July 14, 2014

To Dr. Nancy Graham, Superintendent:

When I took over as Principal of Cypress Lake High School in 2003, the school had a “C”
grade (rated by the State Board of Education). Since then, even with an increasingly
demanding set of criteria, CLHS has been an “A” rated school all but two years (when we
narrowly missed the “A” grade by three points one year and one point the other). Significant
academic gains have been made in addition to continuous graduation rate increases. Cypress
is stronger than ever, drawing motivated students, dedicated faculty and staff, the longest
cohesive high school administrative team in the county, involved alumni, devoted community
and business partnerships, and enthusiastic supporters. Although I am proud of many things,
I am most proud of the people at Cypress who assure our students receive a challenging and
life-changing education. Nothing is more important to us than the work we are doing to
empower students to success in a changing world. In fact, that is our vision, verbatim.
There is much to do to stay on course and my school deserves every opportunity available to
reach their potential and beyond. I will never do anything to jeopardize that progress. Based on
multiple interactions with you and/or Dr. Jeff Spiro, Executive Director School Development
throughout the 2013-2014 school year, it is evident that your perception of me and/or my
leadership has become a hindrance to my school. Therefore, I am resigning from the School
District of Lee County and from my position as Principal of Cypress Lake High School
effective close of day on August 8, 2014.
As an experienced educational leader, I have always conducted myself in a professional
manner and have been concerned with the success of my students and staff, and the district as
a whole. I am requesting that I be given the opportunity to remain in my current job capacity
until August 8
so that I can assist the incoming Principal with his/her transition.


Tracy Perkins, Principal
Cypress Lake High School

Thomas Scott, District 5, Chairman
Cathleen O’Daniel Morgan, District 3, Vice Chairman
Mary Fischer, District 1
Jeanne S. Dozier, District 2
Don H. Armstrong, District 4