0.1 Set your objectives
My criteria for success
What I want to learn or achieve as a result of this book
0. 2 Plan temlate
!ow draw u your Plan temlate " it#s u to you whether you do this on your comuter$ or on
aer. Whichever it is$ have it in a format that you can add to and udate every time you
have another idea. %on#t worry about havin& too much on it at this sta&e " we will hel you to
rioritise it all at the end of the book.
'ou can download an ()cel temlate from our website www.*otelSuccess*
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010

,hater 1
Who are your &uests and what are you sellin&-
1.1 %escribe your erfect &uest
%on#t worry if these are not the tye of &uests you have now. .ive as much detail as
/heir likes and dislikes
/heir bud&et
/heir ercetions of value for money 0not the same as their bud&et1
What they de2ne as &ood service
*ow often they visit your area
*ow often they take a holiday
Who they travel with
/heir interests and hobbies
Where else they travel to
*ow they send their time away from the hotel
*ow they like to travel
*ow old they are
What they do with their time whilst in the hotel
Where they like to eat
/heir favourite foods
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
What they like to eat 0not necessarily their favourite food all of the time1
/heir values
What 3demo&rahic# they are 0e.&. youn& urban coules$ middle income families with
What in4uences their decisions5 e.&. lo&ic$ cost and racticalities$ or emotion$ look$ ima&e
and &ut feel
/heir birthday and other secial occasion dates
1.2 What are your &uests# needs and e)ectations-
What are their hi&hest riorities-
What are the thin&s they are likely to ay a remium for-
What criteria do they use to assess these-
1.6 Who are your buyers-
7or one week make a note of all the eole makin& your bookin&s 0or if you already know
this information$ look back over your recent bookin&s1.
8ee a tally of all your bookin&s$ whether or not the 3buyer# is one of the arty$ and$ if not$
what their role is e.&. travel a&ent$ P9$ relative$ club secretary
!ow for each &rou track back over ()ercises 1.1 and 1.2 and comlete the same e)ercises
for your 3buyers# " you need to know how they think too.
1.: Identify the needs you satisfy for your ideal &uests
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
What needs do you satisfy for your ideal &uest-
What are you sellin&-
Put the hysical$ emotional and results descritions to&ether
What does this do or how does this hel your &uests-
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
,hater 2
What#s di;erent about you-
2.1 *ow are you di;erent-
Write u a list of your attributes and all the thin&s you do or o;er " anythin& that relates to
the hotel itself$ your &uests# stay$ or their overall e)erience5
/he accommodation
'our location
'our team
'our menu
'our bar and wine selection
What you rovide in your rooms
'our function acka&es
!ow &o back over this list and identify5
/he thin&s that are &eneric and can be alied to any hotels in your area or sector
/he thin&s that are already di;erent$ or that with a little e;ort could be made into somethin&
What attributes or o;erin&s can you combine to make you aear uni<ue-
!ow summarise the thin&s you could con2dently romote as bein& di;erent and 3uni<ue# to
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
your hotel.
2.2 What are your assions and
Write a list of thin&s you enjoy doin& or are interested in or assionate about 0list anythin&
you do and believe in both in 3work# and 3lay#1.
What are the thin&s you value most-
Which of these can be re4ected in your business$ and how-
2.6 =ist your interests
=ist your interests$ hobbies or any toics which you have enou&h 2rst hand knowled&e to be
an e)ert in
*ow could you develo this e)ertise to incororate it into your hotel-
What could you write about or do to &et initial attention as an e)ert-
What other oortunities are there for activities and events based around your e)ert toic-
Who else mi&ht you work with to develo or deliver this secial e)ert toic-
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
2.: What is your identity-
What are the key factors you want to re4ect in the identity of your hotel-
What are the thin&s you value most-
*ow would you sum u the ersonality of you$ your team$ and the hotel as a whole-
What is the look and ima&e you most re4ect-
What feelin&s and emotions do you conjure u- 0e.&. rela)ation$ e)citement$ security$ eace
of mind$ entertainment1
2.> Sum u your identity
*ow would you now sum u your identity- Pick out your key words from 9ction 2.:
What is the overall theme-
!ow sum u your ima&e in one sentence
What look$ colours$ words and ima&es will convey this ima&e-
2.? What#s your story-
!ow brin& everythin& to&ether from all the 9ctions in this chater rememberin& your ideal
&uests. Write u your story to include5 what you are sellin& which is uni<ue$ what makes you
di;erent$ and your assions and values to re4ect your identity.
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
,hater 6
@eview your website
6.1 Write the business objectives for your website
Write down everythin& that#s imortant to your business$ esecially those thin&s that make
you di;erent and uni<ue.
*ave the list ready to reference when we work throu&h all the actions to imrove your
6.2 Make use of analytics
If you haven#t done so already$ set u 9nalytics on your website.
