From the Original unchange !riting" o#
Paramhan"a Yoganana$" inter%retation"
O# the "a&ing" o#
*O+) II
“I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me
shall never hunger; and he that believeth on
me shall never thirst.” (John 6:35)
Dalla", Te.a"
Co%&right, /012 -& Amrita Founation, Inc)
Pu-li"he in ()S)A)
All Right" Re"er3e
International Co%&right"
+i-rar& o# Congre"" Catalog Num-er4 5067897:
ISBN4 86095/9268761
Printe in (nite State" o# America
All Bi-lical ;uotation" ha3e -een ta<en #rom the
=ing 'ame" *er"ion
a! "aramhansa #ogananda$s
inter%retations of the &ol! 'cri%tures
reveal the (niversal )hrist
to each *ruth+see,er.
Paramhan"a Yoganana !a" -orn on 'anuar& 7, /109 in Gora<h%ur in northea"tern
Inia near the Himala&a Mountain") From the earlie"t &ear" o# hi" li#e, he longe to <no!
Go, to ta"te the thir"t6;uenching !ater" o# S%irit)
Hi" "earch #or the In#inite le him to Sri Yu<te"!ar, hi" Prece%tor) (ner the
guiance o# thi" Go6reali>e teacher, he attaine Su%reme Reali>ation an !a" gi3en the
re3ere title o# Paramhan"a
-& hi" Prece%tor in /097) Paramhan"a Yoganana
-rought the "%ecial Techni;ue" o# Concentration an Meitation to the Ae"tern Aorl,
incluing =ri&a Yoga !hich i" the "cienti#ic metho to accelerate the e3otee$" "%iritual
In aition to -ringing the Techni;ue" o# Concentration an Meitation to the Ae"t,
Paramhan"aBi$" great "%iritual mi""ion inclue im%arting hi" intuiti3el&6%ercei3e
inter%retation" o# the Chri"tian Bi-le) Throughout the te.t o# *he 'econd )oming of )hrist,
Paramhan"a Yoganana u"e" ca%itali>ation to %lace em%ha"i" on a "%eci#ic truth to ai the
reaer) In the in"tance" !here there i" reunanc& o# material, he inclue" it -ecau"e it
relate" an clari#ie" the ne! material introuce)
* Paramhan"a C literall&, %aram, highe"tD han"a, "!an) The han"a i" re%re"ente in "cri%tural lore a" the
3ehicle o# Brahma, Su%reme S%iritD a" the "&m-ol o# i"crimination, the !hite han"a "!an i" thought o# a"
a-le to "e%arate the true "oma nectar #rom a mi.ture o# mil< an !ater)

#ogananda means “-liss (ananda) through divine union (!oga)”.
The"e "%iritual inter%retation", recei3e an inter%rete through Chri"t
Con"ciou"ne"", are the metho" !hich the Ma"ter" ha3e ta<en to "ho! the !orl the
common, "cienti#ic %lat#orm o# intuiti3e %erce%tion, !here the Chri"tian Bi-le, the Hinu
Bhaga3a Gita, EHinu Ol an Ne! Te"tament"F, an true Scri%ture" o# all true religion",
can #in unit&) The S%iritual inter%retation o# the Chri"tian Bi-le re3eal" an li-erate" the
Truth hien in the ar< ca3e" o# theoretical an theological "tuie")
'e"u" Chri"t !a" cruci#ie once, -ut Hi" Chri"tian teaching ha" -een, an i" no!
-eing cruci#ie -& ignorant %eo%le) The uner"taning an a%%lication o# the"e intuiti3el&6
%ercei3e teaching" are attem%ting to "ho! ho! the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" o# 'e"u", #ree
#rom theological cruci#i.ion, can -e -rought -ac< a "econ time into the "oul" o# men)
The"e "%iritual inter%retation" are -orn o# intuition, an !ill -e #oun to -e uni3er"all&
true i# the& are meitate u%on !ith intuiti3e %erce%tion)
"./.&.0'. #12.0.03. 4rote:
“O Chri"t C Thou Rare"t Flo!er o# Heart")G
HO Thou Great +o3er o# error6torn -rother" C a" un"een monument o# the mightie"t
miracle o# lo3e !a" e"ta-li"he in each heart !hen the magic !an o# Th& *oice uttere4
HForgi3e them, #or the& <no! not !hat the& o)G
HO She%her o# Soul", !anering heart" are o# them"el3e" "ee<ing the one #ol o#
i3ine e3otion) Ae ha3e hear the e3er6calling mu"ic o# Th& in#inite <inne"") Our one
e"ire i" to -e at home !ith Thee, to recei3e the Co"mic Father !ith Bo&ou", o%en e&e" o#
!i"om, an to <no! that !e are all "on" o# our o!n One Go)G
(56cer%ts from the original 7898 edition
of :his%ers ;rom 5ternit!).
Pu-li"her$" Note)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))9
The (ni3er"al Chri"t)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))5
A Sacre Remem-rance))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))1
Cha%ter / The Father, Son an Hol& Gho"t))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))0
Cha%ter : The S%irit o# the +a!
An the +etter o# the +a!)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))/7
Cha%ter 9 Ahat 'e"u" Meant -& Re"urrection)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))):8
Cha%ter 2 HThe I"le" Shall Aait #or Hi" +a!G))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))):1
Cha%ter 7 Buil Your Hou"e o# Con"ciou"ne""
On the Roc< o# Immortalit&)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))97
Cha%ter I No Miracle" Can Be Per#orme Aithout
Go6Con"ciou"ne"", Hence the Fooli"hne"" O# Egoti"m))))))))))))))28
Cha%ter 5 Ahat I" SinJ Ho! Ma& It Be Forgi3enJ
I" It Po""i-le #or An&one To HForgi3e the Sin"G o# AnotherJ))))))))))2I
Cha%ter 1 Ahat I" Bla"%hem& Again"t the Hol& Gho"tJ
Can An E3il Man Be a HealerJ)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))7:
Cha%ter 0 The Po!er o# HPeace, Be StillG)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))7I
Cha%ter /8 Ho! 'e"u" Heale C The +i#e Force Alone
Ahich Heal"))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))71
Cha%ter // Ho! 'e"u" Rai"e the Dea C
Ho! To Retain Con"ciou"ne"" in the A#ter6Death State ))))))))))))))I7
Cha%ter /: Ahat Shoul Moern Churche" O##er Their Mem-er"J C
The *ital Nee To Re%lace Sermon" Aith Bli"" o#
Cha%ter /9 HBe Ye Ai"e a" Ser%ent", an Harmle"" a" Do3e"G C
'e"u" S%o<e o# the Ser%ent or =unalini S%inal Po!er, an
Thir or S%iritual E&e, S&m-oli>e -& a Do3e))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))59
Cha%ter /2 Ho! One Shoul Act (ner Per"ecution C
Intuition, Not Ego, Shoul Be Man$" Guie))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))51
Cha%ter /7 'e"u" E.%lain" Ah& Go6+o3e Shoul Come
Be#ore Famil&6+o3e)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))19
Cha%ter /I *ie!" o# the Ma"ter" on Diet C The +a!" -&
Ahich 'e"u" Per#orme the Miracle" o# Feeing the
Multitue an o# Aal<ing on the Aater C Ahat 'e"u"
Meant -& Faith)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))15
Cha%ter /5 'e"u"$ True Meaning in Sa&ing4 HI Am the Brea o# +i#e4
He That Cometh To Me Shall Ne3er HungerG C Chri"t
Con"ciou"ne"" the Onl& True Manna))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))09
Cha%ter /1 Chri"t Promi"e" E3erla"ting +i#e to All Hi" De3otee" C
All Tho"e Aho -& Meitation Ha3e Enlarge Their
Con"ciou"ne"" To Recei3e the In#inite))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))05
Cha%ter /0 'e"u"$ True Meaning4 HEat M& Fle"h an Drin< M& BlooG C
Ah& Di Chri"t Allo! 'ua" To Betra& HimJ C Di Go or
Satan ("e 'ua" a" an In"trument o# De"tin&J)))))))))))))))))))))))))))/8:
Cha%ter :8 'e"u"$ Re%roach to the Phari"ee" That The& Follo!e the
Commanment" o# Men Rather than the
Commanment" o# Go)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))/81
Cha%ter :/ Go Sen" Hi" Per#ecte De3otee" a" Aorl6Sa3ior" #or the
*ariou" C&cle" o# Hi"tor& C The Realit& o# Satan an E3il)))))))))))//:
Cha%ter :: +a! o# Di3ine Healing a" Practice -& 'e"u" C
Hi" Te"t o# the Di"ci%le"$ Faith C Peter$" In"%ire Re%l&))))))))))))))/:/
“-ut as man! as received him< to them gave he %o4er to become the sons of 2od.”
(John 7:79)
A" a "mall cu% cannot hol an ocean !ithin it, no matter ho! !illing it ma& -e to o
"o, li<e!i"e the cu% o# material human con"ciou"ne"" cannot gra"% the uni3er"al Chri"t
Con"ciou"ne"", no matter ho! e"irou" it i", -ut !hen the "tuent, -& the Praece%ta
metho o# Concentration an Meitation, enlarge" the cali-er o# hi" con"ciou"ne"" in all
atom" EChri"t Con"ciou"ne""F !ithin hi" o!n) Thi" i" !hat i" meant -& Hrecei3e HimG)
Thu", accoring to 'e"u", all "oul" !ho can actuall& #in their "oul" one !ith Chri"t
Con"ciou"ne"", -& intuiti3e Sel#6Reali>ation, can -e calle the HSon" o# GoG)
All Scri%ture", "uch a" the Bhaga3a Gita, or the Hinu Bi-le, an the Chri"tian
Bi-le, ha3e a three6#ol meaning) In other !or", the Scri%ture" eal !ith three #actor" o#
human -eing", namel&, the material, the mental, an the "%iritual) Hence, all true Scri%ture"
ha3e -een "o !ritten that the& "er3e to -e -ene#icial to the -o&, min, an "oul o# man)
True Scri%ture" are li<e the !ell" o# Di3ine !ater", !hich can ;uench the three6#ol
material, mental, an "%iritual thir"t" o# man) In aition, the Scri%ture", in orer to -e
!orth6!hile, "houl reall& hel% the -u"ine""man, the mental man, an the "%iritual man)
Although -oth the material an the %"&chological inter%retation" o# the Scri%ture" are
nece""ar&, it "houl -e remem-ere that the "cri%tural author" unertoo< !ith great %ain"
to %oint out to man that the "%iritual inter%retation" are o# "u%reme im%ortance to him)
A materiall& or intellectuall& "ucce""#ul man ma& not -e trul&, "cienti#icall& "ucce""#ul
man !ho ma<e" a %er#ect "ucce"" o# li#eD !herea", a "%iritual man i" the ha%%& Hall6rounG
man, !ho i" health&, intellectual, contente, an trul& %ro"%erou", !ith all6"ati"#&ing
!i"om) Since -& intuition the "%iritual author" #ir"t "ought to ma<e man %rimaril& "%iritual, I
gi3e the "%iritual inter%retation !ith the %"&chological an material inter%retation"
inter!o3en) The"e inter%retation" !ill hel% ali<e the "%iritual a"%irant, the intellectual man,
an the -u"ine""man)
The"e intuiti3el&6%ercei3e "%iritual inter%retation" o# the !or" "%o<en -& 'e"u"
Chri"t are to -e "tuie e3er& a& con"cientiou"l& an meitate u%on -& true Chri"tian
an all true e3otee" o# Go)
(ni3er"al Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" a%%eare in the 3ehicle o# 'e"u", an no! through
the "%eci#ic techni;ue" o# concentration an meitation a" taught in the original Praece%ta
+e""on", an the"e intuitionall&6recei3e inter%retation" o# the Scri%ture", the Chri"t
Con"ciou"ne"" i" coming a "econ time to mani#e"t through the con"ciou"ne"" o# e3er&
true e3otee o# Go)
?Initiall& the organi>ational name an the !ritten teaching" in America o# Paramhan"a Yoganana !ere
<no!n a" Yogoa Sat6Sanga Societ& an Yogoa Cour"e, re"%ecti3el&) He later enlarge hi" !ritten
teaching" an change the name o# them to the Praece%ta) The Techni;ue" o# Concentration an Meitation
an =ri&a Yoga a" taught in the original Praece%ta +e""on" are a3aila-le #rom Amrita Founation, Inc)
Ahen Paramhan"a Yoganana -egan !riting hi" intuiti3el&6%ercei3e inter%retation"
o# the "a&ing" o# 'e"u", he %ra&e #or Chri"t to guie him in i3ining the true meaning in hi"
Paramhan"aBi !a" -le""e !ith the %re"ence an 3i"ion o# 'e"u" Chri"t man& time"
uring hi" li#e) On one "uch occa"ion, in later &ear", he a"<e a ;ue"tion o# 'e"u"
%ertaining to the"e !riting")
It !a" a time o# "ilent %ra&er an hi" room -ecame #ille !ith an o%al6-lue light, an
Chri"t a%%eare C raiant an a-out him a glo! o# golen light) +oo<ing into hi" !onrou"l&
-eauti#ul e&e", he a"<e Chri"t i# he ha %lea"e him in the !a& he ha inter%rete hi"
At once a Chalice a%%eare at Chri"t$" li%", an then came o3er to touch hi" o!n,
an Chri"t an"!ere4
“#our li%s have =uaffed the same >I?I02 :.*5/' from 4hich I drin,.”
Aor" o# matchle"" a""uranceK Thi" hol & re"%on"e !a" "acrel &
cheri"he !ithin hi" heart)
“?eril!< veril!< I sa! unto !ou< *he 'on can do nothing of himself< but 4hat
he seeth the ;ather do.”
E'ohn 74/0F
In thi" "entence !e mu"t clearl& uner"tan the meaning o# the !or"
HFather an SonG an the t!o !or" Hhe "eeth)G The e#inition o# a HSonG !a"
gi3en -& 'e"u" !hen He "ai in St) 'ohn$" Go"%el, HAll tho"e that recei3e Him, to
them He ga3e the %o!er to -e the Son" o# Go)G A %iece o# charcoal an a
iamon l &ing "ie -& "ie uner the "un re#lect it i##erentl &) The iamon
recei3e" the light o# the "un an re#lect" it -rilliantl &, !herea" the charcoal "hut"
out the light o# the "un -& it" ar<ne"" an oe" not re#lect it)
+i<e!i"e, the omni%re"ent con"ciou"ne"" o# Go "hine" e;uall & in the li#e
o# a "%iritual Ma"ter an in the li#e o# a materiall &6mine man) The "%iritual
Ma"ter -& the tran"%arenc& o# hi" con"ciou"ne"", an %urit& o# hi" li3ing, re#lect"
the omni%re"ent con"ciou"ne"" o# Go, !herea" the materiall &6mine man -&
the o%a;ue ar<ne"" o# hi" material con"ciou"ne"" oe" not recei3e the
im%artial light o# Go)
There are "%iritual6iamon mentalitie" an there are ignorance6ar<
mentalitie") The Ma"ter min !ho recei3e" Go through hi" inner tran"%arenc&
o# e3elo%e intuition i" calle a Son an the ini3iual !ho <ee%" him"el#
ignorant an "hut" Go out i" a %roigal "on) There i" no e""ential i##erence
-et!een a "%iritual "on an a %roigal "on, #or a" charcoal -& high %re""ure can
-e con3erte into a iamon re#lecting the ra&" o# the "un, "o a %roigal "on !i th
a charcoal mentalit& can -& "%iritual e3elo%ment con3ert him"el# into a iamon
mentalit& re#lecting the omni%re"ent con"ciou"ne"" o# Go) There#ore, all
%roigal "on" !ho -ecame real "on" o# Go -& inner %uri#ication are calle Son"
o# Go)
Omni%re"ent Father
'e"u" "%o<e o# "uch "on" !ho coul "ee -& their intuitional e&e EHhe "eethG
!hat the Omni%re"ent Father or S%irit i" !or<ing in all creationF) The !or
HFatherG "igni#ie" the Omni%re"ent S%irit !ho to orinar& con"ciou"ne"" "eem"
to -e li<e a human #ather !ith a human #orm) 'e"u" in hi" -o& a%%eare to
other human -eing" o# hi" time a" "eeing through hi" %h&"ical e&e", -ut the real
inner 'e"u" coul "ee e3er&thing !ith hi" "%iritual e&e o# intuition) E3en a"
omni%re"ent 'e"u" a%%eare in a human -o&, "o al"o Go can a%%ear in a
human -o& materiali>e out o# the ether e3en a" He a%%eare to 'e"u" on the
mountain to%) At that time 'e"u" !ith the human e&e" coul not !atch the
materiali>ing #orm o# the Father !ith Hi" han" !or<ing in all creation) It i" the
inner "%irit !ith countle"" e&e" in 'e"u" the Son !hich "a! or intuiti3el&
%ercei3e the Omni%re"ent Father "ecretl & !or<ing, "ta&ing in the heart o#
atom", o# electron" an %roton" containe in e3er&thing materiall & create) The
Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" o# the Father onl& !or<" a" the re#lecting "on in all
3i-rator& creation) Be&on all creation, Go the Father i" inacti3e an i" onl&
inirectl& acti3e in re#lecting Hi" intelligence a" the Chri"t Intelligence in all
creation) No %h&"ical e&e" can "ee the Omni%re"ent, In3i"i-le Father an <no!
o# Hi" "ecret !or< in all creation)
@A ;or 4hat things soever he doeth< these also doeth the 'on li,e4ise.$”
E'ohn 74/0F
An& Son o# Go !ith a human -o& internall & #eel" him"el# tune !ith the
(ni3er"al Chri"t Intelligence %re"ent in all 3i-rator& creation) E3er& Ma"ter, true
Son, <no!" that the Chri"t Intelligence %re"ent in all 3i-rator& creation i" nothing
-ut the re#lection o# Go the Father$" Intelligence %re"ent -e&on 3i-rator&
creation) The "un re#lecte in a cr&"tal -all i" i3ie into t!o, the "un -e&on
the cr&"tal -all an the "un in the cr&"tal -all)
The "un in the cr&"tal -all though limite i" the "ame a" the "un "hining
-e&on the cr&"tal -all) +i<e!i"e, Go the Father$" Co"mic Con"ciou"ne""
"hining -e&on the cr&"tal -all o# co"mic 3i-rator& creation though limite i" the
"ame a" the "un o# Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" "hining !ithin the cr&"tal -all o#
co"mic 3i-rator& creation) There#ore, 'e"u" "a&" that He, a" one o# the Son" o#
Go, #elt Hi" Pre"ence in all creation, -elie3ing the re#lection o# the co"mic
Father -e&on creation coul onl & o a" Hi" Father$" Con"ciou"ne"" actuate
Him to %er#orm)
Re"%ecte Di##erence"
@A ;or the ;ather loveth the 'on and she4eth him all things that himself
doeth: and he 4ill she4 him greater 4or,s than these< that !e ma! marvel.$”
E'ohn 74:8F
Go the Father i##erentiate Him"el# into the Hol& Gho"t or Co"mic
*i-rator& Creation or the *irgin Mar&) In the !om- o# the Hol& Gho"t or Co"mic
*i-rator& Creation !a" -orn the Chri"t Intelligence o# Go the Father) Since Go
the Father i##erentiate Him"el# into Go the Father -e&on creation an Go
the Son in all creation, He re"%ecte all the i##erence" that He create) So, Go
the Father -e&on creation -eing e3er6ne! Bli"" an +o3e !a" re#lecting the
"ame e3er6ne! Bli"" an +o3e in the Son or Chri"t Intelligence %re"ent in all
3i-rator& creation) Thi" i" !hat i" meant -& the HFather lo3eth the Son)G The
Father "ho!ing all thing" to the Son enote" that Go the Father$" Intelligence
-e&on creation ha" all It" re3ealing ;ualitie" in the re#lecting Chri"t Intelligence
in all creation) Hence a" Omni%re"ent Go <no!" e3er&thing, "o al"o the Son"
!ho can #eel the Omni%re"ence o# Go li<e!i"e <no! e3er&thing)
Re3elation o# greater !or<" to the Son "igni#ie" that to all Ma"ter",
incluing 'e"u", a" the& more an more a3ance to!ar" Go, that i", more an
more <no! a-out the enle"" mani#e"tation" o# Go$" %o!er in eternall&
%rogre""i3e creation, there !ill al!a&" -e greater !or<" re3eale throughout
eternit& more !oner#ul than all the !or<" re3eale at one time) Greater !or<"
"igni#ie" that the %rogre"" o# creation in Go i" enle""l & ne!, #or Go i" eternal
an eternall& ne! in hi" e.%re""ion)
@A ;or as the ;ather raiseth u% the dead< and =uic,eneth them; even so the
'on =uic,eneth 4hom he 4ill.$”
E'ohn 74:/F
A" the Father ha" the %o!er to ma<e a ea -o& ali3e -& charging li#e
#orce in it, "o a ma"ter, i# he i" commane -& Go, can ma<e a ea -o& ali3e)
Meta%h&"icall& "%ea<ing, real eath mean" not onl& eath o# the %h&"ical -o&
o# "i.teen element", -ut al"o the i"integration o# the t!o other -oie" in !hich
the "oul i" enca"e C the a"tral -o& o# nineteen element", an the ca"ual -o&
o# thirt&6#i3e elemental iea") Onl& the"e three -oie" can -e ea, that i", the
"oul can ri"e a-o3e the tentacle" an attachment o# the"e three -oie",
%ro3iing it i" rai"e in all "%ace -& -eing unite to the con"ciou"ne"" o# the
Omni%re"ent Father)
Tho"e !ho -& meitation techni;ue" an hel% o# Go e"ca%e #rom -eing
hel in the %ri"on o# the three -oie" C "uch "oul" !ith their three -oie"
meta%h&"icall& ea, are ;uic<ene C that i", the& are ha"tene out #rom the
limitation" o# three -oie" to the %erce%tion o# the in#inite <ingom o# li#e) A"
Go can hel% to re"urrect "oul" #rom -eing -urie !ithin the elu"i3e "e%ulchre
o# the three -oie", "o al"o, Son" an Ma"ter" or real Guru6Prece%tor" !ho are
one !i th the Father can rai"e an& trul & e3ote i"ci%le #rom the im%ri"onment o#
the three -oie" to the omni%re"ent S%irit) A true Guru can hel% the trul &
meitating i"ci%le to ta<e hi" con"ciou"ne"" an li#e #rom the #eel o# the limite
-o& out into the omni%re"ent "%ace to #eel all li#e in all "%ace) B& "%iritual
techni;ue !hen a "oul i" ;uic<l& tran"#erre #rom the -o& to #eel the uni3er"e,
i" the meaning o# the H'10 B(I)C505*&” or the “;.*&5/ B(I)C505*&”.
@A ;or the ;ather Dudgeth no man< but hath committed all Dudgment unto the
'on: *hat all men should honour the 'on< even as the! honour the ;ather. &e
that honoureth not the 'on honoureth not the ;ather 4hich hath sent him.$”
E'ohn 74::F
The tran"cenental Co"mic Father l &ing -e&on all creation !a" re#lecte
him"el# a" the Chri"t Intelligence in all creation) It i" the Chri"t Intelligence in
*i-rator& Creation !hich i" irectl & re"%on"i-le #or the creation o# man)
There#ore, it i" Chri"t Intelligence !hich ha" gi3en to each man hi" %o!er o# #ree
choice to o goo or e3il) Hence, all men li3ing in 3i-rator& creation are irectl &
re"%on"i-le to the Chri"t Intelligence in all creation)
“*&5 '10 J(325*& .>> 50” oe" not mean that the Chri"t Intelligence
%uni"he" or re!ar" each man, -ut that each man -eing mae in the image o#
Chri"t an Go, mu"t "u##er -& hi" o!n action !hen he mi"u"e" hi" #ree choice)
Man -eing mae in the image o# Chri"t "houl naturall& li3e the li#e o# Chri"t -ut
!hen he re"i"t" an act" again"t the Chri"t Con"cience in him, then he %ut"
him"el# in i"harmon& !ith the e3er6#lo!ing Bugment or !i"om or harmon& or
lo3e or %eace o# Chri"t) Ahen a ri3er !ant" to #lo! an ma<e a lan #ertile, i# an
em-an<ment i" %ut o3er the lan, the ri3er inirectl& %a""e" Bugment o#
%uni"hment -& en&ing !ater) So al"o, !hen the "oul %ut" u% a !all o# ignorance
an non6rece%ti3it& an matter6ienti#ie li3ing, he #in" that the i3ine !ater" o#
Chri"t !i"om ha3e %a""e Bugment not to #lo! in hi" li#e)
In the "tu& o# the Scri%ture", great care "houl -e ta<en in not a"cri-ing
to Chri"t, !ho "u##ere on the cro"", "a&ing4 HFather #orgi3e them #or the& <no!
not !hat the& o,G an to Go or Go6li<e "oul", an& "in o# re3enge#ul thought or
action) All "en"i-le men e"irou" o# <no!ing the Father mu"t <no! that the
Father remain" hien in all "%ace an i" mani#e"ting through Hi" true Son" !ho
are -orn on earth an recei3e an re#lect Hi" !i"om) Tho"e !ho mentall&
re"%ect the Father -ut cannot hear Hi" 3oice, "houl re"%ect an honor true
Son" o# Go, or Guru6Prece%tor", !ho"e 3oice" are aui-le an through !ho"e
3oice" Go "%ea<" to truth6"ee<ing e3otee") It i" "o ea"& #or e3otee" to not
onl & hear the 3oice o# Go -ut to recei3e e#inite guiance through Go6<no!n
Guru6Prece%tor") Ignorant %eo%le o not recei3e Go -& %uri#&i ng their min",
there#ore the& o not <no! that Go e.i"t") It i" Chri"t an Chri"t6li<e "oul" !ho
mani#e"t Go, an there#ore ignorant %eo%le !ho o not honor or o##er re"%ect#ul
attention to Son" o# Go or Guru6Prece%tor" cannot o##er re"%ect#ul attention to
the Father !ho i" re"%on"i-le #or the mani#e"tation o# true Son" on earth)
MN *eril &, 3eril &, I "a& unto &ou, He that heareth m& !or, an -elie3eth on
him that "ent me, hath e3erla"ting li#e, an "hall not come into conemnationD
-ut i" %a""e #rom eath unto li#e) *eril&, 3eril&, I "a& unto &ou, The hour i"
coming, an no! i", !hen the ea "hall hear the 3oice o# the Son o# Go4 an
the& that hear "hall li3e) For a" the Father hath li#e in him"el#D "o hath he gi3en
to the Son to ha3e li#e in him"el#D an hath gi3en him authorit& to e.ecute
Bugment al"o, -ecau"e he i" the Son o# man)$G
E'ohn 74:26:5F
H*eril&, 3eril &, through the certitue !hich I #eel through m& intuition, I "a&
&ou an all man<in, the e3otee" !ho li"ten to the Co"mic *i-ration, the Aor
or com#orting Hol & Gho"t an m& guie !i"om #elt in it, -elie3e an <no! that
m& !i"om come" #rom Go the Father)G
Peo%le !oner !h& there are "o man& "o6calle Chri"tian" !ho -elie3e in
'e"u" an Go !ho "ent him, -ut ne3er actuall & <no! or #eel in their
con"ciou"ne"" !hat e3erla"ting li#e i" or that the& are #ree #rom conemnation or
!or<ing out o# the 3eil e##ect" o# all action" o# %a"t li3e") Onl& "oul" !ho can #eel
Chri"t in all creation -& con"tant meitation an "%iritual ec"ta"& are real
Chri"tian") The& are the one" !ho <no! Chri"t a" mani#e"te a" the Co"mic
*i-ration) The& <no! an -elie3e in Chri"t Intelligence an the Father !ho
re#lecte that Chri"t Intelligence in all creation) That i" !h& it i" em%ha"i>e H &5
*&.* &5./5*& # :1/3;” that i", he !ho #eel" Chri"t !i"om intuiti3el&
#lo!ing into him can onl& -elie3e in Chri"t or Him that "ent him an tho"e that
<no! an -elie3e Chri"t an Go, the& are one !ith the e3erla"ting li#e
emanating #rom them)
Such "oul" !ho are one !ith Co"mic *i-ration an the Chri"t Intelligence
in it an Go$" Intelligence -e&on creation are #ree #rom conemnationD that i",
#rom the la! o# action an it" in"cruta-le Bugment !hich go3ern" our li3e") In
%a""ing #rom eath into li#e, a man ha" to %ractice the techni;ue o# li"tening to
the Co"mic *i-ration an #eeling Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"") Ahen he i" con"ciou"l&
a-le to o that, he rai"e" the three -oie" a" "%o<en o# a-o3e an i"
meta%h&"icall& ea to %a"" on #rom the con#inement o# the three -oie" to the
%erce%tion o# %er%etual #reeom o# S%irit)
The Promi"e
Orinar& %er"on" !ho o not <no! an&thing o# the Co"mic *i-ration or
com#orting Hol& Gho"t, !hich 'e"u" %romi"e to "en an !hich %eo%le can #eel
-& %racticing metho" o# Sel# reali>ation a" taught in the Original Praece%ta
+e""on", actuall & o not li3eD that i", con"ciou"l& #eel an li3e a#ter eath) But
3eril &, 3eril&, I "a& unto &ou, all e3otee", the time i" coming in #uture Ea"
re3eale to great "aint" accoring to thi" %reiction o# Chri"tF an the time ha"
arri3e no! !hen a3ance i"ci%le" !ho are reall & eaD that i", !ho -& the
Guru6Prece%tor$" hel% an -& meitation are a-le to li#t their "oul" #rom
%ercei3ing "en"ation" o# the %h&"ical -o&, %o!er an energ& o# the a"tral -o&
an la"t, thought con#inement o# the cau"al -o&, "hall hear the Co"mic Soun
o# Hol & *i-ration or Hol & Gho"t an #eel their !i"om a" emanating #rom the Son
o# Go, or Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" !hich i" re#lecte in all creation an i" the
re#lection o# Go the Father -e&on all creation) An tho"e a3ance e3otee"
!ho commune !ith the all6com#orting Hol& Gho"t or Hol& *i-ration Ea" taught in
+ahiri Maha"a&a$" techni;ue an a" tol -& Chri"t to hi" a3ance i"ci%le"
-e#oreF "hall not e.%erience o-li3ion o# eath a" e.%erience -& orinar& ea
%eo%le, -ut "hall li3e #ore3erD that i", #eel their omni%re"ent li#e in all creation)
A%%arentl& an orinar& "oul li3e" onl& once in a li#e time -ecau"e he
cannot remem-er hi" ientit& uring the %roce"" o# tran"ition #rom one li#e to
another) Neither can he remem-er hi" ientit& !hen hi" "oul %a""e" through
man& incarnation", there#ore an orinar& %er"on i" "%o<en o# a" li3ing onl& once
e3en though hi" "oul i" immortal) But a #airl & a3ance ma"ter %a""ing through a
#e! la"t incarnation" re;uire to #ini"h u% hi" latent e"ire" can in hi" li#e
%re"er3e the ientit& o# hi" "oul) Such "oul" li3e -ecau"e grauall & the& learn to
li3e #ore3er in Go !ithout their con"ciou"ne"" -eing interru%te -& eath)
Orinar& "oul" li3e man& time" an ie man& time" !ithout <no!ing it, there#ore
in that "en"e, the& on$t li3e #ore3er)
Co"mic Energ&
A" the Father ha" eternal energ& or Co"mic +i#e in Him"el# "o He ha"
gi3en the Chri"t Intelligence in all 3i-rating creation to %o""e"" Co"mic energ&
-& the conen"ation o# !hich !orl" are create, an He ha" gi3en the Son or
Chri"t intelligence to e.ecute Bugment an create an&thing in the uni3er"e) An
thi" Son or Chri"t Intelligence can -e mani#e"t al"o in the #orm o# a man or a
human -o& a" it !a" in Chri"t an Son" o# Go !ho can recei3e Go
Con"ciou"ne"" through the tran"%arenc& o# their con"ciou"ne"")
Ahen 'e"u" "%o<e o# hi" %h&"ical -o&, he re#erre to it a" the Son o#
manD that hi" -o& !a" the "on o# another man E!hich "%rang #rom 'o"e%h or
!hich !a" "%o<en o# a" relate to 'o"e%h, immaculate or orinar& !a& a" the
ca"e ma& -eF) Ahene3er 'e"u" "%o<e o# the cruci#i.ion o# the %h&"ical -o&, he
"ai it !a" Hthe Son o# manG !hich "houl -e eli3ere unto the gentile" an
cruci#ie) He "%o<e o# the '10 1; .0 or his bod! a" i##erent #rom himself
!ho !a" *&5 '10 1; 213< the emanci%ate re#lection o# Go) 'e"u" ne3er
taught that the omni%re"ent Son o# Go coul -e cruci#ie)
HAhate3er i" mae o# gol retain" #ore3er the nature o# gol) So, too, all
that i" -orn o# Brahman
i" o# the nature o# Brahman)G C Shan<ara)
*Brahman – Supreme Spirit.
“.t that time Jesus 4ent on the sabbath da! through the corn; and his
disci%les 4ere an hungered< and began to %luc, the ears of corn< and to eat. -ut
4hen the "harisees sa4 it< the! said unto him< -ehold< th! disci%les do that
4hich is not la4ful to do u%on the sabbath da!.
“-ut he said unto them< E&ave !e not read 4hat 3avid did< 4hen he 4as an
hungered< and the! that 4ere 4ith him: &o4 he entered into the house of 2od<
and did eat the sho4bread< 4hich 4as not la4ful for him to eat< neither for them
4hich 4ere 4ith him< but onl! for the %riestsF
@A 1r have !e not read in the la4< ho4 that on the sabbath da!s the %riests in
the tem%le %rofane the sabbath< and are blamelessF -ut I sa! unto !ou. *hat in this
%lace is one greater than the tem%le. -ut if !e had ,no4n 4hat this meaneth< I 4ill
have merc!< and not sacrifice< !e 4ould not have condemned the guiltless.$”
EMatthe! /:4/65F
'e"u" !a" a -elie3er in the Scri%ture" a" !ritten -& the great %ro%het" !ho
a%%reciate Him) Men o# reali>ation !ho ha3e the common <no!lege o# the
"ame truth o not contraict one another) Becau"e the& e.%re"" the "ame
!i"om in 3ariou" manner" o# thought, their i"ci%le" o# limite uner"taning
create i##erence" an e"ta-li"h i##erent cult" !ith 3ar&i ng -elie#") Great
Ma"ter" ha3e no i##erence" among them"el3e", -ut their i"ci%le" !ith limite
min" "ee i##erence" -et!een one teaching an another) But !hen the"e
i"ci%le" o3ercome their limitation" -& meitation an attain "el#6reali>ation, the&
#in all limitation" 3ani"he) In an"!er to the critici"m o# the Phari"ee" !ho
claime that Hi" i"ci%le" !ere e"ecrating the "a--ath a&, 'e"u" an"!ere in
the a-o3e manner, ;uoting the Scri%ture" to "u%%ort the action" o# Hi" i"ci%le"
an e.%laining that it i" the "%irit o# the la!" lai o!n in the Hol& Boo<" !hich
mu"t -e #ollo!e) +iteral #ollo!ing o# the la!" !oul lea to elu"ion) For, to %er#orm i"tracting material !or< on the "a--ath a& ma& -e "in#ul,
a" the "a--ath a& !a" intene #or the -u"& !orll & %eo%le !ho !oul thu"
ta<e one a& out o# each "e3en a&" to meitate u%on Go) But to 'e"u" an Hi"
i"ci%le", to !hom e3er& a& !a" a "a--ath, a a& o# Go6contact, it !a" all
right to %er#orm an& legitimate action li<e a%%ea"ing hunger or healing)
Be"ie", on the "a--ath a& no one can "to% the #unction" o# the -o& or
control it" in3oluntar& mo3ement" or "to% the racing o# inner thought", all o#
!hich in3ol3e acti3it&) I# one out!arl & remain" ;uiet on the "a--ath -ut in!arl &
thin<" o# !orll& a##air", he ma& -e "u%er#iciall & o-"er3ing the "a--ath a& -ut
"%irituall& he i" %ro#aning it) The i"ci%le" o# 'e"u" !ere reall& o-"er3ing the
"a--ath, #or their min" !ere on Go an Chri"t, e3en though their -oie" !ere
hungr&, #or ca"uall& the& ate a #e! ear" o# corn a" a matter o# nece""it&) That i"
!h& 'e"u" "%ea<" o# Da3i !ho li3e in Go, an !ho, !hen he !a" in nee an
hungr&, !ent into the hou"e o# Go an ate the "acre "ho!-rea an ga3e it
al"o to them that !ere !i th him) Thi" !a" unla!#ul #or Da3i to o, #or onl & the
%rie"t" ha that right)
Then 'e"u" "%ea<" o# Him"el# an the S%irit !i thin Him !hich !a" greater
than Da3i or the %rie"t" !ho coul, accoring to "cri%tural la!, ha3e "%ecial
%ri3ilege" on the "a--ath) The con"ciou"ne"" o# 'e"u" !a" one !ith Go an a"
"uch !a" greater than the 3i-ration o# the tem%le !here Da3i ate the
"ho!-rea) 'e"u" coul #eel thi", -eing con"ciou" o# all %re"ent, %a"t or #uture)
That i" !h& 'e"u" ma<e" the %lea that i# orinar& "%iritual %eo%le li<e the %rie"t",
an "%iritual Da3i, coul go -lamele"" !hen the& -ro<e the "a--ath la!", ho!
much more 'e"u" or hi" i"ci%le" !ho !ere one !ith Go, coul i"regar
out!ar la! i# the& "a! #it)
Then 'e"u" "a&" to the Phari"ee"4 HI# &ou ha <no!n that m& S%irit !ithin
the -o& tem%le i" greater than the atmo"%here o# the ancient tem%le, then I !ill
ha3e i3ine com%a""ion an "&m%ath& !ith &our uner"taning an I !ill not
ha3e to "acri#ice !i"om -& "ilence, on the altar o# &our ignorance) I# &ou ha
<no!n o# the S%irit !ithin Me an It" !i"om !hich guie" all m& action" an the
action" o# tho"e that are !ith me, &ou !oul not ha3e literall & inter%rete the
Scri%ture" an the la!" o# the "a--ath an conemne m& guiltle"" i"ci%le"
!ho "tan #aultle"" -e#ore the real "cri%tural la!" an e&e" o# Go)G
“.nd he said unto them< E*&5 '.--.*& :.' .35 ;1/ .0< .03 01*
.0 ;1/ *&5 '.--.*&: *&5/5;1/5 *&5 '10 1; .0 I' >1/3 .>'1 1;
*&5 '.--.*&.$”
EMar< :4:56:1F
The "%iritual la! o# !ee<l & i3ine communion o# the "a--ath i" a la! o#
"%iritual conuct create #or the a3antage an "%iritual u%li#tment o# man, -ut
li3ing man !a" not create to -linl & o-"er3e, !ithout rh&me or rea"on, the
"a--ath a&) Ph&"ical, h&gienic, "ocial, mental an "%iritual i"ci%linar& rule" at
i##erent time" o# ci3ili>ation an the e3olution o# man, !ere tem%oraril & or
%ermanentl& create to "uit the e3elo%ment o# man) The rule" ha3e to -e
moi#ie an in "%irit ha3e to -e i##erentl& #ollo!e, accoring to the changing
nee" o# man in i##erent "tate" o# ci3ili>ation in the !orl %rogre"")
Rule" Are *aria-le
A rule con"i"t" o# a "&"tem o# action" initiate to %rouce certain %h&"ical
or mental re"ult") The"e rule" are conitione -& time an the "tate o# man)
Hence the& are 3aria-le in accorance !ith man$" en3ironmental change") For, it ha" -een "ho!n a-o3e that the "a--ath !a" #or !orll & %eo%le to
gi3e them one a& o# #reeom #rom -u"ine"" !hich !oul ena-le them to
commune !ith Go) But i# the -u"ine""man remaine out!arl & inacti3e an
in!arl & acti3e !ith -u"ine"" thought", he !a" out!arl & #ollo!ing the "a--ath
-ut in!arl& nulli#&ing the %ur%o"e #or !hich the "a--ath la! create) A "%iritual
man !ho meitate" "e3en a&" a !ee< an #a"t" "e3eral a&" ma& -e hungr& on
the "a--ath a&, "o it !oul not -e a "in #or him then to eat a little #oo !hile he
!a" con"ciou" o# Go uring e3en hi" eating) Thi" "%iritual man a%%arentl&
-rea<" the la! o# the "a--ath -ut in "%irit he oe" not) That i" !h& 'e"u" "a&"
that all "a--ath a&" !ere mae #or the a3antage" o# man an that man uner
i##icult& !a" not to -linl& #ollo! the letter o# the "a--ath la!)
Thu" it !a" illu"trate ho! an unenlightene #ollo!ing o# the "a--ath ma&
lea to great i"a3antage") The orinar& ogmatic or h&%ocritical %rie"t o#
ancient time" might -e "o #anatical a-out #ollo!ing the "a--ath a& that he
!oul not run out o# hi" home an rie on a hor"e to -ring a octor #or hi" &ing
-rother, "er3ant, or a gue"t) To #ollo! the "a--ath la! -& ignoring urgent nee"
a" illu"trate a-o3e i" h&%ocri"& an e#eat" the %ur%o"e #or !hich the "a--ath
a& !a" "et a"ie, #or to ignore gi3ing ai to a hel%le"" man i" a "in !hich
i"tur-" communion !ith Go -& i"regaring the ictate" o# con"cience)
S%irit o# Ser3ice
One can ta<e re"t on Suna& an commune !i th Go, occa"ionall &
-rea<ing the 3o! o# inacti3it& !hene3er it i" nece""ar& to o##er hel% to tho"e in
nee) Thi" !oul not contraict the "%irit o# o-"er3ing the "a--ath a&) That i"
!h& 'e"u" "a&" that all rule" o# conuct "houl not -e -linl& #ollo!e -ut
"houl -e moi#ie !ith "trict rea"on an not licen"e !hene3er it !a" nece""ar&
to o "o) That i" !h& 'e"u" "a&" i# orinar& men can, !i thout tran"gre""ion,
moi#& rule" o# conuct on the "a--ath, there#ore the Son o# man EHi" S%irit
!ithin hi" -o&F !a" al"o ma"ter o# the "a--ath a& an coul moi#& it a" He
Here 'e"u" "%ea<" o# Him"el# a" the Son o# man -ecau"e He re#er" to Hi"
-o& !hich ha" to o-"er3e certain %h&"ical la!" in orer to o-"er3e the "a--ath)
Pur%o"e o# Sa--ath
“.nd it came to %ass also on another sabbath< that he entered into the
s!nagogue and taught: and there 4as a man 4hose right hand 4as 4ithered.
