Multimedia Project Gradesheet

Breakdown of the Final Project Grade: Worth 25% of the Final Grade 10 points- Oral Intro/Conclusion 60 points- Actual Presentation (Video/Photo Essay/Blog/Etc.) 25 points- Essay 5 points- Groupwork in Class Oral/Intro Conclusion: Does the presenter speak clearly? Is he/she prepared? Is the introduction both interesting and engaging? Does the speaker seem knowledgeable of the topic at hand? How are the other members of the group behaving as the presenter is speaking? Is the conclusion a logical wrap-up (not too repetitive or simplistic)? Do they ask for questions from the audience? Total: ___________ Actual Presentation (Video/Photo Essay/Blog/Etc.): What media did they choose? Does the media they chose work best for the presented topic? Would another type of media work better for the desired effect? Does it seem like the chosen project required sufficient effort? Does the project argue a point effectively? Do they present possible oppositions to the argument? Does the project have a logical “flow” to it? (This doesn’t apply to several types of projects, of course). Does it seem like each person has put forth equal effort? Is there a Works Cited page? Total: ___________ Essay: Is it on time? Is it grammatically correct? Does it effectively narrate the process of creating their final project? Is there a review of the fellow group members and their work ethics/effort dedicated to this project? Total: ___________ Groupwork in Class: Did this group use the class time allotted for working on their final project? Did each group member look to be putting forth as much effort and concern as the rest of the group? Do they get along? Total: ___________

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