If you already have 9nalytics " take a fresh look and make note of your 2ndin&s 0look at
keywords$ referrin& sites$ a&es visited$ en<uiries made1. .et familiar with what 9nalytics can
show you about your website.
Set u &oals on your 9nalytics that 2t with your website objectives 0e.&. en<uiries$ bookin&s$
downloadin& a brochure1.
6.6 ,heck your content
.o back to your website and see if$ for each of the key objectives and bene2ts of your hotel
that you want to communicate$ you have5
*eadline information
Summary information
More detail
7urther readin&
'ou#ll robably 2nd you#ve &ot some writin& to doA
6.: 9dd detail to your objectives
.o back to the list you created in 9ction 6.1 and one by one 3talk# about the detail.
/hen think about what in your 3detail# is uni<ue to you. It#s all in your head " you just need to
&et it out.
Write it down.
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
6.> @eview your key information
=ook at the list of key information in this section. (ven if you think it#s already on your
website$ have another read throu&h to check that it#s5
B to date
Includes as much detail as you can
Is clear and easy to 2nd and read
6.? @eview your hotos
=ook at your website and make sure there are hotos of everything
Write detailed descritions to &o with your hotos to entice the reader
9dd keywordCrich titles$ ta&s and descritions to all your hotos for the search en&ines
6.D Make a video
.ive it a &oA Produce a video for your website " ick a feature or one holiday you o;er and
make a video to 3showcase# it.
If you already have a videoEvideos$ add another.
09nd don#t for&et to uload your videos to your 'ou/ube channel that you#ve set u$ with lots
of keywords in the descrition.1
9dd in checklist
6.F @eview your homea&e
/ake a &ood look at your homea&e
%oes it meet the objectives you set out in 9ction 6.1-
Bse the checklist here to see if all <uestions are answered
Where are you-
*ow much are your roomsEacka&es-
What are your rooms like-
What amenities are there-
9ny secial o;ers-
*ow do I contact you or book-
What#s your availability-
What food do you serve in your restaurant-
What makes you di;erent " why should I book with you-
What chan&es do you need to make- Now make them!
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
6.G .et feedback on your website
9sk >"10 tar&et market rosects to take a look at your new homea&e and website. Set
them <uestions to 2nd the answers to
9lso don#t for&et to ask &uests for their feedback on the website. ,ould they 2nd all the
information they were lookin& for- %id they book online-
@eview your bookin& system
*ow do eole book with you5
Online? " review your bookin& forms$ en<uiries$ ask a <uestion$ email address-
By phone? " is 2: hour covera&e taken care of- %oes your website show your 3oHce hours#
By email? " who icks u these emails- *ow <uickly are they answered-
,an they check availaility !tat"! live on your website-
#rom over!ea!? " o;er alternative hone numbers and the international diallin& code
Another way? *ow do your ideal customers want to book- /e)t messa&e- /witter-
Irainstorm key words and
Irainstorm key words and hrases related to your hotel$ the holidays$ facilities and services
you o;er.
=ook u the oularity of these hrases usin& a keyword tool.
%ecide on which hrases you want to comete 0remember less oular hrases are still
searched for C more focus and less cometition is &ood1.
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
,hater :
:.1 Put yourself in your &uests#
Put yourself 0or a friend or collea&ue1 in your &uests# shoes and ask yourself5
What#s in it for me to stay in this hotel-
0'our answers from ,hater 1" Identity and emotionalEhysicalEresults descrition mi&ht be
:.2 Put 9I%9 into ractice
/hink how you are &oin& to5
Attra$t your otential customers with a headline statement
Intere!t your customers with information that is di;erent about your hotel
9rouse your customers# %e!ire by makin& your o;er irresistible
.ive a call to a$tion " a reason to resond strai&ht away
:.6 Identify your communication
9sk yourself5
*ow I am &oin& to communicate with my customers-
What tyes of messa&e will aeal to them-
What style of communication would be most relevant to them-
What tye of lan&ua&e do they use-
What ublications do they read-
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
Where do they socialise-
Where do they send their time-
What access do they have to the Internet-
:.: /hink about the look and feel of your romotional material
What ima&es do you want to show-
What colours do you want to use-
What words are &oin& to attract your ideal &uest- 0Make sure it#s lan&ua&e they use1
:.> Make o;ers scarce or ur&ent
*ow can you make your o;er0s1 3scarce#- 7or e)amle$ 32rst 10# 3only 6 rooms available#.
,an you ut a deadline on your o;er0s1 to make it 3ur&ent#-
What will you do when you are fully booked or the deadline is reached- 0*ave a lan1
:.? Identify your contact otions
Write down all your contact otions$ with secial numbers$ addresses or romotional codes$
and oenin& times5
/elehone number
What will you say on your voiceCmail messa&e-
7a) number
Jnline form
In erson
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
:.D Information about your rosects and customers
/hink about the information you want to hold about your rosects and customers that sets
them out as ideal customers.