.nd the scribes and "harisees 4atched him< 4hether he 4ould heal on the
sabbath da!; that the! might find an accusation against him. -ut he ,ne4 their
thoughts< and said to the man 4hich had the 4ithered hand< E/ise u%< and stand
forth in the midst. .nd he arose and stood forth.$”
E+u<e I4I61F
On thi" occa"ion, 'e"u", <no!ing the Phari"ee"$ thought", that the&
!ante to tra% Him, "ai to the a##licte man, HRi"e u% an "tan #orth in the
mi"t o# the throng in #ull 3ie! "o that the& coul -ehol the glor& o# Go o#
healing on the "a--ath a&)G
An !hen the man "too u% 'e"u" are""e the throng4
@A I 4ill as, !ou one thing; Is it la4ful on the sabbath da!s to do good< or to
do evilF *o save life< or to destro! itF$”
E+u<e I40F
Ahat 'e"u" meant !a" that to o-"er3e the "a--ath a& !a" to o goo
action" an to ha3e "%iritual communion) Hence, ho! coul it -e "in#ul to o
gooJ The Phari"ee" !ante to im%l & that all action" incluing goo action"
!ere outla!e on the "a--ath) There#ore 'e"u" !ante to "ho! them that "ince
o-"er3ing the "a--ath a& !a" a goo action, it !a" contraictor& to outla!
goo action" on "a--ath a&") It !a" !orll & an e3il action" that !ere to -e
outla!e, e"%eciall& on "a--ath a&", "o that the "a--ath might -e a moel a&
a#ter !hich all other a&" or li#e coul -e %atterne)
More than em%ha"i>ing no action" on the "a--ath a&, negati3el &, it
"houl -e em%ha"i>e, %o"iti3el&, that "a--ath a&" "houl -e a&" o# inner
communion !ith Go, no matter !hat one !a" oing out"ie, "o that other a&",
though #ille !ith -u"ine"" li#e, coul -e in!arl & con3erte into "a--ath a&" -&
#eeling Go uring all acti3it&)
H+a!#ul To Do AellG
'e"u", -& Hi" ;ue"tion, e#initel& %ointe out that goo action" coul not
-e e.clue on the "a--ath) The Phari"ee" coul not an"!er Him an remaine
;uiet an then 'e"u" "ai unto them again,
“A:hat man shall there be among !ou< that shall have one shee%< and if it
fall into a %it on the sabbath da!< 4ill he not la! hold on it< and lift it outF &o4
much then is a man better than a shee%F :herefore it is la4ful to do 4ell on the
sabbath da!.$”
EMatthe! /:4//6/:F
'e"u" "a&"4 HAhich o# &ou, in thi" throng, !ill not li#t a "hee% #allen into a
%it on the "a--ath a&J Aill &ou not hol it an li#t it out o# the %itJ Then, i# it i"
all right in &our material con"ciou"ne"" to li#t a "hee%, ho! much more i" it
nece""ar& to li#t a %reciou" man, mae in the image o# Go, #rom the %it o#
trou-leJ Then, it i" a-"olutel & e3ient that the "a--ath !a" mae to create
"%iritual con"ciou"ne"" an it i" la!#ul to o an& acti3it& that increa"e" that
“.nd 4hen he had loo,ed round about on them 4ith anger< being grieved
for the hardness of their hearts< he saith unto the man< 'tretch forth thine hand.”
EMar< 947F
An 'e"u" loo<e on them !ith "%iritual inignation -ecau"e o# the har6
heartene"" o# the Phari"ee" !ho re#u"e to #eel #or goone"") Then He "ai to
the man !ith the e#ecti3e han, HSTRETCH FORTH THINE HAND)G
E##ort o# Aill Nece""ar&
'e"u" meant, HMa<e an e##ort o# &our !ill to "tretch #orth &our han an
"en the all6healing energ& there) I# &ou o "o an are in tune !ith Me, M& i3ine
!ill, controlling the co"mic energ& o# the uni3er"e, al"o %re"ent in &our !ill an
&our -oil& energ&, !ill heal &our han)G The %er"on heale ha to o "omething
to %re%are hi" mental "oil "o that the "ee o# i3ine healing %o!er coming #rom
'e"u" coul "%rout into the %lant o# healing)
“.nd he stretched it out and his hand 4as restored 4hole as the other. .nd
the "harisees 4ent forth< and straight4a! too, counsel 4ith the &erodians
against him< ho4 the! might destro! him. -ut 4hen Jesus ,ne4 it< he 4ithdre4
himself 4ith his disci%les to the sea: and a great multitude from 2alilee follo4ed
him< and from Judea< and from Jerusalem< and from Idumea< and from be!ond
Jordan; and the! about *!re and 'idon< a great multitude< 4hen the! had heard
4hat great things he did< came unto him. .nd he s%a,e to his disci%les< that a
small shi% should 4ait on him because of the multitude< lest the! should throng
him. ;or he had healed man!; insomuch that the! %ressed u%on him for to touch
him< as man! as had %lagues.”
EMar< 9476/8F
S%iritual Humilit&
'e"u", !i th Hi" "%iritual hum-lene"", not tr&i ng to re"i"t material #orce" -&
"%iritual miracle", !ithre! !ith Hi" i"ci%le" to the "ea) A great multitue came
to Him) 'e"u" tol Hi" i"ci%le" to ha3e a "hi% !here He coul retire an a3oi
the throng) He ha one hi" ut& in healing man& an He !ante to o Hi" ut&
to Go in "olitue)
Man& in#ecte !ith %lague" %re""e u%on Him to touch Him an -ecame
heale) 'e"u", e3en though He !a" "er3ing man<in, <ne! He !a" oing "o !ith
the %o!er o# Go an that in the cour"e o# oing Hi" ut& to man<in he "houl
not #orget Hi" ut& to commune !ith Go in "olitue, !ithout Aho"e %o!er He
coul not o an& healing an #rom Ahom 'e"u" eri3e all Hi" "trength, lo3e an
“A arvel not at this: for the hour is coming< in the 4hich all that are in the
graves shall hear his voice< and shall come forth; the! that have done good< unto
the resurrection of life; and the! that have done evil< unto the resurrection of
damnation. I can of mine o4n self do nothing: as I hear< I Dudge: and m!
Dudgment is Dust: because I see, not mine o4n 4ill< but the 4ill of the ;ather
4hich hath sent me.$”
E'ohn 74:1698F
HFor the time i" coming,G that i", in all #uture time" it i" the la! that all
tho"e that are %h&"icall& ea "hall hear the "oun o# Co"mic *i-ration an "hall
#or"a<e the uncon"ciou" "tate o# "u-con"ciou" "lee% !hich in3ae" e3er& "oul
a#ter eath, incluing all !ho are goo an all !ho ha3e one e3il) Tho"e !ho
ha3e one goo, through their "tore u% e##ect" o# goo action", !oul -e
re"urrecte or reincarnate into "%iritual earth li#e) Tho"e !ho ha3e "tore u%
e3il in their %a"t li3e" !i th their a"tral -oie", !oul -e le -& the Co"mic
*i-ration to reincarnate in %h&"ical -oie" !ith e3il tenencie" an -rain", in e3il
Trum%et o# Ga-riel
The Co"mic *i-ration i" the trum%et o# Ga-riel !hich li#t" the a"tral an
ca"ual -o& o# enca"e "oul" !ith goo an -a Carma "lum-ering -eneath the
gra3e" o# a#ter6eath uncon"ciou"ne"") Due to the a#ter6eath uncon"ciou"ne""
!hich in3ae" all "oul" !hether !ith goo or -a ,arma, thi" Hol& Gho"t, or
Ga-riel$" trum%et o# intelligent Co"mic *i-ration, #loat" the 3ariou" a"trall&
enca"e "oul" to the re"%ecti3e "hore" o# goo an e3il en3ironment" in earth
Thi" Co"mic *i-ration "er3e" li<e ancing !a3e" in the "ea o# ether to lea goo
"oul" to enter the luminou" li#e6"ignal" #oun -& the com-ination o# "%ermato>oon an
o3um cell" uring the %o"iti3e an negati3e connection -et!een goo %arent")
Attracting a Boil& Home
Ahen goo %arent" unite in %h&"ical union the& #orm a light at the -a"e o# the "%ine
re"ulting #rom the %o"iti3e an negati3e current" o# the "%ine an "e. organ") Thi" light
act" a" a "ignal #or the %ortal through !hich a goo a"tral6enca"e "oul can -e le to -e
%h&"icall& concei3e in a com-ining "%ermato>oon an o3um cell) Ahen the "oul enter",
the em-r&o i" #orme an grauall& the -o& i" rea& to -e -orn) Soul" !ith -a ,arma
ha3e to enter into the -o& o# e3il mother") Ahen e3il %arent" come into %h&"ical union,
the& #orm a im ar< light at the -a"e o# the "%ine, "ignaling the entr& o# a "oul !ith e3il
That i" !h& 'e"u" "a&" !ith hi" uni3er"al Chri"t con"ciou"ne""4 HI ).0 1; #
1:0 '5>; 31 01*&I02”. That i", Go, or 'e"u" a" the Chri"t Intelligence, i" not a i3ine
autocrat !ho %a""e" Bugment on the action" o# %eo%le) The Chri"t Intelligence in all matter
ne3er %uni"he" an&-o&D in"tea, accoring to the 3i-ration" o# goo or e3il %re"ent in
"oul", the co"mic la! in i3ine intelligence automaticall& %ronounce" a Bugment goo or
e3il a" the ca"e ma& -e) Thi" co"mic la! an it" Bugment are -a"e on the la! o# cau"e
an e##ect !hich go3ern" our li#e an i" Bu"t)
+a! o# Harmon&
A" one hit" hi" <nuc<le" on a "tone, hi" <nuc<le" automaticall& get hurt !ithout the
"tone$" !ill to hurt themD li<e!i"e the i3ine la! o# harmon& gi3e" -irth to Bu"t conition" #or
all "oul") Ahen an& "oul act" again"t thi" la!, he hurt" him"el#) For, the human
#le"h in the han i" "en"iti3e C i# it i" i%%e in cool !ater it %rouce" a "oothing e##ect) I# it
i" i%%e in #ire, it -urn") In "uch ca"e", the #ire oe" not !illingl& -urn an ini3iual nor
oe" the cool !ater %rouce, #rom choice, coolne"" in an&one$" han) The one !ho
touche" the #ire i" re"%on"i-le #or getting the -urn) The one !ho i%" hi" han in !ater i"
re"%on"i-le #or #eeling the col on hi" han)
+i<e Attract" +i<e
+i<e attract" li<e) Soul" !ith e3il ,arma are -orn e3il #amilie", "oul" !ith goo ,arma
are -orn in goo #amilie") E3il #amilie" an goo #amilie" attract "oul" !ith e3il an goo
tenencie", accoring to the magneti"m o# their inner li<ing") That i", e3il #amilie" li<e to get
"oul" !ith -a ,arma) Goo #amilie" li<e to get goo "oul") So, al"o, the e3il one" li<e to
get e3il #amilie" an goo "oul" li<e to get goo #amilie") The co"mic la! an co"mic
energ& are onl& guie" to hel% -oth goo an -a to their re"%ecti3e e"tination")
'e"u" meant4 HI, the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" %re"ent in all creation an all "oul", "ee<
not to materiali>e m& !i"he" on earth, -ut to o-e& the Bu"t co"mic la! o# creation a" guie
-& the !ill an !i"om o# the co"mic con"ciou"ne"", the Father !ho i" %re"ent -e&on
creation a" the Tran"cenental A-"olute, an in creation a" m&"el#, the Chri"t Intelligence)G
+iteral inter%retation o# the !or" u"e in the Scri%ture" ha" cau"e great ha3oc in
the 3ariou" inter%retation" o# the Bi-le -& intellectual !riter" !ho ha little or no irect
intuitional %erce%tion o# truth) The !or Hgra3e"G u"e -& 'e"u" oe" not mean that onl&
tho"e "oul" that are -urie in the gra3e" !ill -e re"urrecte) Man& -oie" are not -urie
-ut are cremate an -lo!n a!a& into the "<&)
The !or Hgra3eG ga3e !riter" the thought that "oul" !ere !aiting in the groun,
rea& to -e re"urrecte !hen Ga-riel -lo!" hi" trum%et) It a%%ear" that #or t!ent& centurie"
Ga-riel ha" not "oune hi" trum%et, -ecau"e the "<eleton" o# million" can -e #oun "till
their gra3e") An !hat a crime #or Ga-riel to <ee% the goo an -a !aiting #or centurie"
!ithout i"crimination) An "u%%o"e i# Ga-riel "oun" hi" trum%et toa&, tho"e !ic<e one"
!ho !ere -urie &e"tera& !oul -e re"urrecte a#ter a a&$" !aiting, !hile "oul" ea
t!ent& centurie" ago !oul -e re"urrecte a#ter t!ent& centurie") Thi" %o%ular iea o#
re"urrection i" -a"ele"", re3olting, inBuriou", an unrea"ona-le) 'e"u" -ecame re"urrecte
or reincarnate in a eath6e"tro&e remoele -o& in three a&")
Meaning o# HGra3e"G
HGra3e"G "igni#ie" the a#ter6eath "tate o# mental "tu%or or uncon"ciou" "lee% !hich
mo"t "oul" ha3e to unergo) Almo"t all "oul" e.ce%t the a3ance one" are -urie -eneath
the gra3e" o# "u-con"ciou" "lee%) The !a<e#ul con"ciou"ne"" o# man i" -urie in the
"e%ulchre o# uncon"ciou" "lee%) During "lee%, he i" not con"ciou" o# the -o& an the "tate
o# "lee% !hich entom- the !a<e#ul "oul o# man) In "lee% the a"tral -o& an the cau"al
-o& retire #rom the mu"cle" an "lee% in the ca3itie" o# internal organ" an the "%ine an
"u-con"ciou" min)
In !a<e#ulne"", the li#e #orce 3i-rate" out!ar !ith man& "oun" an re"urrect" the
"lee%ing a"tral -o& an min o# man into the "tate o# !a<e#ulne"") +i<e!i"e, the a#ter6
eath "tate o# uncon"ciou"ne"" i" "%o<en o# a" gra3e" !hich entom- all "oul" o# goo or
-a ,arma !ithin their a"tral an cau"al -oie") The time o# thi" eath "lee% i" i##erent #or
3ariou" %eo%le accoring to their ini3iual characteri"tic", e3en a" %eo%le o# 3ariou" ha-it"
"lee% #or long or "hort %erio")
'u"t a" the 3i-rating li#e #orce re"urrect" the !a<e#ul con"ciou"ne"" o# man into the
!a<e#ul "tate, "o the 3oice o# Co"mic *i-rating Energ& li#t" "oul" o# goo or -a ,arma,
!ith their a"tral an cau"al -oie", #rom -eneath the tom- o# a#ter6eath "tate into the
"%iritual en3ironment o# earth or hea3en, or goo or -a en3ironment o# earthl& li#e)
All *i-ration" Ha3e Soun
The !or H3oiceG i" 3er& con#u"ing a" it "ugge"t" a human -eing, -ut all 3i-ration"
ha3e their i"tincti3e 3oice" or "oun") The Co"mic Energ&, or *i-ration, al"o ha" a 3oice
o# Co"mic Soun !hich i" calle .men -& Chri"tian" or 1m -& Hinu") Thi" .men i" the
#aith#ul !itne"" in the -eginning o# creation C that i", all 3i-rating creation, i" accom%anie
-& the Co"mic Soun o# .men or 1m or the Aor or Hol& Gho"t, !hich i" the #ir"t 3i-rating
mani#e"tation o# Go)
Meaning o# H*oiceG
Go i" the Aor or 1m or Hol& Gho"t or Co"mic *i-ration or Co"mic Energ&) Go i"
Co"mic Soun re"ulting #rom the Co"mic Energ& an Co"mic *i-ration) Go$" #ir"t
mani#e"tation i" the Aor or Intelligent Co"mic *i-rating Soun) Throughout the Bi-le
!here3er the !or H?1I)5” or “213 '.I3” i" u"e, it "igni#ie" that Go i not "%ea<
through a throat -ut that, !hene3er Go !ill" to create "omething e#inite, Hi" !ill "tir" u%
an energi>e" the Co"mic Energ& !hich %rouce" 3ariou" "oun") Hence, HGo "aiG
mean" Go 3i-rating, an Hi" *oice "igni#ie" Hi" Intelligent Co"mic *i-ration an Energ&)
Bo& Forgotten in Slee%

Re"urrection o# li#e inicate" reincarnation or ri"ing again o# "oul" #rom -eneath the
gra3e" o# the a#ter6eath uncon"ciou" "tate) A "oul uring "lee% i" not con"ciou" o# it"
%h&"ical -o&) +i<e!i"e, a "oul a#ter eath i" not con"ciou" o# it" a"tral an cau"al -oie"
"lee%ing the uncon"ciou" "lee% o# eath) Ho! coul "oul" !ho are "lee%ing in the a#ter6
eath "tate <ee% 3igil o3er their i"integrating "<eleton" -urie in the gra3e"J
In "lee% the #ir"t thing that i" #orgotten i" the -o&) In eath li<e!i"e, the #ir"t thing
that i" #orgotten i" the %h&"ical -o&) In "lee% though the %h&"ical -o& i" #orgotten "till
there i" a lin< -et!een it an the "oul, "o in !a<e#ulne"" the "oul -ecome" con"ciou" o#
the "ame #orgotten -o& again) In eath the "oul$" connection !ith the %h&"ical -o& i"
%ermanentl& "e3ere) In the ca"e o# 'e"u" Chri"t, it !a" e.ce%tional -ecau"e e3en though
in eath hi" "oul !a" "e%arate #rom hi" %h&"ical -o&, -& an act !ill !ith Co"mic Energ&,
he re-uilt hi" ila%iate -o& an hou"e hi" "oul there again) In thi" ca"e, the "oul o#
'e"u" Chri"t re"urrecte in the "ame -o&) The "oul o# Elia" !a" re"urrecte or
reincarnate in the -o& o# 'ohn the Ba%ti"t)
Ho!e3er, a" a "oul a#ter the uncon"ciou"ne"" o# "lee% !a<e" u% in the %h&"ical
-o& !ith the hel% o# the !ithra!n li#e #orce going out #rom the "%ine, heart, into the
"en"or& motor ner3e", "o al"o, "oul" "lee%ing in the a#ter6eath "tate are !a<e -& the
Intelligent 3i-rating Co"mic Energ& EHi" *oiceF an are le to enter into ne!l& -uilt
%roto%la"mic6home" o# "%erm an o3um cell" !hich change into the em-r&o)
Slee% an Death
The i##erence -et!een !a<ing a#ter "lee% an !a<ing a#ter eath i" thi" C that in
"lee% a "oul a!a<en" #rom the "u-con"ciou" "tate to the con"ciou"ne"" o# the "ame
%h&"ical -o& #orgotten in the "tate o# "lee%) A#ter the "lee% o# eath i" #ini"he, a "oul
a!a<en" not in the "ame -o& -ut in a i##erent -o&) Re"urrection o# goo an e3il
e%en" on the amount o# goo an e3il %er#orme -& the u"e o# the #ree !ill o# man an i"
-a"e on the "cienti#ic la! o# cau"e an e##ect)
A #e! e3il action" cannot conemn a "oul mae in the image o# Go to -e
%er%etuall& conemne into "u##ering) A #e! goo action" coul not ;uali#& a "oul to enBo&
e3erla"ting immortalit&) The amount o# goo an e3il in "oul" -ring" them nearer to Go or
"en" them #ather a!a& #rom Go) *ariou" grae" o# goo "oul" are -orn on earth -ut
!hen one attain" the #inal goo, or Go, he ha" not nece""aril& to come -ac< on earth
unle"" he choo"e" to o "o o# hi" o!n #ree !ill)
A Finite Cau"e
But i# a "oul, -eing mae in the image o# Go, ho!e3er much "in he ac;uire, an
e3en though he ma& -e the greate"t o# all "inner", an e3en though he ha -een "inning
#or man& incarnation", he cannot -e amne or Buge to -e guilt& o# "in #ore3er) A #inite
cau"e cannot ha3e an in#inite e##ect)
A "oul -eing mae in the image o# Go i" %otentiall& an eternall& goo, -ut ue to
the mi"u"e o# hi" #ree!ill, he might imagine him"el# to -e e3il, a" a <ing$" "on uner the
in#luence o# li;uor ma& thin< him"el# to -e %oor, -ut a" "oon a" he reco3er" #rom hi" "tate
o# into.ication, he #orget" hi" %o3ert& con"ciou"ne"") So, al"o, a "oul not mae !ith "in,
!hene3er he !a<e" u% in Go, remem-er" hi" real nature to -e eternall& goo)
Be"ie", Go an Chri"t o not Buge) Ae, -eing mae in their image", are
inherentl& la!6-oun to -e ha%%& !hen !e are harmoniou" !ith Go an Chri"t
Con"ciou"ne"") An !hen !e are i##erentl& acting again"t the harmon& o# Go, !e "u##er,
ue to our o!n action")
Man Puni"he" Him"el#
That i" !h& 'e"u" clearl& "a&", HI o# mine o!n "el# o nothing) A" I hear I Buge)G
That i", the Chri"t Intelligence act" accoring to the 3i-ration" o# the co"mic la! o# Go
!hich go3ern" our li3e") A "oul -& !rong li3ing can create a %h&"ical an mental hell,
cau"ing more "u##ering than he !oul unergo e3en in the a#ter6eath hell o# #ire a" create
-& the 3enge#ul imagination o# man) An a "oul -& goo li3ing can create !ithin him"el# a
%lace "!eeter than hea3en)
Man uner the in#luence o# elu"ion a"cri-e" to the all6lo3ing Go !ho i" e;uall& the
#ather o# all, a re3enge#ul, 3inicti3e "%irit !hich create" hell" an %urgatorie") Go in Hi"
In#inite +o3e i" calling the "oul continuou"l& to come -ac< to Hi" eternal <ingom o# Bli"")
But "oul", !hen the& mi"u"e Go6gi3en ine%enence, !aner a!a& #rom Go an !allo!
in the mire o# "u##ering, %uni"hing them"el3e" -& the e##ect" o# their o!n error")
The iea o# an eternal hea3en i" true, #or !e are mae in the image o# Go, an at
the en o# the trail o# reincarnation" actuate -& our !anering material e"ire", !e !ill #in
the hea3enl& -li""#ul Father !aiting to recei3e Hi" %roigal chilren an to entertain them
!ith the #atte cal# o# e3erla"ting, e3er6ne! 'o&) But the iea o# eternal amnation #or
eternall& -le""e "oul" mae in the image o# Go i" untena-le an "houl -e e.%loe an
-ani"he #rom the "u%er"titiou" min" o# men)
“AIf I bear 4itness of m!self< m! 4itness is not true. *here is another that beareth
4itness of me; and I ,no4 that the 4itness 4hich he 4itnesseth of me is true.$”
E'ohn 749/69:F
'e"u" meant4 HIt i" not right or true or %ro%er i# I gi3e te"timon& a-out m& o!n -eing)
There i" another, the tran"cenental Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" -e&on creation EGo the
FatherF !ho"e re#lecte Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" in all matter -ear" !itne"" o# m& -eingD that
i", eclare" m& !i"om a" eri3e #rom Him, an I, Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"", intuiti3el& <no!
that the te"timon& o# Go the Father o# me or !hate3er Go eclare" through m& 3oice an
teaching" a-out me an m& characteri"tic" an a-out m& -eing the Sa3ior o# all -eing" i"
'e"u" an 'ohn
“A#e sent unto John< and he bare 4itness unto the truth. -ut I receive not testimon!
from man: but these things I sa!< that !e might be saved. &e 4as a burning and a shining
light: and !e 4ere 4illing for a season to reDoice in his light.$”
E'ohn 7499697F
'e"u" meant4 HYe -elie3e in 'ohn an he -ore !itne"" an eclare the truth !hich
he !itne""e !ithin him"el#) You recei3e the truth o# Go inirectl& through the te"timon&
o# 'ohn$" human con"ciou"ne"") But I, 'e"u" Chri"t, !ho"e con"ciou"ne"" i" one !ith the
intelligence in all creation, o not "%ea< through the -orro!e <no!lege o# another man,
-ut the"e truth" !hich I eclare an !hich !ill "a3e &ou #rom "u##ering entaile through
%h&"ical con"ciou"ne"", I recei3e through Go the Father) 'ohn !a" -urning !ith i3ine
lo3e an "hining !ith the lo3e o# Go$" !i"om, an &ou are all !illing #or a little !hile to
reBoice, !atching the glor& o# Go, -ut !ithout "incerel& #ollo!ing him)G
“A-ut I have greater 4itness than that of John; for the 4or,s 4hich the ;ather hath
given me to finish< the same 4or,s that I do< bear 4itness of me< that the ;ather hath sent
me. .nd the ;ather himself< 4hich hath sent me< hath borne 4itness of me. #e have
neither heard his voice at an! time< nor seen his sha%e. .nd !e have not his 4ord abiding
in !ou: for 4hom he hath sent< him !e believe not.$”
E'ohn 749I691F
'e"u" meant4 HBut, I, Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"", in m& uni3er"al %erce%tion, !itne"" an
-ehol greater !i"om than that o# 'ohn) 'ohn might ha3e in"%ire &ou a little -it in Go,
-ut m& !or< o# re"urrecting again "oul" unto Go, a" mani#e"t in the li3e" o# the i"ci%le"
an the miracle" !hich I ha3e to !or< accoring to the !i"he" o# the Father, an all the
i3ine re#ormation" !hich Go ha" gi3en me to #ini"h uring earth li#e, -ear "u##icient
te"timon& that Go$" a-"olute con"ciou"ne"" Ean not %artial a" in 'ohnF ha" -een
3i-rating in me) A" the %roo# o# the %uing i" in the eating, "o m& 3ariou" emon"tration"
o# i3ine %o!er am%l& %ro3e the #uller an greater mani#e"tation o# Go in me than in 'ohn,
an m& !or<", m& con"ciou"ne"", m& teaching" are !itne""e an "%on"ore -& the
Hea3enl& Father con"ciou"ne"")
HO, &e -o& ienti#ie "oul", &ou ha3e ne3er hear the Co"mic Intelligent "oun
emanating #rom the Co"mo" an all 3i-rating creation at an& %erio o# &our li#e, nor ha3e
&ou "een the Co"mic +ight emanating #rom the Co"mic *i-ration a" "%rea in all 3i-rating
creation) For, i# an& o# &ou ha -een -le""e !ith "uch e.%erience, &ou !oul ha3e <no!n
Go can -e "een a" a Co"mic +ight in all creation an a "oun 3i-rating in the intelligentl&
guie e3otee" through their ec"tatic communion) Al"o, i# &ou <no! Go, &ou !oul ha3e
uner"too that He can ta<e an& "ha%e o# an& "aint an a%%ear -e#ore &our e&e" an tal<
to &ou)G
The De3otee$" Deman
HH&rogen6o.&gen ga" i" in3i"i-le, -ut can -e con3erte into a %iece o# "oli ice, "o
al"o, in3i"i-le S%irit can conen"e Him"el# through a e3otee$" eman into an& #orm) But it
"houl -e remem-ere, though Go can a%%ear to the e3otee in a human #orm or a" a
great light or co"mic intelligent "oun, He cannot -e limite -& the -ounarie" o# a -o& or
material 3i-ration, #or Go i" "%rea eternall& !here 3i-ration cannot enter)
HE3en a" in3i"i-le Go ha" -ecome the 3i"i-le !orl", uni3er"e", nature, earth, man,
"o Go can ta<e an& "ha%e He !ant") Ahen He i" in3i"i-le Omni%re"ence, He i"
im%er"onal) Ahen He i" 3i"i-le in the light o# the e3otion o# a e3otee, He i" %er"onal)
There#ore, it i" #ooli"h to argue !hether Go i" %er"onal or im%er"onal) He i" -oth) An
-ecau"e &ou all -elie3e not in the Chri"t Intelligence mani#e"t in m& con"ciou"ne"", that
"ho!" that &ou ha3e not #elt the Co"mic *i-ration o# Go !ithin &ou) All e3otee" !ho ha3e
hear the Co"mic Soun <no! that it i" not an orinar& 3i-ration, -ut that !ithin it i" the
intelligence an in"%iration o# Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"")G
“A'earch the scri%tures: for in them !ou thin, !ou have eternal life: and the! 4hich
testif! of me. .nd !e 4ill not come to me< that !e might have life. I receive not honour from
men. -ut I ,no4 !ou< that !e have not the love of 2od in !ou. I am come in m! ;ather$s
name< and !e receive me not: if another shall come in his o4n name< him !e 4ill receive.
&o4 can !e believe< 4hich receive honour one of another< and see, not the honour that
cometh from 2od onl!F”
E'ohn 7490622F
'e"u" meant4 HSearch the !or" o# !i"e men in the Scri%ture" in !hich &ou thin<
that eternal li#e an eternal !i"om are %re"ent #or e3en tho"e 3er& Scri%ture" "%o<e" o#
m& coming) An &et, &ou o not come to me in !hom &ou o not ha3e to thin< o# eternal
li#e, -ut !ho i" the 3er& em-oiment o# eternal li#e in #le"h) I# &ou come to me, &our i"olate
little li3e" #loating a!a& #rom Go !ill #in union !ith co"mic li#e) B& connecting !ith eternal
li#e &ou !ill #in #ul#illment o# all &our e"ire" an #reeom #rom the !heel o# li#e an eath
create -& &our material e"ire")
HI am not "ee<ing %er"onal honor #rom men e.ce%t that I am a"<ing &ou to li"ten to
me that I ma& eli3er unto &ou the me""age o# Him !ho "ent me) I am not "ee<ing
%eri"ha-le honor #rom men, #or I ha3e recei3e the %ermanent recognition an lo3e o# Go,
-ut I <no! that &our "oul" are i3erte to the material !orl, lo3ing it" mani#e"tation", an
that ha" mae &ou #orget the e3er6entertaining, e3er6#reeing lo3e o# Go !ithin &ou) Tho"e
that -& elo;uence, e.aggeration an emotional a%%eal !ith %"euo6-rilliance attract &our
attention, ca"t o3er &ou their #al"e glamour) I ha3e come to eclare m& Co"mic Father, not
-& emotional a%%eal, -ut -& a%%ealing to &our intelligent "en"e)G
Ho! Can You Belie3eJ
HYou re#u"e to recei3e m& all6reeeming !i"om a-out the Father in &our
con"ciou"ne"") Ho! can &ou -elie3e that the certi#icate an a""urance o# Go$" %rotection
i" the highe"t "ecurit& !hich i" honore -& all creation !hen &ou ha3e learne to cra3e #or
the #utile, "hort6la"ting, #ic<le, em%t& %rai"e o# manJ The attention o# %eo%le to!ar" &ou i"
#ic<le, -ut Go$" lo3ing attention or honor i" la"ting an in"ure" e3er&6certain "ecurit& an
guiance) Do not !a"te time "ee<ing the #ic<le %rai"e o# man -ut utili>e e3er& moment o#
&our li#e in oing tho"e !or<" !hich !ill ra! the attention an #a3or o# Go)G
“A3o not thin, that I 4ill accuse !ou to the ;ather: there is one that accuseth !ou<
even oses< in 4hom !e trust. ;or had !e believed oses< !e 4ould have believed me: for
he 4rote of me. -ut if !ou believe not his 4ritings< ho4 shall !e believe m! 4ordsF$”
E'ohn 7427625F
'e"u" meant4 HDo not thin< that -ecau"e &ou o not li"ten to me, I !ill accu"e &ou
an hol &ou re"%on"i-le -e#ore the Father)G E'e"u" on the cro"", in"tea o# accu"ing, "ai4
HFather, #orgi3e them, #or the& <no! not !hat the& oGF) 'e"u" here re3eale hi" all6lo3ing,
all6#orgi3ing nature !hich not onl& !ante to ra! "oul" to Go, -ut to lo3e an li#t "oul" -&
lo3e #rom the mire o# error)
(nconitional +o3e
HThere i" one %ro%het, Mo"e", !ho Bu"tl& Buge &our #ault" accoring to i3ine
!i"om -e#ore Go an &ou tru"t in him) Mo"e" ha the conitional lo3e o# the Father
to!ar" the "on) I# the "on !a" goo, the #ather lo3e him an i# the "on !a" -a, the
#ather %uni"he him) Mo"e" treate hi" i"ci%le" !ith the conitional lo3e o# the Father, -ut
the lo3e I gi3e &ou i" li<e the unconitional lo3e o# the mother !hich lo3e" the "on no matter
!hether he i" goo or -a) An it i" "trange that !hen &ou -elie3e Mo"e", &ou o not
-elie3e me !ho ha" greater lo3e to!ar &ou than Mo"e" ha) For Mo"e" !rote a-out m&
coming in the Scri%ture" an i# &ou o not -elie3e the 3i"i-le %ro%hetic !riting" o# Mo"e",
ho! coul &ou -elie3e m& !or" onl&JG
'e"u", accoring to the conuct o# a true e3otee o# Go, !a" tr&ing to %er"uae hi"
ignorance6-e!ilere -rethren through rea"on an mani#e"ting lo3e o# Go an
hum-lene"", an not -& theological threat" an the #ear o# i3ine %uni"hment or -& the
com%ul"ion o# %h&"ical miracle") I# Almight& Go u"e #orce to ma<e hi" %roigal chilren
come -ac< to Him, the& !oul -e mechanical an not "oul#ul creation")
Go ga3e men #ree choice "o that the& coul acce%t Him or ca"t Him o## i# the&
!ante, ho%ing %erchance man !oul u"e hi" rea"on to #or"a<e the tem%orar& %lea"ure" o#
#le"h an choo"e the e3erla"ting lo3e in Hi" "%irit) 'e"u", !ith all miraculou" %o!er", !a"
%leaing !ith ignorant %eo%le an tr&ing to a!a<en their !i"om -& !hich the& !oul u"e
their #ree !ill to #or"a<e the e3il" o# "en"e %lea"ure" an to "ee< the la"ting e3er6ne! -li""
-& meitating on Go)
“.nd unclean s%irits< 4hen the! sa4 him< fell do4n before him< and cried< sa!ing< E*&1(
./* *&5 '10 1; 213$. .nd he straitl! charged them that the! should not ma,e him ,no4n.$”
EMar< 94//6/:F
(nclean "%irit" !ho %o""e""e the -oie" o# "ome men coul recogni>e 'e"u" a"
the "on o# Go -ecau"e, -eing in the a"tral !orl, the& %artiall& <ne! a-out the "%irit o#
'e"u" !hich "u%remel& rule there) All "%irit", !hether clean or unclean, <ne! that it !a"
Chri"t an not Satan !ho ha com%lete %o!er o3er the inner !orl) E3en though Satan
trie to rule the a"tral !orl an earth, "%irit" <ne! that Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" in 'e"u" !a"
the real ruler o# the inner !orl)
Ahat Are (nclean S%irit"J
The unclean "%irit" are tho"e "oul" that lea3e their %h&"ical -oie" in a "tate o# "in)
Murerer", thie3e", run<ar" an a-o3e all, treacherou" "oul", are con"iere unclean
"oul" in the a"tral !orl, al"o tho"e !ho ruthle""l& an #ooli"hl& commit "uicie) The"e
"oul" roam in the a"tral !orl, im%ri"one in the cau"al an a"tral -oie", #ining no re"t in
the a"tral !orl an hating to -e re-orn on the earth, or, "ometime", grie3ing #or not -eing
-orn on the earth again) The"e "oul" ha3e to roam a-out in the ether until "ome o# the
e##ect" o# their -a action" or <arma are !orn out through the o%eration o# the i3ine la!)
The"e tram% "oul" are 3er& un"cru%ulou", e3en a" the& !ere uring earth li#e) A "trong
%er"onalit& #ull& occu%ie" hi" -rain an "hut" out the in3a"ion o# "uch tram% "oul" !ho are
e3er&!here in the ether loo<ing #or a #ree rie, the occu%ation o# a !ea<6-raine
ini3iual$" -o&) The !ea< ini3iual <ee%" hi" -rain an min em%t& an %a""i3e,
inirectl& in3iting an ena-ling tram% "oul" to enter hi" thought6unoccu%ie min)
Ahen the e.orci"e "%irit" con"ciou"l& recogni>e 'e"u", he commane them not
to thu" irectl& eclare him a" the Son o# Go) Since all thing" o# the a"tral !orl are
hien accoring to the !ill o# Go, 'e"u" i not !ant him"el# to -e re3eale e.ce%t in the
natural human !a&)
HBehol M& Ser3antG
“*hat it might be fulfilled 4hich 4as s%o,en b! 5saias the %ro%het< sa!ing< E-5&1>3 #
'5/?.0*< :&1 I &.?5 )&1'50; # -5>1#53< I0 :&1 # '1(> I' :5>>
">5.'53: I :I>> "(* # '"I/I* ("10 &I< .03 &5 '&.>> '&5: J(3250* *1 *&5
250*I>5'< &5 '&.>> 01* '*/I?5< 01/ )/#; 05I*&5/ '&.>> .0# .0 &5./ &I'
?1I)5 I0 *&5 '*/55*'. . -/(I'53 /553 '&.>> &5 01* -/5.C< .03 '1CI02
;>.G '&.>> &5 01* B(50)&< *I>> &5 '503 ;1/*& J(3250* (0*1 ?I)*1/#. .03
I0 &I' 0.5 '&.>> *&5 250*I>5' */('*$.”
Eatthe4 79:7H+97F
Matthe! i" re#erring here to the ancient %ro%hec& o# E"aia" EI"aiah 2:4/62F a-out the
#uture conition" "urrouning the a%%earance o# 'e"u" on earth)
Highl& De3elo%e Soul"
Ahen "oul" "truggle an -ecome highl& e3elo%e an almo"t #ree, Go can "en
them on earth #rom time to time to relie3e the mi"er& o# Hi" ignorance6"tric<en chilren -&
tr&ing to "ho! them a !a& o# "al3ation through the e.em%lar& li3e" o# the true "on" o# Go
!ho ha3e attaine "al3ation -& "el#6e##ort) Go "ai, HE"aia", -ehol m& chil, 'e"u", !ho
ha" e3elo%e him"el# to %lea"e Me an -ecome M& -elo3e) Hence I ha3e cho"en him,
"ometime in the #uture, to act a" the "er3ant o# a great me""age !hich !ill reeem man&
"oul" on earth)G Go al"o %romi"e that He !oul %ut Hi" !ill an -le""ing" an !i"om
into the harmon&6tune "oul o# 'e"u", that he might "ho! i3ine Bugment an !i"om an
the art o# "u%er6li3ing to the Gentile")
Go "igni#ie to E"aia" #urther that 'e"u", in hi" coming Chri"t6con"ciou"ne""
incarnation, ha3ing alrea& "%irituall& e3elo%e, an -eing rein#orce !ith the !ill an
!i"om o# Go, !oul not ha3e to "tri3e to -e "%iritual nor cr& #or !i"om, an that no
orinar& human -eing, !al<ing on the "treet" o# matter, !oul -e a-le to hear the H3oiceG or
co"mic 3i-rating S%irit o# Go enca"e in the -o& o# 'e"u")
Further, Go "igni#ie that 'e"u", the Son o# Go, !oul not -e at all in!arl&
a##ecte, though hi" S%irit !a" enca"e in the #ragile ree o# the -o& !hich might -e
-rui"e or cruci#ieD that hi" S%irit, -urning !ith !i"om li<e "mo<ing #la., !oul not -e
;uenche or "u%%re""e -& the %er"ecution o# the #le"h in cruci#i.ionD that he !oul onl&
gi3e u% the -o& !hen he ha "ent #orth or e.%re""e hi" Bugment or !i"om in com%lete
"%iritual 3ictor&D that 'e"u" !oul return to earth a#ter eath, eclaring the 3ictor& o# S%irit
o3er matter, an that he !oul onl& go a!a& #rom the earth a#ter eclaring to the !orl that
he, e3en uring cruci#i.ion o# hi" -o&, coul retain the magnanimit& an the "%iritual
;ualitie" o# the "oul untouche -& the torture" o# #le"h an the hatre o# man)
Guru o# the Aorl
The "entence, . -/(I'53 /553 '&.>> &5 01* -/5.C< .03 '1CI02 ;>.G
'&.>> &5 01* B(50)&< *I>> &5 '503 ;1/*& J(3250* (0*1 ?I)*1/#< clearl&
eclare" that the -o& o# 'e"u", e3en though %er"ecute #rom all "ie", !oul remain until
the me""age o# Go !a" gi3en, an -& %h&"ical cruci#i.ion the %o!er o# S%irit an
goone"" !ere to -e eclare a" lor" o3er the torture" o# #le"h an the hatre o# men)
Go eclare through E"aia" that the Gentile" or entire !orl out"ie o# I"rael !oul
acce%t 'e"u" a" it" 2uru or "%iritual guie, intuiti3el& reali>ing the S%irit o# 'e"u" Chri"t)
That thi" i" the correct inter%retation i" "ho!n -& the #urther !or" o# the %ro%het
EI"aiah 2:42F4 &5 '&.>> 01* ;.I> 01/ -5 3I')1(/.253< *I>> &5 &.?5 '5*
J(3250* I0 *&5 5./*&: .03 *&5 I'>5' '&.>> :.I* ;1/ &I' >.:.
