [LILY

-Yeah, of course.
-Ask about the library.
-She has a point. Attack aggressively!
-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.
-She was cute.
-Go talk with Hanako.
-Hey, come on. Cut me and Lilly some slack...
-Take it easy.
-Sorry, I'm not in very good condition.
-Go for a walk into town.
-Tell the truth.
-Ignore his insane ramblings.
-Ask about Hanako.
-Address it.
-Talk about Hanako.
-Mention the letter.
Filling in the blanks: Surprisingly, you should have a complete CG
and scene collection after Lilly's path. If you choose to "Drop the subject"
at the final choice, you will receive her neutral ending.

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