Which is the most imortant$ and which can wait until you know them better-

:.F @eview your contact mana&ement
=ook at your current business rocesses and systems to see if you need to set u an email
mana&ement system or a ,@M.
If you already have a ,@M$ run a review to see if you are usin& it to its best e;orts.
If you don#t already have a list$ or way of easily mana&in& or se&mentin& your contacts set
this u now.
When evaluatin& a new solution$ look for comatibility with other e)istin& systems. It usually
makes sense to &o with a system that already has inte&ration with other software you use
0e.&. your bookin& system$ your accounts system$ your database1
:.G Iuildin& your list
Identify what incentives you can o;er in e)chan&e for eole#s contact details
*ow will you cature details-
,ometition ideas
What do you 0or could you1 o;er that would make an irresistible riKe-
/hinkin& about your ideal customers$ what other riKes or incentives would aeal 0this will
hel you to think about suitable joint venture artners who can o;er these riKes if you
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
,ontactin& your list
What methods could you use to contact your list-
What contact details do you already have-
What else is needed-
*ow will you &ather contact information-
What toics could you write about within the ne)t month-
/ar&eted o;ers
What events or romotions have you lanned that you need to announce to your list-
What messa&es do you need to convey-
Plan your se<uence of mailin&s for the ne)t monthE6 monthsEL so you have a lan of re&ular
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
,hater >
9dd value to increase send and fre<uency
>.1 @eview your own tari;s and
*ow do your &uests erceive your rices-
*ow do your rices comare with other hotels tar&etin& the same &uest ro2le-
What do you already o;er that di;erentiates you from them and &ives value for money from
your &uests# ersective-
What can you o;er which any indirect cometition could never comete with-
What else can you do simly to add value for money without lowerin& your rices-
>.2 /ry before you buy
What services or o;ers could you o;er as a try before you buy-
>.6 Inclusive deals and acka&es
What inclusive deals and acka&es could you o;er-
What activity acka&es-
What does your hotel have which is uni<ue and could form the basis of an o;er or deal-
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
>.: Bse your e)ert toic
*ow can you use your 3e)ert# toic to o;er value for money-
>.> (arly bird o;ers
Jn what service0s1 could you o;er early bird o;ers-
What incentives will you o;er to the &uest-
>.? B&rades
Where or when could you o;er u&rades-
>.D Moint venture oortunities
What oortunities can you identify to &et to&ether with others-
Moint venture artners-
>.F .uarantees
What &uarantees could you o;er your &uests-
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
,hater ?
Market your hotel online
?.1 /rial and track ay er click
If you have bud&et available for online marketin& PP, is a &ood way to have a measurable
/rial usin& PP, for one o;er or set of keywords 0destinationEholiday tyeEserviceEseasonal
If you#re already usin& PP, " are you constantly reviewin& and chan&in& your ads- 9re the
keywords you are usin& a match to those you came u with in ,hater 6 09ction 6.111

?.2 7ind artner sites and forums
Bse search en&ines to look for suitable artner sites that could brin& you traHc " use the
keywords and hrases your &uests would use$ and see what sites come u in the results.
7ind a forum0s1 that your ideal &uests send time on and ose <uestions and comment.

?.6 Write articles and blo&s
Start a list of all the toics you feel con2dent to write about on your blo& or as articles5
about your area
about your holiday e)eriences
about events
about your e)ert toic
7ind other blo&s it would be &ood to comment on and join in " destination and travelCrelated
or associated with your e)ert toic
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
?.: 7ind out where your customers &o online
9sk them " when bookin&$ feedback forms$ in conversation.
.oo&le their interests to see sites that come u
=ook at rinted media#s online sites 0newsaers$ ma&aKines1.
7ind online communities that re4ect your ideal &uest demo&rahic and interests 0mums#
sites$ business sites$ sort sites$ etc.
=ook at social media sites to choose the best one for your hotel to en&a&e on.
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
,hater D
/raditional marketin&
D.1 Identify ress oortunities
What ublications or newsaers do your customers read-
What events either ast or future are newsworthy- /hink of an an&le " one oint that will be
di;erent and interestin&.
What ress covera&e have you already had that you can caitalise on-
D.2 Write an advertorial
Write down ideas for advertorial features$ such as travel features or e)ert features
Write u an advertorial article you can lace in rinted media
D.6 Preare a radio interview
Make a list of toics you#d like to seak about " make notes and have some case studies
9roach radio stations that have shows which cover your toics.
@ecord an audio 2le 0or a fewA1 to have on your website of you bein& interviewed on your
toics so you have e)amles ready. /he interview can be youEmember of sta;$ but it means
you#ve &ot more content for your website and an e)amle for radio stations.