The %ro%hecie" o# "aint" an 'e"u" can -e uner"too onl& through the "el#6
reali>ation an e3elo%e intuition o# true e3otee") Intellectual %ro#e""or" !rite
%hilo"o%hical i"cour"e" !hich can -e uner"too -& all intellectual %eo%le) But the
"a&ing" o# 'e"u" an the utterance" o# %ro%het" are -orn out o# %ure "el#6reali>ation an
are not ue to the uncertain acti3itie" o# rea"on) Such "a&ing" can ne3er -e felt -& the
intellect o# man, an their meaning can -e onl& gue""e a-out -& rea"on) The "el#6
reali>ation o# "aint" can onl& -e #elt an uner"too -& tho"e !ho ha3e meitate an
e3elo%e "el#6reali>ation) The etaile <no!lege o# the hea3en" a" uner"too -& great
a"tronomer" through "tu& an the u"e o# tele"co%e" cannot -e %o""e""e -& a la&man)
+i<e!i"e, !hat the !i"e men <no! a-out Truth an S%irit through the meium o# their
clari#&ing tele"co%ic intuition onl& can -e <no!n -& orinar& ini3iual" !hen the& ha3e
e3elo%e their 3i"ion an u"e their e3elo%e tele"co%ic intuition hien in the cham-er
o# their "oul")
“.nd he lifted u% his e!es on his disci%les< and said< E-lessed be !e %oor: for !ours is
the ,ingdom of 2od. -lessed are !e that hunger no4: for !e shall be filled. -lessed are !e
that 4ee% no4: for !e shall laugh. -lessed are !e< 4hen men shall hate !ou< and 4hen
the! shall se%arate !ou from their com%an!< and shall re%roach !ou< and cast out !our
name as evil< for the 'on of man$s sa,e< /eDoice !e in that da!< and lea% for Do!: for<
behold< !our re4ard is great in heaven: for in the li,e manner did their fathers unto the
E+u<e I4:86:9F
'e"u" meant4 HO &e "oul" !ho ha3e -ecome materiall& %oor to hel% other" an !ho,
although %oor, are "ee<ing not riche" -ut Go, &e are -le""e #or &ou %o3ert&) In"tea o#
%o3ert& -eing a hinrance, it !ill "er3e a" a "timulu" to "ee< the <ingom o# all6"u##icient
Go, !ho !ill relie3e &ou #rom !ant through eternit&) Ble""e are &ou !ho are in !ant an
"ee< Go to relie3e &our !ant")G
Ble""e Di"ci%le"
HBle""e are &ou that are "%irituall& hungr& no!, #or &ou "hall #in "%iritual !i"om
an e3er6ne! -li"", to -e "ati"#ie #ore3er) Ble""e are &ou that cr& #or Go6reali>ation
no!, #or &ou "hall laugh an -e -le""e through eternit&, -eing entertaine -& the attaine
eternal e3er6ne! Bo& o# meitation) Ble""e are &ou !hen #or the "a<e o# #ollo!ing the "on
o# man Ethe Chri"tli<e guru+%rece%tor, the em-oiment o# GoF men "hall hate &ou an
"e%arate &ou #rom their com%an& an re%roach &ou an ca"t out &our name a" e3il) All o#
&ou are -le""e !ho %re#er to #ollo! a Go6tune guru+%rece%tor in %re#erence to e3il
HBle""e &ou are there-& !hen e3il %eo%le -& their hate an o"traci"m <ee% &our
"oul a!a& #rom the in#luence o# e3il) Ble""e are all tho"e !ho are "cole #or -eing goo,
#or the unBu"t critici"m !ill enthu"e the i"ci%le all the more to #ollo! the !a&" o# %eace
in"tea o# mi"er&6ma<ing e3il) Ble""e are &ou !hen men "hall ca"t out &our name a" e3il
#or not tuning in !ith their e3il !a&", #or &ou "hall go into the amiring e3er6ne!
con"ciou"ne"" o# Go)
HBut remem-er, to -e hate, o"traci>e, re%roache or ca"t out #or -eing e3il i" e3il,
-ut !hen &ou are %er"ecute #or the "a<e o# truth a" mani#e"te in the Chri"t -o& o#
'e"u", then &ou !ill -e #ree) ReBoice &e in that a& an lea% an 3i-rate !ith e3er6ne! Bo&,
#or -ehol, tho"e that !ill toil an la-or an acce%t %ain to #ollo! the i3ine !a&, accoring
to the la! o# <arma or action, !ill -e re!are in hea3en, or the inner !orl, !ith eternal
HTho"e that %er"ecute &ou are the chilren o# tho"e !ho %er"ecute the %ro%het")
Thin< to !hat great e3il tho"e #ore#ather" came, an thin< !hat re!ar in hea3en the
%ro%het" recei3e #rom Go #or -eing %er"ecute in Hi" name$" "a<e)G
@A-ut 4oe unto !ou that are richI ;or !e have received !our consolation. :oe unto
!ou that are fullI for !e shall hunger. :oe unto !ou that laugh no4I for !e shall mourn and
4ee%. :oe unto !ou 4hen all men shall s%ea, 4ell of !ouI ;or so did their fathers to the
false %ro%hets.$”
E+u<e I4:26:IF
Attachment to Riche"
'e"u" meant4 HBut %h&"ical, mental an "%iritual !oe unto &ou that attache to &our
material riche" an are #ooli"hl& "o "ati"#ie a" not to "ee< the all6mi"er&6;uenching truth)G
'e"u" ha "ome rich #ollo!er") He i not conemn the %o""e""ion o# riche" -ut the
attachment to tho"e %o""e""ion" an the "el#i"h holing6on to them !ithout "haring !ith
other" !ho !ere more nee&) There are man& rich %eo%le !ho thin< the& ha3e e3er&thing,
e3en though the& ma& -e on the -rin< o# a terri-le i"ea"e, material lo"" or eath) To -e
#ooli"hl& "ati"#ie !ith riche" i" to cea"e "ee<ing #or the all6"ati"#&ing truth) To -e "ati"#ie
!ith riche" gi3e" one the #al"e con"olation that he ha" e3er&thing, !herea" he reall& ha"
3er& little an e3en that i" onl& gi3en to him #or u"e an i" in"tantl& ta<en a!a& at the time
o# eath) To %o""e"" riche" an to -e attache to them o#ten ma<e" one callou" to other$"
"u##ering" an gi3e" one a #al"e "en"e o# "ecurit&) Riche" cannot %re3ent the a3ent o#
certain i"ea"e" or cata"tro%hie" or eath) Hence the #al"e "ati"#action !ith %o""e""ion"
an riche" mu"t -e i"care)
'e"u" goe" on to "a&4 HBe!are o# riche", that the& o not act a" an o%iate to eaen
the e"ire #or Go, Aho alone can gi3e that eternal "ati"#action an "ecurit& !hich riche"
cannot) Remem-er that riche" #ul#ill onl& a #e! material nee") Riche" are goo onl& !hen
the& are u"e to %rocure nece""itie" #or nee& ini3iual") That i" !h& &ou "houl -e
!arne again"t the #al"e "ecurit& o# riche") Aoe unto &ou !ho thin< &our inner hunger i"
"ati"#ie !ith the %o""e""ion o# riche", #or "ome a& a#ter eath, or through lo"" -e#ore
eath, &ou !ill "ee that mone& cannot gi3e &ou the "ecurit& !hich &ou thought it coul, an
&ou !ill -e hungr& again #or truth an !ill -e %e"tere !ith hel%le""ne"" an innumera-le
!ant") Aoe unto &ou !ho are "miling !ith material %lea"ure, #or that !ill -e "hort6la"ting
an then &ou !ill moan an !ee% that &ou "%ent &our time %ur"uing e3ane"cent material
%lea"ure, !herea" &ou "houl ha3e "%ent &our time in "ee<ing the la"ting %lea"ure" o# the
Dutie" Mu"t Harmoni>e
HIt i" not that &ou "houl not laugh at all) But &our material %lea"ure" mu"t not
counteract &our e"ire #or "%iritual %lea"ure", an &our material %lea"ure" mu"t -e
go3erne -& "%iritual %lea"ure") The San"<rit Scri%ture" "a&" that a ut&, !hen it
contraict" another ut&, i" not a ut& at all) For, health culture "houl not -e
carrie to "uch e.treme" that it ta<e" a!a& the e"ire #or "%iritual or intellectual culture or
3ice 3er"a) All utie" mu"t harmoni>e !ith one another) The highe"t ut& to Go "houl
come #ir"t an then the other utie" "houl #ollo! harmoniou"l&) The #ir"t an highe"t ut&
o# man i" to meitate u%on the Di3ine Bli"") The "econ ut& i" to e3elo% health, the thir
ut& i" to e3elo% intellectual culture, an the #ourth ut& i" to meet material nee") Another
ut& i" to ac;uire material, mental, intellectual an "%iritual %o!er" "o that one can "hare
them !ith the nee& chilren o# Go)G
+a! o# Relati3it&
HAoe unto &ou !ho are "tee%e in material %lea"ure", #or !hen the into.ication o#
"en"e6%lea"ure" 3ani"h, &our heart !ill -e #ille !ith "atiet& an &ou !ill all the more #eel
the contra"t o# &our "tate o# "atiet& !ith &our lo"t %lea"ure) It i" a %"&chological #act that
%lea"ure i" -orn o# a e"ire #ul#ille an %ain i" -orn o# a e"ire un#ul#ille) Both are cre"t"
o# !a3e") Man i" con"tantl& to""ing on the cre"t o# the !a3e" o# %lea"ure an %ain an
ini##erence) In -et!een the t!o cre"t" o# the !a3e" o# mental %ain an %lea"ure i" the
hollo! o# the "tate o# ini##erence) Man mu"t "till the !a3e" o# %lea"ure", %ain an
ini##erence on the la<e o# hi" min "o that on the ;uiet !ater" o# inner -eing he can "ee
the uni"torte re#lection o# the moone #ace o# the "oul) He !ho rie" on the cre"t o#
material %lea"ure mu"t al"o in3aria-l& rie on the cre"t o# %ain, "ince relati3it& i" the la! o#
the %h&"ical !orl) Tho"e !ho #loat on the "till !ater" o# %eace ne3er ha3e to unergo
Aorll& 'ugment
HAoe unto &ou !hen all !orll& men "%ea< !ell o# &ou, that &ou are "ati"#ie !ith
material riche" an !orll& li#e) That "ati"#action ro!n" &our con"cience an the %o!er o#
Bugment -& !hich &ou can recogni>e &our #oll& o# rel&ing on riche" an !orll& %lea"ure)
E3il %eo%le naturall& %rai"e other" !ho glori#& an %ro"%er in e3il) Aorll& %eo%le %rai"e
tho"e that are engro""e in riche" an #orget Go) Fanatic" %rai"e #al"e %ro%het") All the"e
are "tee%e in error an ignorance) The #anatic" !ho #ollo! #al"e %ro%het" #all into the
"ame %it o# error, li<e one -lin man #ollo!ing another) Tho"e that %rai"e the #al"e
%ro%het", an the #al"e %ro%het" a" !ell, #all into the %it o# ignorance) Prai"e, !hen it -lin"
a %er"on "o that he oe" not recogni>e hi" #ault", i" harm#ul) Ahen %rai"e o3er6e"timate"
the goo in a man, it i" %erniciou") Ahen %rai"e correctl& e"timate" one$" 3irtue" an
in"%ire" him to -e more 3irtuou", it i" goo) It "houl -e remem-ere that %rai"e oe" not
ma<e an&one -etter an -lame oe" not ma<e an&one le"" than !hat he i" in realit&)
Blame, i# it "%ur" one to correct him"el#, i" gooD an %rai"e, !hen it inBect" a greater
enthu"ia"m to -e !orth&, i" -ene#icial)G
@A-(* I '.# (0*1 #1( :&I)& &5./< >1?5 #1(/ 505I5'< 31 2113 *1
*&5 :&I)& &.*5 #1(< ->5'' *&5 *&.* )(/'5 #1(< .03 "/.# ;1/ *&5
:&I)& 35'"I*5;(>># ('5 #1(. .03 (0*1 &I *&.* 'I*5*& *&55 10 *&5
105 )&55C 1;;5/ .>'1 *&5 1*&5/; .03 &I *&.* *.C5*& .:.# *&# )>1C5
;1/-I3 01* *1 *.C5 *&# )1.* .>'1.$”
E+u<e I4:56:0F
'e"u" meant4 HBut I "a& the !or" o# !i"om unto tho"e that are "incerel& li"tening
to me, lo3e tho"e that con"ier them"el3e" to -e &our enemie", #or the& are &our -rother")
Both &ou an &our enemie" are the chilren o# Go) Hence &ou mu"t not con"ier &our"el#
an enem& to tho"e !ho, uner the in#luence o# %a""ion, thin< the& are &our enemie") Due
to the into.ication o# hatre an anger, the& #orget that all human -eing" are mae in the
image o# Go an are -rother") Such %eo%le ecli%"e the i3ine image in them) So &ou mu"t
not allo! &our"el# to -e run< !ith anger an elu"ion "o that &ou al"o lo"e the
con"ciou"ne"" o# i3init& !ithin &ou)
HTho"e that are &our enemie" -urn them"el3e" !ith hatre an anger, #orgetting
their inner %eace) Ah& "houl &ou -& imitating them li<e!i"e -urn &our"el# !ith !rath an
lo"e &our inner e;uanimit&J Do not let an&-o& "teal &our %eace !hich o##er" a-"olute
%rotection to &our entire li#e)G
+o3e Your Enemie"
HThere are t!o rea"on" !h& &ou "houl lo3e &our enemie" C E/F -ecau"e &our "o6
calle enemie" are &our o!n -rother", "on" o# the One Father, an &ou o not !ant to
#orget, -& im%ul"i3el& re"%oning to other"$ emotion", that &ou are a chil o# Go an a
-rother o# &our "o6calle enem&, E:F -& hating &our enemie" &ou #orget the i3init& !ithin
&ou a" !ell a" increa"e the error in &our enem& -& ma<ing him more angr&) B& hatre, &ou
o not !ant to inten"i#& the error in &our enem&, -ut -& lo3e to ma<e him remem-er the
#orgotten Go6lo3e !ithin him) Remin him o# the Go6lo3e !ithin &ou !hich &ou are rea&
to "hare, ue to thi" relation o# -rotherhoo)
HDo goo to them !ho hate &ou, #or hate !ill onl& -ring more hate to &ou, !hile the
!ater o# goo ma& ;uench the #ire o# hate in &our enem&) A-o3e all, -& hating tho"e that
hate &ou, &ou har-or the mi"er& o# hatre !ithin &ou an %oi"on &our inner li#e o# %eace) I#
&ou o goo to tho"e that hate &ou, the& might "ee their error an cea"e to hate &ou)
Tho"e that hate &ou, &ou "houl not onl& mentall& lo3e -ut actuall& o goo to them, that
the& ma& reali>e that &ou are tr&ing to remin them o# the relation o# i3ine -rotherhoo
e.i"ting -et!een &ou) The %oi"on o# hate increa"e" -& hatre an can -e counteracte an
neutrali>e onl& -& the chemical o# lo3e)
HBle"" them that cur"e &ou C that i", !i"h e3il #or &ou C #or the& might o-"er3e &our an change their attitue) I#, a" o#ten a" an&one !i"he" &ou e3il, "o o#ten &ou !i"h
him goo, he cannot long retain hi" e3il attitue again"t &ou) Ahen an&-o& hate" &ou,
orinaril& &ou ma& thin< that -& hating him &ou !ill "to% hi" hatre, -ut &ou cannot o "o,
#or e3en i# &our enem& i" !ea<er than &ou are, an out!arl& #ear" &ou, he !ill in!arl&
hate &ou all the more)G
Healing o# Hatre
HThe onl& !a& to heal the mala& o# hatre in a mi"ta<en -rother i" to continuou"l&
u"e the "al3e o# &our lo3e) The i3ine !a& o# con;uering hatre i" the onl& !a&) For tho"e
that e"%ite#ull& u"e &ou, %ra& to Go that the& ma& -e #orgi3en an #ree #rom "u##ering
the other!i"e ine3ita-le re"ult" ari"ing #rom their e3il action") I# &ou %ra& to Go #or tho"e
that hate &ou, Go !ill recogni>e &our no-ilit& in tr&ing to re"cue &ou -rother #allen into the
%it o# hatre, an re!ar &ou !ith i3ine !i"om an lo3e) B& %ra&ing #or tho"e that hate
&ou, &ou not onl& u"e &our o!n lo3ing attitue -ut rein#orce that !ith Go$" %o!er to heal
tho"e error6"tric<en -rother" !ho are "u##ering #rom hatre)
HHe !ho "tri<e" &ou on one chee<, let him "tri<e &ou on the other al"o) I# &ou can o
"o &ou !ill reBect the 3iru" o# hatre #rom &our angr& -rother an %re3ent that 3iru" o#
i";uieting emotion #rom entering !ithin &ou)
HIt ma& "eem riiculou" to allo! a "econ -lo! a#ter recei3ing one "la%) It i" true that
it i" -etter to ha3e courage to "tri<e &our enem& than to #orgi3e him through #ear) But i# &ou
ha3e the courage to "la% &our -rother an &et o not, -ecau"e &ou lo3e him, or i# &ou let
him "tri<e &ou again -ecau"e &ou !ant to heal him -& &our lo3e, then &ou %o""e"" a great
"%iritual %o!er o# i3ine lo3e) I# an&-o& i" angr& !ith &ou, Bu"t "a&, OI am too com#orta-le to
-e angr& !ith him)$ I# an&-o& "tri<e" &ou once an !ant" to re%eat it, "a& unto &our"el#, OI
am too com#orta-le to -e ru##le -& t!o "la%" or more) I !ill not i"tur- m& %eace !ithin)$
Ahen, -& &our "%iritual an aamant etermination to "a3e &our %eace #rom the
ro--er" o# i";uietue, &ou can maintain &our ieal %er"onalit&, then &ou !oul -e a
to!ering o# truth -e#ore the e&e" o# other")G
Strength o# Sel#6Control
HTo let other" "mite &our chee< a "econ time i" not a3i"e to e3elo% &ou into a
mental or moral !ea<ling, -ut to in"till in &ou a greater "trength o# "el#6control gaine -&
o3ercoming the im%ul"e o# acting uner the in#luence o# the "%irit o# re3enge) It i" ea"& to
"la% -ac< !hen an&-o& hit" &ou -ut it re;uire" a greater mental "trength not to "tri<e
Practical S&m%ath&
HAn he that ta<e" a!a& &our o3ercoat, o not %re3ent him #rom ta<ing &our coat
al"o) Thi" ma& "eem li<e 3er& im%ractical a3ice in the moern !orl) The meaning i" that
a "%iritual man o# high orer #eel" no lo"" !hen he %art" !ith hi" o3ercoat #or "omeone in
nee, or !hen he i" a"<e to %art !ith hi" coat a#ter %arting !ith hi" o3ercoat) The "%iritual
man !ho "ee" Go not onl& in hi" o!n -o& -ut in the -oie" o# the %oor an a##licte #in"
e;ual enBo&ment !hen he ta<e" o## hi" o3ercoat an coat #rom hi" one -o& an %ut" them
on another one o# hi" -oie") The "%iritual man !ho i" one !ith Go "ee" him"el# a" the
Sel# o# allD "ee" him"el# in hi" o!n -o& a" !ell a" in the -oie" o# other") Ahen "uch a
i3ine %er"on ta<e" o## hi" o!n coat an o3ercoat #rom hi" one -o& an gi3e" them #or the
u"e o# another -o& in !hom he "ee" Go, he #eel" -& thi" action that he ha" not lo"t
an&thing -ut that he ha" one thi" #or him"el#, onl& in another -o&, Bu"t a" one tran"#er" a
ring #rom one #inger to another)
HIn gi3ing the o3ercoat an coat, one mu"t u"e i"crimination) But to gi3e &our o!n
thing" to tho"e that nee tho"e thing" more than &ou o, i" goo) You mu"t learn to clothe
other -oie" a" &ou o &our o!n, !ith e;ual %lea"ure, that &ou ma& <no! that &our Sel# i"
%re"ent in the -oie" o# other") Practical "&m%ath& i"%el" the ar<ne"" o# "e%aration an
i" the light -& !hich &ou can "ee all heart" tie !ith one golen cor o# i3ine lo3e) An that
Go thro-" in all heart", "u##ering in the a##licte, reBoicing in tho"e that are !hole)G
“.nd he s%a,e a %arable unto them< E)an the blind lead the blindF 'hall the! not
both fall into the ditchF *he disci%le is not above his master: but ever! one that is %erfect
shall be as his master. .nd 4h! beholdest thou the mote that is in th! brother$s e!e< but
%erceivest not the beam that is in thine o4n e!eF$”
E+u<e I49062/F
Tho"e that are %h&"icall& an mentall& or "%irituall& -lin, i# the& tr& to lea other"
!ho are li<e them, all !ill #all into the "ame itch o# %h&"ical, or mental, or "%iritual
"u##ering) The i"ci%le !ho ha" "tuie #or "ome time !ith a ma"ter oe" not all at once
-ecome li<e the ma"ter) A ma"ter i" he !ho ha" %er#ectl& ac;uire the art o# contacting
Go) Ahen a i"ci%le can al"o com%letel& contact Go he -ecome" li<e the ma"ter) But an
a3ance i"ci%le Bu"t the "ame al!a&" gi3e" re"%ect to hi" ma"ter !ho ha" -een the
%ortal to #reeom an a me""enger o# Go) 'e"u" honore 'ohn the Ba%ti"t a" the guru o#
hi" %a"t incarnation" e3en though 'e"u" ha -ecome more a3ance than 'ohn the
H=no! Th&"el#G
It i" un%ro#ita-le act #or a man to go on -eholing the e#ect" or -linne"" o# "%iritual
3i"ion o# other" !hen he him"el# i" "%irituall& -lin) It i" a !a"te o# time to u"ele""l& "%en
hi" time mea"uring the "%iritual e#ect" o# other" !hen he coul 3er& !ell %ro#ita-l& "%en it
in correcting hi" o!n #ault") Tho"e that "%en their time critici>ing other" ha3e no time #or
critici>ing their o!n #ault") Thi" mi"ta<e i" inulge in -& %eo%le o# all !al<" o# li#e) There
are "ome %eo%le !ho are angr& them"el3e" -ut cannot "tan anger in other") Some %eo%le
are gree& them"el3e" -ut cannot "tan gree in other") Some %eo%le go""i% a-out other"
-ut cannot "tan -eing go""i%e a-out) Some %eo%le ha3e 3er& -a "ocial manner" &et
the& ne3er recogni>e that #act in them"el3e") Some %eo%le critici>e other" a-out certain
#ault" !hich the& them"el3e" %o""e"" %lenti#ull&)
So it i" a %"&chological an meta%h&"ical error to "%en our time in %ointing out the
mental irt in other "oul" !hen !e ought to "%en our time in cleaning out the inner irt
re"iing !ithin the man"ion o# our o!n "oul) Ho! can !e "a& to our -rother, HI <no! the art
o# %ulling out ignorance #rom &our "oul,G !hen !e ha3e not %ulle out our o!n ignoranceJ
Di"%elling ignorance i" not an ea"& Bo-) It re;uire" %ractical e.%erience an %ractical li3ing
o# the li#e) I# !e are not a Be!eler ho! can !e teach other" to i"tingui"h -et!een goo an
-a Be!el" or etect imitation Be!el" mi.e u% !ith goo Be!el"J So, i# !e are not a i3ine
Be!eler ho! can !e teach other" to i"tingui"h -et!een ignorance an !i"omJ To %ull out
ignorance #rom other"$ "oul" %re"u%%o"e" that !e ha3e %ulle ignorance out #rom our "oul
A3oi H&%ocri"&
There#ore !e are a h&%ocrite, in"incere in our action", i# !ith our 3i"ion -e#ogge -&
ignorance, !e tr& !ith that -lurre inner 3i"ion to heal other" "u##ering #rom inner -linne"")
Ahene3er !e thin< that !e are not %rogre""ing "%irituall& an that !e are !a"ting time
meitating, then re#lect, that -& -eing a-le to "lee% !e #orget all the ualitie" an mi"erie"
o# %h&"ical e.i"tence, inee, the !hole !orl 3ani"he" into the in3i"i-le 3a"tne""D "o i# !e
coul %rouce con"ciou" ec"ta"& an "amadhi at !ill, !e !ill -e a-le at the time o# mi"er&
an eath to -e con"ciou" o# the 3a"t <ingom o# -li"" !hich remain" loc<e u% hien
-ehin our "tate o# !a<e#ulne"" an "u-con"ciou" "tate, e3en a" the all6mi"er& ;uelling
"lee% remain" hien -ehin our con"ciou" min)
Ae ha3e learne to "lee% -ut ha3e not learne to -e in ec"ta"& !hich i" #ar more
enBo&a-le than "lee%, an !hich can con"tantl& "ho! u" that matter i" the #ro>en
imagination o# Go, a" "lee% "ho!" u" that ream" an nightmare" are our o!n #ro>en
imagination) A reaming %er"on can ne3er <no! that a nightmare i" a nightmare unle"" he
!a<e" u%) So al"o, unle"" !e !a<e u% in the lan o# ec"ta"& an -ecome one !ith Go
an a!a<e in Go, !e cannot reali>e that thi" uni3er"e i" a #ro>en imagination o# Go or
the ream o# Go !hich can -e i"%er"e onl& -& our a!a<ening in S%irit an -& samadhi.
Ahen !e are engro""e in !atching a trage& "cene in a motion %icture !e almo"t
-egin to #eel the realit& o# the %icture, an the "eemingl& real material nature o# the motion
%icture -ecome" "trong u%on our con"ciou"ne"") But "uenl& !hen !e are trou-le -& a
%articular "cene o# cruelt& in the motion %icture or a cata"tro%he li<e the -urning o# a cit&, i#
!e loo< u% "uenl& #rom the %icture to the -eam #alling u%on the "creen, an i# !e clo"el&
!atch the #igure" in motion on the "creen, !e reali>e that all the "oli", li;ui", human
-eing" an mi"er& are nothing -ut the i##erent 3i-ration" o# the electric current, an that all
the human -eing", "cene" an material thing" in thi" %icture are nothing -ut i##erent
mani#e"tation" o# electric current)
Seeing Go Dreaming Thi" Co"mic Dream
+i<e!i"e, the materiall&6engro""e ini3iual -ehol" rain, "un"hine, %ro%ert&,
change o# !eather, -irth, eath, marriage a" material #act") But !hen thi" ini3iual !a<e"
u% into the con"ciou"ne"" o# Go through con"tant ec"ta"& or union !ith Go then he
-egin" to "ee a light trem-ling in all matter) He "ee" that all matter !ith "oli", li;ui",
ga"eou" "u-"tance", !ith human li#e an thought, i" nothing -ut the i##erent 3i-ration" o#
that all6%er3aing, ;ui3ering light o# Go) B& #urther e3elo%ment one can actuall& "ee Go
reaming thi" Co"mic Dream)
In a motion %icture hou"e !hile a %icture i" %la&ing, one %er"on can concentrate on
the -eam #alling on the "creen an another might concentrate on the %icture" on the
"creen) The"e t!o ini3iual" o# cour"e !oul ha3e t!o i##erent e.%erience") The man
concentrating on the -eam !hich cau"e" the materiali>ation o# the %icture" on the "creen
!oul "ee onl& a -eam o# light !ithout an& %icture" an the man concentrating on the
%icture" !oul "ee the %icture" !ithout the "ight o# the %icturele"" -eam)
+i<e!i"e, a %er"on concentrating on matter !ill "ee onl& material o-Bect" an a
%er"on concentrating on Go$" light !oul "ee Go) An a man "itting in the motion %icture
hou"e can once in a !hile loo< at the %icturele"" -eam #alling on the "creen a" !ell a" the
%icture" on the "creen) So li<e!i"e, the man !ho ha" highe"t 0irbi,al%a 'amadhi can "ee
the great light o# Co"mic Energ& !hich i" coming #rom Go an #alling on the 3a"t "%ace
creating the %icture" o# %lanetar& "tellar uni3er"e" a" !ell a" the motion %icture o# thi"
uni3er"e) Such a i3ine man an a3ance ini3iual can "ee the %icturele"" co"mic
energ& a" !ell a" the motion %icture o# the uni3er"e emanating #rom it)
@A;or a good tree bringeth not forth corru%t fruit: neither doth a corru%t tree bring forth
good fruit. ;1/ 5?5/# */55 I' C01:0 -# &I' 1:0 ;/(I*. ;or of thorns men do not
gather figs< nor of a bramble bush gather the! gra%es. . good man out of the good
treasure of his heart bringeth forth that 4hich is good; and an evil man out of the evil
treasure of his heart bringeth forth that 4hich is evil: ;1/ 1(* 1; *&5 .-(03.0)5 1;
*&5 &5./* &I' 1(*& '"5.C5*&.$”
E+u<e I429627F
The Ph&"ical Ner3ou" S&"tem
A human -eing i" com%o"e o# three <in" o# tree", E/F the %h&"ical ner3ou" "&"tem
!ith it" root" in the -rain an the trun< in the "%ine Ethe cere-ro6"%inal a.i"F an e##erent
an a##erent ner3e" -ranching out #rom it a" the -ranche", an the "en"e" an "en"ation"
at the en o# the ner3e -ranche" a" the #ruit")
Thi" human tree o# ner3e" &iel" goo or -a "en"ation" accoring to the nature o#
the ini3iual !ho o!n" thi" tree o# ner3ou" "&"tem) Ahen an ini3iual amini"ter" the
!ater o# %oi"onou" thought" at the root o# thi" tree o# li#e in the -rain he %rouce" #ruit" o#
e3il "en"ation" hanging #rom the -ranche" o# i##erent ner3e") That i", !hen a %er"on #ee"
hi" -rain !ith e3il thought" tho"e thought" create e"ire #or e3il "en"ation", an the en o#
the o%tical -ranch ner3e" or the auitor& -ranch ner3ou" "&"tem -ecome" laen !ith #ruit"
o# e3il "en"ation" in the #orm o# e"ire" to li"ten to !or" o# #latter& or !or" o# e3il)
+i<e!i"e the tactual an ol#actor& an gu"tator& ner3e" are laen !ith the #ruit" o# "en"ual
e"ire an "en"ation" o# gree)
That i" !h& it mu"t -e remem-ere that a -rain that i" #e !ith goo thought"
create" a goo tree o# li#e !ith goo ha-it" an cra3ing" #or goo "en"ation") E3er& tree o#
li#e ha" it" root" in the "oil o# Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" an a" "uch the human ner3ou"
"&"tem !a" originall& mae to attract an enBo& goo "en"ation") But man, through hi"
#reeom o# !ill, ha" con3erte thi" tree o# li#e into a -earer o# #ruit" o# e3il "en"ation") Once
a ner3ou" "&"tem i" change "o that it %rouce" #or e3il "en"ation", it i" 3er& har to
change it) For the goo ner3ou" "&"tem !ill not %rouce #ruit" o# e"ire #or e3il "en"ation"
nor an e3il tree o# li#e %rouce the #ruit" in the #orm o# e"ire" #or goo "en"ation")
Be"ie" thi" %h&"ical tree o# li#e man i" #itte !ith t!o other tree" C the a"tral tree o#
li#e an the tree o# con"ciou"ne"")
The A"tral Tree o# +i#e
Aith the A"tral Po!er"
E:F The a"tral tree o# li#e ha" it" root" a" the thou"an %etale ra&" in the -rain) The
sushumna cere-ral current i" the trun< o# thi" tree o# li#e an the #ine current" -ranche out
through the ner3ou" "&"tem are the a"tral -ranche") Thi" a"tral tree o# li#e, -eing #e -&
Co"mic Energ&, u"uall& %rouce" #ruit" o# #ine inner %erce%tion !hich the a3ance
e3otee can %luc< an enBo&) A" a %er"on cannot enBo& the #ruit" o# a mango tree hien in
a garen, "o a %er"on or a e3otee !ho ha" not "een thi" a"tral tree o# li#e !ith the light o#
ec"ta"& cannot %o""i-l& enBo& it" #ruit" o# #ine %erce%tion") Some o# the #ruit" o# thi" a"tral
tree o# li#e con"i"t in %o""e""ion o# miraculou" %o!er" o# "eeing 3i"ion" !hich are true to
li#e an o# li"tening to "oun" -e&on the reach o# human ear", o# #eeling touch "en"ation"
o# the -oie" o# other", o# "melling a"tral #ragrance, o# a"tral ta"te, o# %o""e""ing the %o!er
to i"loge the a"tral -o& #rom the %h&"ical -o&, o# lengthening or "hortening the a"tral
-o&) Behin thi" tree o# a"tral li#e i" the tree o# con"ciou"ne"")
Tree o# Con"ciou"ne""
E9F The orinar& tree o# con"ciou"ne"" ha" it" root" in the intelligence in the -rain)
It" trun< con"i"t" o# the min an it" -ranche" con"i"t o# rea"on, !ill an #eeling) It -ear"
#ruit" o# e3il an goo e"ire") Ahen one #ee" thi" tree o# con"ciou"ne"" !ith the !ater o#
intuition "%ringing #rom the #ounation o# meitation then thi" tree o# con"ciou"ne""
-ecome" entirel& a goo tree -earing onl& #ruit" o# goo e"ire") Hien -eneath the"e
three tree" o# the %h&"ical ner3ou" "&"tem, o# a"tral li#e, an o# con"ciou"ne"", i" the tree
o# Su%ercon"ciou"ne"")
Tree o# Su%ercon"ciou"ne""
The tree o# "u%ercon"ciou"ne"" ha" it" root" in Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"") It" trun<
con"i"t" o# "u%ercon"ciou"ne"" an it" -ranche" con"i"t o# "u%ercon"ciou" %erce%tion,
"u-con"ciou" %erce%tion an con"ciou" %erce%tion) Thi" tree o# "u%ercon"ciou"ne"" !hen
%ercei3e !ill -e #oun to -ear #ruit" o# "u%ercon"ciou" intuition an o# "u-con"ciou"
"%iritual ream" an #ruit" o# goo "en"ation") Go can -e "%o<en o# a" the root an the
Co"mic Energ& can -e "%o<en o# a" the trun< an all ra&" "hooting out o# thi" Co"mic
Energ& #or the creation o# uni3er"e" can -e calle the -ranche") The !orl" an uni3er"e"
o# a"tral an %h&"ical con"titution can -e "%o<en o# a" the #ruit" o# the tree o# Co"mic
Go originall& %lanne that thi" tree o# Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" "houl onl& -ear
#ruit" o# goo 3i-ration", -ut Satan %ut "ome %oi"on "a% o# hi" e3il e"ire" in thi" tree o#
Co"mic Energ&) That i" !h& !e #in colli"ion", earth;ua<e", i""olution" o# %lanetar&
"&"tem", an "o #orth)
S%eech I" Our Ine.
Ahen 'e"u" "ai, HOut o# the a-unance o# the heart the mouth "%ea<eth,G he
meant that "%eech i" the ine. to the content" o# the heart) The 3i-ration" o# an ini3iual$"
"%eech, no matter ho! re""e u% !ith %oli"he language, contain" the 3i-ration o# hi"
inner tenencie" -urie in the heart) Hence, in the tone an 3i-ration o# a man$" 3oice !e
#in the echo o# hi" heart e.%erience") A -a man ma& imitate the 3oice o# a goo man, -ut
hi" e3il heart !ill certainl& 3i-rate in hi" %retening 3oice) So, !e mu"t remem-er that the
3i-ration" o# our heart re3er-erate in the 3i-ration o# the 3oice) Through the tone o# the
3oice o# an ini3iual an it" 3i-rating milne"" or har"hne"" !e can recogni>e the nature
o# hi" hien heart) The !hole hi"tor& o# an ini3iual a" to ho! he li3e" hi" li#e !ithin
him"el# an hi" #amil& i" re3eale in hi" 3oice) Al"o the %o"tnatal an %renatal "tor& o# one$"
li#e i" !ritten in the e&e" o# an ini3iual) Tho"e that cannot etect other$" li3e" through
their e&e" can, -& the %erce%tion o# calmne"", etect the e3il or goo hien in the nature
o# an ini3iual$" 3oice)
H.nd 4h! call !e me< E>ord< >ord< and do not the things 4hich I sa!F :hosoever
cometh to me< and heareth m! sa!ings< and doeth them< I 4ill she4 !ou to 4hom he is li,e:
&e is li,e a man 4hich built a house< and digged dee%< and laid the foundation on a roc,:
and 4hen the flood arose< the stream beat vehementl! u%on the house< and could not
sha,e it: for it 4as founded u%on a roc,.$
@A-(* &5 *&.* &5./5*& .03 315*& 01*< I' >IC5 . .0 *&.* :I*&1(* .
;1(03.*I10 -(I>* .0 &1('5 ("10 *&5 5./*&: .2.I0'* :&I)& *&5 '*/5.
3I3 -5.* ?5&550*>#< .03 I53I.*5># I* ;5>>: .03 *&5 /(I0 1; *&.*
&1('5 :.' 2/5.*.$”
E+u<e I42I620F
'e"u" "%o<e4 HAn !h& call &e me Chri"t Intelligence, the +or o# all creation, !ithout
<no!ing ho! I mani#e"t m&"el# in creation an in &our con"ciou"ne""J Becau"e &ou call
me Chri"t -ut o not #eel m& %re"ence in &our con"ciou"ne"", i" !h& &ou o not lea &our
li#e a" I "a& unto &ou or a" m& con"ciou"ne"" "igni#ie" -& it" Chri"t 3i-ration" -eneath &our
"u%ercon"ciou"ne"") Ahen &ou !ill -e a-le to #eel m& Chri"t con"ciou"ne"" -& a!a<ening
&our "u%ercon"ciou"ne"" then &ou !ill o the thing" !hich I "igni#& through &our inner
%erce%tion, -ut not -e#ore)G
Hou"e o# Con"ciou"ne""
HAho"oe3er, #or"a<ing the "lum" o# matter an "en"ation", cometh to me hien in
the tem%le o# "u%ercon"ciou"ne"", can li"ten to the "ilent 3i-ration" o# m& inner -eing, an
accoringl& hi" ner3ou" "&"tem automaticall& act" accoring to the %erce%tion" o# the inner
i3ine im%ul"e") He i" a "oul !ho -uil" hi" hou"e o# con"ciou"ne"" not on the #ounation"
o# %a""ing %lea"ure" -ut !ho ig" ee% !ith the %ic<a.e o# meitation an Go to the
un"ha<a-le roc< o# intuiti3e <no!lege, -uiling hi" hou"e o# -li"" on the e3erla"ting roc<
o# co"mic con"ciou"ne"") An !hen the #loo o# ignorance come" in li#e or in the a#ter6
eath "tate in all it" 3ehemence an im%etuo"it&, the hou"e o# co"mic %erce%tion an
intuiti3e uner"taning -uilt on the roc< o# Go con"ciou"ne"" i" un"ha<en) That "oul !ho
o3ercome" material e"ire" an ha" -uilt hi" hou"e o# co"mic con"ciou"ne"", !ill not -e
carrie a!a& -& the #loo o# reincarnation6%roucing e"ire") The "oul !ho ha" -uilt hi"
con"ciou"ne"" on the roc< o# Go con"ciou"ne"" "hall not lo"e hi" con"ciou"ne"" in eath
or li#e -ut !ill #ore3er -e hou"e in immortalit&)
HBut that e3otee !ho hear" the 3oice o# hi" inner con"ciou"ne"" an inner
%erce%tion -ut oe" not act accoring to tho"e inner im%ul"e" i" a man !ho ha" -uilt hi"
con"ciou"ne"" on the #ounation" o# earthl& ha-it") Ahen tem%tation" !ill come to him, hi"
hou"e o# "el#6control !ill -rea< an he !ill -e "!e%t a!a& -& the tie o# ignorance an hi"
tem%orar& hou"e o# "%iritual i"ci%line !ill -e e3a"tate)G
“0o4 4hen John had heard in the %rison the 4or,s of )hrist< he sent t4o of his
disci%les< and said unto them< E.rt thou he that should come< or do 4e loo, for anotherF$
Jesus ans4ered and said unto them< E2o and sho4 John again those things 4hich !e do
hear and see:
@A*he blind receive their sight< and the lame 4al,< the le%ers are cleansed< and the
deaf hear< the dead are raised u%< and the %oor have the gos%el %reached to them. .nd
blessed is he< 4hosoever shall not be offended in me.$”
EMatthe! //4:6IF
'e"u" "a&", HGo -ac< an tell 'ohn Ba%ti"t o# all &ou ha3e "een an hear a-out the
emon"tration" o# Go through me C ho! the %h&"icall& an "%irituall& -lin recei3e
%h&"ical or "%iritual inner "ight, an the lame !al<D %h&"ical, moral an "%iritual le%er" are
heale an clean"e -& !i"omD the %h&"icall& ea# get -ac< their hearingD the "%irituall&
ea# hear the 3oice o# !i"omD the %h&"icall& ea are mae ali3e again through co"mic
energ&D the "%irituall& ea are reno3ate -& !i"om an "%iritual -a%ti"m, an the %oor in
"%irit recei3e the li3ing contact o# Go !i"om an Go 3i-ration)G
EGo"%el "igni#ie" Go$" "%ell or Go$" 3i-ration)F
Go ne3er "%ea<" to an&one e.ce%t Hi" e3otee") O# cour"e He can "%ea< through
a human #orm to the e3otee -ut He u"uall& "%ea<" through intelligent 3i-ration" a%%earing
a" "oun" in the ether, or Go 3i-rate" Hi" !i"om through the intuition o# the e3otee)
'e"u" "%ea<" o# hi" me""age 3i-rating !ith Go6con"ciou"ne"") No one can %reach
Go63i-rating truth unle"" he #eel" it !ithin him"el#) Orinar& "%iritual teacher" %reach an
"%ea< a-out truth through -oo<6learning, -ut Ma"ter" li<e 'e"u" "%ea< o# the truth !hich
the& #eel !ithin their con"ciou"ne"")
HNot M& O!n Glor&G
HAn -le""e i" he !ho oe" not #in #ault !ith me -& accu"ing me o# egoti"m that I
%er#orm miracle" to e.tol m& o!n glor&) Ble""e i" he !ho in"tea !ill a%%reciate the
emon"tration" o# "%iritual miracle" !hich I %er#orm through the "anction an !ill o# Go to
-ring other elue "oul" unto Him)G
Miracle" %er#orme -& "emi6e3elo%e "oul" might elue them, a" the& -egin to -e
"%oile -& the lauation o# amirer", #orgetting to gi3e the glor& an the %rai"e to Go
alone) No miracle" can -e %er#orme !ithout Go6con"ciou"ne"", "o it #ooli"h to "ee< "el#6
lauation) The e3otee in the cour"e o# hi" higher "%iritual e3elo%ment recei3e" the gi#t o#
miracle", -ut to u"e miracle" !ithout the "anction o# Go i" "in an in3ol3e" "%iritual
'e"u" reali>e that u"uall& the i"%la& o# miracle" might -e a i3ine o##en"e, -ut
!ho"oe3er recogni>e that he !a" %er#orming miracle" to eclare the glor& o# Go !a"
-le""e, #or he !oul recei3e i3ine reali>ation)
'ohn The Ba%ti"t
“.nd as the! de%arted< Jesus began to sa! unto the multitudes concerning John:
E:hat 4ent !e out into the 4ilderness to seeF . reed sha,en 4ith the 4indF -ut 4hat 4ent
!e out for to seeF . man clothed in soft raimentF -ehold< the! that 4ear soft clothing are in
,ing$s houses. -ut 4hat 4ent !e out for to seeF . %ro%hetF #ea< I sa! unto !ou< and more
than a %ro%het. ;or this is he< of 4hom it is 4ritten< -ehold< I send m! messenger before
th! face< 4hich shall %re%are th! 4a! before thee.$”
EMatthe! //456/8F
'e"u" a"<e the %eo%le, man& o# !hom !ere #ollo!er" o# 'ohn an 3i"ite him in the
HAhat !ent &ou out into the !ilerne"" to "ee<J Not a man clothe !ith "o#t
gorgeou" "il< garment", -ut 'ohn the Ba%ti"t re""e onl& in "<in") But he i" a i3ine ree
3i-rating !ith the !in o# Go) Surel& &ou i not go to "ee< a gorgeou"l& re""e man o#
%olitical authorit& !ho coul -e #oun in a <ing$" court, -ut &ou !ent to "ee in the
!ilerne"" a man o# greater "%iritual authorit& than tho"e in earthl& court" o# <ing") Yea,
&ou !ent to "ee a %ro%het !ho eclare" Go) But he i" greater than an orinar& %ro%het #or
he i" a "%ecial %ro%het oraine to -e m& %rece%tor in a #ormer incarnation an al"o to
%er#orm a great %art in the i3ine %lan in that he !a" to come on earth at thi" time to
eclare the "on o# Go in me)G
That i" !h& 'e"u" ;uote" #rom the Scri%ture",
@A-ehold I (2od) send m! messenger (John the -a%tist) before th! face (in advance of
thee) 4hich shall %re%are th! 4a! before thee (and it is ordained that m! divine messenger
John shall ma,e the minds of the %eo%le recogniJe the )hrist in thee< 1 m! son Jesus.)”
