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Announce and Thank-You 11-30-09

Announce and Thank-You 11-30-09

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Published by Kris

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Published by: Kris on Nov 30, 2009
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At 10:51 am, I received a phone call from Martin Armstrong's Mother telling me that he had just called her and told her they were not going to move him, and that so many calls, FAXs and e-mails had been received, they "just wanted to make it STOP!" I was told last night from a source that Marty had written one last paper to me. I was very sad at that, but not anymore! Who knows, maybe he will actually get out because of this? I will HAPPILY post the next peice he writes... and a very SPECIAL one it will be... To EVERYONE that helped.... Those of us that care about Marty as a MAN as well as a Great Mind, Thank-You deeply. I am sure Marty himself knows now what happened and what we all did. Like the Rockstar Patti Smith said, "People Have the Power..." Kris

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