Tensile structures @ SPA Delhi

The Brick-red walls of the Maharani Baug Hostel of the School of Planning and
Architecture, New Delhi enclose a great courtyard This !lace is the "enue of
#oisterous Holi cele#rations, $usic %a$ sessions and fiercely contested cricket
$atches The courtyard was also a "enue for a &on"ocation in '(((-'((), where the
sky and the #rick-red walls were !unctuated with an ense$#le of fa#ric tensile
The ense$#le consisted of *grou! work* $odels $ade in a Basic Design studio, fro$
which chosen ones which were #lown u! to full scale +ach ele$ental tensile
structure carried the na$es of its creators ,the students- on the edge sea$s The
interesting #it is that the #asic design class did not ha"e this cul$ination as its !re-
charted intention Prof.M&histi is said to ha"e co-ordinated this fascinating learning
The a#o"e !icture is archi"al in so$e ways, taken fro$ a SPA greeting card Better
!ictures e/ist with the college, usually e/hi#ited during occasions such as
con"ocations, annual cultural week etc 0ish they were $ore accessi#le to the !u#lic
in so$e sort of ready $anner
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