@A-ehold< I 4ill send m! messenger< and he shall %re%are the 4a! before me: and
the >ord< 4hom !e see,< shall suddenl! come to his tem%le< even the messenger of the
covenant< 4hom !e delight in: behold< he shall come< saith the >ord of hosts.$”
EMar< /4: an Malachi 94/F
E3en though Go ha" gi3en ine%enence o# all creation, &et in thi" Satan6
i"orere co"mo" Go ha" certain %lan" to !or< out to e#eat the in#luence o# Satan an
re6e"ta-li"h Hi" <ingom) Pro%het" #rom time to time eclare the !ill o# Go4 hence 'e"u"
;uote" that it !a" oraine -& Go long -e#ore, a" e.%re""e in the Scri%ture", that 'ohn
the Ba%ti"t !a" to eclare 'e"u" Chri"t) The Guru6Prece%tor !a" to introuce hi" Di"ci%le
'e"u" to the !orl)
@A?eril! I sa! unto !ou< .mong them that are born of 4omen there hath not risen a
greater %ro%het than John the -a%tist: not4ithstanding he that is least in the ,ingdom of
heaven is greater than he. .nd from the da!s of John the -a%tist until no4 the ,ingdom of
heaven suffereth violence< and the violent ta,e it b! force. ;or all the %ro%hets and the la4
%ro%hesied until John. .nd if !e 4ill receive it< this is 5lias 4hich 4as for to come. &e that
hath ears to hear< let him hear.$”
EMatthe! //4//6/7F
H*eril& I "a& unto &ou all that among tho"e that are -orn o# #le"h there ha3e -een
none greater than 'ohn the Ba%ti"t, #or he ha" -een "electe to -a%ti>e Chri"t 'e"u",
re#ormer o# !orl c&cle)G
'e"u" !a" again an again em%ha"i>ing the greatne"" o# 'ohn the Ba%ti"t an all
that he ha -een in a %re3iou" incarnation Ea" EliBahF an all that he !a" to %er#orm in
connection !ith him E'e"u"F)
HThe +ea"t in Hea3enG
HNe3erthele"" an&one !ho ha" attaine #inal emanci%ation in the la"t %o""i-le !a& in
the lea"t %o""i-le !a& in the <ingom o# hea3en i" greater that 'ohn the Ba%ti"t)G
'e"u" here i" i"tingui"hing -et!een 'ohn the Ba%ti"t$" "el#6reali>ation in earth li#e
an the "el#6reali>ation o# e3en the lea"t ini3iual "oul !ho i" #inall& li-erate in the
<ingom o# Go)
HAn #rom the time %receing 'ohn the Ba%ti"t until no!, or until thi" %re"ent time an all
#uture time" the <ingom o# Go "u##ereth 3iolence Eallo!" it"el# to -e "ei>e -& 3iolent !ill an
etermination)FG 'e"u" "a&" !ith the great Yogi PatanBali that the 3iolentl& etermine
e3otee" get "al3ation an the hea3enl& -li""#ul "tate -& thro!ing their 3i"ion, li#e #orce an
concentration on Go) HAn the 3iolent ta<e it -& #orceG "igni#ie" that a "oul !ho ee%l&,
inten"el& an continuou"l& meitate", -eing guie -& a %ro%er &ogi6%rece%tor, <no!" ho!
to ;uic<l& an #orce#ull& relea"e hi" li#e #rom the -o& an allo! it to Boin the co"mic energ&
%re"ent in all "%ace) Thi" relea"e" the "oul #rom the -oil& %ri"on an unite" it !ith it"
co"mic home in all "%ace) PatanBali "%eciall& em%ha"i>e" that tho"e that are 3er& eager to
<no! Go an meitate ee%l&, ;uic<l& unite !ith S%irit) The a-o3e la! that the hea3enl&
<ingom can -e attaine ;uic<l& -& "%irituall& eager %eo%le i" mani#e"te in the li#e o# 'ohn
the Ba%ti"t !ho "ei>e the <ingom o# Go -& the 3iolence o# hi" !ill)
Ol Te"tament Pro%het"
The Ol Te"tament %ro%het" or "eer" !ho re3eale the !ill o# Go, an the la! C
that i", the %lan o# Go a" !or<e out in creation an re3eale through the Scri%ture",
%ro%he"ie a-out "%iritual ha%%ening" until "ome o# that %ro%he"& !a" actuall& #ul#ille in
the li#e o# 'ohn the Ba%ti"t !ho !a" to -e "een on earth accoring to i3ine %lan", an a"
that %lan ha -een #oretol -& the %ro%het")
Then 'e"u" "%ea<" an e.%lain" ho! 'ohn the Ba%ti"t$" li#e !a" no #ortuitou"
ha%%ening, -ut occa"ione accoring to i3ine %lan) Then 'e"u" "a&$" Hall tho"e that ha3e
%o!er o# 3i"ion to recei3e an uner"tan the truth a-out the %ro%he"& o# 'ohn the
Ba%ti"t$" coming, let them reali>e that he i" none other than Elia" EEliBahF o# a #ormer
'e"u" here e#initel& %oint" out that reincarnation alone e.%lain" ho! "oul" are
ta<en -& eath an lea3e the "hore" o# li#e !ithout attaining "al3ation can again "tri3e an
attain #inal emanci%ation through man& human incarnation") Reincarnation mean" that
!hen a "oul lea3e" a -o& in an une3elo%e "tate it mu"t come -ac< into another -o& in
earth li#e to #ini"h it" "%iritual e3elo%ment an regain the con"ciou"ne"" o# it" lo"t ientit&
!ith Go) 'e"u" clearl& %oint" out that the "oul o# Elia" ha entere the -o& o# 'ohn the
Ba%ti"t -ecau"e it ha not reache #inal emanci%ation an -ecau"e it ha to %er#orm
certain acti3itie" accoring to the i3ine %lan in connection !ith the li#e o# 'e"u")
HHe that hath "%iritual ear" to hear an #eel the 3i-ration o# truth, let them hear or
reali>e the truth -ehin m& !or")G
S%iritual Hearing
Mo"t o# the %eo%le !ho hear 'e"u" Bu"ti#ie the action o# Go -ecau"e the& !ere
-a%ti>e or "%irituall& %re%are -& 'ohn the Ba%ti"t) But the Phari"ee" an the la!&er"
reBecte the a3ice o# Go coming through 'e"u", e3en though thi" coun"el !a" gi3en #or
their o!n goo, -ecau"e the& !ere not -a%ti>e or %re%are -& 'ohn)
@A-ut 4hereunto then shall I li,en this generationF It is li,e unto children sitting in the
mar,ets< and calling unto their fello4s< .nd sa!ing< :e have %i%ed unto !ou< and !e have
not danced; 4e have mourned unto !ou< and !e have not lamented.
@A;or John came neither eating nor drin,ing< and the! sa!< E&e hath a devil.$ *he 'on
of man came eating and drin,ing: and the! sa!< E-ehold a man gluttonous< and a
4inebibber< a friend of %ublicans and sinners.$ -ut 4isdom is Dustified of her children.$”
EMatthe! //4/I6/0F
'e"u" "ai the men o# thi" generation are li<e ignorant chilren !ho "it il& in a
mar<et %lace, neither -u&ing an&thing nor -u"& !ith Bo&ou" %la&, nor re%enting #or !hiling
a!a& the time u"ele""l&) Ahat 'e"u" meant i" thi" C that the !orl i" a mar<et %lace !here
%eo%le -u& !ith their la-or" material or "%iritual thing") But mo"t %eo%le are ignorant an
#ooli"h li<e chilren !ho come on earth an are too la>& to e.hort one another to -e
engro""e a-out !orth!hile thing") Such %eo%le al!a&" accu"e one another #or their #ault"
in not -eing %rogre""i3e, "a&ing, HAe %la&e the #lute -ut &ou in$t ance)G Such ignorant
%eo%le, in"tea o# -eing -u"& !ith "%iritual thing", !hile a!a& their time in %h&"ical an
mental la>ine"") Some ca"uall& mourn #or !hiling a!a& li#e$" 3alua-le time u"ele""l&, !hile
other" ne3er "he a tear #or #ruitle""l& iling a!a& their li#e)
'e"u" meant that in thi" mar<et %lace o# earth, !here true e3otee" are -u"&
mar<eting "%iritual ;ualitie", "ome ca"uall& re3el in "%iritual thing", !hile "ome o not
reBoice in "%iritual culture at all) Some mourn #or not #ining the truth an "ome ne3er !ee%
#or not #ining truth) He al"o "igni#ie that thi" earth i" #ull o# %eo%le !ho %a"" the time in
accu"ing one another #or not -eing "%irituall& %rogre""i3e) That i" !h& the Phari"ee" %a""
their time in inner ilene"" an ini##erence, accu"ing one another a-out their #ault" o#
!a"ting time) Being thu" engro""e in #ooli"hne"", the& act li<e ignorant chilren an #ail to
ta<e a3antage o# the goo -rought to them -& Go through 'e"u" Chri"t)
+i#e$" Mar<et Place
'e"u" !ent on to "a&, HYe Phari"ee" an la!&er" !ho are -u"& !hiling a!a& &our
time in the mar<et %lace o# earth !here &ou coul #in Go, &ou are ignorant, ini##erent,
-lin an mentall& "cattere "o that &ou coul not recogni>e the "%iritual greatne"" o# 'ohn
the Ba%ti"t an the goo !hich he coul o unto &ou) Ye #ooli"h %eo%le, &ou thin< he i"
%o""e""e o# a e3il, e3en though he i" out!arl& "el#6controlle enough not to e3en eat
-rea or rin< !ine) I# &ou can thin< o# one !ho i" out!arl& "el#6controlle a" -eing
%o""e""e o# a e3il, then ho! coul &ou recogni>e the "on o# Go hien -ehin the "on
o# man or human nature !hich out!arl& eat" an rin<"J Ye thin< o# me a" a gree& man,
a !ine ta"ter, an one !ho a""ociate" !ith %u-lican" an "inner") Ye <no! not that all
chilren o# !i"om li<e me, !hate3er the& o, e3en though out!arl& not uner"too, are
Bu"ti#ie -& the "u-tle an immuta-le la!" o# true inner !i"om)G
'e"u" em%ha"i>e in hi" a-o3e "a&ing that 'ohn, though he !a" #ar a3ance, "till
!a" in a "tate o# "%iritual "el#6i"ci%line !here he ha to #a"t an #ollo! certain la!" o#
%h&"ical action", !herea" he E'e"u"F, e3en though he too< -rea an !ine, !a" #ar ahea
o# 'ohn the Ba%ti"t an ha "o attaine Go6con"ciou"ne"" that eating -rea an rin<ing
!ine accoring to cu"tom ha no connection e.ce%t !ith hi" %h&"ical nature E"on o# manF
an i not touch hi" "%iritual nature a" mani#e"te in him a" the Son o# Go)
'e"u" im%lie that 'ohn the Ba%ti"t !a" -o&6con"ciou" "o he ha to #ollo! %h&"ical
i"ci%line in "%ite o# hi" inner "%irituall&, !herea" the Son o# Go in Chri"t !a" com%letel&
etache #rom the action" o# the "on o# man, 'e"u") 'e"u" "igni#ie that the Phari"ee" an
la!&er" !ere "o "%irituall& -lin that i# the& coul not recogni>e the "%iritualit& o# the
out!arl& i"ci%line 'ohn the Ba%ti"t, ho! coul the& recogni>e 'e"u"$ great "%iritualit&
hien -ehin the a%%arentl& unmoi#ie an orinar& li#e o# the olen time"J 'e"u" i not
conemn the "el#6i"ci%line o# 'ohn the Ba%ti"t nor i he "anction eating an rin<ing
!ithout -eing guie -& !i"om, -ut he onl& "ai that the "%irituall& -lin can neither
recogni>e the goone"" o# man e3en !hen he i" out!arl& goo, nor can the& recogni>e
the ee% "%irituall& hien -ehin a "im%le li#e)
Guie -& Ai"om
'e"u" al"o "u%%orte hi" action" a" -eing guie -& !i"om) That i", !hate3er he
!a" oing !a" guie -& true intuiti3e !i"om onl&) 'e"u" ate an ran< to -e "ocia-le to
%u-lican" an "inner" an to ma<e them #eel he !a" one !ith them) B& oing "o, 'e"u"
coul clo"el& a""ociate !ith the "inner" or error6ma<er" !ho neee him an !hom he
coul hel% -ecau"e o# their con#ience in him a" -eing one o# them) I# 'e"u" too< u% a
-elligerent attitue enouncing all "ocial acti3itie", he !oul ha3e -een "hunne -& all, an
it !oul ha3e -een im%o""i-le #or him to o goo to all) 'e"u" <ne! that hi" eating or
rin<ing !oul not harm him or an&one, an that the clo"ene"" o# hi" magnetic %er"onalit&
!ith the "inner" !oul reeem them #rom their error") 'e"u" <ne! that hi" eating or
rin<ing !a" not im%ortant, -ut it !a" a %aramount nece""it& #or him to a""ociate !ith
"inner" -& a%%arentl& -ecoming one o# them an "&m%athi>ing !ith them)
“*hen began he to u%braid the cities 4herein more of his might! 4or,s 4ere done<
because the! re%ented not:
@A:oe unto thee< )horaJinI :oe unto thee< -ethsaidaI ;or if the might! 4or,s< 4hich
4ere done in !ou< had been done in *!re and 'idon< the! 4ould have re%ented long ago in
sac,cloth and ashes. -ut I sa! unto !ou< It shall be more tolerable for *!re and 'idon at
the da! of Dudgment< than for !ou.
@A.nd thou< )a%ernaum< 4hich are e6alted unto heaven< shall be brought do4n to
hell: ;or if the might! 4or,s< 4hich have been done in thee< had been done in 'odom< it
4ould have remained until this da!. -ut I sa! unto !ou< that it shall be more tolerable for
the >and of 'odom in the da! of Dudgment< than for thee.$”
EMatthe! //4:86:2F
HO &e inha-itant" o# Chora>in an Beth"aia, &ou ha3e "een the might& !or<" o#
Go$" hien %o!er, -ut &ou ha3e not %ro#ite enough to change &our !a&", e3en though
&ou !itne""e "%iritual emon"tration" an "a! !hat the& coul o to &ou) Your
unrece%ti3e mental attitue !ill ultimatel& lea &ou to #ollo! the %ath" o# e3il an #all into it"
%it" o# mi"er&) E3en the %eo%le o# ancient T&re an Sion !oul ha3e -een more rece%ti3e
i# the& ha !itne""e "uch i3ine emon"tration"D the& !oul ha3e ee%l& re%ente their
e3il !a&" -& going through %enance o# !earing "ac<cloth an %utting on a"he") I %ro%he"&
unto &ou that !hen I !ill lea3e thi" -o& an am in m& Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" I "hall
Bo&ou"l& !atch the "oul" o# the ea inha-itant" o# T&re an Sion li#te to a higher region
o# 3i-rator& e.i"tence)G
Ahat I" the Da& o# 'ugmentJ
The a& o# Bugment i" not #i.e -& the go" at certain %erio -ut it con"i"t u"uall& o#
the %erio a#ter eath !hen i"em-oie "oul" recei3e the Bugment or #ruit" o# action"
accoring to the accumulate action" o# their %re3iou" li3e") The a& o# Bugment,
there#ore, i" a time a#ter eath !hen "oul", accoring to their ini3iual <arma", recei3e
Bugment accoring to the co"mic la! a" to !hat <in o# re-irth or "%iritual %romotion the&
"houl ha3e on earth or another higher "%here o# e.i"tence)
HAn that i" !h& I <no! an can #oretell to &ou, O inha-itant" o# Chora>in an
Beth"aia, that -ecau"e o# &our "%iritual ini##erence &ou !ill rea% e3il #ruit" on the a& o#
Bugment o# &our <arma" a#ter eath, #or e3en the inha-itant" o# T&re an Sion, ue to
their le"" !ic<e !a&" o# li3ing, on the a& o# Bugment o# their <arma" !ill rea% -etter
re"ult") M& con"ciou"ne"" C !hich i" omni"cient, %er%etual an uninterru%te -& eath C
no! "ee" all that !ill ha%%en in the #uture to &ou all) I %ro%he"& that I "urel& "hall grie3e on
&our a& o# Bugment #or &our #oll&, O &e inha-itant" o# Chora>in an Beth"aia)G
'e"u" "%ea<" concerning Ca%ernaum Ehi" "tate a-oe uring hi" %u-lic li#e C thu"
the mo"t #a3ore cit&F a" to ho! "he !ill "u##er in the #uture an al"o "a&" that it"
inha-itant" are 3er& -lin an una%%reciati3e o# the "%iritual emon"tration" the& ha "een)
He "a&" that i# the inha-itant" o# Soom ha "een "uch emon"tration" the& !oul ha3e a
-etter "tate no! an herea#ter than Ca%ernaum, !ho !a" He.alte unto hea3enG -& -eing
the "cene o# man& o# Chri"t$" miracle", -ut !ho #aile to a%%reciate her honor)
@A.nd Jesus ans4ering said unto him< E'imon< I have some4hat to sa! unto thee.$
.nd he saith< Easter sa! on.$
@A*here 4as a certain creditor 4hich had t4o debtors: the one o4ed five hundred
%ence< and the other fift!. .nd 4hen the! had nothing to %a!< he fran,l! forgave them both.
*ell me< therefore< 4hich of them 4ill love him mostF$ 'imon ans4ered and said< EI su%%ose
that he< to 4hom he forgave most.$ .nd he said unto him< E*hou hast rightl! Dudged.$
“.nd he turned to the 4oman< and said unto 'imon< E'eest thou this 4omanF I
entered into thine house< thou gavest me no 4ater for m! feet: but she hath 4ashed m!
feet 4ith tears< and 4i%ed them 4ith the hairs of her head. *hou gavest me no ,iss: but this
4oman since the time I came in hath not ceased to ,iss me feet. ! head 4ith oil thou
didst not anoint: but this 4oman hath anointed m! feet 4ith ointment. :herefore I sa! unto
thee< &er sins< 4hich are man!< are forgiven; for she loved much: -(* *1 :&1 >I**>5
I' ;1/2I?50< *&5 '.5 >1?5*& >I**>5.$”
E+u<e 5428625F
E3er& action o# an ini3iual, !hether goo or -a, i" go3erne -& the la! o# <arma
or the la! o# cau"e an e##ect) Goo action" %rouce goo re"ult") E3il action" %rouce e3il
e##ect") An& e3il action again"t "ociet& i" calle crime) An& e3il action again"t the !el#are o#
the "oul i" calle a "in) Ahen a criminal -rea<" a cit& orinance he i" conemne
accoring to the la!" o# the cit&) But the go3ernor o# the "tate !ho ha" %o!er o3er all the
la!" ma& #orgi3e him) +i<e!i"e, the la! o# <arma !hich go3erne the li#e o# thi" "in#ul
!oman an all ini3iual" i" in"cruta-le in it" !a&" an o%eration) But Go, -eing all6
%o!er#ul, an Hi" "aint" !ho are tune !ith Him, -eing al"o 3er& "%irituall& %o!er#ul, ha3e
the "trength, -& the e.erci"e o# !ill #orce, to "to% the #ruition o# e3il <arma in an& ini3iual)
Forgi3ing Sin"
Onl& Go an "on" o# Go can com%letel& or %artiall& #orgi3e the "in" o# an
ini3iual again"t hi" "oul %ro3ie that he i" 3er& e3ote an "ee<" #orgi3ene"", not
through "u%%lication -ut through i3ine lo3e) Each "oul -eing mae in the image o# Go,
can ne3er e""entiall& change no matter ho! a%%arentl& "in#ul) Sin onl& act" li<e a cru"t
!hich %re3ent" the %ure "oul #rom meeting the %ure S%irit) Ahen that cru"t o# "in i" -ro<en
the "oul mingle" !ith S%irit) Ahen a ;uart o# "ea !ater i" "eale in a -ottle an %lace in
the "ea, the -ottle <ee%" the !ater #rom !ith the ocean o# "ea !ater) Ahen the
-ottle i" -ro<en the "ea !ater in the -ottle -ecome" one !ith the ocean) Similarl&, "oul" are
-ottle u% in "in an thu" %re3ente #rom contacting the omni%re"ent S%irit) Ahen the
-ottle o# "in i" -ro<en, the "oul i" relea"e an -ecome" one !ith the S%irit)
Each "oul i" a %otential chil o# Go an ha" in him the #ull i3ine lo3e) Ahen a "oul
-ecome" "in#ul or #ollo!" the %ath o# ignorance he turn a!a& #rom Go) Ahen a "oul
concentrate" too much on "en"e ha%%ine"", it i" "in#ul) That i", it #orget" to #in the "u%erior
ha%%ine"" o# e3er6ne! -li"" %re"ent in the "oul an !hich can -e ta"te in meitation) One
!ho lo3e" "en"ual %lea"ure" more than the -li""#ul contact o# meitation i" a "inner again"t
hi" true ha%%ine"") No matter ho! inten"e "uch "oul" ha3e -een in #ollo!ing material
ha%%ine"", !hen their min" turn !ithin an "incerel& "ee< an #inall& attain ha%%ine"" -&
meitation, the& o not ha3e to %artiall& or com%letel& go through the "u##ering lin<e to
their %re3iou" "en"e attachment)
Meaning o# HSinnerG
E3er& "oul, -eing mae in the image o# Go, i" a chil o# Go an a" "uch i" all
%o!er#ul) Hence, !hen a chil o# Go choo"e" to -e ienti#ie !ith the "en"e" or to act
again"t hi" true ha%%ine"", then he i" a "inner, that i", a 3iolator o# hi" true i3ine
ha%%ine"") But i# thi" "in#ul "oul reali>e" that he, through ream elu"ion, tem%oraril&
imagine him"el# to -e a "inner -ut in realit& i" the "on o# Go, then he #eel" that
o3er!helming #aith that he i" not a "inner -ut a true chil o# Go) Ahen thi" #aith in hi" true
inner Sel# ari"e", then he #orget" hi" imagination a-out -eing a "in#ul %er"on an reali>e"
that he i" the true "on o# Go)
Thi" con3iction o# -eing a "inner i" imaginar& an changea-le in a "oul) But the
latent con3iction that a "oul i" a "on o# Go i" unchangea-le an %ermanent e3en though
tem%oraril& hien uner the co3ering o# "in) So, e3er& "oul !ho ha" #aith in an lo3e #or
the i3init& o# hi" "oul an the all6%o!er#ul nature o# Go #in" ;uic< #reeom #rom the
re"ult" o# all e3il action" one in the %a"t)
I# a room i" ar< #or a thou"an &ear", the ar<ne"" cannot -e ri3en a!a& -&
-eating it !ith a "tic<) But i# a light i" -rought in, a thou"an &ear" o# ar<ne"" i" i"%elle
at once) Similarl&, !hen a "oul i" in the ar<ne"" o# ignorance an #ull o# e3il action" #or
incarnation", ne3erthele"", !hen the light o# !i"om an #aith in "oul an Go i" lighte,
then all the ar<ne"" re"ulting #rom the accumulate "ee" o# e3il action" o# incarnation" i"
i"%elle at once)
Thi" "in#ul !oman !hom 'e"u" #orga3e !a" a %otential Go) In "%ite o# her man&
"in" "he reali>e the %otential %o!er o# Go !ithin her"el# an the %o!er o# 'e"u" !hich
coul a!a<en !ithin her the Go6con"ciou"ne"" !hich !oul relea"e her #rom the
nece""it& o# rea%ing the re"ult" o# her %a"t action") Thi" i" !hat i" meant -& the #orgi3ing o#
S%iritual Doctor
A -lin man cannot lea the -lin) A "inner cannot #orgi3e another "inner) A "in#ul
%rie"t cannot #orgi3e the "in" o# a "in#ul church mem-er) Con#e""ion to a %rie"t !ho him"el#
nee" con#e""ion oe" no goo) Con#e""ion to a real "%iritual %rie"t i" goo) A "%iritual
%rie"t i" a "%iritual octor !ho can iagno"e the %"&chological e#ect" o# a con#e""ing
church mem-er an %re"cri-e #or him the "%iritual reme&)
E3er& ini3iual "inning again"t hi" o!n ha%%ine"" mu"t "ee< the a3ice o# a
"%iritual teacher an learn the !a&" -& !hich he can -e #ree #rom rea%ing the re"ult" o# hi"
"in#ul action") Orinar& %rie"t" cannot #orgi3e the "in" o# their i"ci%le") Onl& e.traorinar&
"oul" can o "o) Great ma"ter" are <no!n to ta<e the re"ult" o# other"$ "in in their o!n
-oie") 'e"u" !a" cruci#ie -ecau"e he a-"or-e the "in o# hi" i"ci%le" an man& %eo%le
!ithin hi" o!n -o&) So the cruci#i.ion o# 'e"u" !a" al"o go3erne -& the la! o# cau"e an
e##ect) But e3en though the -o& o# 'e"u" !a" cruci#ie, hi" "oul -ecame #ree to unite !ith
Go) B& cruci#i.ion 'e"u" !a" a-le to !or< out the "in" o# the re"ult" o# e3il action" o# hi"
i"ci%le" an man& "oul" in hi" o!n -o& an there-& o##ere hi" i"ci%le" an man&
other" the %ri>e o# "%iritual #reeom)
Orinar& "%iritual octor" or %rie"t" cannot #orgi3e or #ree the "in#ul %eo%le coming to
them #or a3ice e.ce%t -& o##ering them onl& a "%iritual %re"cri%tion) Prie"t", i# the& ha3e
actual Go6contact, ma& e3elo% the %o!er not onl& to gi3e "%iritual a3ice to "inner" -ut
al"o to im%regnate them !ith "%iritual %o!er -& !hich the& can -e #ree #rom the re"ult" o#
their e3il action") All goo an e3il action" are im%inge in the -rain cell" an are le#t a" e3il
ha-it" in the min) A %er"on "u##ering #rom e3il ha-it" an e3il6"aturate -rain cell" can #ree
him"el# -& learning metho" o# meitation #rom "%iritual teacher" an %racticing them
regularl& until hi" e3il ha-it i" tran"#orme -& goo ha-it" o# calmne"" an %eace, an hi"
e3il6"aturate -rain cell" are cauteri>e -& i3ine energ& an charge into goo6"aturate
-rain cell")
Im%regnate !ith Po!er
Brain cell" "aturate !ith e3il thought" are cauteri>e -& the rela.e li#e #orce
accumulating in the -rain) A -o&6ienti#ie %h&"ical ini3iual <ee%" hi" li#e #orce
continuou"l& ienti#ie !ith hi" mu"cle" an "en"e", -ut a "%iritual, meitati3e man <ee%"
hi" mu"cle" an -o& rela.e an hi" min a!a& #rom the "en"e" "o that the li#e #orce i"
rela.e #rom the "en"or& motor ner3e" an i" accumulate in the -rain) That i" !h&
meitation i" the -e"t !a& o# changing the -rain cell" an u%rooting ha-it" #rom the min)
Cauteri>e Brain Cell"
A i3ine "oul li<e 'e"u" ha" the %o!er -& !ill #orce to charge the -rain !ith co"mic
energ& !hich cauteri>e" all the e3il" "aturate in the min) The !oman !ho !a" #orgi3en o#
man& "in" through her #aith, rela.e her min #rom her "en"e" an !ent !ithin) Ahen
'e"u" #oun that thi" "in#ul !oman !a" !illing to ;uit her ienti#ication !ith the "en"e" an
concentrate on the -rain he "timulate the li#e energ& gathere there !ith thi" co"mic
energ& an cauteri>e her -rain cell", -urning all the "ee" an tenencie" o# "in "aturate
So, orinar& "%iritual teacher" "houl not thin< it i" ea"& to #orgi3e the "in" o# their
i"ci%le") A "%iritual teacher !ho can rela. hi" min #rom the "en"e" an gather hi" energ&
in the -rain an cauteri>e hi" -rain cell" through "uch re%eate action" can "ho! other"
ho! to o li<e!i"e) Ahen he e3elo%" 3er& #ar, -& an act o# !ill he can "en the energ& in
the rece%ti3e an rela.e "oul" an heal their -rain o# e3il ha-it")
An& ini3iual, -eing mae in the image o# Go, i" %otential i3init&) But !hen a
"oul, mae in the image o# Go, i" ienti#ie !ith hi" -o& an "en"e %lea"ure" it #orget" it"
o!n i3ine nature) There#ore it act" again"t it" o!n intere"t an it "in" again"t it"el#) I# a
%rince ";uaner" all hi" mone& on hi" !ic<e, %lea"ure6ma #rien", !ining an ining
them, then he "in" again"t hi" o!n intere"t) +i<e!i"e, !hen a %rincel& "oul cater" to the
tem%orar& %lea"ure" o# the -o&, it #orget" to concentrate on the e3er6la"ting e3er6ne!
-li"" hien !ithin it)
Free -& +o3e
Go i" lo3e) E3er& "oul, elue or in a !ic<e "tate, i" mae in the image o# the
lo3e o# Go) No matter ho! ee%l& an error6"tric<en "oul i" ienti#ie !ith it" %h&"ical
%lea"ure", !hen -& meitation it greatl& #eel" the lo3e o# Go !ithin it"el#, then it -egin" to
ri"e a-o3e all it" -a ha-it" o# -eing ienti#ie !ith "in#ul "en"e %lea"ure") Thi" i" !hat
ha%%ene to thi" !oman !ho lo3e much) The "in#ul !oman #elt the lo3e o# Go greatl&
!ithin her"el# an there#ore her "in" !ere #orgi3en) That i", !ith her o!n con"ciou"ne""
an !ith the hel% o# 'e"u" Chri"t, her con"ciou"ne"" -ecame #ree #rom the ha-it" o# "in or
-eing ienti#ie !ith "en"e %lea"ure")
It mu"t -e "trictl& remem-ere again that onl& Go an the great "aint" !ho
uner"tan an <no! the e.act relation o# min, ha-it" an the -rain o# ini3iual" can
change the nature o# their -rain cell" an min an thu" can #orgi3e them or #ree them #rom
"u##ering the re"ult" o# their o!n e3il action") I# a %er"on rin<" 3irulent %oi"on an then
con#e""e" a-out hi" "in o# e"iring to commit "uicie to an orinar& %rie"t, the later cannot
#orgi3e the %oi"one ini3iual #rom "u##ering the re"ult" o# hi" "in#ul act again"t the -o&
an thu" a3oi eath)
I# a %rie"t cannot #orgi3e ini3iual" #rom the "in" or re"ult" o# -oil& %oi"oning, ho!
can he #orgi3e them #rom the re"ult" o# their mental, moral an "%iritual "in"J Some
creulou" "inner" thin< that -& con#e""ing their "in" to an orinar& %rie"t the& recei3e
i3ine amne"t& an #reeom #rom "u##ering the re"ult" o# their e3il ee") Becau"e -&
con#e""ion the& recei3e a "ort o# mental con"olation an -ecau"e the& cannot "ee the
"u-tle o%eration o# the la! o# <arma Ecau"e an e##ectF go3erning all action", the& thin<
the& are #orgi3en)
Co"mic an Human +a!
The o%eration o# co"mic la! in regar to human action" i" i##erent #rom the
o%eration o# human la!) A criminal, !hen etecte an i# %ro%erl& con3icte, i" ;uic<l&
%uni"he -& the human la!, -ut i# unetecte, he i" a-le to go #ree) The co"mic la! oe"
not con"ciou"l& %uni"h an& ini3iual) E3er& ini3iual re!ar" or %uni"he" him"el#
ina"much a" he i" in tune !ith the co"mic la! or act" again"t it) I# a man hit" hi" <nuc<le"
again"t an iron !all he i" hurt not onl& -ecau"e o# the e"ire o# the iron !all to hurt him, -ut
-ecau"e he !a" #ooli"h enough to "tri<e the iron !all)
Man i" -orn in the image o# Go an the co"mic la!" o# harmon& go3ern hi" li#e) But
!hen he u"e" hi" #ree !ill to act again"t the harmon& o# hi" o!n -eing he cau"e" "u##ering
unto him"el#) Ahen he i" in tune !ith the inner harmon& in the "oul he re!ar" him"el# !ith
ha%%ine"") Go ne3er %uni"he" ini3iual" or re!ar" them) The& %uni"h or re!ar
them"el3e", accoring to the re"ult" o# their e3il or goo action" re"%ecti3el&)
Ahen a man !or<" e3il there i" no con"ciou" #orce in the !orl rea& to %ounce
u%on him an e"tro& him) But the "ee" o# hi" e3il action" remain loge in the -rain rea&
to attract more e3il an germinate on the "oil o# a #a3ora-le e3il e.%erience) E3il action"
lea3e e3il tenencie") E3il tenencie" gro! into e3il ha-it" an e3il ha-it" re"ult in e3il
action") Thi" i" the !a& a "inner %uni"he" him"el#) Hi" o!n tenencie" go on houning him
until he -ecome" e"%erate to o more an more e3il !ithout ce""ation)
HEternal DamnationG
Thi" c&cle o# e3il i" !hat i" meant -& eternal amnation) That i", a "oul oe" e3il
o3er an o3er again"t hi" o!n e"ire) A %er"on "u##ering #rom the re"ult" o# -a ha-it"
#eel" "o hel%le"" that he #ear" he ha" to eternall& go on through man& incarnation" rea%ing
the re"ult" o# e3il action") Ho!e3er, eternal amnation oe" not mean that a "oul ha" to
eternall& "u##er #rom the re"ult" o# e3il action") It i" onl& that a ee% "inner hel%le""l& goe"
on rea%ing the re"ult" o# hi" action" "o that he #eel" he i" eternall& conemne to -e uner
the in#luence an in the tentacle" o# hi" e3il ha-it") The in3eterate "mo<er, the run<ar,
the o%ium aict, the %alate "la3e, the "e. aict, the "er3ant" o# anger, Bealou"l& C all #eel
that the& are eternall& amne -ecau"e the& act e3ill& again"t their e"ire to -e goo)
Ho!e3er, there i" no e3il ha-it ho!e3er "trong that cannot -e -ro<en -& goo
com%an&, meitation an continuou" e##ort to ao%t the antiote o# a goo ha-it to
counteract the e3il ha-it) Tho"e that ha3e e3il ha-it" #orget that the ha-it !a" %er#orme
a#ter a long %erio o# time an "e3eral initiation" o# continuou" e3il action") +i<e!i"e, !hen
an e3il ha-it i" alrea& #orme it automaticall& ta<e" a!a& an ini3iual$" #reeom to act a"
he %lea"e")
E3il %er"on" ha3e to act e3ill& in "%ite o# their !illingne"" to -e goo, -ut that oe"
not mean the& can ne3er -e goo) E3en i# e3il %er"on" are 3er& !illing to -e goo, the&
"houl not e.%ect that -& one or t!o goo action" the& can -e #ree #rom e3il) I# the&
continue #or long to o goo action" an "ta& a!a& #rom e3il com%an& an e3il thought"
!hich "timulate e3il action", the& !ill certainl& gro! goo ha-it" !hich in time !ill cro! out
e3il ha-it")
A murerer, !hen etecte, ma& -e e.ecute -& human la! -ut he ma& go #ree i# he
i" unetecte) But accoring to co"mic la! a murerer "tore" u% murer tenencie" in hi"
A murerer i" not %uni"he -& -eing murere -& "ome other ini3iual accoring to
the 3engeance o# co"mic la!, a" man& "u%%o"e) The i3ine la! oe" not !or< accoring to
the tit6#or6tat %olic&) The i3ine la! oe" not !or< accoring to the e&e6#or6an6e&e, tooth6#or6
a6tooth %olic&) A murerer, in"tea, "tore" u% murer tenencie" !ithin him"el# an #rom
the 3er& time he commit" murer he -egin" to %uni"h him"el# continuou"l& through
con"cience, inner terror an #or #ailure to act accoring to the la!, Ho unto other" a" &ou
!oul the& "houl o unto &ou)G
Puni"hment -& Con"cience
A murerer <no!" that he !oul not !ant to -e murere an cau"e %h&"ical %ain
an the mental terror" o# none.i"tence) So, !hen he commit" murer an goe" "cot6#ree,
he i" haunte !ith the thought o# ha3ing acte again"t hi" con"cience, committing a ee
!hich he i" un!illing to ha3e ha%%en to him"el#) Thi" murer tenenc& remain" !ithin the
murerer a" a murer ha-it an the terror o# -eing murere him"el#) I# the murerer oe"
not #ree him"el#, -& meitation an Go6contact, or "ati"#& hi" con"cience -& gi3ing him"el#
u% unto the la!, then i# he goe" "cot6#ree in one incarnation, in hi" ne.t incarnation he !ill
#in that he i" carr&ing !ithin him"el# the -om- o# a murer tenenc&) (ner the in#luence
o# the #ire o# anger, hi" mental -om- o# the murer tenenc& might e.%loe into another
"uen action o# committing murer, !herein he, in turn, might -e murere -& hi"
o%%onent) It "houl -e uner"too here that the co"mic la! in thi" ca"e oe" not murer
the murerer through another ini3iual, -ut the murerer, -& hi" o!n e3il action", attract"
murer unto him"el#)
@A.nd he said unto her< *h! sins are forgiven.$”
E+u<e 5421F
'e"u" reali>e through the ra!ing or rece%ti3e %o!er o# the !oman that Co"mic
Energ& !ent out o# him an entere into the -o& o# the "in#ul !oman, healing her "in#ul
ha-it6"aturate -rain cell") In the a-o3e "entence, HTh& "in" are #orgi3en,G 'e"u"
em%ha"i>e that Go$" energ& %a""ing through him ha -een the %rinci%al #actor in the
healing o# the !oman) 'e"u" em%ha"i>e the seed o# healing o# the i3ine %o!er !hich i"
the #ir"t e""ential #actor in the healing o# an ini3iual$" %h&"ical ailment)
See an Soil
In hi" ne.t "a&ing, HTh& #aith hath "a3e thee,G 'e"u" em%ha"i>e the soil o#
con3iction in the unlimite %o!er o# i3ine healing !hich i" the "econ #actor re;uire in the
healing o# %h&"ical ailment" -& i3ine %o!er) 'u"t a" a %lant gro!" a#ter the "ee ha" -een
"o!n in the %ro%erl& tille "oil, "o the i3ine %lant o# healing "%rout" #orth !hen the %ro%er
"ee o# i3ine %o!er o# Go i" "o!n -& a ma"ter on the "oil o# a e3otee$" true #aith)
“.nd the! that sat at meat 4ith him began to sa! 4ithin themselves< E:ho is this that
forgiveth sins alsoF$ .nd he said to the 4oman< E*h! faith hath saved thee; go in %eace.$”
E+u<e 5420678F
Tho"e that "at at meat !ith 'e"u" !onere !ho 'e"u" coul -e, that he coul
#orgi3e the "in" o# an ini3iual) No ou-t the %eo%le !onere a-out the %o!er o# 'e"u",
#or He !a" one !ith Go an coul o all !oner" "anctione -& the Di3ine Aill)
Sin6Paral&>e Aill
HO !oman, th& con3iction in the unlimite %o!er o# i3ine healing charge &our "in6
%aral&>e !ill !ith Di3ine Aill, cau"ing a relea"e o# energ& loge u% in the -rain an
!hich, rein#orce !ith the co"mic energ& #rom me, ha" -urne out the "in#ul ha-it" loge
in &our -rain cell") No!, relea"e #rom the automatic reaction an com%ul"ion o# e3il ha-it"
an "en"e6"la3er&, &ou can -e con"ciou" o# the re3i3e %eace o# &our "oul)G
In thi" "entence, HTh& "in" are #orgi3en,G i" em%ha"i>e the i3ine %o!er an the
%o!er o# 'e"u" !hich rou"e the omni%re"ent i3ine !ill to "en the healing co"mic energ&
to the -rain cell" o# the "in#ul !oman) An HTh& #aith hath "a3e thee,G em%ha"i>e" the
relea"e o# the latent healing li#e energ& in the -rain cell" o# the "in#ul !oman ue to the
re3i3al o# her "in6%aral&>e !ill in re"%on"e to the i3ine !ill o# 'e"u" an Go)
“.nd it came to %ass after4ard< that he 4ent throughout ever! cit! and village<
%reaching and sho4ing the glad tidings of the ,ingdom of 2od: and the t4elve 4ere 4ith
him. .nd certain 4omen< 4hich had been healed of evil s%irits and infirmities< ar! called
agdalene< out of 4hom 4ent seven devils< and Joanna the 4ife of )huJa< &erod$s
ste4ard< and 'uJanna< and man! others< 4hich ministered unto him of their substance.”
E+u<e 14/69F
“*hen 4as brought unto him one %ossessed 4ith a devil< blind< and dumb; and he
healed him< insomuch that the blind and dumb both s%a,e and sa4. .nd all the %eo%le
4ere amaJed< and said< EIs not this the son of 3avidF$ -ut 4hen the "harisees heard it<
the! said< E*his fello4 doth not cast out devils< but b! -eelJebub the %rince of the devils.$
.nd Jesus ,ne4 their thoughts.”