D.: Plan rint inserts
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
If your ideal &uests read rinted ublications5
Make a list of o;ers you can romote in an insert.
Write out headlines$ calls to action and o;er details.
%esi&n a 4yer or insert and test this in a tar&eted ublication 0by re&ion if it#s a lar&e
subscrition base1.
D.> Preare a lea4et dro
.enerate ideas for a local o;er.
%esi&n a lea4et with a clear call to action for your o;er.
/ar&et your lea4et by area$ or ostcode.
Measure resonse with a code or landin& a&e.
D.? ,onduct a direct mail camai&n
%raft direct mail letters or ostcards
/est to a samle of your database
When you have a result you#re hay with " roll out to your entire database$ or with a artner
to their database.
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
,hater F
Iuild your &uest relationshi
F.1 .et to know your &uests
What else can you do to &et to know your &uests better-
In what ways can you &et feedback from your &uests-
What can you do to raise your visibility with &uests-
What networkin& events or forums are there where your tar&et &uests meet- Jr where their
contacts meet-
F.2 @eward &uest loyalty
What could you do to reward &uest loyalty-
F.6 @esond to your &uests# wants and needs
What do you need to do to resond to &uests# wants and needs-
What don#t you rovide currently that &uests have re<uested-
Where do you need to rovide &reater 4e)ibility to meet &uests# needs-
What articular challen&es stand in the way of your &uests makin& a bookin&-
What secial diets do you &et re<uests for- What do you need to do to &et started on these-
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
What values do your &uests have that need to be re4ected in your oeration-
What other roducts or services could you rovide before$ durin& or after their visit-
%o you sell &ift vouchers$ and if not what needs to haen to make these available-
F.: Maintain your &uests# interest
What events or activities could you or&anise to maintain your &uests# interest-
7orthcomin& romotions-
Promotion of the month-
Seasonal events-
,ometitions or riKe draws-
F.> .et your e)istin& &uests sellin&
for you
*ow can you &et your e)istin& &uests sellin& for you-
What do you do that demonstrates e)cetional service and will romt &uests to talk about
What system do you have in lace to &ather referrals-
What else do you need to do to &et referrals-
*ow do you reward eole who &ive you referrals-
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
,hater G
Involve your team
G.1 Identify the attributes you need
What are the attributes you need in each of your team members-
What more can you do to build your reutation as a &ood lace to work-
G.2 /rain your team in &uest service
What trainin& do you need to &ive your team in &uest service basics-
What systems or rocedures do you need to clarify or write down so that team members can
deal with them con2dently-
What are the common issues that you could dele&ate to sta;-
/ake the &uest journey now 0and schedule it in re&ularly1.
G.6 Involve your team in sellin&
%o all your sta; know all your roducts and services-
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
%oes your front of house team know what items and services to romote ea$h %ay-
%o all your team know how to usell-
%o you conduct %aily brie2n&s with the team-
If not$ when could you schedule these to take lace-
G.: .ive resonsibility
What rocess can you ut in lace for sta; to obtain and act on &uests# feedback-
Who could be aointed chamions for certain tasks-
*ow could you encoura&e the team to take resonsibility when you are not there-
G.> /hink about sta; incentives
%o you &ive any incentive for team members to &ive e)cetional &uest service or usell-
*ow e;ective is this in motivatin& all sta;$ in all roles or deartments-
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
,hater 10
,ollaboratin& for success
What to outsource
=ookin& at your list of actions to date$ what are the areas where you don#t have the
What are the actions where it mi&ht be cheaer for someone else to comlete-
What are the actions that would &et done more <uickly or more e;ectively by someone else-
Mindma your joint ventures and aHliates
Bsin& the mind ma below$ brainstorm what otions you have for joint ventures and
aHliates. 9im to have at least three ideas for each headin&$ but don#t sto at three if you
have more ideasA
!ow for each otential joint venture or aHliate$ identify at least two rojects or ideas you
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
could do with them which will aeal to your ideal &uest$ and be of bene2t to both you and
the joint venture artner.
Irin& it all to&ether
!ow udate your lan with all your ideas from this chater.
Who have you identi2ed as otential joint venture artners or aHliates-
What further research do you need to verify these ideas-
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010
,hater 11
Irin&in& it all to&ether
Identify business &oals
What I want the to achieve for the business5
Bdate your lan
!ow udate your initial lan$ and add in riorities and dates. /here is a temlate in the
resources area of www.*otelSuccess*
9dd in the detail
*i&hli&ht just one thin& to &et you started " don#t be too ambitious at this oint " better to
&et the ball rollin& on just one thin& and do it well.
%o you have a &oal for this action-
*ave you identi2ed how you will evaluate it-
If so$ now break this down into all the actions needed to achieve this.
!ow schedule these into your diary includin& any review dates.
+ www.*otelSuccess* 2010

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