EMatthe! /:4::6:7F
'e"u", ha3ing alrea& attaine Go6con"ciou"ne"", not theological egree", an
ha3ing con3erte hi" con"ciou"ne"" into the con"ciou"ne"" o# Go in orer to a3oi an&
"el#i"h thought, !ent to citie" an 3illage" %reaching a-out the e3er6ne! Bo&ou" "tate !hich
one can attain -& meitation in the <ingom o# Go, that i", in the "tate o# Co"mic
Con"ciou"ne"") Man& !omen !ere heale !ho !ere %o""e""e o# e3il "%irit") Aomen
!ho are emotional 3er& ea"il& attract i"em-oie Htram%G "oul" roaming in the ether tr&ing
to %o""e"" the -oie" o# a-"ent6mine "oul") Mar& Magalene !a" relie3e o# "e3en
e3il" C that i", "e3en tram% "oul" !ho %o""e""e her -o& at i##erent time")
Accu"ation" o# Prie"t"
There !a" one %o""e""e !ith a e3il an !ho !a" -lin an um-) 'e"u" heale
him al"o) All the %eo%le !ere ama>e an "ai, HI" thi" the "on o# Da3iJG Or in other
!or", HDoe" 'e"u" -elong to a human #amil&JG Ahen the Phari"ee" an the "cri-e" came
o!n #rom 'eru"alem an hear a-out the !oner#ul healing" %er#orme -& 'e"u" the&
accu"e him o# ca"ting out e3il" or e3il6"%irit" -& the hel% o# Beel>e-u-, the %rince o# the
A" there are 3ariou" <in" o# angel" in the a"tral !orl ue to their i##erent <in" o#
"el#6reali>ation attaine uring their earth e.i"tence, "o, in the a#ter6eath "tate in the a"tral
!orl, there are 3ariou" <in" o# e3il "oul" !ho e%arte #rom thi" earth) There are %ett&
e3il "%irit" an %o!er#ul e3il "%irit" among e3il "oul") But !hen "oul" attain their com%lete
onene"" !ith Go the& are all e;ual) There are no higher or lo!er li-erate "oul" in Go)
All are e;uall& omni%otent)
'e"u", in orer to an"!er the accu"ation o# the Phari"ee", "%o<e in %ara-le")
@A5ver! ,ingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and ever! cit! or
house divided against itself shall not stand; and if 'atan cast out 'atan< he is divided
against himself; ho4 shall then his ,ingdom standF .nd if I b! -eelJebub cast out devils<
b! 4hom do !our children cast them outF *herefore the! shall be !our Dudges. -ut if I cast
out devils b! the '%irit of 2od< then the ,ingdom of 2od is come unto !ou.$”
EMatthe! /:4:76:1F
Ho! can Satan, the Co"mic E3il, ca"t out the "atanic "oul" !hom he controlle an
!ho !ere carr&ing out hi" ne#ariou" !i"he" in the co"mo"J I# the ruler" in a <ingom are
i3ie in their acti3itie" an ieal" an act contraictor&, the& cannot carr& on their rule) It
i" Satan !ho, !or<ing on the e3il <arma" o# ini3iual", "en" -acteria an me""enger" o#
i"ea"e to in#ect them) Ho! coul 'e"u" u"e the "ame "atanic or Beel>e-u- #orce to
e"tro& Satan6%rouce i"ea"e"J Thi" 3ie! i" untena-le an unrea"ona-le)
Go I" the Source Onl& o# Goo
It i" "imilarl& untena-le that Go, the Source o# all goo an Aho i" nothing -ut
goo, coul "en, in an& !a& C no matter !hat the o##en"e C i"ea"e an "u##ering to
human -eing") There#ore, all e3il i" the creation o# Satan an not Go) Goo health,
rea"on, "el#6control, %eace, e"ire to meitate, e3er& thought o# !el#are #or the -o&, min
an "oul come #rom Go) An e3er& %h&"ical, mental or "%iritual ailment !hich in#ect" the
-o& o# man come" #rom Satan) Satan i" tr&ing to torture %eo%le -& e3il an Go i" tr&ing to
reeem %eo%le -& goo) The li#e o# 'e"u" emon"trate that truth, #or, !hen he !a" cur"e
an a-u"e -& e3il %eo%le, he i not u"e i" i3ine #orce to e"tro& them) In"tea, he u"e
hi" lo3e an in#inite i3ine com%a""ion to "a&, HFather, #orgi3e them, #or the& <no! not !hat
the& o)G
'e"u" "ai that e3er& cit& or hou"e, !hether it i" goo or e3il, cannot e.i"t i# it"
mem-er" are i3ie in their aim") I# there are "ome in the hou"e !ho !ant to -e e3il an
other" !ho !ant to -e goo there are -oun to -e cla"he" an mental colli"ion") So 'e"u"
"ai that i# the Phari"ee" accu"e him o# healing -& Beel>e-u- the& !ere !rong, #or the
e3il #orce certainl& oe" not !ant an ini3iual to -e #ree #rom the mi"erie" %er%etrate -&
e3il "%irit")
Similarl&, i# a goo or -a grou% o# %eo%le !ant to retain their ini3iualit&, the&
cannot act again"t their o!n aim") 'e"u" goe" on to "a&, HI# &ou accu"e me o# ca"ting out
e3il" -& Beel>e-u- then the "ame thing mu"t -e true o# other healer")
Tho"e mem-er" -elonging to &our communit& !ho ha3e heale other" an ca"t
e3il" mu"t ha3e one "o -& the "ame %o!er a" I ha3e) There#ore, in accu"ing me o#
ca"ting out e3il" -& Beel>e-u- &ou are al"o accu"ing the i3ine, chil6li<e !i"e %eo%le o#
&our communit& o# ha3ing ca"t out e3il" -& Beel>e-u-) Ahen the& hear thi" accu"ation
the& !ill certainl& conemn &ou that &ou maintaine that e3il" are ca"t out an "ic<ne""
heale -& the %o!er o# Beel>e-u-) But i# I ca"t out e3il, i"em-oie "oul" -& a!a<ening
the in3i"i-le all6#lo!ing "%iritual %re"ence o# Go, then tho"e "o heale !ill #eel in their
con"ciou"ne"" not onl& relea"e #rom e3il "%irit" -ut the %re"ence o# the Almight& Co"mic
Great +a! o# (nit&
'e"u"$ "a&ing that e3er& cit& or hou"e i3ie again"t it"el# can not "tan i" a great
la! !hich "houl go3ern all "ucce""#ul hou"ehol", citie", religiou" organi>ation", nation"
an race" o# %eo%le) Ahen there i" i3i"ion in the #amil& or countr& there i" trou-le,
i"harmon& an i"integration) Harmon& "houl -e the -reath o# li#e go3erning all religiou"
organi>ation" an countrie")
@A 1r else ho4 can one enter into a strong man$s house< and s%oil his goods< e6ce%t
he first bind the strong manF and then he 4ill s%oil his house. &e that is not 4ith me is
against me; and he that gathereth not 4ith me scattereth abroad.$ :herefore I sa! unto
!ou; E.ll manner of sin and blas%hem! shall be forgiven unto men: but the blas%hem!
against the &ol! 2host shall not be forgiven unto men.$”
EMatthe! /:4:069/F
'e"u" "ai4 HOr el"e ho! can I enter into the "trong organi>ation o# Satan in the
co"mo" an e"tro& hi" e3il !or<" in nature an !ic<e in#luence in men unle"" I -in
Satan -& m& !i"omJ It i" -ecau"e I can con"ciou"l& -ehol Satan an u"e m& !ill again"t
him that I a-le to ca"t out the e3il "%irit" !hich %o""e"" "oul") But I coul not ca"t out
Satan$" agencie" -& the %o!er o# Satan) Satan or Beel>e-u-, not -eing !ith me, i" again"t
me, an I coul not u"e hi" %o!er again"t him"el#) All "oul" that are not in harmon& !ith me
act again"t m& la!" an "u##er) E3er& "oul !ho oe" not <no! ho! to gather !i"om -&
contacting me in meitation "catter" hi" concentration in the -o& an remain" i"tracte,
"u##ering #rom re"tle""ne"")
HHe !ho ha" interiori>e hi" con"ciou"ne"" -& meitation gather" !i"om an -li""
!ith the hel% o# m& Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" !ithin hi" "oul) But he !ho i" not ienti#ie !ith
me !ithin hi" con"ciou"ne"" "catter" it in the #le"h an "en"e %lea"ure" an i" #ull o#
i";uiet an trou-le) That i" !h& I eclare the truth unto &ou all that all <in" o# error",
%h&"ical, mental an moral, -elonging to tho"e that are ienti#ie !ith their -oie" !ill -e
#orgi3en an !hate3er other error" the& o to !or< un<no!ingl& again"t Go "hall -e
HBut tho"e "oul" !ho ha3e con"ciou"l& #elt the hol& co"mic 3i-ration o# .um in
meitation an eli-eratel& ignore it or riicule it a" a %h&"ical "oun, the e##ect" re"ulting
#rom their error" !ill not -e #orgi3en)G
Bla"%hem& Again"t the Hol& Gho"t
Ahen a "oul contact" the hol& 3i-ration Ea" St) 'ohn hear thi" 3oice or "oun li<e a
trum%etF an #eel" the e3er6ne! Bo& in it an then eli-eratel& re3ert" to an inharmoniou"
li#e, he ha" to "u##er the con"e;uence" o# hi" action" in the #orm o# a corroing inner
re"tle""ne"" an "tate o# mental e"truction) No one can commit an& -la"%hem& again"t
the Hol& Gho"t !ho oe" not <no! it #ir"t a" the co"mic "oun hear in meitation) I#, a#ter
li"tening to thi" co"mic "oun, one eli-eratel& lea" an inharmoniou" li#e, he cannot -e
"a3e #rom rea%ing the re"ult o# hi" -a <arma) A %er"on ignoring the intuitional guiance
o# thi" co"mic "oun in meitation ha" to !or< out hi" o!n <arma o# an inharmoniou" li#e
an i"tracte min)
All <in" o# %h&"ical an mental error" can -e i"%elle or their #ruition moi#ie !ith
the hel% o# great "oul" -ut no one can remo3e the re"tle""ne"" o# a i"tracte e3otee !ho
-la"%heme" again"t thi" %erce%tion o# co"mic 3i-ration an -li"") B& eli-erate ee%er act"
o# meitation he mu"t remo3e hi" re"tle""ne"" in orer to regain hi" -li"" con"ciou"ne""
an 3i-rator& contact o# Go or Hol& Gho"t) It i" clearl& e3ient that all <in" o# error"
%er#orme -& ini3iual" can -e more or le"" e"tro&e -& their o!n e##ort" an the
-le""ing" o# great ma"ter", -ut no ma"ter can gi3e a "oul the contact o# Co"mic *i-ration
an Bo& o# meitation unle"" he #or"a<e" hi" re"tle""ne"" -& hi" o!n e##ort o# !ill) Thi" i"
!hat i" meant -& -la"%hem& again"t the Hol& Gho"t not -eing #orgi3en) Tho"e that
-la"%hem& again"t "ee<ing the 3i-rator& contact o# Go cannot -e #orgi3en -& an&-o&
el"e -ut mu"t ma<e their o!n e##ort to regain the contact o# Hol& S%irit -& ee% meitation)
@A.03 :&1'15?5/ '"5.C5*& . :1/3 .2.I0'* *&5 '10 1; .0 I*
'&.>> -5 ;1/2I?50 &I: -(* :&1'15?5/ '"5.C5*& .2.I0'* *&5 &1>#
2&1'*< I* '&.>> 01* -5 ;1/2I?50 &I< 05I*&5/ I0 *&I' :1/>3< 05I*&5/ I0
*&5 :1/>3 *1 )15.$”
EMatthe! /:49:F
'e"u" "ai4 HAn !ho"oe3er u"e" !rong language again"t an& "on o# man or an&
ini3iual !ith a -o&, incluing Me !ith M& -o&, !ill #in #orgi3ene"" #rom Go an the
ma"ter" i# he "ee<" it an i" re%entant) But an&one !ho contact" the Co"mic *i-ration an
at the "ame time thin<" or tal<" e3il an 3i-rate" e3ill& in contraiction to the goo an
harmoniou" 3i-ration o# the Hol& Gho"t or Co"mic *i-ration or meitation "u##er" #rom
re"tle""ne"" in thi" !orl an in hi" ne.t incarnation) I# he <ee%" on oing it he !oul #orm
the ha-it o# mental re"tle""ne"" "o ee% in the "oul that he !oul #eel that he !a" eternall&
conemne to -e re"tle"" an to -e enie the e3er6ne! -le""e contact o# hol& 3i-ration
in the "oul)G
“0o4 it came to %ass on a certain da!< that he 4ent into a shi% 4ith his disci%les:
and he said unto them< E>et us go over unto the other side of the la,e.$ .nd the! launched
“-ut as the! sailed he fell aslee%: and there came do4n a storm of 4ind on the la,e;
and the! 4ere filled 4ith 4ater< and 4ere in Deo%ard!. .nd the! came to him< and a4o,e
him< sa!ing< Easter< master< 4e %erish.$ *hen he arose< and rebu,ed the 4ind and the
raging of the 4ater: and the! ceased< and there 4as a calm. .nd he said unto them<
E:here is !our faithF and the! being afraid 4ondered< sa!ing one to another< E:hat manner
of man is thisI for he commandeth even the 4inds and 4ater< and the! obe! him.$”
E+u<e 14::6:7F
'e"u", although a%%arentl& a"lee%, in!arl& !a" one !ith Go) The center o# an
ini3iual$" con"ciou"ne"" i" in the con"ciou" min uring !a<e#ulne"", the "u-con"ciou"
min uring "lee%, an in "u%ercon"ciou"ne"" uring ee% meitation) Ahen an ini3iual
i" concentrate in the "tate o# !a<e#ulne"", hi" "u-con"ciou"ne"" an "u%ercon"ciou"ne""
remain in the -ac<groun) Ahen he i" a"lee%, hi" con"ciou"ne"" an "u%ercon"ciou"ne""
remain in the -ac<groun) But a ma"ter li<e 'e"u", !ho"e center o# con"ciou"ne"" i"
Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"", no matter !hether hi" -o& i" a!a<e or a"lee%, i" al!a&" a!a<e in
S%irit, a-le to !atch hi" -o& "lee%ing, or !or<ing in the "tate o# !a<e#ulne"", e3en a" Go
!atche" all human -eing" e;uall& !hether the& are a"lee% or a!a<e) That i" !h& 'e"u"
ha "ai, HAre not #i3e "%arro!" "ol #or t!o #arthing", an not one o# them i" #orgotten
-e#ore GoJ$ EMatt) /:4IF
Pre"ent in All S%ace
A" Go$" con"ciou"ne"" i" omni%re"ent, He <no!" li#e an eath, "lee% an
!a<e#ulne"", o# all creature" %re"ent in Him, e3en a" !e <no! all our thought" !ithin our
one min) E3en a" a human -eing !ith hi" one li#e i" con"ciou" o# the "en"ation" o# hi"
-o& or o# %ain that ma& occur in an& o# the t!ent&6"e3en thou"an -illion cell" o# hi" -o&,
"o Go$" con"ciou"ne"", -eing con"ciou"l& %re"ent in all "%ace, <no!" e3er&thing that
ha%%en" e3en in an& one o# the tinie"t atom" among all the countle"" creation" in the
'e"u" ;ue"tione hi" i"ci%le"$ #aith -ecau"e the& i not reali>e that, e3en though
he !a" a"lee%, hi" con"ciou"ne"" !a" one !ith the Father an !a" a!a<e in the "torm, in
the -oat, in the i"ci%le" an in e3er&thing) I# the i"ci%le" ha ha #aith in the omni%re"ent
con"ciou"ne"" o# 'e"u", the& !oul ha3e <no!n hi" inner con"ciou"ne"" !oul %rotect
them e3en though hi" -o& a%%arentl& "le%t)
So 'e"u" "ai4 HAh& are &ou a#rai through ignorance, an ha3e not #aith in the all6
%rotecting omni%re"ent %o!er an con"ciou"ne"" !ithin meJG Aith the "anction o# the
i3ine !ill to %ro3e hi" omni%re"ent con"ciou"ne"" an %o!er o# Go !ithin Him, 'e"u"
ro"e an commane the #orce" o# nature, !in" an !ater, an are""e the "ea4
HO &e -oi"terou" "ea an !in !hich are go3erne -& co"mic #orce" an !ho are
create an are acti3e accoring to the !ill o# the omni%re"ent Go, the Father !ith !hom I
am One, I comman &ou to change &our 3i-ration an -e %eace#ul an ;uiet)G
“"5.)5< -5 '*I>>”
A" "oon a" 'e"u", !ith hi" omni%re"ent con"ciou"ne"" an the omni%re"ent !ill o#
Go !ithin him, 3i-rate %eace, the Go6guie #orce" o# nature immeiatel& #ollo!e hi" It "eem" to orinar& %er"on" that the !in an ocean are !or<ing -& -lin #orce"
!ithout an& %lan) But it i" e3ient that the harmon& in nature, the routine o# "ea"on" an
the mathematic" o# %lanetar& orer re3eal an intelligent la! an co"mic %lan o# Go !hich
go3ern" them) The unthin<ing %er"on a"cri-e" the la! an orer in thi" !orl to chance
an nature, -ut the i3ine man !ho con"ciou"l& %ercei3e" Go in e3er&thing <no!" that
e3er&thing, all %lanetar& an "tellar "&"tem", are go3erne -& the !ill o# Go)
Hence, 'e"u", -eing a ma"ter, not through imagination -ut -& "el#6reali>ation -eing
one !ith S%irit, ha Go6li<e %o!er") E3en a" Go control" the element" o# nature, 'e"u",
-eing one !ith Him, coul control the !in an the "torm)
. iracle of ! aster
:hich I :itnessed
I ha the -le""ing o# !itne""ing the controlling o# nature -& m& great Ma"ter, S!ami
Sri&u<te"!arBi) Once in Puri uring a 3er& hot "ummer a&, !hen there !a" not the
"lighte"t %ro"%ect o# rain or clou", I ha to %artici%ate in one o# m& Ma"ter$" religiou"
%roce""ion") So I !ent to him an remon"trate that it !a" almo"t im%o""i-le to lea the
%roce""ion on the hot "an" !ith -are #eet in the cit& "treet") The Ma"ter re%lie, HI !ill tell
&ou a "ecret) Tell no one no!) The +or !ill "en a clou an ro%" o# rain !ill cool the
"an that &ou all ma& ha3e the %roce""ion) So long a" &ou !ill hol the %roce""ion Go !ill
<ee% the um-rella o# clou" o3er &our hea" an "%rin<le little ro%" o# rain to <ee% &our
#eet cool)G
To our grou%$" great a"toni"hment, !e notice that a" "oon a" !e "tarte !ith the
religiou" %roce""ion the entire "<& !a" #ille !ith clou" a" i# -& magic an 3er& light rain
#ell, cooling o## the "an" in the cit& "treet") A" long a" the religiou" %roce""ion o# the
Ma"ter %arae in the "treet", the clou" an com#orting rain continue, -ut a" "oon a" the
%roce""ion came -ac< to the hermitage the "<& -urne !ith the oriental "un, the "an"
"corche !ith the e.treme heat, an the clou" an rain %a""e a!a& a" i# the& ha not
-een) The Ma"ter remar<e, HDi &ou "ee ho! Go !or<" #or u"J He !or<" #or all an
re"%on" to all, -ut #e! con"ciou"l& reali>e !hen Go con"ciou"l& re"%on" to their
%ra&er") Go i" not %artial to a #e! e3otee" -ut re"%on" to all i# the& !oul ha3e #aith in
Him) Human chilren ought to ha3e im%licit #aith in the omni%re"ent %o!er an <inne"" o#
their one Co"mic Father)G
“.nd a 4oman having an issue of blood t4elve !ears< 4hich had s%ent all her living
u%on %h!sicians< neither could be healed of an!< came behind him< and touched the border
of his garment: and immediatel! her issue of blood stanched. .nd Jesus said< E:ho
touched meF :hen all denied< "eter and the! that 4ere 4ith him said< Easter< the
multitude throng thee and %ress thee< and sa!est thou< E:ho touched meF$ .nd Jesus said<
E'omebod! hath touched me: for I %erceive that virtue is gone out of me.$
“.nd 4hen the 4oman sa4 that she 4as not hid< she came trembling< and falling
do4n before him< she declared unto him before all the %eo%le for 4hat cause she had
touched him< and ho4 she 4as healed immediatel!. .nd he said unto her< E3aughter< be of
good comfort: th! faith hath made thee 4hole: go in %eace.$”
E+u<e 1429621F
'e"u", -eing con"ciou" o# hi" inner con"ciou"ne"" an o# the a"tral !orl an the
li#e #orce in all -oie", <ne! that thi" !oman, -& her !ill %o!er, through her han"
contacting the hem o# hi" garment, ha ta<en out "ome li#e #orce #rom hi" -o& into her
-o& !hich li<e an .6ra& ha -urne out the i"ea"e a##licting her) A" a i"ea"e %er"on
ha" to touch the electroe" in orer to -e -ene#itte -& the current i""uing #rom an
electrical a%%aratu", "o the !oman e"iring magnetic healing mae a contact !ith the -o&
o# 'e"u" an rein#orce her -o& !ith the "u-tle aura or a"tral current emanating #rom hi"
-o& an "urrouning it)
In e3er& i"ea"e human -o& meicine or mental healing onl& rou"e" the inert li#e
#orce to e##ect the healing) A "ic< %er"on can rou"e hi" healing li#e #orce -& hi" !ill %o!er
re3i3e -& the "trong !ill o# a healer, or the "ic< %er"on ma& -& #aith ra! the li#e #orce
#rom a magnetic ini3iual$" -o& an there-& rou"e an rein#orce hi" o!n all6healing li#e
#orce to e##ect the healing o# a "ic<ne"") That i" !h& 'e"u" "ai, HSome "u-tle #aith ha"
touche m& a"tral emanation -& an a"tral han an ha" !ithra!n 3irtue or li#e #orce #rom
me #or healing %ur%o"e")G
Ahen 'e"u" "ai, H?I/*(5 I' 2105 1(* 1; 5<” he em%ha"i>e the "ee o#
healing %o!er that !ent out o# him) Ahen he "ai, “*&# ;.I*& &.*& .35 *&55
:&1>5”< he em%ha"i>e the "oil o# healing) Both are nece""ar& #or the gro!ing o# the
%lant o# healing) In the healing o# the !oman, 'e"u" i" teaching to healer" the& mu"t -e
"ure o# t!o #actor" in i3ine healing C the #aith o# the %er"on e"iring to -e heale an the
a-ilit& o# the i3ine healer !ho mu"t <no! ho! to charge him"el# !ith i3ine healing %o!er
-& ail& ee% Go6contact in meitation) A "ee oe" not gro! on a "tone -ut on goo
groun, "o the 3irtue or the "ee o# li#e #orce !hich !ent out o# 'e"u", -eing a-"or-e on
the %ro%er "oil or #aith o# the !oman, %rouce healing in her) It "houl -e here note that
'e"u", in hi" o!n home countr&, !ith all hi" %o!er, #aile to heal the "ic<ne"" o# "ome
%eo%le !ho !ere too material to -e #ille !ith the con"ciou"ne"" o# Go)
Three =in" o# Di"ea"e
In orer to uner"tan the i3ine la! o# healing a" u"e -& 'e"u" one "houl
ac;uaint him"el# !ith the "cience o# the healing o# all i"ea"e") A i"ea"e con"i"t" o# an
inharmoniou" conition %roucing %ain or unha%%ine"" immeiatel& or remotel& in a li3ing
creature) Human -eing" are a##ecte !ith three <in" o# i"ea"e" !hich a##ect the -o&,
min an "oul) The -o& i" a##ecte -& -acteria, accient", !oun" an organic trou-le"D
the min o# man i" a##ecte -& mental -acteria o# #ear, anger, gree, in"atia-le "en"ualit&,
"el#i"hne"", Bealou"& an mor-i tenencie" %roucing mental i"com#ort" an agonie")
The "oul i"ea"e" are %rouce -& ignorance an co"mic elu"ion -& !hich a man #orget"
hi" %er#ect i3ine nature an concentrate" on hi" im%er#ect human nature)
There are 3ariou" !a&" o# healing the a-o3e three <in" o# i"ea"e") The !a& to
e"tro& elu"ion i" to meitate ee%er an ee%er until one ha" ec"tatic contact o# the
e3er6ne! -li"" Go) Ignorance can -e e"tro&e not onl& -& meitation -ut -& reaing true
"cri%ture" !ith intuitional uner"taning an -& a""ociation !ith Go6contacting "aint")
De3otion, goo action" o# hel%ing one"el# an other" to -e #ree #rom %h&"ical, mental an
"oul "u##ering, intro"%ecti3e i"crimination o# religiou" truth", an moral li3ing are the
-lugeon" that "la& elu"ion) Churchgoing or goo com%an& onl& "ho!" that a %er"on i"
intere"te in "%iritual thing" -ut unle"" he actuall& a""ociate" !ith tho"e !ho contact Go
an !ho can teach the techni;ue o# Go6contact one can ne3er -e li-erate)
One "houl ne3er -ecome hie-oun in a ogmatic teaching -ut "houl #in out the
greate"t teaching !hich gi3e" Sel#6reali>ation an -ecome lo&all& engro""e in it) To tr&
"e3eral %ath" until one #in" the -e"t "%iritual %ath i" the onl& !a&, -ut ha3ing #oun the
-e"t %ath an -eing "ure it i" the -e"t %ath, one "houl lo&all& <ee% tra3er"ing it until he
reache" the highe"t Go6con"ciou"ne"") One "houl ne3er -e "ati"#ie !ith ogmatic
teaching or Bu"t the "%iritual a""urance o# other") (nle"" one <no!" that he contact" Go
he mu"t <ee% "ee<ing Him until he contact" Him)
All %"&chological i"ea"e" can -e e"tro&e -& "el#6anal&"i", attenti3e intro"%ection,
an -& a""ociation !ith mentall& health& %eo%le an -& tr&ing to li3e their
Concentration an meitation e"tro& mental i"ea"e" an corroing -a mental ha-it") In
meitation the min -ecome" interiori>e an !ithra!" the li#e #orce #rom the mu"cle" an
ner3e" an concentrate" them in the -rain cell" !here the e3il mental ha-it" are groo3e)
Thi" concentrate li#e energ& in meitation -urn" out the groo3e" o# mental ha-it" !hich
are loge in the -rain)
The Neele o# Attention
Attention i" the neele that #orm" the groo3e" o# mental goo or -a ha-it") It i" -&
ee% attention to an e3il e.%erience or goo e.%erience that a -a or goo ha-it i" #orme
in the -rain) The"e goo or -a ha-it" remain in the -rain li<e goo an -a recor" o#
human e.%erience) A" orinar& %honogra%hic recor" can -e %la&e -& a neele, "o the
goo an -a recor" in the -rain groo3e" can -e %la&e an -rought #orth -& the neele"
o# attention) That i", !hene3er attention i" gi3en to goo or -a ha-it" the& mani#e"t
them"el3e" in mental an mu"cular acti3it&) Aill %o!er an auto6"ugge"tion #rom other"
can al"o e"tro& mental -a ha-it") Aill %o!er can concentrate energ& in the -rain groo3e"
!ith healing re"ult") Auto6"ugge"tion i" u"e#ul !hen a man$" !ill i" %aral&>e -& the
e.%erience o# continue mental i"ea"eD then he can rein#orce hi" o!n !ill %o!er -& the
"ugge"tion o# another "trong !ill that he -e heale) Auto6"ugge"tion !hich i" u"e in mo"t
#orm" o# healing can re3i3e the i"ea"e6%aral&>e !ill an "en energ& into the -rain
e##ecting the remo3al o# the e"tructi3e ha-it loge in the -rain cell")
Mental -a ha-it" can -e e"tro&e -& a""ociating !ith tho"e that ha3e goo mental
ha-it") The timi "houl a""ociate !ith the -ra3e, the "en"ual !ith tho"e %o""e""ing "el#6
control, the re"tle"" !ith tho"e that ha3e meitati3e ha-it") E.erci"e o# !ill %o!er an
"ta&ing a!a& #rom the -a com%an& that #ee the "%eci#ic -a mental ha-it can e"tro& it)
A" goo octor" can hanle chronic i"ea"e", goo mental healer" can hel% one -& auto6
"ugge"tion or tran"mi""ion o# energ& -& !ill through the ether) Onl& Chri"til<e "oul" can
"en i3ine energ& -& !ill %o!er to in3ae the -rain o# the %"&chologicall& i"ea"e
ini3iual an -& the i3ine energ& can -urn out the -a mental ha-it" in hi" -rain)
The Cau"e o# Di"ea"e
It mu"t -e remem-ere that "%iritual ignorance i" the real cau"e o# mental an
%h&"ical i"ea"e) I# one remo3e" ignorance #rom the "oul -& meitation an Go6contact
he ha" automaticall& remo3e mental an %h&"ical i"ea"e #rom hi" -o&) That i" !hat
'e"u" meant !hen he "ai, “'55C #5 ;I/'* *&5 CI0231 1; 213 Ee"tro& elu"ionF
.03 .>> 5>'5 Ehealing o# the -o&, min an "oulF :I>> -5 .3353 (0*1 #1( E!ill -e
gi3en to &ou !ithout &our ma<ing "%ecial e##ort to achie3e themF)G
P"&chological i"ea"e" gi3e -irth to %h&"ical i"ea"e") In #act mo"t %h&"ical
i"ea"e" eri3e their root" in the min through i"ea"e con3iction") I# #or #i#t& &ear" &ou
ha3e -een enBo&ing health &ou thin< &ou can ne3er -e "ic<, -ut i# &ou "uenl& #in &our"el#
%h&"icall& ill &ou thin< at #ir"t &ou !ill get !ell, -ut i# &our %h&"ical i"ea"e "ta&" #or "i.
month" &ou -ecome con3ince that &ou !ill ne3er get !ell) It i" a great %"&chological error
to #eel thi" !a& #or &ou "houl u"e an con"tantl& 3i"uali>e the con3iction o# #i#t& &ear" o#
health#ul e.%erience an health con"ciou"ne"" to i"loge thi" "i. month$" ol con3iction o#
All i"ea"e" can -e treate in t!o !a&" C -& %h&"ical metho" an -& mental
metho") The %h&"ical metho o# treating i"ea"e con"i"t" o# #a"ting or reBu3enating the
+i#e Force) In #a"ting the !ill re3ert" to the S%irit an -ring" energ& #rom it rein#orcing the
energ& in the -o& !hich "timulate" %h&"ical healing) Ph&"ical healing i" al"o %o""i-le -&
u"e o# chemical" an 3itamin" in #re"h her-" !hich %rouce healing -& eliminating %oi"on"
an e"tro&ing -acteria in the human -loo) In #a"ting one "houl -e guie -& e.%ert
a3ice a" to the metho an length o# time o# the #a"t)
("e o# Meicine an Foo
A" her-" cannot -e ha uring all "ea"on" e.tract" #rom them came into u"e)
Meicine" al"o ha3e "ome healing %o!er, Bu"t a" %oi"on" ha3e %o!er to e"tro& the -o&)
Tho"e !ho i"-elie3e in meicine an it" e##ect" on the human "&"tem "houl %ro3e -&
u"ing %oi"on that it ha" no e##ect on their "&"tem) An& #anatical mental healer !ho "a&"
meicine ha" no e##ect ought to rin< %oi"on an %ro3e it" ine##ecti3ene"" on hi" o!n
"&"tem) Strong ioine heal" !oun" -ut !hen ta<en internall& in "u##icient ;uantit& ma& <ill
a %er"on) Such healer" "houl a-anon #oo a" !ell a" meicine, #or !hoe3er eat" #oo
u"e" the meicinal or health6gi3ing %ro%ertie" o# the #oo)
But !hile I "%ea< o# the %o!er o# meicine eri3e #rom Go, I mu"t "a& that
meicine ha" not that %o!er o# healing %o""e""e -& the min i# one <no!" ho! to u"e
that %o!er) Tho"e !ho con"tantl& li3e -& meicine !ea<en their min" an the& ha3e to
li3e -& meicine, Bu"t a" "ome %eo%le I ha3e <no!n cannot li3e !ithout %erioic o%eration")
(ltra6*iolet Ra&"
Better than meical healing i" the healing -& the ultra63iolet ra&" in the "un or ultra6
3iolet lam%" an the <no!lege o# their %ro%er u"e) A" ocean -athing i" healing, "o "un
-athing i" e.tremel& im%ortant, e##ecting all <in" o# healing") Healing -& ra&" i" 3er&
u"e#ul, a" the ra&" can change the atomic i"orer o# cell" in chronic i"ea"e") S%inal
aBu"tment" an ma""age" are e##ecti3e an "ometime" -etter than the treatment -&
orinar& ra&", #or the aBu"tment o# the "%ine relea"e" o-"tructe +i#e Force !hich can
-ring a-out a ;uic<er an "urer healing o# %h&"ical i"ea"e" than an&thing el"e) Treatment
o# ca"e" o# %neumonia ha3e -een treate 3er& e##icientl& -& goo o"teo%ath" an
Yoga e.erci"e" al"o hel% aBu"tment o# "%inal 3erte-rae !hich relea"e" the %re""ure
on the "%inal ner3e" an -ring" a-out the normal #lo! o# +i#e Force in the ner3ou" "&"tem
!hich al"o -ring" a-out healing o# man& i"ea"e") Praece%ta metho" o# e.erci"e irectl&
a!a<en the all6healing +i#e Force an teach one the ;uic<e"t metho" o# healing i"ea"e)
The a-o3e are the i##erent metho" o# healing -& %h&"ical metho" !hich more or
le"" "timulate the +i#e Force an e##ect the healing) O%eration" in certain ca"e" are
nece""ar& -ut "houl -e a3oie a" much a" %o""i-le) O%eration" ma& remo3e i"ea"e
ti""ue an %re3ent it #rom a##ecting health& ti""ue) But %eo%le "houl e%en more on the
all6healing %o!er o# the min, an not on arti#icial mean" "uch a" o%eration")
The Mental Healer
Healing o# %h&"ical i"ea"e" i" mae %o""i-le -& "timulating the !ill, imagination,
emotion, or rea"on in the %h&"icall& ailing %atient) The mental healer mu"t -e a "tuent o#
ee% %"&cholog& "o that he can etect the nature o# the %atient, an mu"t -e a %er"on o#
great concentration !ho can e.erci"e hi" o!n !ill, imagination, emotion or rea"on on hi"
%atient") The a3ance mental healer mu"t treat %atient" accoring to their nature,
"timulating !ill in the "trong6!ille %atient", "timulating imagination in imaginati3e one" an
"o #orth)
A true "tor& i" tol, that uring a #ire !hen e3er&-o& "houte H#ireG a um- man
li3ing in the home "houte H#ire, #ireG !ith the re"t o# the %eo%le an recei3e -ac< the lo"t
%o!er o# "%eech through the "hoc< an e.citement)
Ho!e3er it "houl -e remem-ere that !ill, emotion an rea"on ha3e no healing
%o!er o# them"el3e") The& onl& "timulate the %artiall& inacti3e +i#e Force in the %h&"icall&
"ic< ini3iual !hich -urn" the i"ea"e6ma<ing -acteria) Mo"t mental healer" u"e auto6
"ugge"tion an rea"on to "timulate the imagination an !ill in their %atient") A" mentione
-e#ore, the !ill an imagination o# the healer "timulate" the !ill an imagination o# the
%atient) The rou"e !ill an imagination in the %atient in turn a!a<en" hi" %artiall& inacti3e
+i#e Force !hich in turn -urn" the i"ea"e6ma<ing -acteria an -ring" a-out healing)
A-"ent Healing
A-"ent healing i" -a"e on auto6"ugge"tion) Auto6"ugge"tion i" -a"e on rou"ing
the latent imagination to relea"e the healing +i#e Force in the %atient) In"tantaneou" mental
healing" are cau"e !hen the healer an the %er"on to -e heale are %er#ectl& tune to
each other) I# the healer ha" a "trong !ill an imagination an the %er"on to -e heale ha"
#aith in the healer$" a-ilit& to a!a<en hi" !ill or imagination then the %atient !ill -e heale
through hi" o!n a!a<ene +i#e Force) The time element in healing ari"e" !hen either the
healer i" e#icient in hi" healing %o!er or the %er"on to -e heale i" not %ro%erl& rece%ti3e
to the healer$" healing 3i-ration")
'e"u" an great "a3ant" heale -& "ening co"mic energ& into the -rain o# the
i"ea"e %atient) The i3ine energ& "ent -& a Ma"ter unite" !ith the %artiall& inacti3e -rain
energ& o# the %atient an their com-ination -urn" a!a& i"ea"e -acteria or i"ea"e ha-it"
or ha-it" o# ignorance loge in the -rain almo"t in"tantaneou"l&) The la"t mentione
i3ine !a& !a" the metho that 'e"u" the Chri"t u"e to heal %o""e""e "oul" or the lame
or the -lin) Onl& Ma"ter", i# the& ha3e i3ine %ermi""ion, can -& i3ine !ill #orce u"e the
co"mic energ& to materiali>e into ne! -o& %art" in the a##ecte ini3iual) There#ore, !hen
'e"u" heale, he #elt H3irtue i" gone out o# meG) That i", the con"ciou" co"mic energ& !hich
he al!a&" #elt !ithin him"el# !ent out o# him to e##ect the healing)
Al"o, !hene3er 'e"u" "ai, HTh& #aith hath mae thee !hole,G he em%ha"i>e that
no matter ho! great the "ee o# healing %o!er a healer %o""e""e, he ha" to ha3e the
nece""ar& "oil o# #aith o# the %atient in orer to %rouce the e"ire healing) HTh& #aith hath
mae thee !holeG, "igni#ie", HTh& mental rece%ti3it& in m& healing %o!er ha" mae it
%o""i-le to %rouce the e"ire healing)G Dou-t i" the "tatic !hich i"tur-" the rece%tion o#
the 3i-ration o# healing #rom a great healer) A i"ea"e ini3iual mu"t tune hi" "oul, raio6
li<e, !ith #aith an %ro%er mental attitue in orer to recei3e the -roaca"ting" o# a-"ent or
irect healing 3i-ration" #rom the healer)
Di##erent T&%e" o# Healing
+a"tl& it mu"t remem-ere that all metho" o# mental or %h&"ical healing "houl -e
amini"tere to %eo%le accoring to their mental inclination" an mental ha-it") 'e"u" "ai,
“".# (0*1 ).5'./ :&.* -5>102' *1 ).5'./<” K that i", tho"e that -elie3e in
meical healing, let them go to the meical healer", an tho"e that -elie3e in healing -& the
metho" o# o"teo%ath an chiro%ractor, let them u"e "uch metho", an tho"e that -elie3e
in healing -& ra&", let them go to tho"e !ho %ractice healing -& electricit& an "o #orth, an
tho"e that -elie3e in mental healer", let them go to the mental healer", an tho"e that
-elie3e in the unlimite %o!er o# healing o# the Ma"ter" an Go, let them go to the
Ma"ter" an Go)
All healer" ha3e limite %o!er o# healing) Onl& Go ha" unlimite %o!er o# healing)
So, i# one -& ee% e3otion an meitation con"tantl& tune" him"el# !ith Go an !ith
un#linching #aith goe" on a"<ing the Father$" hel% in "%ite o# the in3a"ion o# une"ira-le
ou-t", he !ill certainl& #in the e"ire re"ult) But o#ten tho"e that are not in tune !ith Go
can #in ;uic<er healing -& -eing in tune !ith tho"e "oul" an Ma"ter" !ho are alrea& in
tune !ith Go) A" e3otee" an Ma"ter" gi3e all their e3otion to Go, "o al"o Go in turn
gi3e" unlimite %o!er to Hi" true e3otee" an Ma"ter" #or healing o# -o&, min, an "oul)
The Ma"ter" "%eciall& em%ha"i>e the healing o# the "oul #rom all ignorance)
De3otee" !ho !ant to -e heale o# ignorance "houl continuou"l& an uninterru%tel&
-elie3e in their gurus or true Go6"ent "%irite %rece%tor")
Go Sen" The Guru
During the %erio o# %hilo"o%hical curio"it& Go "en" the "ee<ing ini3iual
orinar& teacher" or -ring" a-out the "tu& o# "ome "oul6a!a<ening "%iritual -oo<") But
!hen an ini3iual i" "oul6-ent to <no! Go, He "en" an enlightene "oul or guru to
teach the "ee<ing e3otee) Then Go Him"el# u"e" the intelligence, Sel#6reali>ation an
teaching" o# the enlightene "oul or guru to teach the "ee<ing e3otee) The "ee<ing
e3otee mu"t al!a&" -e lo&al to "uch a guru the Go6"ent me""enger, throughout li#e an
through incarnation", i# nece""ar&, until he #in" reem%tion)
A %er"on !ho learn" #rom an orinar& teacher i" calle a "tuent an a %er"on !ho
learn" #rom a guru i" calle a i"ci%le EchelaF) A i"ci%le !ho #aith#ull& learn" an li3e" in
li#e the teaching" o# a Go6"ent guru+%rece%tor !ill attract the "ame guru throughout
incarnation", i# nece""ar&, until li-eration i" attaine) That i" ho! 'e"u" attracte to him"el#
the guru o# hi" #ormer incarnation, EliBah or Elia", in the #orm o# the reincarnate 'ohn the
It "houl -e em%ha"i>e again that one "houl ne3er ignore an& moe o# healing
!hich more or le"" o%erate" accoring to i3ine la!) But one mu"t i"tinctl& remem-er it i"
-etter to u"e mental %o!er than %h&"ical metho" o# healing an it i" -e"t -& #aith an
meitation to call into o%eration the un#ailing, unlimite i3ine healing %o!er #or healing not
onl& the -o& an min -ut the "oul) Great gurus, -& their !ill %o!er, can tran"mit co"mic
energ& into the -rain o# the i"ci%le", -urning out ha-it" o# ignorance o# man& incarnation"
!hich houn the e3otee) Again it mu"t -e remem-ere, "ee< &e the metho o# healing
"oul ignorance #ir"t, an the healing o# the -o&, min an inner -eing !ill -e automaticall&
ae unto &ou !ithout an& "%eci#ic e##ort)
'e"u"$ Metho" o# Healing
Ahen 'e"u" heale the man !ho !a" %o""e""e he i it -& t!o !a&") Fir"t, hi"
con"ciou"ne"" -eing in tune !ith the Chri"t intelligence in all creation, he u"e the Chri"t
!ill !hich go3erne all a"tral #orce" an entitie", to com%el the unclean "%irit to lea3e the
-rain o# the %o""e""e ini3iual) Secon, he u"e hi" !ill %o!er to "ent the co"mic energ&
in the -rain o# the %o""e""e ini3iual an e"tro& there the ha-it" o# -eing %o""e""e -&
the unclean "%irit)
No! -& the re3elation o# the "cience o# 3ariou" #orm" o# healing !e <no! ho! 'e"u"
Chri"t !or<e hi" metho o# healing) 'e"u" u"e onl& the i3ine %o!er o# healing an he
ga3e all the creit o# hi" healing" to Go, a" 'e"u" !ithin him"el# i not #eel the HI amG or
ego6con"ciou"ne"", !hich i" -orn o# the ienti#ication o# the "oul !ith the %h&"ical -o&)
E3en !hen 'e"u" "ai, “I '.# (0*1 #1(< ./I'5<” or -ecome heale, he meant not the
ego or HI amG con"ciou"ne"" !ithin him -ut the unlimite Go6con"ciou"ne"" in !hich hi"
"oul ha -ecome unite) (nle"" the "oul #orget" HI amG or ego6con"ciou"ne"" -orn o# the
-o&, -& intuitional meitation an interiori>ation o# con"ciou"ne"", it cannot -e one !ith
the S%irit)
Ahen 'e"u" "ai, “I .03 # ;.*&5/ ./5 105”< he i not mean -& the HIG the
con"ciou"ne"" in connection !ith the -o&, -ut he meant the con"ciou"ne"" o# hi" min
!hich !a" -orn in connection !ith hi" "oul, the true an %er#ect image o# S%irit) E3er&
e3otee ha" to #orget hi" %h&"ical ego6con"ciou"ne"" an concentrate on hi" "oul -e#ore
he can -e unite to the S%irit) So 'e"u" meant, HI Eall !ho -& meitation ha3e attaine their
"oul con"ciou"ne""F an m& Father Ean the Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" a" I ha3e #elt through
m& "oul con"ciou"ne""F are one Eare in"e%ara-leF)G Ahen an orinar& %er"on "a&", HI !ill
o thi"G he re#er" to hi" HI amG or ego6con"ciou"ne"" -orn o# the ienti#ication !ith the -o&)
The orinar& %er"on <no!" that he i" -o& an harl& #eel" hi" "oul -ut !hen 'e"u"
re#erre to the HIG !ithin him he al!a&" meant the "oul6con"ciou"ne"" unite !ith the Go6
con"ciou"ne"" !hich he #elt !ithin him"el#)
Nee" o# Sinner"
“.nd it came to %ass< as Jesus sat at meat in the house< behold< man! %ublicans
and sinners came and sat do4n 4ith him and his disci%les. .nd 4hen the "harisees sa4 it<
the! said unto his disci%les< E:h! eateth !our aster 4ith %ublicans and sinnersF$ -ut
4hen Jesus heard that< he said unto them< E*&5# *&.* -5 :&1>5 0553 01* .
"&#'I)I.0< -(* *&5# *&.* ./5 'I)C. -ut go !e and learn 4hat that meaneth< I :I>>
&.?5 5/)#< .03 01* '.)/I;I)5: ;1/ I . 01* )15 *1 ).>> *&5
/I2&*51('< -(* 'I005/' *1 /5"50*.0)5.$”
EMatthe! 04/86/9F
HTho"e that are %h&"icall& !ell o not nee a octor, -ut the "ic< in -o& nee the
ai o# a octor) The "ame hol" true in "%iritual thing") I lo3e to ine !ith the "inner" an
%u-lican" -ecau"e the&, -eing mentall&, morall& an "%irituall& "ic<, nee i3ine healing
through the gol& li#e mani#e"ting through me)G
'e"u" meant that on& highl& e3ol3e "oul" li<e him"el# coul cure the "oul6"ic<ne""
o# other") That i" !h& he a""ociate !ith "inner" an %u-lican" an not onl& !ith religiou"
or intellectual %eo%le) There i" a tenenc& in man& churche" to attract nicel&6re""e, rich
%eo%le) One o#ten hear" in churche" remar<" li<e thi"4 HAe ha a !ell6re""e, nice6
loo<ing cro! thi" morning)G The real i3ine mini"ter "houl teach "%irituall& a3ance
%eo%le more a3ancement an "%irituall& "ic< %eo%le the art o# "%iritual healing) 'e"u"
a""ociate !ith hi" i"ci%le" to ma<e them more a3ance an <e%t com%an& !ith "inner"
"o that he coul heal their "oul6"ic<ne"")
'e"u" goe" on to "a&, HBut go an learn !hat it mean" to atten to "%irituall& "ic<
%eo%le an not to cater to "%irituall& health& %eo%le) I !ill ha3e com%a""ion an merc& -&
!hich I !ill tr& to heal "%irituall& "ic< %eo%le #rom their "oul malaie" an I !ill not let them
-e "acri#ice on the altar o# their e"tin& or <arma) I !ill u"e merc& an com%a""ion to "a3e
them an not #or"a<e them) I am here not to call onl& tho"e that alrea& are reeeme -ut
"%eciall& all <in" o# "inner" #rom all !al<" o# li#e !ho in their !orll& !i"om an ignorant
conce%tion" o# li#e remain ienti#ie !ith the -o& an "u##er #rom agonie" an !orrie", not
"eeing their mi"ta<e" an thu" not re%enting that the& might enBo& the e3erla"ting -li""
contact o# Go in meitationG)
“.nd< behold< there came a man named Jairus< and he 4as a ruler of the
s!nagogue: and he fell do4n at Jesus$ feet< and besought him that he 4ould come into his
house: for he had one onl! daughter< about t4elve !ears of age< and she la! a d!ing.”
E+u<e 142/62:F
“*here cometh one from the ruler of the s!nagogue$s house< sa!ing to him< E*h!
daughter is dead; trouble not the aster.$ but 4hen Jesus heard it< he ans4ered him<
sa!ing< E;ear not: believe onl!< and she shall be made 4hole.$ .nd 4hen he came into the
house< he suffered no man to go in< save "eter< and James< and John< and the father and
the maiden. .nd all 4e%t< and be4ailed her: but he said< E:55" 01*; '&5 I' 01* 35.3<
-(* '>55"5*&.$”
E+u<e 142067:F
'e"u" "ai4 HDo not #ill &our "oul !ith the #ear o# ho%ele""ne"", -ut -elie3e in the all6
%o!er#ul i3ine !ill !ithin me, an &our aughter "hall come -ac< to li#e)G
Due to the "eriou" conition o# the maien, 'e"u" i not !ant" hi" min to -e
i"tur-e -& the %re"ence o# inharmoniou" %eo%le, "o he a"<e onl& hi" a3ance
i"ci%le", Peter, 'ame" an 'ohn, to #ollo! him) To tho"e !ee%ing an !ailing, he "ai,
HAh& are &ou ma<ing "uch a #u"" an !ee%ingJ Although &our %h&"ical e&e" -ehol the
mai a" ea, "till I can "ee "he i" onl& "lee%ing in Go an can -e -rought -ac< ali3e
through Hi" !ill)G
“.nd the! laughed him to scorn< ,no4ing that she 4as dead. .nd he %ut them all
out< and too, her b! the hand< and called< sa!ing< Eaid< arise.$ .nd her s%irit came again<
and she arose straight4a!: and he commanded to give her meat. .nd her %arents 4ere
astonished: but he charged them that the! should tell no man 4hat 4as done.”
E+u<e 147967IF
'e"u" #ree him"el# #rom all 3i-ration" o# ou-t -& "ening all the ou-ting
Thoma"e" a!a& #rom hi" en3ironment) Then 'e"u", !ith hi" -o& an right han #ille !ith
&namic co"mic energ&, too< the ea am"el -& the han an 3i-rate hi" li#e6gi3ing
%o!er !ithin her, "a&ing, HDam"el, -& the Go6con"ciou"ne"" an co"mic 3i-ration !hich
are e;uall& %re"ent !ithin me an &our ea -o&, I 3i-rate an !ill !ith m& co"mic !ill
that &ou -e con"ciou" o# thi" li#e6gi3ing co"mic energ& an #or"a<e &our eathl& "lee% an
!a<e u%)G
Rai"ing the Dea
'e"u", -eing a!are o# the Chri"t intelligence !hich go3ern" all a"tral #orce" an
i"em-oie "oul", commane -& hi" uni3er"al !ill the i"em-oie "oul o# the am"el to
re6enter her -o& !hich !a" alrea& charge -& li#e #orce "ent -& 'e"u" through co"mic
energ&) The t!el3e6&ear6ol am"el !a" in"tantl& heale an aro"e, to her %arent$"
a"toni"hment) 'e"u", reali>ing the "ecrec& an "eriou"ne"" o# i3ine healing o# the ea,
a"<e tho"e %re"ent not to i"cu"" the matter !ith other")
He a"<e that the girl -e gi3en "omething to eat) Saint", a#ter ec"ta"&, al!a&" li<e to
rin< !ater in orer to re3i3e the con"ciou"ne"" o# the -o&) So 'e"u" !ante the girl to
eat "o that "he coul remem-er an #eel her -o& again a#ter her "oul$" return into the
-o& #rom the a"tral !orl)
A!a<ening the %h&"icall& ea an a!a<ening the "%irituall& ea -& gi3ing Go6
con"ciou"ne"" are con"iere t!o o# the greate"t #orm" o# healing %er#orme -& the great
Ma"ter) Greater than healing the %h&"icall& ea i" the changing o# a "oul !ho i"
materiall&6mine into a Go6mine "oul) Great Ma"ter" can tran"mit Go6con"ciou"ne""
into a3ance i"ci%le" -& a "%ecial techni;ue o# !ill an i3ine %ermi""ion)
“.nd 4hen Jesus de%arted thence< t4o blind men follo4ed him< cr!ing< and sa!ing<
E*hou son of 3avid< have merc! on us.$ .nd 4hen he 4as come into the house< the blind
men came to him: and Jesus saith unto them< E-elieve !e that I am able to do thisF *he!
said unto him< E#ea< >ord.$ *hen touched he their e!es< sa!ing< E.))1/3I02 *1 #1(/
;.I*& -5 I* (0*1 #1(.$ .nd their e!es 4ere o%ened; and Jesus straitl! charged them<
sa!ing< E'ee that no man ,no4 it.$ -ut the!< 4hen the! 4ere de%arted< s%read abroad his
fame in all that countr!.”
EMatthe! 04:569/F
The co"mic energ& "ent -& 'e"u" into the e&e" o# the -lin men, -eing an intelligent
an all6%o!er#ul an all6creati3e #orce, rearrange the li#e6tron", electron" an %roton"
!hich ha -een erange in the i"ea"e e&e" o# the -lin men, an -rought a-out the
re;uire healing)
A#ter the& ha recei3e the healing 'e"u" "ai, HBe care#ul that no materiall&6mine
men hear a-out &our healing, #or "uch men, no matter !hat "%iritual emon"tration" the&
-ehol, lo3e to i"-elie3e in the Almight& Po!er o# Go)G
“.s the! 4ent out< behold< the! brought to him a dumb man %ossessed 4ith a devil.
.nd 4hen the devil 4as cast out< the dumb s%a,e: and the multitudes marveled< sa!ing< EIt
4as never so seen in Israel.$ -ut the "harisees said< E&e casteth out devils through the
%rince of the devils.$”
EMatthe! 049:692F
There i" nothing m&"teriou" a-out e3il" or i"em-oie" "oul" e.ce%t that %eo%le
ha3e not "tuie their characteri"tic") Man& "cienti#ic "ecret" !hich #ormerl& la& hien in
nature are no! common%lace matter") So, "ome a& !hen %eo%le !ill -e more "%irituall&
a3ance the& !ill uner"tan all a-out the m&"terie" o# li#e an eath an the "oul" that
ha3e gone into the un<no!n)
Ahen the e3otee, -& con"tant %ractice o# meitation, can tran"#er hi" !ill an
attention #rom the con"ciou" to the "u-con"ciou", an !hen he can go ee%er an "en
hi" concentration con"ciou"l& -e&on the %ortal" o# the "u-con"ciou", an #rom
"u%ercon"ciou"ne"" #elt !ithin hi" -o& can %roBect hi" con"ciou"ne"" on the light o# Chri"t
intelligence hien -e&on the "tate o# !a<e#ulne"", ream", "u-con"ciou"ne"" an
"u%ercon"ciou"ne"", he can then -ehol a 3a"t inner uni3er"e o# luminou" 3i-rator&
%lanet" an 3i-rator& "%here" %eo%le !ith 3ariou" ;ualitie" o# i"em-oie "oul"
%o""e""ing 3ariou" earthl& <arma")
A"tral Nightmare"
A" a man ma& "lee% one or t!o hour" or three hour" or t!el3e hour" or ma& ha3e
"lee%ing "ic<ne"", "o man& "oul" a#ter eath remain in the "tate o# uncon"ciou" "lee% #or a
little !hile or a long time, accoring to their <arma" in earthl& li#e) A" re"tle"" an e.cita-le
"oul" o#ten e.%erience nightmare" uring "lee% "o al"o tho"e "oul" that le a con#u"e an
!ic<e li#e in their earthl& e.i"tence, #in them"el3e", a#ter eath, "u##ering #rom a"tral
Soul" !ith goo <arma alone are a-le to -e a!a<e in the a"tral lan a#ter their "lee%
o# eath) Mo"t "oul", a#ter "lee%ing thi" "lee% o# uncon"ciou" eath, !a<e u% in the !om-
o# a chil6-earing mother) Sometime" goo "oul" !ho ha3e %ractice man& 3irtue" are
tran"#erre to enBo& the re"ult" o# their goo <arma" in a"tral %lanet" !here mo"t o# the
limitation" o# earth li#e are non6e.i"tent) Onl& "oul" that -& meitation can control their
heart" an remain engro""e in the con"tant ec"ta"& !ith Go6con"ciou"ne"" uring their
li#etime can retain their con"ciou"ne"" uring the time o# eath an al"o in the a"tral !orl)
It i" ea"& to uner"tan that a "oul !ho, li<e St) Paul, -& the -li"" an contact o#
Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"", coul ari"e a-o3e the -o& an ail& e.%erience the "tate o# eath
!hen the "oul goe" out o# the -o& an contact" Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"", !oul -e a-le to
retain hi" con"ciou"ne"" a#ter eath) In orer !or", he !ho %ractice" retaining hi"
con"ciou"ne"" -& ail& meitation !ill certainl& retain hi" con"ciou"ne"" !hen eath
come" u%on him an in the a#ter eath "tate)
The te"timon& o# the e3otee !ho can retain hi" con"ciou"ne"" in the a#ter6eath
"tate eclare" the m&"ter& o# the a"tral e.%erience) A" the !orm" li3e in the earth, #i"h li3e
in the !ater, men li3e on earth, -ir" li3e in the air an angel" li3e in the #ine airle""
3i-rator& region", "o al"o there are 3ariou" atmo"%here" an 3i-rator& region" in the a"tral
uni3er"e !here i##erent <in" o# "oul", accoring to their merit" an emerit" o# their %re6
a"tral e.i"tence in earth li#e, occu%& the i##erent 3i-rator& "%here")
'u"t a" #i"h cannot li3e in the air #or long, "o tram% "oul" mu"t remain in gro""
3i-rator& a"tral %lanet", !herea" the #iner "oul" li3e in the #inel& 3i-rating "u-tl& luminou"
%lanet") I# tram% "oul" are to a%%roach the luminou" %lanet" the& !oul #in them"el3e"
"hoc<e or electrocute or Ha"tralocuteG, that i", e"tro&e -& high 3oltage o# a"tral
energ&) The tram% "oul" o# the a"tral !orl !ho li3e in ar< region" ma&, -& a##init& an
agon& o# their e"ire to -e re-orn, get hol o# !ea<6mine earthl& "oul" rile !ith -a
<arma) Then the"e "oul" are "%o<en o# a" %o""e""e o# e3il")
+i<e!i"e, great "oul" can -e %o""e""e -& i3ine "aint") 'u"t a" a Pre"ient o# the
(nite State" cannot acce%t in3itation an&!here unle"" the %ro%er in3itation i" gi3en to
him, "o al"o i3ine "aint" o not a%%ear e.ce%t !hen the& are in3ite -& their a3ance
e3otee") A3ance e3otee", -& the urge o# their e3otion, !ith clo"e e&e" can "ee or
tal< to "aint" in 3i"ion) Ahen the& e3elo% #urther the& can "ee "aint" !ith o%en e&e", tal<
to them or touch them, e3en a" the a3ance i"ci%le" o# 'e"u" !ere a-le -& their e3otion
to "ee 'e"u" the Chri"t a#ter hi" re"urrection in #le"h an al"o !ere a-le to touch him)
So the iea o# e3il" %o""e""ing "oul" mu"t not -e i"care a" "u%er"tition) Ahile
one meitate" on Go one mu"t -e a-"olutel& con3ince that hi" -o& in charge !ith a
high 3oltage o# co"mic energ& emanating #rom the thought o# Go an thu" he i" %rotecte
#rom the in3a"ion o# tram% "oul" in the a"tral !orl)
The tram% "oul" !ho tr& to %o""e"" the -oie" o# i3ine "oul" -ecome a"tralocute
or "hoc<e an are ri3en -ac< to the ar< "%here" o# the a"tral !orl) An&one !ith Go6
con"ciou"ne"" "houl there#ore ne3er -e a#rai o# the %o""i-ilit& o# -eing %o""e""e -& e3il
“.nd Jesus 4ent about all the cities and villages< teaching in their s!nagogues< and
%reaching the gos%el of the ,ingdom< and healing ever! sic,ness and ever! disease
among the %eo%le. -ut 4hen he sa4 the multitudes< he 4as moved 4ith com%assion on
them< because the! fainted< and 4ere scattered abroad< as shee% having no she%herd.”
EMatthe! 049769IF
It !a" !oner#ul ho! 'e"u" !ith hi" great i3ine %o!er !ent a-out through the -u"&
citie" an 3illage" teaching in their "&nagogue" Go$" 3i-rator& truth or go"%el coming
through him"el#) He too< com%a""ion on the multitue !ho ha no "%iritual leaer)
“*hen saith he unto his disci%les< E*&5 &./?5'* */(># I' ">50*51('< -(*
*&5 >.-1(/5/' ./5 ;5:: "/.# #5 *&5/5;1/5 *&5 >1/3 1; *&5 &./?5'*<
*&.* &5 :I>> '503 ;1/*& >.-1(/5/' I0*1 &I' &./?5'*.$”
EMatthe! 0495691F
HThe har3e"t o# co"mic con"ciou"ne"" i" %lenteou" an enle"", -ut there are 3er&
#e! e3otee" !ho !ill la-or to "o! the "ee" o# meitation in orer to rea% it" har3e"t) Pra&
there#ore that Go the gi3er o# co"mic con"ciou"ne"" ma& -le"" &ou to -ecome true
la-oring e3otee" an through Hi" grace an &our "%iritual e##ort" &ou ma& attain the
har3e"t o# that co"mic con"ciou"ne"")G
A-unant Har3e"t
The har3e"t o# Go6reali>ation i" a-unant a" it o##er" eternal !i"om, eternal e3er6
ne! -li"", eternal con"ciou"ne"" an immortalit&) But there are 3er& #e! human -eing"
!ho !ill li3e a li#e o# i"ci%line an continuou" meitation "o that the& ma& rea% the eternal
har3e"t o# Go6contact in the "hort "ea"on o# li#e) Go6reali>ation come" to the e3otee not
onl& ue to hi" e##ort" o# "el#6reali>ation -ut al"o -ecau"e o# hi" i3ine com%a""ion) The
e3otee !ho !ith %rie -& rea"on o# hi" "%iritual reali>ation" eman" o# Go to "urrener
Him"el# #in" man& i##icultie" in reaching hi" ultimate "%iritual goal e3en though he attain"
miraculou" %o!er")
Neither oe" a e3otee recei3e i3ine merc& i# he onl& -linl& -elie3e" in Go an
eli-eratel& -rea<" all "%iritual la!" a" lai o!n -& Go$" true chilren, the %ro%het") That
i" !h& Go i" the +or !ho grant" the #inal har3e"t" o# all "%iritualit& gro!n -& the e3otee"
on the "oil o# their meitati3e li#e)
Each e3otee "houl regularl& %ractice all the "te%6-&6"te% metho" o# higher
reali>ation an at the "ame time !ith ee%e"t e3otion %ra& unto hi" o!n Father6Go to
grant him #inal li-eration) Pra& unto Go !ho can grant "al3ation to gi3e Hi" -le""ing that
&ou ma& -ecome i3ine la-orer" tilling the "oil o# &our con"ciou"ne"" !ith meitation an
"o!ing in it the "ee" o# !i"om an "el#6reali>ation, that in the en &ou ma& rea% the
riche"t har3e"t o# all6"orro!6li-erating Go6contact) Go can -e attaine not -& %ro.&, -lin
-elie#" nor "uen unmerite i3ine 3i"itation nor -& &ing, -ut -& "%iritual la-or o# "cienti#ic
meitation an i3ine grace)
Tran"#er o# S%iritual Po!er
“.nd 4hen he had called unto him his t4elve disci%les< he gave them %o4er against
unclean s%irits< to cast them out< and to heal all manner of sic,ness and all manner of disease.”
EMatthe! /84/F
A" !ealth& %eo%le can tran"#er their #un" uring their li#etime or a#ter the& are gone
to an&one the& choo"e, "o al"o great %ro%het" o# "el#6reali>ation can -& certain techni;ue"
tran"#er their "%iritual ec"ta"ie", Go6!i"om an healing %o!er unto their true i"ci%le" at
an& time) That i" ho! 'e"u" calle hi" t!el3e i"ci%le" an tran"mitte into them "%iritual
%o!er" an i3ine authorit& o3er i"em-oie "oul" to ca"t them out !hen the& "in#ull&
-la"%heme -& %o""e""ing human -eing") 'e"u" al"o in"tille in hi" i"ci%le" the %o!er to
heal all <in" o# i"ea"e")
Free Aill o# 'ua"
At thi" %oint it mu"t -e remem-ere that 'e"u" al"o ga3e hi" i3ine %o!er to 'ua"
-ut 'ua" u"e hi" #ree !ill to ignore hi" "%iritualit& an "too% to e3il !a&") E3en though
'e"u" ga3e to hi" i"ci%le" an e;ual mea"ure o# i3ine %o!er, the i"ci%le" accoring to
their 3ariou" egree" o# "%iritualit& an goo an -a <arma recei3e an mani#e"te hi"
teaching" i##erentl&) Di"ci%le" li<e St) 'ohn !ere com%letel& li-erate uring the li#etime o#
'e"u" -ut 'ua" ha to !or< out hi" e3il <arma o# hi" -etra&al o# 'e"u" through man&
Certain great Ma"ter" in Inia "tate that 'ua" ha" -een !or<ing out hi" "in" #or
t!ent& centurie" an !a" li-erate onl& in the %re"ent time, the T!entieth Centur&) The
-a <arma o# 'ua" !a" 3er& great -ecau"e he "inne an -la"%heme again"t 'e"u" !ho
contacte the hol& 3i-ration or the Hol& Gho"t an Go the Father Eco"mic con"ciou"ne""F
!ithin him)
'e"u" i not "en out hi" i"ci%le" !ith theological egree" -ut e;ui%%e them !ith
%o!er -orn o# Go6contact to %reach the go"%el or Go63i-ration a" #elt in meitation
through the o# their "%iritual li3e")
Ho! Moern Churche" Shoul Be Organi>e
The Chri"tian churche" ha3e one much goo in <ee%ing ali3e the thought o# 'e"u"
-ut the& ha3e #aile to gi3e Go6contact to their church mem-er") Thi" i" ue to the #act
that mini"ter" an leaer" !ho guie church mem-er" are cho"en accoring to their
%h&"ical %er"onalit&, oratorical %o!er, organi>ing a-ilit& or theological egree", an not
accoring to the ;ualit& o# their "el#6reali>ation) 'e"u" an hi" i"ci%le" i not ha3e an&
theological egree" or college eucation, nor i the& ta<e le""on" in elocution, -ut the&
%reache !hat the& <ne! #rom irect Go6contact) 'e"u" "ai, “:5 '"5.C *&.* :5 31
C01:< .03 *5'*I;# *&.* :5 &.?5 '550.” E'ohn 94//F)
The leaer" o# moern Chri"tian churche", in orer to -e lo&al to Chri"t an Go,
mu"t change their metho" o# holing %eo%le -& hac<ne&e re%etition an re3am%ing o# the
"ame "ermon e3er& Suna&, -& "ocial gathering", mo3ie", -a>aar" an ance", an mu"t
tr& to <ee% the %eo%le together in the church, i# the& !ant to <ee% together, -& the
"%ontaneou" lo&alt& -orn o# their "el#6reali>ation garnere in the "chool o# i"ci%line an
meitation taught -& the church)
The Suna& morning "er3ice mu"t not con"i"t o# 3ariou" motion" o# the -o& an
min re;uire in chanting an "inging, "taning u% an "itting o!n, %ra&er, church recital,
an "o #orth) It "houl con"i"t mo"tl& o# meitation, ce""ation o# -oil& motion", a-"ence o#
mental re"tle""ne"" an %re"ence o# Go6contact) Ahere -oil& motion" cea"e an mental
thought" i""ol3e Go -egin" to a%%ear a" "tillne"" an i3ine -li"" on the altar o# %eace
an changele""ne"")
Feeing Sermon"
That i" !h& 'e"u" com%laine that mo"t %eo%le !ere "ati"#ie to Boin the "er3ice" in
the "&nagogue -ut there !ere #e! la-orer" !ho e"er3e to rea% the har3e"t o# eternal
a-unant "%iritualit&) A" mo"t moern churche" are "ati"#ie to create the -ig co"tl& church
organi>ation" to #ee "ermon" to the not6"%irituall&6hungr& church mem-er" once a !ee<
on Suna& morning", "o the church %ara%hernalia ha" -ecome a to%6hea3&, "cantil& u"e#ul
All "%iritual teacher", in"tea o# #ir"t concentrating on the -uiling o# -ig churche"
!ith hea3& mortgage", "houl e"ta-li"h the tem%le" o# "el#6reali>ation in the "oul o# their
#ollo!er") Be"ie", all mini"ter" an leaer" o# "%iritual teaching" "houl teach onl& a#ter
the& ha3e attaine "ome egree o# Go6contact -& ee% regular meitation) Mini"ter" o#
churche" "houl -e "electe accoring to their e3otion to Go an "el#6reali>ation through
meitation) A" in the Ae"t the churche" ha3e -ecome %lace" o# Suna& "ermon", "imilarl& the
-ig Hinu tem%le" in Inia ha3e -ecome %lace" o# occa"ional chanting an ceremonial !or"hi%)
Big tem%le" at #ir"t !ere occu%ie -& great teacher" -ut a#ter their %a""ing %eo%le
!ith am-ition #or %o!er an mone& "ei>e the tem%le" an e"ecrate them !ith their
un"%iritual metho") No! the great teacher", u"uall& ue to the mono%ol& o# the %rie"t",
ha3e le#t the tem%le" an li3e in "e;ue"tere noo<" an tem%le" !here the& %reach "el#6
reali>ation to "electe "tuent" not -& %reaching all the time -ut -& meitating !ith them on
Go6contact) Sermon" onl& create the e"ire to <no! Go, -ut meitation !ith great "aint"
gi3e" one the <no!lege an -li"" emanating #rom Go6communion)
Go6Contacting Mini"ter" Are Real Nee o# Churche"
Ahat i" nece""ar& no! i" not ne! enomination" -ut the real teaching o# Chri"t an
the li3ing o# the teaching" o# Chri"t, im%ro3ing the ;ualit& o# church mem-er" -& meitation
an the "election o# Go6<no!n, Go6contacting mini"ter") All churchianit& can -e
a-oli"he an real Chri"tianit& -e -rought -ac< in the church i# the churche" are mae
%lace" #or ail& meitation incluing Suna&") The atmo"%here o# meitation !ill change
churche" #rom ne"t" o# elu"i3e, i3ing churchianit& into the hea3en o# Chri"t
con"ciou"ne"" or Chri"t6ianit&) That i" !h& 'e"u" eno!e the i"ci%le" !ith i3ine %o!er
"o that the& in turn coul in"till that %o!er in the %eo%le an heal them #rom ignorance)
'e"u" al"o taught them the art o# e3elo%ing &namic !ill %o!er an healing -& !hich the&
coul heal the a##licte -oie" o# %eo%le !ho !ante to -e "%iritual -ut coul not -e "o ue
to their %h&"ical e#ect")
@A.nd into 4hatsoever cit! or to4n !e shall enter< in=uire 4ho in it is 4orth!; and
there abide till !e go thence. .03 :&50 #5 )15 I0*1 .0 &1('5< '.>(*5 I*. .03
I; *&5 &1('5 -5 :1/*&#< >5* #1(/ "5.)5 -5 ("10 I*: -(* I; I* -5 01*
:1/*&#< >5* #1(/ "5.)5 /5*(/0 *1 #1(. .03 :&1'15?5/ '&.>> 01*
/5)5I?5 #1(< 01/ &5./ #1(/ :1/3'< :&50 #5 35"./* 1(* 1; *&.* &1('5
1/ )I*#< '&.C5 1;; *&5 3('* 1; #1(/ ;55*. ?eril! I sa! unto !ou< It shall be more
tolerable for the land of 'odom and 2omorrha in the da! of Dudgment< than for that cit!.$”
EMatthe! /84//6/7F
HAn into !hate3er cit& or to!n &ou go, #in out !ho are "%iritual an !orth& to
recei3e &our me""age o# "al3ationD there a-ie !ith "uch %eo%le, acce%ting their ho"%italit&
a" &our "%iritual !age, until &ou ha3e taught them enough an are rea& to go el"e!here to
hel% other") On 3i"iting another #amil& "alute it hum-l& a" the mani#e"tation o# Go) I# the
#amil& i" "%irituall& e"er3ing then ma<e it #eel &our "oul$" %eace) But i# &ou #in that #amil&
un"%iritual an una%%reciati3e o# &our gi#t o# %eace then !ithra! it to &our o!n "oul) An
!ho"oe3er !ill not recei3e &our me""age o# i3ine li-ert&, nor li"ten to &our !or" o# !i"om,
then e%art &ou #rom that hou"e or cit& C "ha<e o## the u"t o# their e3il 3i-ration") Thi" !ill -e a
%roo# o# their e3il nature" -e#ore their o!n con"cience) *eril& I "a& unto &ou that the la! o#
<arma !ill %uni"h that cit& or home !ho re#u"e &our "oul6li-erating me""age e3en more
than Soom an Gomorrha "u##ere ue to the e##ect" o# their o!n mi"ee")G
Tran"#erring Go6Con"ciou"ne""
It ha" -een e.%laine -e#ore that great teacher" can tran"#er their Go6
con"ciou"ne"" an %eace to !orth& i"ci%le" Bu"t a" rich man can tran"#er hi" !ealth to
an&one) The i"ci%le" o# 'e"u" ha3ing the %o!er to tran"mit %eace to Go6"ee<ing %eo%le
!ere a3i"e in the #ollo!ing !a&4 HO &e -elo3e i"ci%le", tran"mit %eace into !orth&
"oul" in "%iritual home" an %lace", -ut i# &ou go to a %lace an #in the %eo%le "%irituall&
un!orth&, retain &our %eace !ithin &ou an lea3e) E3en though I a"< &ou to li3e -& the
charit& o# the %eo%le in a hou"e, in no !a& #orget to retain the con"ciou"ne"" that &ou are
"%iritual lion", i3ine chilren mae in the image o# Go) That i" !h& i# an& hou"e that !ill
not a%%reciate &our e.em%lar& "%iritual li3e" or %ro#it -& the !or" o# &our !i"om, then go
a!a& #rom that %lace, not in anger, -ut #irml& eclaring the #oll& o# the ignorant %eo%le !ho
coul ha3e ha "al3ation through &ou -ut #aile to recei3e it ue to their e.treme
un#rienline"" an unrece%ti3it&) The action" o# tho"e that treat &ou !ith un#rienline"" !ill
-e recore -& the Co"mic +a! an thu" attract e3il <arma) *eril& I "a& unto &ou that the
Bugment o# the Co"mic +a! again"t the ignorant e3il6oer" o# Soom an Gomorrha !oul
-e le"" "e3ere than the Bugment o# that +a! again"t tho"e "%iritual o##ener" !ho
-la"%heme again"t Go -& not recogni>ing &ou !ho are the highe"t re%re"entati3e" o#
Chri"t6intelligence an Go)G
@A-5&1>3< I '503 #1( ;1/*& .' '&55" I0 *&5 I3'* 1; :1>?5': -5 #5
*&5/5;1/5 :I'5 .' '5/"50*'< .03 &./>5'' .' 31?5'. -ut be4are of men:
for the! 4ill deliver !ou u% to the councils< and the! 4ill scourge !ou in their s!nagogues;
and !e shall be brought before governors and ,ings for m! sa,e< for a testimon! against
them and the 2entiles.$”
EMatthe! /84/I6/1F
HBehol, !here3er &ou go, m& con"ciou"ne"" mu"t -e mani#e"t in &ou an &ou mu"t
con"ier &our"el3e" al!a&" hum-le, ino##en"i3e, unre3enge#ul, li<e a mee< lam-, e3en
!hen &ou are "urroune -& ruthle"", con"ciencele"" %eo%le li<e ra3enou" !ol3e") In
orer to eal !ith "atanic, !ol#i"h %eo%le an "en"e6tem%tation", &ou mu"t al!a&" a-ie
!ithin &our great !i"om an calmne"" -orn o# the i3ine reali>ation !hich &ou recei3e -&
a!a<ening &our "er%ent6#orce or coile i3ine energ& an in the %eace !hich &ou ha3e
ac;uire -& concentrating in &our %eace6%roucing, o3e6li<e, three6colore "%iritual e&e)G
Inner Meaning o# Ser%ent
Ahat 'e"u" meant !hen he "%o<e o# -eing !i"e a" "er%ent" an harmle"" a" o3e"
i" not generall& uner"too) Orinar& "er%ent" ha3e no !i"om, are ;uic< to anger, an
are "tu%i enough to -ite %eo%le an get <ille) Do3e" are not harmle"", #or the& <ill an
eat in"ect") E3en though the o3e might -e u"e a" a "&m-ol o# %eace #or it" %eace#ul
loo<", the "er%ent certainl& oe" not loo< !i"e or in"%iring) 'e"u" u"e the"e !or" in a
"&m-olic, e"oteric "en"e, "ince he !a" tal<ing to hi" a3ance i"ci%le")
The Oriental Scri%ture" ha3e u"e the "imile o# a "er%ent to illu"trate the coile #orce
or the #orce that %a""e" through a coile %a""age at the -a"e o# the "%ine) The a"tral #orce
!hich %a""e" through the coile "er%entine %a""age at the cocc&. #rom the "en"e" to the
-rain !ith the hel% o# "ome high techni;ue o# Sel#6reali>ation, i" terme the a!a<ene
Cundalini or a!a<ene coile #orce)
=unalini Force Cannot Be
Accientl& A!a<ene
Man& %eo%le thin< that thi" Cundalini #orce can -e ea"il& a!a<ene or rou"e -&
accient) The& are the one" !ho mi"ta<enl& "%ea< o# the Cundalini a!a<ening or i3ine
a!a<ening a" -eing angerou") In the "tate o# "lee% the energ& an con"ciou"ne"" in the
human -o& retire #rom the mu"cle" an "en"or& ner3e" an "en"e" to the region o# the
heart, "%ine, an -rain) In ee% ec"ta"& the e3otee <no!" ho! to con"ciou"l& !ithra!
li#e #orce #rom the cocc&. an heart an to race it through the coile %a""age at the -a"e o#
the "%ine an through the "%inal %le.u"e" an -rain, u%!arl& re3er"ing their irection,
to!ar Go)
In the orinar& -o&6ienti#ie ini3iual the li#e #orce an con"ciou"ne""
continuou"l& #lo! o!n!ar through the coile %a""age at the -a"e o# the "%ine, "o that he
i" con"ciou" onl& o# the -o& an it" "en"e %lea"ure")
An& great "aint o# an& religion !ho ha" attaine Go6con"ciou"ne"" <no!" ho! to
!ithra! hi" con"ciou"ne"" an li#e #orce #rom the "en"e region" an the "%inal cor
%a""age an the %le.u"e" in the "%ine to Go6con"ciou"ne"" in the -rain an the eternal
"%ace "urrouning the -o&)
Mo"e" +i#te (% the Ser%ent in the Ailerne""
Mo"e" i" "%o<en o# a" li#ting u% the "er%ent in the !ilerne"" C that i", -& ee%
meitation, he li#te hi" con"ciou"ne"" an li#e #orce through the coile %a""age" at the
-a"e o# the "%ine to unite them !ith Go6con"ciou"ne"" in the -rain, in the !ilerne"" or
ee% "ilence -orn o# meitation)
A!a<ening the Cundalini #orce i" e.tremel& i##icult an cannot -e one accientall&)
One !ho i" a-le to a!a<en the Cundalini #a"t a%%roache" the "tate o# Chri"thoo) Man&
ignorant teacher" thin< a!a<ening the Cundalini #orce i" ientical !ith a!a<ening "e.6
con"ciou"ne"", an e.tremel& riiculou" an erroneou" conce%tion) 'e"u" <ne! that mo"t o# hi"
i"ci%le ha a!a<ene their con"ciou"ne"" -& rou"ing the Cundalini or coile "er%entli<e #orce
an there#ore he a"<e hi" a3ance i"ci%le" to retain their ee% !i"om an calmne"" !hich
the& ha ac;uire -& the Cundalini a!a<ening, !hene3er the& !ere con#ronte !ith
Aarne Again"t Re3enge
An&one !ho ha" a!a<ene thi" coile #orce, that i", ha" ta<en hi" con"ciou"ne""
through the coile %a""age at the cocc&. to the -rain, ha" ac;uire miraculou" %o!er an
-& the %o!er#ul a!a<ene energ& in hi" -rain an !ill %o!er, can e"tro& hi" enemie" or
con;uer all tem%tation") That i" !h& 'e"u" !arne hi" i"ci%le" not to u"e i3ine %o!er to
!rea< re3enge on enemie", -ut to u"e the cele"tial %o!er o# lo3e to con;uer them) 'e"u"
el"e!here emon"trate thi" con3iction !hen hi" enemie" arre"te him to -ring him -e#ore
Caia%ha", an 'e"u" !oul not u"e hi" "%iritual %o!er" again"t them, though he %lainl&
"ai4 “*&I0C5'* *&1( *&.* I ).001* 01: "/.# *1 # ;.*&5/< .03 &5 '&.>>
"/5'50*># 2I?5 5 1/5 *&.0 *:5>?5 >52I10' 1; .025>'F” K EMatt) :I679)F
'e"u" later, !hen cruci#ie an "u##ering on the cro"", %er#orme the greate"t
"%iritual miracle o# hi" li#e -& "a&ing4 “;.*&5/< ;1/2I?5 *&5; ;1/ *&5# C01: 01*
:&.* *&5# 31.”+ E+u<e :9492)F
Demon"trate" +o3e Silentl&
No matter ho! much a %er"on i" e3il or act" again"t i3ine la!", Go ne3er u"e" Hi"
miraculou" %o!er" to e"tro& him) The e3il %er"on e"tro&" him"el# -& hi" o!n "in") Go i"
lo3e an He emon"trate" lo3e -& "ilenceD -& "ilentl& lo3ing the !rong6oer, He call" him
-ac< to the Di3ine Home) Go !ith all Hi" Almight& Po!er ne3er u"e" %h&"ical #orce to
con;uer e3il) He u"e" lo3e an !i"om to e#eat e3il in the !orl) All tho"e Chri"t6li<e "oul"
!ho lo3e Him <no! that the& "houl ne3er u"e i3ine %o!er to e"tro& Go$" erroneou"
chilren, -ut "houl u"e Hi" lo3e to !in them)
To u"e i3ine %o!er #or e3il %ur%o"e" i" -la"%hem& an conuci3e to great "%iritual
o!n#all) That i" !h& 'e"u" a"<e hi" i"ci%le" to u"e the mo"t harmle"" an "tronge"t
%eace6#orce -& a!a<ening the "%iritual e&e -& meitation to con;uer all other "o6calle
"trong #orce" o# e3il)
Ahen an&-o& concentrate" at the %oint -et!een the e&e6-ro!" !ith e&e" clo"e,
he "ee" a light !hich ha" a !hite "tar in the mile, enca"e !ithin a "%here o# -lue light
!hich i" encircle -& a golen ring o# light)
Ahen the light "!itch in an automo-ile i" turne on, it "en" light through one !ire
into t!o !ire" !hich illumine" t!o healight" o# the automo-ile) Similarl&, the meulla
o-longata "en" li#e #orce through t!o o%tical ner3e" into the t!o %h&"ical e&e")
The Single S%iritual E&e
'e"u" "ai, “I; *&5/5;1/5 *&I05 5#5 -5 'I02>5< *&# :&1>5 -13# '&.>> -5
;(>> 1; >I2&*.” He meant that an& e3otee !ho <no!" ho! to #ocu" hi" in!ar ga>e at the
%oint -et!een the e&e-ro!" #in" that the light tra3eling through the t!o e&e" an o%tic ner3e"
-ecome" centrali>e into a "ingle 3i"i-le "%iritual e&e at the %oint -et!een the e&e-ro!")
B& higher meitation the e3otee" <no!" ho! to %enetrate hi" con"ciou"ne"" an li#e
#orce through the tele"co%ic "%iritual e&e o# three color" into eternal "%ace) An& e3otee !ho
can #ocu" hi" e&e" an i" a-le to -ehol thi" "%iritual e&e an i" a-le to enter it #in" hi"
%h&"ical -o& an hi" -o& o# the uni3er"e #ille !ith co"mic light an the light o# !i"om)
The Chri"tma" She%her"
Follo!e A S%iritual Star
Ahen the "he%her" "a! a "tar intimating to them the -irth o# Chri"t, the& -ehel
through their "%iritual e&e the "tar o# !i"om !here Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" !a" mani#e"te
in the -o& o# 'e"u")
E3er& e3otee mu"t <no! ho! to ta<e hi" !i"om through the Star o# the Ea"t or the
ri"ing "tar o# !i"om !hich he -ehol" in #ront o# him in meitation, to the Chri"t
Con"ciou"ne"" l&ing -ehin it)
Tho"e "%iritual teacher" !ho ha3e gone -e&on their human con"ciou"ne"" into
Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" -& %enetrating through the "%iritual e&e ha3e tremenou" %o!er"
an can %er#orm man& i3ine miracle") So 'e"u" !arne hi" i"ci%le", !ho ha #oun
in#inite %eace -& %enetrating their con"ciou"ne"" through the "%iritual e&e or the o3e o#
light, that the& "houl not mi"u"e their "%iritual %o!er" !hen the& !ere con#ronte -& the
!ic<ene"" o# mi"ta<en chilren o# Go)
The Three Color"
O# The S%iritual E&e Com%are to a Do3e
The "%iritual e&e ha" -een com%are to a o3e -ecau"e o# it" three color" C the
mouth o# the o3e i" com%are to the !hite "tar in the mile o# the "%iritual e&e, an the
t!o other color" C -lue an gol C in the "%iritual e&e ha3e -een com%are to the t!o !ing"
o# the o3e)
All Chri"tli<e "oul" a"%iring to attain the <ingom o# Go mu"t -eha3e i3inel& an
con;uer e3il onl& -& "oul #orce e3en a" Go oe") E3il cannot -e con;uere -& the e3il u"e
o# i3ine %o!er)
It !oul -e ea"& #or e3otee" !ho ha3e ac;uire miraculou" %o!er to tr& to con;uer
their enemie" -& the e3il u"e o# i3ine #orce) So 'e"u" !arn" hi" i"ci%le" o# the anger o#
lo"ing har6ac;uire i3ine #orce, i# one u"e" it to !rea< 3engeance again"t hi" o!n i3ine
-rethren !or<ing uner the in#luence o# the into.ication o# elu"ion)
E3il Cannot Con;uer E3il
No! !e uner"tan !hat 'e"u" meant !hen he commane hi" i"ci%le"4 HBe &e
there#ore !i"e a" "er%ent" an harmle"" a" o3e")G
'e"u" #urther %ro%he"ie a" to %er"ecution" hi" i"ci%le" !oul meet at the han" o#
uncom%rehening men) That i" !h& 'e"u" "ai4 HM& chilren, -e!are o# materiall&6mine
men !ho !ill eli3er &ou u% the Buge" an get &ou !hi%%e in the "&nagogue" #or
%reaching the go"%el o# i3ine #reeom) Ye "hall -e ta<en to ta"< -e#ore go3ernor" an
<ing" #or li3ing m& truth an %reaching it) The Gentile" an the %olitical #orce" !ho o%%o"e
&ou #or li3ing the truth an %reaching m& me""age !ill -e conemne -e#ore the tri-unal o#
Co"mic +a!) Their e3il treatment !ill remain a" te"timonial" !hich !ill act again"t them
uring the Bugment eli3ere -& Co"mic +a!)G
Beholing Our Co"mic Bo&
An orinar& man, con"ciou"l& ienti#ie !ith hi" o!n -o&, u"e" hi" e&e" an #eeling
to "ee him"el# limite -& hi" -o&, #amil&, "ociet&, countr&, !orl, an a certain %ortion o#
"%ace) But !hen he meitate" an %enetrate" hi" con"ciou"ne"" through hi" "%iritual e&e,
he -ehol" him"el# in all "%ace, an all li3ing creature" a" i##erent #orm" o# hi" o!n "el#) In
that "tate, !ith hi" -o& an min a" the central "tate" o# con"ciou"ne"", he -ehol" all
li3ing -eing" a" the lim-" o# hi" 3a"t co"mic -o&) Such a e3otee !ho ha" a!a<ene hi"
"er%ent #orce ha" ta<en a!a& the "earchlight o# hi" con"ciou"ne"" #rom a limite %art o#
matter an "en"ation" in one -o& an ha" e.%ane hi" con"ciou"ne"" to light u% all
"%ace an ha" an actual %erce%tion o# the "en"ation" o# all li3ing -eing")
Such a e3otee -& a!a<ening hi" "er%ent #orce, or re3er"ing the "earchlight o# hi"
"en"e" through hi" -o& to Go, -ecome" ienti#ie !ith eternal !i"om an i" not at all
i"tur-e -& trial" an tem%tation") Such a e3otee !ho -ehol" through hi" "%iritual e&e
hi" e.i"tence in all, !ho #eel" an ine##a-le %eace an attunement !ith all li3ing creature"
an thing", an !ho -ehol" all "el3e" a" mani#e"tation" o# hi" o!n -eing, -ecome"
harmle"" to all, e;uall& lo3ing all i##erent %art" o# hi" o!n co"mic -o&) Thi" attainment i"
!hat 'e"u" meant !hen he a"<e hi" i"ci%le" to -e !i"e a" "er%ent" an harmle"" a"
@A-ut 4hen the! deliver !ou u%< ta,e no thought ho4 or 4hat !e shall s%ea,: for it
shall be given !ou in the same hour 4hat !e shall s%ea,. ;or it is not !e that s%ea,< but the
'%irit of !our ;ather 4hich s%ea,eth in !ou. .nd the brother shall deliver u% the brother to
death< and the father the child: and the children shall rise u% against their %arents< and
cause them to be %ut to death. .nd !e shall be hated of all men for m! name$s sa,e: -(*
&5 *&.* 503(/5*& *1 *&5 503 '&.>> -5 '.?53.$”
EMatthe! /84/06::F
HAhen the& arre"t &ou o not u"e &our calculating limite human rea"on, -ut let Go
"%ea< through &our intuition an 3oice) +et not &our human ego "%ea< -ut let the !i"om o#
&our Father "%ea< through &our inner "urrener to Him) E3en a human -rother !ill
%er"ecute a "%iritual -rother !ho !ill #ollo! truth) You !ill -e hate -& all materiall&6mine
%eo%le #or #ollo!ing the Chri"t intelligence !ithin &ou) But he that !ith"tan" %er"ecution #or
the truth to the en o# li#e !ill -e "a3e #rom reincarnation o# the mi"er&6ma<ing earth6li#e)G
In the a-o3e !or", 'e"u" i" outlining ho! Go6guie %eo%le "houl act !hen
con#ronte !ith %er"ecution) In -u"ine"" matter" an la!"uit", %eo%le e#initel& %lan their
acti3itie" an their !or" in all tran"action", -ut 'e"u" %oint" out that "oul" !ho are in tune
!ith Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" are guie -& it in their "en"e", thought", #eeling", intelligence
an intuition")
Guie -& Higher Ai"om
Hence, Go6tune "oul" in all their acti3itie" "houl -e guie -& the higher !i"om
an all6"eeing intelligence in"tea o# e%ening on the %re%arene"" o# limite rea"on)
Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" oe" not rea"on !ith e3otee", it onl& ro%" truth" in their
intuition") The e3otee" u"e their intuition" to guie their rea"on an "%eech an action")
Intuition i" not -orn in rea"on -ut i" the #ather o# rea"on an can "ati"#& all the eman" o#
Human rea"on i" -a"e on "en"e e.%erience an i" limite -& it) I# the "en"e
e.%erience i" mi"inter%rete, the human rea"on %ro3e" to -e erroneou") A %er"on
-eholing a clou o# u"t on a hill #rom a i"tance might -e le to thin< that the hill i" on #ire
emanating a clou o# "mo<e) Thi" "ho!" ho! rea"on !hich i" e%enent on "en"e
e.%erience can -luner i# "en"or& e.%erience or o-"er3ation i" #ault& or incom%lete)
On the other han, e3en a" Go <no!" the truth a-out all thing" through Hi"
omni%re"ent intuition, "o Hi" e3otee" al"o <no! e3er&thing through their e3elo%e
intuition) Go ha" no e&e", nor "en"e", nor rea"on e%enent on the "en"e" through !hich
He <no!") He i" the =no!er, the %roce"" o# <no!ing, an the !i"om to -e <no!n) Hence
He <no!" e3er&thing through Hi" intuition or #eeling %re"ent in e3er&thing)
'e"u" urge" hi" i"ci%le" to e%en on the unlimite %o!er an guiance o# intuiti3e
Go6%erce%tion an not on their limite rea"on !hen the& are con#ronte !ith %er"ecution"
or human %ro-lem") So He "ai4 HO m& ear one", !hen #or the "a<e o# %reaching m& all6
emanci%ating truth &ou are eli3ere -e#ore the go3ernor", o not %lan ho! or !hat &ou !ill
"%ea< in e#en"e o# &our truth an &our"el#, #or Go an Co"mic *i-ration !ill "%ea<
through &our 3oice an rea"on E-eing %re"ent !ith &ouF in"tantaneou"l& in the "ame hour in
!hich &ou !ill -e re;uire to "%ea<)
De%en on Intuition
HYou, -eing in tune !ith the S%irit o# &our Hea3enl& Father, mu"t #eel that it i" not
&our ego -ut He that !ill "%ea< through &our intuition, rea"on an 3oice) I %ro%he"& that
!hen &ou li3e an %reach m& truth, Satan !ill create great mi"chie# an !ill rou"e a
material -rother to %er"ecute a "%iritual -rother an the un"%iritual #ather !ill %er"ecute the
"%iritual chil an the un"%iritual chilren !ill ri"e u% again"t their %arent" !ho -elie3e m&
truth an !ill %ut them into trou-le an -e the cau"e o# their great "u##ering an eath) An
#or mani#e"ting the "u-tle %ure light o# Chri"t Intelligence in &our action", &ou !ill -e i"li<e
-& materiall&6mine men !ho are u"e to li3ing in the ar<ne"" o# ignorance) That
e3otee !ho oe" not onl& o3ercome the trial" in the "%iritual %ath #or a little, -ut !ho i"
%atient an enure" i##icultie", tem%tation" an "%iritual i"a%%ointment" o# not #ining
Go -& %ra&er" or &ear" o# meitation, to the en o# li#e, "hall #in eternal li#e an -e
%ermanentl& "a3e #rom #urther trial", oreal" an "u##ering" !hich go !ith e"ire#ul
reincarnating ini3iual")G
@A-ut 4hen the! %ersecute !ou in this cit!< flee !e into another; for veril! I sa! unto
!ou< #e shall not have gone over the cities of Israel< till the 'on of an be come.$”
EMatthe! /84:9F
HBut !hen the& %er"ecute &ou in one cit&, ta<e the %ath o# lea"t re"i"tance an i3ine
mee<ne"" an #l& into another cit& to %reach Hi" me""age) An &ou !ill not #ini"h %reaching
in the citie" o# I"rael until the !or" an me""age eli3ere through m& -o& ESon o# manF
-ecome <no!n all o3er the earth)G
Aarne Not To ("e Di3ine Po!er" S%ectacularl&
In the a-o3e !or" 'e"u" in"tructe hi" i"ci%le" to -e le -& Go an u"e Hi"
%o!er in oing goo thing" onl&) 'e"u" !arn" the i"ci%le" not to u"e i3ine %o!er in an&
"%ectacular !a&) That i" !h& he "a&"4 HO &e -elo3e i"ci%le", !hen %eo%le %er"ecute &ou
#or %reaching m& me""age in a cit&, u"e &our common "en"e an i3ine mee<ne"" to
#ollo! the roa o# lea"t re"i"tance an #l& a!a& an %reach in another cit&, #or 3eril& -& the
all6"eeing %o!er o# "%iritual 3i"ion, I eclare unto &ou an %ro%he"& that it !oul ta<e a
long time #or &ou to %reach m& me""age in the i##erent citie" o# I"rael an &ou !ill -e oing
"o until the Son o# man or m& -o& an it" name an it" !or< on earth -ecome #ull&
@A*&5 3I')I">5 I' 01* .-1?5 &I' .'*5/< 01/ *&5 '5/?.0* .-1?5 &I'
>1/3. It is enough for the disci%le that he be as his master< and the servant as his lord. If
the! have called the master of the house -eelJebub< ho4 much more shall the! call them
of his householdF$”
EMatthe! /84:26:7F
In the a-o3e !or", 'e"u" em%ha"i>e" that the %er"ecution o# hi" i"ci%le" !oul -e
a" great i# not greater than he him"el# !oul enure, "o he "a&"4 HBelo3e one", &ou <no!
that e3en a Ma"ter6li<e i"ci%le i" not honore li<e hi" Ma"ter, no matter ho! #ar the
i"ci%le i" "%irituall& a3ance, nor i" a glori#ie "er3ant e3er regare a" great a" hi" lor)
It i" "%irituall& "u##icient -e#ore the e&e" o# Go that the i"ci%le -ecome" e;ual to the
ma"ter an the "er3ant -ecome" %o!er#ul li<e hi" lor, -ut the "ame i" not true -e#ore the
e&e" o# the %eo%le) Thu", !hen the materiall&6mine %eo%le an the Phari"ee" ha3e
calle the Ma"ter o# the hou"e o# Chri"t teaching" HBeel>e-u-G EPrince o# De3il"F, then ho!
much more "hall the& critici>e &ou all !ho are #ollo!er" o# the truth re3eale in Chri"t
@A;ear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered< that shall not be revealed;
and hid< that shall not be ,no4n. :hat I tell !ou in dar,ness< that s%ea, !e in light: and
4hat !e hear in the ear< that %reach !e u%on the house+to%s.$”
EMatthe! /84:I6:5F
In the a-o3e !or", 'e"u" "a&" to hi" i"ci%le" e3en though the& mu"t -e mee< an
hum-le, #ollo!ing the cour"e o# lea"t re"i"tance uring their %reaching cam%aign" -& #l&ing
#rom one cit& to another an e3en though the& !oul -e "u-Bect to great critici"m, the&
"houl #earle""l& "%ea< a-out the hien truth", e3en though their e.%o"ition an ne!ne""
might e3o<e terri-le critici"m #rom the !ic<e an ignorant) For the "a<e o# the true "ee<er"
all hien truth" mu"t -e re3eale #or their -ene#it)
HO &e, m& -elo3e one", -e mee< -ut #ear not &our critic", #or the "a<e o# the true
"ee<er" to !ho"e a!a<ene con"ciou"ne"" all truth co3ere #rom the ga>e o# the "%irituall&
ignorant mu"t -e unco3ere) There i" no !i"om that !ill remain #ore3er co3ere or hien
#rom the a!a<ene con"ciou"ne"" an "%iritual hunger o# the e3otee) All thing", all truth"
that the "%irituall& ar<, ignorant %eo%le cannot %ercei3e !ill -e %ercei3e -& tho"e that are
e3elo%e in intuitional "el#6reali>ation) All the truth" !hich I e"cri-e to &ou in the
ar<ne"" o# "ecrec& an !hich are hien #rom the ga>e o# all, I a"< &ou to re3eal !ith the
light o# &our "el#6<no!lege, that other" !ho are highl& a3ance ma& uner"taningl&
%ercei3e them) An all the truth" !hich &ou hear #rom me an all the truth" that I "hall
re3eal through m& Chri"t Intelligence in &our intuitional ear" !ithin, #or %u-lic u"e, &ou can
loul& %reach to all !ithout i"tinction)G
HS%ea< Ye in +ightG
HI "a& unto &ou again that all the e"oteric truth" !hich I 3i-rate !ithin &ou in the
"ecrec& o# &our "oul, &ou mu"t tran"mit to other "oul" !ho are in light or are alrea&
"%irituall& a3ance ue to their %a"t goo <arma"D an all the general truth" !hich &ou
hear #rom m& !or", &ou can %reach loul& #rom all %lat#orm" !here3er &ou are -e#ore the
ga>e o# the %u-lic)G
It mu"t -e note that 'e"u" a"<" hi" i"ci%le" to "%rea t!o <in" o# teaching C one,
the hien higher teaching" to the "electe "%irituall& a3ance %eo%leD "econ, the
general teaching" #or the %u-lic6at6large)
Po!er o# Co"mic +a!
@A.03 ;5./ 01* *&5 :&I)& CI>> *&5 -13#< -(* ./5 01* .->5 *1 CI>>
*&5 '1(>; -(* /.*&5/ ;5./ &I :&I)& I' .->5 *1 35'*/1# -1*& '1(> .03
-13# I0 &5>>. not t4o s%arro4s sold for a farthingF .nd one of them shall not fall on the
ground 4ithout !our ;ather< but the ver! hairs of !our head are all numbered. ;ear !e not
therefore< !e are of more value than man! s%arro4s.$”
EMatthe! /84:169/F
In the a-o3e, 'e"u" i" em%ha"i>ing that it i" a great "in i# one, #or the #ear o# man,
act" again"t the co"mic la! an thu" -ring" i"a"ter u%on him"el#) 'e"u" al"o "%ea<" o#
the omni%re"ent, all6<no!ing %o!er o# Go !hich %rotect" an a%%reciate" the !or< o# the
e3otee" !ho are mart&re #or the "a<e o# truth)
HO &e -elo3e i"ci%le", #or the "a<e o# attaining immortalit&, #ear not e3en i# &ou
ha3e to "acri#ice the -o&) The "acri#ice o# the -o& !ill not -ring e"truction to the "oul,
-ut "acri#ice o# a "%iritual %rinci%le might -ring i"a"ter to the "oul an the -o& a" !ell)
Fear not tho"e that can <ill &our -o&, -ut -e a!are o# the Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" !hich
e3ol3e &our "oul an -o& an !hich can i""ol3e them -ac< again !ithin It"el# ue to the
action o# &our o!n ignorance)G
Ahen 'e"u" "%ea<" o# Go a" e"tro&ing -oth -o& an "oul, he meant that Go
ha" com%lete %o!er o3er the -oie" an "oul" o# all creature", e3en a" <ing" ha3e %o!er
o3er the -oie" o# their "u-Bect")
HE3er& "oul i" mae in the image o# Go an a" "uch i" ine"tructi-le) Per"ecution
ma& e"tro& the -o& o# man, -ut acting again"t the la!" o# truth a##ect" the -o& a" !ell
a" the "oul in the a#ter6eath "tate) The mi"erie" o# the -o& en in eath -ut the agonie"
accruing out o# an ini3iual$" e3il action" in one li#e continue in the "oul in the a#ter6eath
"tate) Be !arne, ear i"ci%le", a-out the "in" again"t the la!" o# the "oul, more la"ting
than the error" again"t the -o&) Belo3e one", #ear not the tem%orar& %er"ecution" o#
%eo%le #or a little !hile on earth, -ut remem-er &our connection !ith the Hea3enl& Father
!ho"e con"ciou"ne"" i" !ithin &ou an e3er&!here, e3en in the in"igni#icant &ing
"%arro!" !hich are "ol #or t!o #arthing")G
Omni%re"ent Father
HRemem-er &ou ha3e to eal !ith thi" e3er6!atch#ul, -elo3e Father throughout
eternit&) Remem-er that Go i" con"ciou" through the %re"ent, %a"t an #uture) He i"
con"ciou" o# e3er& hair on &our heaD an the co"mic la! e3er !atche" e3er& action, goo,
-a, or ini##erent, the countle"" action" o# &our li#e, that it ma& Bu"tl& gi3e &ou the earne
re"ult) There#ore, #ear not &our %er"ecutor" an thu" e"i"t #rom %reaching the truth, #or
remem-er &our li#e an action" a" the chilren o# Go concern the Father more than the
mechanical li#e o# the "%arro!" !ho are #ree #rom goo an -a <arma an !ho"e li3e",
in"igni#icant though the& are, are !ell6attene to an ta<en care o# -& Him)G
“*hem” K Aorll& %eo%le, “Cill the soul” K Di""ol3e the ine"tructi-le "oul) “;ear him”
K Stan in a!e -e#ore Him) “:hich is able to destro! both soul and bod!” K Aho i"
almight& an, through Hi" co"mic la! o# cau"e an e##ect, can i""ol3e &our "oul an -o&)
“In &ell” K Sel#6create mi"er& !hich -urn" the inner -eing a" !ell a" the out!ar health)
“:ithout !our ;ather” K Aithout the con"ciou"ne"" o# the Father !ho i" omni%re"ent,
@A:&1'15?5/ *&5/5;1/5 '&.>> )10;5'' 5 -5;1/5 50< &I :I>> I
)10;5'' .>'1 -5;1/5 # ;.*&5/ :&I)& I' I0 &5.?50< -(* :&1'15?5/
'&.>> 350# 5 -5;1/5 50< &I :I>> I .>'1 350# -5;1/5 # ;.*&5/
:&I)& I' I0 &5.?50.$”
EMatthe! /849:699F
Chri"t$" Promi"e o# Eternal Protection
HAhoe3er "hall amit that he i" in tune !ith m& con"ciou"ne"" an m& teaching"
-e#ore materiall&6mine %eo%le an %er"ecutor" "hall #in me al"o in tune !ith him an I
"hall "%ea< !ith the Father a-out ta<ing him in Hi" <ingom o# luminou" "%ace e3en though
he ma& ha3e "in" o# e3il <arma) E3er& "oul !ho !ill "u##er %h&"ical eath a" the
con"e;uence #or teaching m& truth !ill #in hi" con"ciou"ne"" %a""e" through the Chri"t
Intelligence in Co"mic *i-ration to the "%here o# Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" !hich e.i"t"
-e&on all 3i-rator& creation)G
Denial Bring" Puni"hment
HThat ini3iual !ho !ill en& or e"i"t #rom e.erci"ing hi" Chri"t Con"ciou"ne""
an Chri"t li3ing -e#ore materiall&6mine %eo%le #or #ear o# %er"ecution, !ill #in, !hen he
reache" the -li""#ul Chri"t6Intelligence6"tate a#ter eath, that con"ciou"ne"" !ea<ening
!ithin him Eue to hi" %re3iou" enialF an thu" !ill -e %re3ente #rom remaining in the
Chri"t Intelligence or entering into the higher Go6the6Father6"tate or Co"mic Intelligence
!hich e.i"t" -e&on Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"")G
In the a-o3e !or" 'e"u" i" gi3ing !arning that i# an& i"ci%le, a#ter contacting the
Chri"t Intelligence !ithin him, oe" not o%enl& "hare that con"ciou"ne"" !ith other"
-ecau"e o# #ear o# %er"ecution an "el#i"hne"", he !ill lo"e that con"ciou"ne"" an -e
una-le to a3ance #urther)
@A*hin, not that I am come to send %eace on earth: I came not to send %eace< but a
s4ord. ;or I am come to set a man at variance against his father< and the daughter against
mother< and the daughter in la4 against her mother in la4. .nd a man$s foes shall be the!
of his o4n household. &e that loveth father or mother more than me is not 4orth! of me;
and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not 4orth! of me. .03 &5 *&.*
*.C5*& 01* &I' )/1''< .03 ;1>>1:5*& .;*5/ 5< I' 01* :1/*&# 1; 5.$”
EMatthe! /8492691F
HO &e -elo3e i"ci%le", thin< not that I came to -ring a material %eace in earthl& li#e)
I came not to gi3e a "hort6la"ting material ha%%ine"", -ut to gi3e to the 3aliant "%iritual "oul
a t!o6ege "!or o# !i"om an "el#6control -& !hich he can "la& material %lea"ure an
tem%tation or an& e3il #amil& in#luence !hich might o-"truct hi" "oul #rom attaining
e3erla"ting ha%%ine"" an "%iritual #reeom)
HThe eternal truth !hich I %reach an !hich i" mani#e"te !ithin &ou !ill 3ariou"l&
a##ect %eo%le !ith 3ariou" goo an -a <arma", "o that a goo e3otee o# mine might not
agree !ith hi" materiall&6mine #ather, or a aughter "aturate in Chri"t Con"ciou"ne""
might not -e in tune !ith her un"%iritual mother, an the "%iritual aughter6in6la! might act
again"t the material !i"he" o# her mother6in6la!, an a man enBo&ing ec"ta"& in Chri"t
Con"ciou"ne"" an meitation might #in the mem-er" o# hi" o!n material #amil& acting
again"t him ue to their o!n e3il <arma" an tenencie")
Parent" Gi3en -& Go
HSince %arent" are gi3en -& Go to a e3otee, the e3otee mu"t not "o materiall&
lo3e them that he #orget" to lo3e hi" Hea3enl& Father) The e3otee !ho materiall& lo3e" hi"
"on or aughter more than Go an #orget" to meitate u%on Him i" not !orth& to #eel Go
an <no! Him a" the onl& great Co"mic +o3er) He that i" not %re%are to hol hi" Chri"t
Peace o# meitation at all time" uring the cruci#i.ion o# calmne"" -& re"tle""ne"", o# "el#6
control -& tem%tation, o# i3ine lo&alt& -& %er"ecution, oe" not e"er3e to retain hi" Chri"t
Con"ciou"ne"" #rom the earth li#e to eternal li#e)G
It mu"t -e "%eciall& note that 'e"u" oe" not mean that hi" teaching" !ill not -ring
%eace in #amil& li#e ami"t truth6"ee<ing #amil& mem-er", -ut he !arn" #amil& mem-er" not
to remain "tee%e in the ignorance o# a material li#e -ut to ta<e the "!or o# !i"om to
e"tro& all their earthline"")
'e"u" goe" on to "a& that i# a e3otee #in" hi" o!n #amil& mem-er" i""uaing him
or o-"tructing him #rom culti3ating Go6con"ciou"ne"", he "houl not &iel to them -ut
"houl go on e3elo%ing hi" i3ine con"ciou"ne"") 'e"u" remin" the e3otee that he
"houl remem-er that he ha" to rea% the con"e;uence" o# hi" o!n action" an he "houl
not let hi" earthl& #amil& -ecau"e o# it" %er3er"it& turn him again"t hi" o!n Hea3enl& Father)
'e"u" %oint" out that tho"e that o3ercome all o-"tacle" in orer to ha3e "el#6reali>ation
create goo <arma an tenencie" !hich automaticall& lea them to the attainment o#
Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"")
“0ot %eace but a s4ord.” Not earthl& %eace -ut i3ine "trength an etermination)
“*o set a man at variance against his father.” To "trengthen a "%iritual man to re"i"t the
in#luence o# an un"%iritual #ather) “.nd he that loveth father and mother more than me.” He
!ho lo3e" Go$" creature" more than Go oe" not e"er3e to <no! Him) “*a,eth not his
cross.” Fight" not tem%tation" !ith "el#6i"ci%line) “;ollo4eth after me.” Ta<e" hi" min #rom
the %lane o# "en"e to the "tar o# Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" in meitation)
Material Ha%%ine"" I" Not +a"ting
“&5 *&.* ;I035*& &I' >I;5 '&.>> >1'5 I*: .03 &5 *&.* >1'5*& &I' >I;5
;1/ # '.C5 '&.>> ;I03 I*. &e that receiveth !ou receiveth me< and he that receiveth
me receiveth him that sent me. &e that receiveth a %ro%het in the name of a %ro%het shall
receive a %ro%het$s re4ard< and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a
righteous man shall receive a righteous man$s re4ard. .nd 4hosoever shall give to drin,
unto one of these little ones a cu% of cold 4ater onl! in the name of a disci%le< veril! I sa!
unto !ou< he shall in no 4ise lose his re4ard.$”
EMatthe! /849062:F
HA %er"on in tune !ith a %ro%het or a righteou" man or the 3i-ration o# a i"ci%le$"
name an act" merci#ull& !ill recei3e %ro%hetic ;ualitie", or righteou"ne"", or i3ine merc&,
re"%ecti3el&, accoring to the merit" o# hi" action")
HHe that #in" material ha%%ine"" in hi" li#e !ill lo"e that ha%%ine"" in eath, an he
that lo"e" the material ha%%ine"" o# hi" li#e in orer to #in the Chri"t Bli"" !ill #in eternal
ha%%ine"") He !ho i" in tune !ith Chri"t6tune i"ci%le" i" automaticall& in tune !ith Chri"t
Con"ciou"ne"") An he !ho can recei3e Chri"t Intelligence in hi" e.%ane con"ciou"ne""
i" in tune !ith the Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" out o# !hich Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" emanate")
HO &e i"ci%le", remem-er that he !ho i"co3er" onl& the material %lea"ure" o# hi"
munane li#e !ill lo"e the i3ine Bo&" hien -ehin it) Al"o, he that #in" the co"mic Bo& o#
meitation in li#e lo"e" the e"ire to -e attache to the %lea"ure" o# material li#e) He !ho
lo"e" the e"ire #or material li#e in orer to #in the Chri"t Intelligence !ithin !ill #in the
e3erla"ting Bo&" hien -ehin material li#e) That e3otee !ho #oregoe" the %lea"ure o# the
-o& to #eel the e3er6ne! Bo& #elt in ec"ta"& !ith Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" in meitation !ill
#in that all material %ro"%erit& an %lea"ure" o# earthl& li#e !ill -e ae unto him) He !ho
#or"a<e" earthl& ha%%ine"" #or Go ha%%ine"" !ill #in earthl& ha%%ine"" too, -ut he !ho
"ee<" material ha%%ine"" onl& !ill lo"e it -ecau"e o# it" "hort6la"ting nature)G
In Tune Aith Chri"t Con"ciou"ne""
HTho"e e3otee" !ho are in tune !ith &our con"ciou"ne"", m& -elo3e i"ci%le", !ill
grauall&, through &our ai an meitation, contact the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" !ithin them)
Tho"e !ho !ill -e a-le to -e one !ith the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" in all 3i-rator& creation -&
ee% meitation, an !ill i"ci%line their li3e" uner &our tutelage, !ill ultimatel& -e a-le to
-e one !ith Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" -e&on creation, !ho"e re#lection i" %re"ent in the
Chri"t Intelligence !ithin me) He that recei3e" in hi" intuition the i"ci%le$" con"ciou"ne""
!ill <no! Chri"t Intelligence) That %er"on !ho #eel" Chri"t Intelligence in meitation !ill
ultimatel& reali>e Go the Father !ho i" re#lecte a" the Son or Chri"t Intelligence)
HBelo3e one", &ou mu"t reali>e that the e3otee !ho ha" "u%remel& e.%ane hi"
con"ciou"ne"" -& meitation in orer to recei3e Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" or a %ro%het$"
con"ciou"ne"", !ill -e in tune all 3i-rator& creation, an he that tune" him"el# !ith the
con"ciou"ne"" o# a righteou" ini3iual an li3e" hi" o!n li#e accoring to the la! o# cau"e
an e##ect !ill -e a righteou" man) An he that gi3e" e3en a cu% o# col !ater to the thir"t&
or a cu% o# cool !i"om recei3e #rom an& o# m& i"ci%le" to "la<e the thir"t o# the little
chilren in the %ath o# Go !ill #in goo <arma an hea3enl& tenencie" that !ill
e3entuall& li#t him to!ar" Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"")G
Paralleli"m Aith Gita
The"e !or" o# 'e"u" Chri"t ha3e a remar<a-le %aralleli"m !ith "ome o# the !or"
o# the -hagavad 2ita. The 2ita "a&"4 HTho"e ini3iual" that !or"hi% i##erent eitie" an
i##erent ieal" attain !hat the& e"ire, -ut tho"e e3otee" !ho !ant Me EGoF come unto
me)G 'e"u" al"o meant that all goo action" are re!are an #ollo!er" o# i##erent #orm" o#
3irtue attain their o-Becti3e" accoring to their innate e"ire") But tho"e !ho are in tune
!ith the %ro%het or !ho !ant to achie3e Chri"thoo attain their goal an -ecome %ro%het"
an Chri"til<e, accoring to their heart$" e"ire)
“;indeth his life.” Put" material ha%%ine"" a" the goal o# hi" li#e) “>ose it”. +o"e that
material ha%%ine"" in eath) “>oseth his life for m! sa,e”. Sacri#ice" hi" material %lea"ure"
in orer to contact the -li""#ul Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" in meitation) “;ind it”. Fin e3erla"ting
ha%%ine"") “/eceiveth him that sent me”. I" in tune !ith Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" !hich
re#lect" the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" %re"ent in all creation) “/eceiveth”. Hol" !i"om -&
e.%aning the ca%acit& o# hi" con"ciou"ne"") “/eceiveth a %ro%het”. I" in tune !ith a
%ro%het$" con"ciou"ne"") “. %ro%het$s re4ard”. The !i"om !hich i" re!are to a
%ro%het) “. righteous man$s re4ard”. The re!ar o# a 3irtuou" ha%%& li#e !hich come" to a
righteou" man) H>ittle ones.” Beginner" on the "%iritual %ath) “. cu% of cold 4ater.” A
mea"ure o# cool !i"om !hich ;uenche" the "corching thir"t o# material e"ire") “In the
name of a disci%le”. Through the "%iritual 3i-ration" o# a i"ci%le) “In no 4ise lose his
re4ard.” Aill not lo"e the re"ult or -ene#icial <arma o# hi" goo action")
Real Ser3ice Renere Humanit& -& the Di"ci%le
“.nd the! 4ent out< and %reached that men should re%ent. .nd the! cast out man!
devils< and anointed 4ith oil man! that 4ere sic,< and healed them.”
EMar< I4/:6/9F
The i"ci%le" %reache a-out the 3i-ration" o# Go6con"ciou"ne"" !hich came
through 'e"u" an a"<e %eo%le to re%ent an #or"a<e their material attachment" "o the&
coul attain Go6con"ciou"ne"" through "%iritual a!a<ening) The i"ci%le" -& the %o!er o#
their e3elo%e !ill #ree %eo%le #rom o-"e""ion" an heale man& "ic< %eo%le o# their
3ariou" i"ea"e", anointing them !ith oil) The"e "er3ice" i"tinctl& "ho! that the i"ci%le"
!ere more than %rouct" o# a theological "choolD the& !ere %reacher" !ho actuall& li3e
the truth in li#e an thu" -& their "%iritual" i great goo to man<in -& healing
-oie" o# %h&"ical i"ea"e" an "oul" o# ignorance) The& !ere unli<e the moern
theological "tuent" !ho, Bu"t -& the 3irtue o# an eccle"ia"tical egree, tr& to %reach the
truth to other" #rom -oo< learning an not #rom li3ing the truth in actual li#e)
“.nd the a%ostles gathered themselves together unto Jesus< and told him all things<
both 4hat the! had done< and 4hat the! had taught. .nd he said unto them< E)ome !e
!ourselves a%art into a desert %lace< and rest a 4hile$: for there 4ere man! coming and
going< and the! had no leisure so much as to eat.”
EMar< I49869/F
HO &e -elo3e i"ci%le", %art !ith the cro! an come -& &our"el3e" into the
;uietne"" o# the e"ert %lace) An rela. there an recharge &our"el# !ith Go6
con"ciou"ne"" -e#ore &ou go out to %reach again)G
Nece""it& #or Go6Communion
Be#ore an A#ter Preaching
The a-o3e "a&ing o# 'e"u" i" e.tremel& im%ortant in connection !ith %reaching the
i3ine me""age) 'e"u" %ointe out that the i"ci%le" "houl al!a&" -e e;ui%%e !ith i3ine
con"ciou"ne"" through ee% meitation -e#ore the& %reache a-out the go"%el o# Go6
con"ciou"ne"" an al"o a#ter the& ha #ini"he %reaching an #elt them"el3e" "%irituall&
e%lete, !hen the& "houl again retire in ;uiet %lace" an recharge them"el3e" !ith Go6
con"ciou"ne"") The moern mini"ter, in"tea o# !a"ting time in reaing a lot o# -oo<" in
%re%aration #or the Suna& "ermon, "houl meitate 3er& ee%l& an ha3e ec"tatic contact
!ith Go -e#ore an a#ter each Suna& "ermon)
“.fter these things Jesus 4ent over the sea of 2alilee< 4hich is the sea of *iberias.
.nd a great multitude follo4ed him< because the! sa4 his miracles 4hich he did on them
that 4ere diseased. .nd Jesus 4ent u% into a mountain< and there he sat 4ith his disci%les.
.nd the %assover< a feast of the Je4s< 4as nigh. :hen Jesus then lifted u% his e!es< and
sa4 a great com%an! come unto him< he saith unto "hili%< E:hence shall 4e bu! bread<
that these ma! eatF$ .nd this he said to %rove him: for he himself ,ne4 4hat he 4ould do.
"hili% ans4ered him< E*4o hundred %enn!4orth of bread is not sufficient for them< that
ever! one of them ma! ta,e a little.$ 1ne of his disci%les< .ndre4< 'imon "eter$s brother<
saith unto him< E*here is a lad here< 4hich hath five barle! loaves< and t4o small fishes: but
4hat are the! among so man!F$
“.nd Jesus said< Ea,e the men sit do4n.$ 0o4 there 4as much grass in the %lace.
'o the men sat do4n< in number about five thousand. .nd Jesus too, the loaves; and
4hen he had given than,s< he distributed to the disci%les< and the disci%les to them that
4ere set do4n; and li,e4ise of the fishes as much as the! 4ould. :hen the! 4ere filled< he
said unto his disci%les< 2ather u% the fragments that remain< that nothing be lost. *herefore
the! gathered them together< and filled t4elve bas,ets 4ith the fragments of the five barle!
loaves< 4hich remained over and above unto them that had eaten.$”
E'ohn I4/6/9F
It i" e3ient that accoring to the cu"tom o# the time, 'e"u" i not "%on"or "trict
3egetariani"m ina"much a" he o#ten ate !ith hi" #i"hermen6i"ci%le" an here he
i"tri-ute" the t!o #i"h to -e #e to the multitue)
*egetarian Diet For S%iritual Di"ci%line
It i" true that tho"e are in a "tate o# "%iritual i"ci%line ought to #a3or a 3egetarian
iet) But to the great ma"ter", !hen the& ha3e attaine Go6con"ciou"ne"", #i"h eating ha"
little meaning, #or the& "ee !hole !orl a" nothing -ut the mani#e"tation o# Go$" iea) To
them all #orm" o# %h&"ical e.%erience" are nothing -ut the i##erent act" o# con"ciou"ne""
uner the in#luence o# the co"mic ream) Ahen a man i" reaming that he i" "itting at a
inner ta-le eating #i"h, meat, egg" or 3egeta-le", no ou-t he #eel" i##erentl& a##ecte
accoring to the ta"te an i##erent e##ect" o# i##erent #oo" on hi" ream %alate an ream
"tomach an ream -o&, -ut !hen he a!a<e" #rom hi" ream, he #in" that hi" eating o#
#i"h, meat, egg" or 3egeta-le" in the ream lan are nothing -ut i##erent #orm" o#
imagination an #anci#ul e.%erience) To the reaming man there i" a i##erence -et!een
the ream i"h o# #i"h an o# 3egeta-le" -ut !hen !a<e" #rom the ream he #in" that the
ream #i"h an ream 3egeta-le eating !ere nothing -ut i##erent iea" an mental
To the man o# reali>ation, li<e!i"e, the 3er& con"ciou"ne"" o# gi3ing realit& to an&
#orm o# iet i" elu"ion) Ahen he !a<e" #rom the ream elu"ion o# the co"mo", he
reali>e" he i" S%irit an ne3er ate an&thing nor ha an& %h&"ical e.%erience or -o& e.ce%t
in ream con"ciou"ne"")
It "houl at thi" time -e "trictl& remem-ere that the con"ciou"ne"" o# the -o& or
the 3ariou" #orm" o# eating an their i##erent e##ect" on the -o& mu"t not -e ignorantl&
enie a" taught -& "ome orthoo. min6-elie3er") In"tea o# "%ening time imagining
a-out the elu"ion o# non6e.i"tence o# the -o&, at the "ame time "timulating the elu"ion
-& eating an all #orm" o# acti3itie" connecte !ith the -o&, one "houl in"tea "%en hi"
time on Go6contact) Ahen that ini3iual achie3e" "%iritual ec"ta"& an -ecome" a!a<e
in Go6con"ciou"ne"", he !ill reali>e that the uni3er"e !ith all it" e.%erience" are not hi"
ream -ut Go$" ream, reaming through Him)
Hence, all "%iritual a"%irant" mu"t #ir"t lea a li#e o# "%iritual i"ci%line, o-"er3ing the
more health#ul 3egetarian iet an meitating on Go, an not claiming to -e men o# great
reali>ation !ho are a-o3e all orinar& rule" o# %h&"ical li#e)
Rule" A-out Fa"ting
'e"u" ha tol -e#ore, that he, the -riegroom, the i3ine ma"ter, an hi" i"ci%le"
!ere not to #a"t on the Sa--ath a& a" the& !ere alrea& "aturate !ith i3ine
con"ciou"ne"" an neee no #a"ting to ri"e a-o3e the con"ciou"ne"" o# the -o&) But
'e"u" al"o "ai that !hen he !oul -e ta<en a!a& an hi" "%iritual 3i-ration !oul not -e
%h&"icall& %re"ent, the i"ci%le" !oul ha3e to #a"t an lea a li#e o# "trict i"ci%line)
'e"u" coul not 3er& !ell a"< the multitue to li3e on 3egeta-le" a" there !ere 3er&
little 3egeta-le" gro!ing in A"ia Minor an the e"ert %lace" !here he %reache) 'e"u"
"a! that the greate"t thing he coul o !oul -e to "aturate %eo%le !ith Go6
con"ciou"ne"" an !hen the& !oul -ecome Goli<e the& !oul <no! !hat to eat)
'e"u" al!a&" loo<e to the com#ort o# the %eo%le "o he %ut them -& #i#tie" on the
green gra"") That 'e"u" al"o lo3e orer i" e3ience -& hi" arranging the multitue into
grou%") St) +u<e, re%orting the Miracle o# the +oa3e" an Fi"he", tell" u"4 HAn he "ai to
hi" i"ci%le", OMa<e them "it o!n b! fifties in a com%an&)$G
Ahen the %eo%le !ere com#orta-le "eate on the gra"", recei3ing "ome magneti"m
o# the earth, 'e"u" too< the #i3e loa3e" an #i"he" an ga3e than<" to Go an, loo<ing u%
into the a"tral region through hi" "%iritual e&e, he charge the #i3e loa3e" an t!o #i"he"
!ith conen"e co"mic energ&, "o that the& containe in their "mall #orm" enough energ&
to "ati"#& the hunger o# #i3e thou"an %eo%le)
'e"u" al"o ca"t hi" co"mic energ& into the hungr& "tomach" o# the multitue"
ma<ing them reali>e" the& ha enough energ& in their -rain an #le"h to "ati"#& all the
hunger o# the -o& an to "u%%l& the lac< o# energ& e.%erience uring the "tate o# hunger)
Thu" the multitue !a" #e !ith #i3e loa3e" an t!o #i"he")
I# a "mall e&e6ro%%er i" connecte to a -ig re"er3oir o# !ater, that e&e6ro%%er
!oul continuou"l& ri% one ro% o# !ater at a time) I# thou"an o# %er"on" ran< the ro%"
o# !ater coming through the little e&e6ro%%er one at a time, the& !oul -e #ille e3en
though the !ater came in tin& ro%", -ut continuou"l&) The !ater coming in tin& ro%" i"
"u##icient to ;uench the thir"t o# countle"" %eo%le) The #i3e loa3e" an t!o #i"he" !ere
-ro<en u% into tin& #ragment" -ut in!arl& the& !ere li<e the !ater continuou"l& charge
!ith co"mic energ& "o that the& <e%t on continuou"l& materiali>ing them"el3e" into i##erent
crum-" o# -rea an #i"h accoring to the i3ine commanment o# 'e"u")
The #ir"t human -eing", "&m-olicall& calle Aam an E3e, !ere materiali>e
accoring to the !ill o# Go, -ut later the& re%rouce them"el3e" through the meium o#
"e. creation) Similarl&, though -rea i" mae -& man an #i"h i" caught -& him #rom the
ocean or la<e, he #orget" that the original !heat an #i"h an all thing" !ere create -& the
%o!er o# !ill an "%ecial creati3e energ& o# Go)
'e"u" Ha Go$" Po!er
'e"u", -eing in tune !ith Go, ha the %o!er to create an&thing at an& time) 'e"u"
coul comman the co"mic energ& to conen"e into electron", %roton", atom" an
molecule" o# an& <in, o# an& en"it& an "%eci#ic gra3it&) Thu", 'e"u" <e%t on
materiali>ing the #ragment" o# #i"h an -rea a" the& !ere u"e u%D al"o, -& hi" magnetic
energ&, he charge the multitue !ith enough magneti"m "o that the& #elt "ati"#ie a#ter
eating little %iece" o# -rea)
'e"u" ha thi" %o!er o# tremenou" magneti"m -& !hich he coul ma<e #i3e
thou"an %eo%le thin< an #eel that the& !ere "ati"#ie -& eating a #e! crum-" o# -rea
an #i"h) Such mental miracle" ha3e -een al"o one -& "ome o# the miracle !or<er" o#
Inia) It mu"t -e remem-ere that the #eeling o# hunger can -e ta<en a!a& #rom an
ini3iual or man& ini3iual" -& the "ugge"tion o# a "trong !ill)
'e"u" Aa" A Man o# Great Preci"ion
'e"u" tol hi" i"ci%le", HGather u% the #ragment" that remain, that nothing -e lo"t)G
It i" clearl& e3ient in the a-o3e "a&ing o# 'e"u" that he actuall& multi%lie the -rea
crum-" an #i"he" -& co"mic energ& "o that a#ter the #i3e thou"an !ere #e, there !ere
t!el3e -a"<et" #ille !ith #ragment" o# -arle& loa3e" an #i"he") Ae "ee, al"o, that 'e"u"
!a" a man o# great e.actne"" an %reci"ion) He taught hi" i"ci%le" to -e economical an
not to !a"te Go$" -rea an Go6mae6#oo) 'e"u" "%eciall& a"<e the i"ci%le" to
gather u% the #ragment" o# -rea an #i"h -ecau"e the& !ere the "%ecial creation" o# Go
on thi" occa"ion)
“*hen those men< 4hen the! had seen the miracle that Jesus did< said< E*his is of a
truth that %ro%het that should come into the 4orld.$ :hen Jesus therefore %erceived that
the! 4ould come and ta,e him b! force< to ma,e him a ,ing< he de%arted again into a
mountain himself alone.”
E'ohn I4/26/7F
'e"u" ne3er !ante to -e a <ing o# a tem%oral material <ingom, #or he !a" alrea&
the Prince o# the (ni3er"e, -eing one !ith the Father, an thu" a true <ing o# all <ingom"
o# the earth)
“.nd straight4a! Jesus constrained his disci%les to get into a shi%< and to go before
him unto the other side< 4hile he sent the multitudes a4a!. .nd 4hen he had sent the
multitudes a4a!< he 4ent u% into a mountain a%art to %ra!: and 4hen the evening 4as
come< he 4as there alone.”
EMatt) /24::6:9F
The #act that 'e"u" !ent a%art to %ra& "ho!e that he !a" "till tr&ing to e3elo% in
S%irit) Ahen the ultimate, #inal "tate o# Go6reali>ation i" ac;uire, there i" no nece""it& #or
%ra&ing -ecau"e then one -ecome" al!a&" one !ith Go, no matter !hether one i" in a
"olitar& %lace or a cro!e %lace) Go oe" not nee to %ra& or meitate -ecau"e He i"
omni%re"ent an i" "ee<ing nothing -e&on Him"el#) He i" engro""e in Hi" Bo& an nee
not attain an& higher "tate than Hi" o!n con"ciou"ne"")
Our E3olution De%en" on
Our Di"tance #rom Go
All other -eing" !ho !ent out o# Go into matter can a%%roach nearer an nearer
unto the <ingom o# Go -& gi3ing u% their %roigal roaming" an e"ire" in the lan o#
matter) Soul" are more or le"" a3ance accoring to the 3ariou" i"tance" that e.i"t
-et!een them an Go uring their return Bourne& -ac< to Hi" man"ion) E3en 'e"u", a#ter
hi" %a""ing, too< three a&" to meitate an !or< out hi" "ee" o# action" E<armaF le#t o3er
#rom %a"t incarnation", an al"o to !or< out the "in" o# hi" i"ci%le" an e3otee" #or !hich
he %artiall& too< u%on him"el# to atone)
“-ut the shi% 4as no4 in the midst of the sea< tossed 4ith 4aves; for the 4ind 4as
contrar!. .nd in the fourth 4atch of the night Jesus 4ent unto them< 4al,ing on the sea.
.nd 4hen the disci%les sa4 him 4al,ing on the sea< the! 4ere troubled< sa!ing< EIt is a
s%irit$; and the! cried out for fear. -ut straight4a! Jesus s%a,e unto them< sa!ing< E-e of
good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.$
“.nd "eter ans4ered him and said< E>ord< if it be thou< bid me come unto thee on the
4ater$. .nd he said< “)ome$. .nd 4hen "eter 4as come do4n out of the shi%< he 4al,ed
on the 4ater< to go to Jesus. -ut 4hen he sa4 the 4ind boisterous< he 4as afraid; and
beginning to sin,; he cried< sa!ing< E>ord< save me$. .nd immediatel! Jesus stretched forth
his hand< and caught him< and said unto him< E1 thou of little faith< 4herefore didst thou
doubt$F .nd 4hen the! 4ere come into the shi%< the 4ind ceased. *hen the! that 4ere in
the shi% came and 4orshi%%ed him< sa!ing< E1f a truth thou art the 'on of 2od.$”
EMatthe! /24:2699F
HBe o# goo cheer that &ou are a-le to !itne"" the miracle o# Go !or<ing through
meD that I !ith m& "oli -o& can !al< on the !ater an can tal< to &ou) It i" I, the "ame a"
&ou ha3e "een me, !ith the "ame %h&"ical -o&) The S%irit in me i" &our Reeemer #rom
all earthl& trou-le") Ah& "houl &ou -e a#rai o# meJG
Great Yogi" Can Per#orm All Miracle"
The a%%earance o# 'e"u" !al<ing o3er the !ater" in 3ie! o# hi" i"ci%le" i" a miracle
that can -e %er#orme -& great &ogi" !ho uner"tan the relation o# min an the
electronic com%o"ition o# the -o&)
Ahen a man o# reali>ation i"co3er" the entire co"mo" a" a ream o# Go an all
matter a" mae o# electron" an %roton", light !a3e", he #in" that he ri"e" a-o3e the
orinar& la!" o# matter) Hi" -o& -eing mae o# light coul not ro!n in the ocean al"o
mae o# light)
An orinar& ini3iual$" -o& ro!n" in !ater -ecau"e he oe" not reali>e that hi"
-o& i" mae o# the "ame "u-"tance a" the !ater) I# a man !a" ro!ning in "lee%, he
!oul #eel the "u##ocation o# ro!ning uring the "lee% "tate) But !hile he !a" reaming
that hi" ream -o& !a" ro!ning in the ream ocean, i# he <ne! the art o# changing or
controlling hi" ream" at !ill, then he coul al"o -ehol hi" ream -o& #loating "a#el& on
the ream !ater" -& changing hi" ream thought")
The Art o# Materiali>ing Our Imagination
Orinaril&, a human -eing can imagine or 3i"uali>e a "oli -o& !al<ing o3er the
li;ui !ater" o# an ocean) No! i# that %er"on coul concentrate ee%l& an materiali>e hi"
imagination, he coul ream or "ee a 3i"ion o# hi" -o& !al<ing on the !ater")
'e"u", -eing in tune !ith Go, <ne! that the co"mo" !a" mae o# the i##erent
materiali>e ream6iea" o# Go) He "a! that hi" i"ci%le" !ere ro!ing on a ream ocean
an he "a! hi" -o& !a" al"o a ream) =no!ing the art o# creating or i""ol3ing the
co"mic ream, he mae the i"ci%le" !ho !ere uner the elu"ion o# a co"mic ream "ee
a co"mic %icture o# hi" -o& !al<ing on the ocean)
A gla"" o# mil< !ill i""ol3e in a gallon o# !ater, -ut i# the li;ui mil< !a" #ro>en it
!oul #loat) 'e"u", <no!ing the relation o# !ill an -o& a" i##erentiate ream !a3e" or
i##erent electromagnetic !a3e", coul o an&thing !ith hi" -o& in relation to all matter -&
mere !illing) B& !ill %o!er he change the "%eci#ic gra3it& or the electronic com%o"ition o#
the -o& an mae it #loat on !ater)
Iron o# Materiall&
I# a "mall %iece o# cor< i" tie to a hea3& %iece o# iron, it !ill ro!n in a %ot o# !ater,
-ut i# the iron !a" "e%arate #rom the cor<, the cor< !oul #loat on to% o# the !ater)
+i<e!i"e, the -o& i" o3erloae !ith the iron o# material con"ciou"ne"") That i" !h& it
ro!n" in !ater) Ahen the material con"ciou"ne"" i" "e%arate #rom the -o& -&
meitation, then the -o& can #loat on !ater or !al< or #l& in the air at !ill) In a ream !hen
one -ehol" a ream -o& ro!ning in a ream ocean, he can -& the art o# changing
ream" "ee that the ream -o& i" #loating "a#el& on the ream !a3e") A" a man can
change hi" thought" "o a "u%erman can change hi" e.%erience" in the !orl, Bu"t -&
changing hi" intuiti3e con3iction")
Peter -& %o!er o# #aith or mental concentration -ecame attune to the
con"ciou"ne"" o# Chri"t, #ree #rom the material ream o# matter) Thu" Peter a" he !ent out
o# the "hi% coul !al< on the !ater a" he a%%roache 'e"u" Chri"t) But !hen Peter
concentrate on the -oi"terou" !in", he #orgot hi" i3ine con"ciou"ne"") Hi" ha-it o#
-eholing matter a" real came -ac< into hi" min an immeiatel& he #elt hi" -o&
ro!ning) Peter crie out4 H+or, "a3e me)G An immeiatel& 'e"u" %ut #orth hi" han an
caught hol o# him, "a&ing, “1 *&1( 1; >I**>5 ;.I*&< :&5/5;1/5 3I3'* *&1(
Ahat 'e"u" Meant -& Faith
HO Peter, !h& i &ou ma<e &our #aith an co"mic con"ciou"ne"" little -&
contraicting it an ri3ing it out -& the orinar& con"ciou"ne"" o# matterJG 'e"u" tell"
Peter that he "houl al!a&" <ee% hi" co"mic con"ciou"ne"" "tea& an not elue it !ith
the con"ciou"ne"" o# matter -rought through the channel o# the ha-it o# ou-t) B& #aith or
"tea& con3iction that Go i" all one can get a!a& #rom the con"ciou"ne"" o# matter)
It "houl -e "trictl& uner"too that 'e"u" i not mean -& #aith, Bu"t mental -elie#
!hich e3a%orate" at the "lighte"t contact !ith ou-t) 'e"u" ha el"e!here tol that the
har3e"t !a" great an there !ere #e! la-orer" to rea% it) That i", Go6con"ciou"ne"" an
it" %o!er" are unlimite, -ut there are #e! %eo%le !ho "teail& e3elo% them"el3e" -&
meitation "o that the& can #orm a "tea& con3iction a-out the all6%o!er#ul nature o# Go)
One !ho i" al!a&" con"ciou" o# the -o& i" not con"ciou" o# S%irit) In "lee% the
con"ciou"ne"" o# the -o& i" #orci-l& an tem%oraril& thro!n a!a& #rom the "oul) But in
meitation the -o& con"ciou"ne"" i" con"ciou"l& remo3e, an uring ec"ta"& attaine -&
ee%er meitation a #aith or ee% mental reali>ation come" a-out the immaterial, electric
an mental nature o# the -o&) The greater a man i" on the "%iritual %ath, the greater i" hi"
#aith or meitation6-orn con3iction a-out the immaterial nature o# matter an hi" o!n -o&)
Ahen 'e"u" "cole Peter #or lo"ing #aith at the time !hen he !a" !al<ing on the
!ater, he meant4 HO Peter, !h& i &ou imini"h &our intuition6-orn, Chri"t6con"ciou"ne""6
"timulate #aith or Sel#6reali>ation an re3i3e &our con"ciou"ne"" o# matter through ou-tJG
“*he da! follo4ing< 4hen the %eo%le 4hich stood on the other side of the sea sa4
that there 4as none other boat there< save that one 4hereinto his disci%les 4ere entered<
and that Jesus 4ent not 4ith his disci%les into the boat< but that his disci%les 4ere gone
a4a! alone; (&o4beit there came other boats from *iberias nigh unto the %lace 4here the!
did eat bread< after that the >ord had given than,s.)
“:hen the %eo%le therefore sa4 that Jesus 4as not there< neither his disci%les< the!
also too, shi%%ing< and came to )a%ernaum< see,ing for Jesus. .nd 4hen the! had found
him on the other side of the sea< the! said unto him< E/abbi< 4hen camest thou hitherF$
Jesus ans4ered them and said< E?eril!< veril!< I sa! unto !ou< #e see, me< not because !e
sa4 the miracles< but because !e did eat of the loaves< and 4ere filled. >abour not for the
meat 4hich %erisheth< but for that meat 4hich endureth unto everlasting life< 4hich the 'on
of man shall give unto !ou: for him hath 2od the ;ather sealed.$”
E'ohn I4::6:5F
'e"u" "ai4 H*eril& o# truth, I "a& unto &ou, -& #eeling &our thought" !ithin me, I #in
that &ou "ee< me not -ecau"e m& i3ine miracle" rou"e &ou to "ee< Go through me, -ut
-ecau"e &ou are more intere"te to ;uell &our hunger -& the i3inel&6%rouce loa3e"
!hich &ou ate to &our #ill) It i" #ooli"h #or &ou to concentrate an u"e u% all &our time
thin<ing o# %eri"ha-le #oo to "u"tain a %eri"ha-le -o&)
HYou "houl "ee< that i3ine !i"om an e3er6ne! -li"" #oun in meitation !hich
once ac;uire !ill enure an hel% to nouri"h &our li#e until it -ecome" immortal) The "%irit
!ithin the Son o# man or m& -o& can teach &ou ho! to "ee< that i3ine -rea o# !i"om
!hich can ma<e &our li#e e3erla"ting) Tran"cenental Go the Father ha" <e%t that
"al3ation6gi3ing, immortalit&6ma<ing -rea o# i3ine !i"om conceale in the Chri"t6
Intelligence !hich &ou can contact in meitation -& #ollo!ing m& teaching" through me)G
HMeatG or Su-"tance
An&one 3i"iting 'eru"alem an the "urrouning e"ert territor& !ill #in out the
%eo%le li3e mo"tl& on -rea an meat an 3er& little on 3egeta-le") 'e"u" u"e" the !or
HmeatG -ecau"e meat !a" one o# the %rinci%al #oo" o# the %eo%le !ho li3e in hi" countr&)
But the !or HmeatG i" not u"e at all time" -& 'e"u" to "igni#& animal #le"h) He u"e
the !or HmeatG %rinci%all& to "igni#& "u-"tance)
“eat 4hich %erisheth” C The #oo !hich i" %eri"ha-le) “*hat meat 4hich endureth”6
Di3ine -li"" an !i"om !hich #ore3er "ati"#& the "oul an are it" im%eri"ha-le
nouri"hment") “'ealed”6 Go ha" "eale all "ecret" an %o!er" in the Chri"t
Con"ciou"ne"" o# 'e"u" to -e gi3en to all e3otee" !ho meitate on the "oul !ithin)
“*hen said the! unto him< E:&.* '&.>> :5 31< *&.* :5 I2&* :1/C *&5
:1/C' 1; 213F$ Jesus ans4ered and said unto them< E*&I' I' *&5 :1/C 1; 213<
*&.* #5 -5>I5?5 10 &I :&1 &5 &.*& '50*$.”
E'ohn I4:16:0F
HAhen %eo%le "u##er an !hen e3otee" on earth "en out their "oul6call unto Go,
then He !or<" an re"%on" -& "ening a "%irituall& a3ance i3ine "on li<e me !ho -&
hi" e.em%lar& "%iritual li#e can teach %eo%le to -e Go6li<e an !or< Go$" !or< in their
o!n li3e")G
Go Sen" Hi" S%ecial Me""enger
In the %receing, 'e"u" i" again "a&ing that orinar& "%iritual "ee<er" come in
contact !ith i3ine -oo<" or orinar& "%iritual teacher" through their inner call, -ut !hen a
e3otee i" e.tremel& an.iou" to <no! Go, then a "%ecial me""enger or a3ance Guru6
Prece%tor arri3e" in i3ine re"%on"e to the "oul$" ;ue"t)
That i" !h& 'e"u" i" "u-tl& %ointing out that an&one !ho !ante to -e actuall& li<e
Go an !or<" Hi" truth in hi" li#e, mu"t #ollo! "ome-o& !ho ha" "tri3en an alrea&
attaine Go Con"ciou"ne"") He re6em%ha"i>e that an&one !ho !i"he" to !or< li<e Go
mu"t o "o through one !ho <no!" Go) That i" !h& 'e"u" "ai that it !a" the !i"h o#
Go that true e3otee" -elie3e in him an hi" teaching")
“*his is the 4or, of 2od” C The ecree o# Go that an&one !ho !a" in tune !ith the
Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" in 'e"u" -& ee% meitation !oul #in him"el# !or<ing the !or< an
oing the !ill o# Go)
“*he! said therefore unto him< E:hat sign she4est thou then< that 4e ma! see< and
believe theeF :hat dost thou 4or,F 1ur fathers did eat manna in the desert; as it is
4ritten< &e gave them bread from heaven to eat.$ *hen Jesus said unto them< E?eril!<
veril!< I sa! unto !ou< oses gave !ou not that bread from heaven; but m! ;ather giveth
!ou the true bread from heaven. ;1/ *&5 -/5.3 1; 213 I' &5 :&I)& )15*&
31:0 ;/1 &5.?50< .03 2I?5*& >I;5 (0*1 *&5 :1/>3.$”
E'ohn I498699F
H*eril&, #rom the omni"cient in"ight !ithin me I eclare unto &ou that Mo"e" ga3e &ou
"%iritual in"%iration -ut i not "ho! &ou ho! to get the -rea o# hea3en or the Co"mic
Chri"t Intelligence hien !ithin Co"mic *i-rator& Energ&) It i" the tran"cenental Go the
Father %re"ent -e&on 3i-rator& creation !hich "en" &ou, through me, the <no!lege o#
contacting the Chri"t Intelligence hien -ehin the hea3enl& region o# Co"mic *i-rator&
Energ&) For the Chri"t Intelligence, the onl& re#lection o# Go the Father !hich i" hien
-ehin hea3en or Co"mic Energ&, came o!n on earth an -ecame mani#e"te in m& li#e)
An&one !ho -& meitation !ill -e in tune !ith m& li#e !ill -e in tune !ith the e3erla"ting li#e
o# Chri"t Intelligence !hich i" the "ource that in"till" li#e in all li3ing thing" in the !orl or
Belie# Not Enough C
+i3ing the Chri"t +i#e I" Nece""ar&
'e"u" !a" here %ointing out to a3ance e3otee" that a mere -elie# in him !ithout
li3ing hi" truth in li#e coul not %o""i-l& re"cue them #rom the tentacle" o# co"mic elu"ion)
'e"u" in the a-o3e !or" !a" e.%laining in %ara-le" !hat <in o# -rea coul
nouri"h the e3otee an gi3e him e3erla"ting li#e) 'e"u" %oint" out that -rea "igni#ie the
Chri"t Intelligence hien in hea3en or !ithin all Co"mic Energ&) The Co"mic Energ&
guie -& the latent Chri"t Intelligence tran"mute" it"el# into i##erent rate" o# 3i-ration,
creating "emi6con"ciou" li#e #orce, %otentiall& con"ciou" electron" an %roton", atom", an
molecule" !hich in turn #orm them"el3e" into "oli, li;ui, ga"eou", an a"tral li3ing
"u-"tance" con"tituting the co"mo", i"lan uni3er"e", "tellar "&"tem", %lanetar& "&"tem",
"olar "&"tem", the earth an it" human inha-itant") 'e"u" !a" %ointing out that he came on
earth not to u%li#t %eo%le onl& !ith "im%le in"%iration", -ut !ith the i"tinct mi""ion o#
teaching %eo%le ho! to e.%an their con"ciou"ne"" into Chri"t Intelligence "o that the&
coul #eel the co"mo" a" their -oie" an the Chri"t Intelligence a" their o!n
'e"u" %ointe out that no one e.ce%t "oul" li<e him !ho are in tune !ith Chri"t
Intelligence hien -ehin Co"mic Energ& coul "ho! other e3otee" the art o# contacting
Chri"t Intelligence) A" a man i" con"ciou" o# hi" min cogni>ing an& "en"ation at an& %art
o# the -o&, "o a Chri"til<e Ma"ter i" a!are o# hi" con"ciou"ne"" %re"ent in e3er&thing an
he <no!" an #eel" in hi" con"ciou"ne"" e3er&thing that occur" in an& %art o# the co"mo")
Thi" i" al"o !hat 'e"u" meant !hen he "ai4 HARE NOT TAO SPARROAS SO+D FOR A
YO(R FATHER)G EMatthe! /84:0F
Go I" Con"ciou"ne"" o# All
Go i" con"ciou" o# e3er& %oint in "%ace an matter, an "aint" !ho are in tune !ith
Him -ecome omni"cient li<e Him) B& H-rea o# Go,G 'e"u" "igni#ie the Chri"t Intelligence
!hich i" %re"ent in Co"mic Energ& !or<ing the !or< o# creation) 'e"u" al"o %ointe out that
hi" -o& !hich came o!n on earth !a" not "u"taine -& orinar& human con"ciou"ne""
-ut that Chri"t Intelligence !a" %re"ent !ithin him C the "ame Chri"t Intelligence !hich
ga3e con"ciou"ne"" an li#e to all li3ing creature" in the co"mo")
“2ave !ou not the bread” C Coul not gi3e the all6reeeming Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"")
“&eaven” C The light or a"tral region -ehin "%ace) “;ather” C Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" a" a
con"ciou" Per"onalit&) “*rue bread”6 The Chri"t Intelligence !hich i" the true "u-"tance,
"u"taining all) “-read of 2od” C Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" emanating #rom Go !hich i" the
i3ine -rea "u"taining all creation an create o-Bect") “Is he 4hich cometh do4n from
heaven” C The Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" !hich came o!n #rom in#inite "%ace an -ecame
mani#e"te in the human -o& o# 'e"u") “2iveth life to the 4orld” C Su"tain" all create
“*hen said the! unto him< E>ord< evermore give us this bread$. .nd Jesus said unto
them< EI . *&5 -/5.3 1; >I;5: &5 *&.* )15*& *1 5 '&.>> 05?5/ &(025/;
.03 &5 *&.* -5>I5?5*& 10 5 '&.>> 05?5/ *&I/'*. -ut I said unto !ou< E*hat !e
also have seen me< and believe not. .ll that the ;ather giveth me shall come to me< and
him that cometh to me I 4ill in no 4ise cast out.$”
“;1/ I ).5 31:0 ;/1 &5.?50< 01* *1 31 I05 1:0 :I>>< -(* *&5
:I>> 1; &I *&.* '50* 5. .nd this is the ;ather$s 4ill 4hich hath sent me< that of all
4hich he hath given me I should lose nothing< but should raise it u% again at the last da!.
.nd this is the 4ill of him that sent me< that ever!one 4hich seeth the 'on< and believeth
on him< ma! have everlasting life; and I 4ill raise him u% at the last da!.$”
E'ohn I492628F
HThe Chri"t Intelligence an the enlightene I6AM Eor Ego, human Con"ciou"ne""F in
me are one, thu" the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" in me i" the "ource o# li#e an con"ciou"ne"" o#
all li3ing -eing") Becau"e the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" i" mani#e"t in m& li#e an I am
con"ciou" o# it, an& e3otee !ho come" to me !ith a rece%ti3e attitue an !ho i"ci%line"
hi" li#e accoring to m& teaching", !ill #in the hunger o# all mortal an "%iritual !ant"
#ore3er "ati"#ie)
HHuman -eing", -eing a re#lection o# Go$" image, can ne3er remain "ati"#ie !ith
material thing") All their material an "%iritual hunger" are "ati"#ie onl& -& tuning in !ith
their i3ine nature in Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"") An& "oul !ho come" to me Ethat i", an& "oul
!ho can %ermanentl& contact hi" human con"ciou"ne"" !ith the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne""
!ithin meF "hall #in all the hunger an cra3ing o# hi" earthl& e"ire" #ul#ille #ore3er) The
e3otee !ho occa"ionall& i" in tune !ith the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" !hich i" %re"ent in him
an me an -elie3e" or i" con3ince o# -eing a-le to contact that Chri"t Con"ciou"ne""
an the e3er6ne! -li"" in it, !ill #in that, unli<e the orinar& man, he !ill not thir"t #or the
tem%orar& Bo&" o# material thing")G
Ahat I" True Belie#J
HBut I "a& unto &ou that &ou !ho ha3e onl& "een me Em& -o&F an ha3e not #elt the
Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" !ithin it ha3e not -elie3e a" to !hat i" in me)
HThat e3otee !ho tune" in hi" e3otion an attention !ith m& con"ciou"ne"", no
matter ho! "in#ul or error6"tric<en he i", I !ill ne3er #or"a<e him) He i" m& -rother !ho
un<no!ingl& hie" the image o# Go$" con"ciou"ne"" -eneath hi" elu"ion6"tric<en min)
For the con"ciou"ne"" hien -ehin m& earthl& -o& i" the "ame uni3er"al Chri"t
Con"ciou"ne"" !hich i" %re"ent -ehin hea3enl& Co"mic Energ&) A" the Chri"t Intelligence
in all creation i" in tune !ith the !ill o# Go the Father e.i"ting -e&on creation, "o i" m&
!ill tune !ith Hi" !ill)G
Foretell" Hi" Cruci#i.ion
HThe !ill o# Go the Father 3i-rate" !ithin m& human con"ciou"ne"" an intimate"
to me that all the %o!er o# Chri"t Intelligence an Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" !hich !a"
re#lecte into me uring m& earth6li#e mu"t -e con"ciou"l& u"e -& me E!ithout m& lo"ing
an& iota o# it uring the %h&"ical cruci#i.ion o# m& -o&F an retaine a#ter eath, on the la"t
a&, !hen the "ee" o# action" o# all m& %a"t li3e" E<armaF !ill -e #ore3er #ini"he) On that
la"t a& a#ter m& cruci#i.ion I !ill li#t m& Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" an unite it !ith Go the
Father$" Con"ciou"ne"" a#ter attaining #inal 3ictor& o3er all m& <arma")
HAn thi" i" the !ill o# Go the Father !ho i" the Creator o# m& -o& an the Chri"t
Con"ciou"ne"" in it, that e3er& a3ance e3otee !ho in the light o# hi" meitation6
e3elo%e intuition -ecome" one !ith the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" or onl&6re#lecte
E-egottenF Son o# Chri"t Intelligence in creation an i" a-le to retain that con"ciou"ne"" o#
unit& E-elie3ing in the unit& !ith Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" attaine in meitationF, that illumine
"oul !ill #in hi" li#e one !ith the e3erla"ting li#e in Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"")G
All =arma De"tro&e
HAn on the la"t a& !hen m& "ee" o# action" are -urne u% in the #ire" o# !i"om,
then I !ill li#t m& Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" in creation to the region o# Co"mic Con"ciou"ne""
e.i"ting -e&on creation, an m& human con"ciou"ne"" an m& -o& a#ter cruci#i.ion,
-eing in tune !ith the ultimate, all6%o!er#ul Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" o# Go the Father, !ill
al"o #in immortalit&)
HI !ill then %ercei3e m& -o& not a" a %art o# tem%orar& change -ut a" an emanation
o# the changele"" immortalit&, an then m& -o& tune to Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"", a#ter
o3ercoming the elu"ion o# it" cruci#i.ion, !ill al"o i""ol3e in the Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"",
retaining it" ini3iualit&, materiali>ing an&!here, an&time, at m& !ill or at the e3otee$"
call) Through m& uni3er"al Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" each e3otee con3ince o# the %re"ence
o# Chri"t Intelligence !ithin !ill -e li#te u% #ore3er on the la"t a& !hen all hi" "tore6u%
"ee" o# action in the %h&"ical, a"tral an cau"al -oie" !ill -e remo3e #rom hi" "oul)G
HBrea o# +i#eG
In the a-o3e, H-rea o# li#eG re#er" to the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" !hich "u"tain" all the
"oul" o# all li3ing -eing") It mu"t -e note that the t!o %hra"e" Hcometh to meG an
H-elie3eth on meG ha3e i##erent "igni#icance) HHe that comethG "igni#ie" a "oul !ho i" one
!ith Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"", an Hhe that -elie3ethG "igni#ie" one !ho ha" onl& occa"ional
Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" -& meitation)
Ahen 'e"u" "%ea<" o# He3er&one !hich "eeth the Son,G -& the !or H"eethG he
mean" the %o!er o# intuition or #eeling !hich can "ee, hear, "mell, ta"te or touch) It i" ;uite
e3ient that all %eo%le !ho "a! 'e"u" Chri"t /088 &ear" ago !ere not "a3e an there are
man& Chri"tian" toa& !ho -elie3e in 'e"u" Chri"t an &et are not "a3e, -ecau"e the&
con"ciou"l& <no! nothing o# him in !i"om nor o the& tr& to #eel him in meitation) Onl&
tho"e !ho ha3e e3elo%e the all6<no!ing intuition -& regular, ee% meitation can "ee or
intuiti3el& %ercei3e the Son or Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" !hich e.i"t" -e&on the "tate" o#
con"ciou"ne"", "u-6con"ciou"ne"", an reamle"" "u%ercon"ciou"ne"")
“*he Je4s then murmured at him< because he said< EI am the bread 4hich came
do4n from heaven.$ .nd the! said< EIs not this Jesus< the son of Jose%h< 4hose father and
mother 4e ,no4F &o4 is it then that he saith< I came do4n from heavenF Jesus therefore
ans4ered and said unto them< Eurmur not among !ourselves. 0o man can come to me<
e6ce%t the ;ather 4hich hath sent me dra4 him: and I 4ill raise him u% at the last da!. It is
4ritten in the %ro%hets< .nd the! shall be all taught of 2od. 5ver! man therefore that hath
heard< and hath learned of the ;ather< cometh unto me. 0ot that an! man hath seen the
;ather< save he 4hich is of 2od< he hath seen the ;ather.$
@A?eril!< veril!< I sa! unto !ou< E&5 *&.* -5>I5?5*& 10 5 &.*& 5?5/>.'*I02 >I;5. I
. *&.* -/5.3 1; >I;5. #our fathers did eat manna in the 4ilderness< and are dead. *his is
the bread 4hich cometh do4n from heaven< that a man ma! eat thereof< and not die. I am
the living bread 4hich came do4n from heaven: if an! man eat of this bread< he shall live
forever: and the bread that I 4ill give is m! flesh< 4hich I 4ill give for the life of the 4orld.$”
E'ohn I42/67/F
Men Born B& Com%ul"ion
HDo not murmur or 3i-rate !ith ou-t, thu" i"loging the i3ine uner"taning !hich
I am tr&ing to tran"mit among &ou) You are too material to uner"tan !ho I am)
HMo"t %eo%le come on earth -eing com%elle -& the "ee" o# action" o# their %a"t
li3e") But in m& #inal incarnation a" 'e"u" !hen I "hall attain #inal li-eration, I come not #or
m& o!n li-eration onl& -ut #or hel%ing other" to li-erate them"el3e" -& "ho!ing them the art
o# contacting Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" an Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"")
HYou all thin< that &our earthl& #ather !a" the cau"e o# &our human -irth, -ut I <no!
e3en though m& -o& !a" -orn to the hou"e o# 'o"e%h, "till m& earthl& tem%le an the
Chri"t Intelligence in it came on earth irectl& through the !ill o# the Father to #ul#ill a
mi""ion o# li-erating "oul") +i<e!i"e, remem-er that &ou !ho are "o near m& -o& cannot
reali>e or come near the Chri"t Intelligence in me)
HYou mu"t reali>e that no one !ho i" ienti#ie !ith hi" earthl& -o& can -e one !ith
me, the Chri"t Intelligence !hich i" %re"ent -e&on the "tate o# human con"ciou"ne"",
"u-con"ciou"ne"", an "u%ercon"ciou"ne"") Onl& e3otee" !ho ee%l& "ee Go are
-le""e an are "o irecte -& Him that the& #in the right teaching" an meitate an go
-e&on the "u-con"ciou", con"ciou" an "u%ercon"ciou" "tate" to -e one !ith the Chri"t
Con"ciou"ne"" in all creation) E3en &ou !ho are clo"e to m& -o& ha3e ha "ome goo
<arma -& !hich the Hea3enl& Father "ent &ou to me) E3er& e3otee !ho meet" a i3ine
"u%erman i" "o -le""e -& the Hea3enl& Father !ho re"%one to the e3otee$" "%iritual
De3otee" Aill Be +i-erate
HE3er& e3otee !ho -& the earne"tne"" o# hi" "%iritual e"ire" an -& ee%
meitation e3er& a& o#ten commune" !ith Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"", !ill #in, on the a&
!hen all hi" "ee" o# action" o# all li3e" !ill -e -urne in the #ire o# hi" Chri"t !i"om, that
I, the Chri"t Intelligence %re"ent in him, !ill li#t hi" con"ciou"ne"" #rom the omain o# matter
to the <ingom o# com%letel& li-erating Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"")
HThe oler %ro%het" !ho commune !ith Go !rote that all tho"e !ho !ill come
near me !ill -e taught the !a& o# communing !ith Go the Father through Chri"t
Intelligence attaine in ee% meitation) E3er& truth6"ee<ing man !ho ha" hear the
Co"mic *i-ration in meitation emanating #rom the Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" !ill #in that he
ha" to #eel the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" in all creation -e#ore he can #inall& #eel the Co"mic
Con"ciou"ne"" !hich 3i-rate" -e&on all creation)G
Tuning In Aith Chri"t
HAn I "a& unto &ou, no man !ho i" ienti#ie !ith hi" -o& can %o""i-l& "ee or -e
one !ith Go the Father, or Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" e.i"ting -e&on creation) Onl& tho"e
attain !ho ha3e li#te their inner -eing #rom con"ciou"ne"", "u-con"ciou"ne"",
"u%ercon"ciou"ne"" an Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" to Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" -& ee%
meitation an con"ciou" ec"ta"&) He !ho ha" learne the art o# communing !ith Go the
Father -& hearing the Co"mic *i-ration an #eeling the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" in it, i" o#
Go an ha" "een or -ecome one !ith Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" the Father, -& the all6
#eeling %o!er o# hi" e3elo%e intuition)
H*eril&, through the Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" in me, I eclare unto all, that the e3otee
!ho reall& -elie3e" in communing !ith the Chri"t Intelligence in him -& ail& ee% ec"ta"&
ha" #oun hi" li#e tune to e3erla"ting li#e) The human con"ciou"ne"" EI6AmF in me i" one
!ith the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" E-reaF !hich "u"tain" the "oul" an li3e" o# all)
HYour #ore#ather" ate the "o6calle manna or i3ine in"%iration in the !ilerne"" o#
"ilence an "till the& are ea, 6 that i", their "oul" ha3e not eternall& a!a<ene in !i"om
an thu" #ree #rom -irth" an eath") I <no! thi" #rom m& omni"cient Chri"t
Con"ciou"ne"" !hich <no!" the hi"tor& o# all "oul" on earth) But thi" Chri"t Con"ciou"ne""
E-reaF !hich !a" hien -ehin the hea3enl& ram%art" o# Co"mic Energ& an i" mani#e"t
no! in m& -o& can %rouce eathle""ne"" in true e3otee" !ho can !ith their human
con"ciou"ne"" eat or a-"or- the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" in e3er&thing)
HThe I6Am human con"ciou"ne"" in me i" unite !ith the e3er6li3ing Chri"t
Intelligence !hich i" hien -ehin hea3enl& Co"mic Energ& an !hich i" mani#e"te no!
in m& -o&) I# an& e3otee continuou"l& nouri"he" hi" li#e !ith thi" -rea o# Chri"t
Intelligence, he "hall #in hi" li#e unite #ore3er !ith e3erla"ting li#e) An the -rea or Chri"t
Intelligence mani#e"ting a" m& #le"h or conen"e Co"mic Energ& I !ill gi3e to the true
e3otee that he ma& unite it !ith the li#e #orce in hi" -o& Eli#e o# the !orl or li#e #elt in the
!orlF an ma<e it immortal)
HFor !orl& %eo%le in general, that the& might a!a<en an tr& to #in the e3erla"ting
li#e in them, I !ill "acri#ice m& #le"h on the cro"" !hich a#ter three a&" !ill -e ;uic<ene
into Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" an immortalit&)G
In the a-o3e 'e"u" "%ea<" o# -rea a" the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" !ithin him an
goe" on to "a& that hi" Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" an #le"h are one an the "ame) 'e"u" coul
"a& thi" -ecau"e he "a! that hi" #le"h !a" not a" orinar& human -eing" %ercei3e it, -ut
!a" nothing -ut the emanation" o# Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"")
Delu"ion o# Se%aration
I# a man in a ream "ee" that he i" going to -e cruci#ie an then i" cruci#ie in the
ream, he reali>e" on !a<ing that hi" ream6%ercei3e -o&, -e#ore hi" ream cruci#i.ion
an a#ter hi" ream cruci#i.ion, !a" an in"e%ara-le mani#e"tation o# hi" o!n
con"ciou"ne"") So 'e"u" Chri"t, !hen he !a" #oretelling that he !oul gi3e u% hi" #le"h in
cruci#i.ion a" a "&m-ol o# "acri#ice o# material ha%%ine"" o# the -o& #or "%iritual -li"" o# the
"oul, reali>e that the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" !ithin hi" -o& an the -o& -oth !ere
e3erla"ting, -eing nothing -ut the emanation" o# one Go con"ciou"ne"")
“*he Je4s therefore strove among themselves< sa!ing< E&o4 can this man give us
his flesh to eatF$ *hen Jesus said unto them< E?5/I>#< ?5/I>#< I '.# (0*1 #1(<
5G)5"* #5 5.* *&5 ;>5'& 1; *&5 '10 1; .0< .03 3/I0C &I' ->113< #5
&.?5 01 >I;5 I0 #1(. :&1'1 5.*5'* # ;>5'&< .03 3/I0C5*& # ->113<
&.*& 5*5/0.> >I;5; and I 4ill raise him u% at the last da!. ;or m! flesh is meat indeed<
and m! blood is drin, indeed. &e that eateth m! flesh and drin,eth m! blood< d4elleth in
me< and I in him. .s the living ;ather hath sent me< and I live b! the ;ather; so he that
eateth me< even he shall live b! me. *his is that bread 4hich came do4n from heaven: not
as !our fathers did eat manna< and are dead: he that eateth of this bread shall live for
E'ohn I47:671F
The 'e!" murmure among them"el3e", HI" thi" man a3ocating canni-ali"m -&
o##ering %eo%le hi" #le"hJG 'e"u" an"!ere them an their ou-ting materiali"tic min"
!hich !ere una-le to uner"tan hi" !i"om hien -ehin %ara-le", a" #ollo!"4
H(nle"" the e3otee eat" an a-"or-" the #le"h o# Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" hien in
the Son o# man or human -o&, an rin<" hi" -loo or a-"or-" the 3itall&6gi3ing Co"mic
Energ& %re"ent in it, he cannot #eel the e3erla"ting li#e %re"ent !ithin him)
HMo"t o# &ou are the li3ing ea, !al<ing eaD &ou o not %ercei3e the e3erla"ting
li#e in &ou, nor o &ou charge &our li#e !ith Co"mic Energ& an &our con"ciou"ne"" !ith
Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" hien -ehin &our -o& con"ciou"ne"")
HAn& e3otee !ho can a-"or- in hi" human con"ciou"ne"" m& Chri"t
Con"ciou"ne"" -& ec"ta"& an !ho can unite hi" li#e #orce in the -o& !ith m& omni%re"ent
Co"mic Energ& E-looF, !ill #in hi" con"ciou"ne"" immortal an hi" li#e eternal) For m&
#le"h o# Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" %re"ent in all "oul" i" the real meat or the "u-"tance !hich
can #ore3er "ati"#& the hunger o# !i"om o# all "oul") The Chri"t Intelligence6guie Co"mic
Energ& Em& -looF i" the onl& 3italit& that can charge the human li#e !ith immortalit&, an
;uench the thir"t o# all human e"ire" o# earthl& li#e)G
HEateth M& Fle"hG or A-"or- M& Con"ciou"ne""
HThat e3otee !ho -& ee% ec"tatic meitation ha" a-"or-e m& Chri"t
Con"ciou"ne"" in hi" human con"ciou"ne"" an recharge hi" li#e #orce !ith the Chri"t
Con"ciou"ne""6guie Co"mic Energ&, i" unite in hi" -eing !ith Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"")
The e3er6li3ing Go the Father ECo"mic Con"ciou"ne"" %re"ent -e&on 3i-rator& creationF
i" the One that ha" re#lecte Hi" e3erla"ting li#e in the Chri"t Intelligence E%re"ent in all
3i-rator& creationF) That e3otee !ho a-"or-" EeatethF Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" or Chri"t
Intelligence, #in" that hi" con"ciou"ne"" an li#e are "u"taine #ore3er -& Chri"t
Con"ciou"ne"" !hich i" e;uall& %re"ent in the -o& o# the e3otee an m& -o& !hich i"
calle 'e"u" Chri"t)
HThi" i" the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" or -rea !hich i" hien -ehin hea3enl& Co"mic
Energ& an i" mani#e"t -eneath the -o& calle 'e"u" Chri"t) Your #ather" !ho ate the
manna o# tem%orar& "%iritual in"%iration ha3e not #ull& a!a<ene in !i"om nor -een #ree
#rom re-irth" an eath", -ut an& one o# &ou !ho -& ee% meitation a-"or-" in hi"
con"ciou"ne"" the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" E-reaF !ill #in hi" li#e unite to eternal li#e)G
In the a-o3e !or" o# 'e"u", one mu"t "trictl& uner"tan that he i" "%ea<ing o# 3er&
%ro#oun truth" in %ara-le") He "%ea<" o# hi" #le"h a" -rea or Chri"t Con"ciou"ne""
%re"ent in all 3i-rator& creation, an o# hi" -loo a" Co"mic Energ&) Chri"t Con"ciou"ne""
an Co"mic Energ& are in"e%ara-le, a" Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" i" the re#lection o# Co"mic
Con"ciou"ne"" E!hich i" -e&on creationF mani#e"te a" Co"mic Energ& or 3i-rator&
Di##erence Bet!een Go the Father an Chri"t the Son
Go the Father an Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" are one an the "ame thing, Chri"t the
Son an Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" are one an the "ame thing) Go the Father emanate #rom
Him Hi" "on, Chri"t Intelligence, an Co"mic Energ& Ethe Hol& Gho"tF) A" a "on cannot -e
-orn !ithout the ual in"trumentalit& o# the #ather an the mother, "o Chri"t Intelligence
coul not e.i"t !ithout the ual in"trumentalit& o# Go the Father an Co"mic Energ&)
There#ore, Chri"t Intelligence, the -rea or #le"h, an the Co"mic Energ& or -loo, -eing
in"e%ara-l& together, !or< to mani#e"t the i##erent #orm" o# creation an co"mic
'e"u" Chri"t "%ea<" o# the -rea an the #le"h a" one an the "ame thing) The #le"h
o# the Son o# man re#er" to the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" %re"ent in the -o& o# Chri"t a" !ell
a" the -o& o# an& ini3iual) HDrin< hi" -looG re#er" to the Co"mic Energ& to -e unite
!ith the li#e energ&, -oth o# !hich are %re"ent in the human -o& an can -e unite -&
!i"om) HEatG re#er" to the act o# a-"or-ing) The !or Hrin<G in Hrin< hi" -looG re#er" to
recharging the li#e #orce !ith Co"mic Energ& E-looF)
S&m-olic Chri"tian Rite"
There are ceremonie" in Chri"tian churche" in !hich %eo%le rin< -le""e !ine a"
the -loo o# 'e"u" Chri"t an -le""e -rea a" hi" #le"h) Thi" i" "&m-olical) Thi" ceremon&
"houl remin true e3otee" that -& learning the techni;ue o# meitation #rom a Chri"tli<e
"oul the& can learn to eat or a-"or- Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" E-reaF in their con"ciou"ne""
an rin< or recharge in their li3e" the -loo or Co"mic Energ& %re"ent in Chri"t
Con"ciou"ne"", an thu" attain e3erla"ting li#e)
“*hese things said he in the s!nagogue< as he taught in )a%ernaum. an! therefore
of his disci%les< 4hen the! had heard this said< E*his is an hard sa!ing; 4ho can hear itF$
:hen Jesus ,ne4 in himself that his disci%les murmured at it< he said unto them< E3oth this
offend !ouF :hat and if !e shall see the 'on of man ascend u% 4here he 4as beforeF It is
the s%irit that =uic,eneth; the flesh %rofiteth nothing; the 4ords that I s%ea, unto !ou< the!
are s%irit< and the! are life. -ut there are some of !ou that believe not. ;or Jesus ,ne4
from the beginning 4ho the! 4ere that believed not< and 4ho should betra! him.$”
E'ohn I4706I2F
HI am a"toni"he to #in that not onl& o &ou not uner"tan the %ricele"" !i"om I
gi3e to &ou -ut &ou are mi"uner"taning an murmuring a-out it) You ou-t m& !or" an
!oner at m& "a&ing", -ut ho! much more ama>e &ou !oul -e i# &ou "a! m& -o&, the
Son o# man, go -ac< to the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" !hence it cameJG
'e"u" here mean" that hi" con"ciou"ne"" !a" tune alrea& !ith Chri"t
Con"ciou"ne"", an that hi" -o&, though 3i"i-l& a%art #rom that con"ciou"ne"", coul go
-ac< to it) 'e"u" !a" hinting that hi" -o&, -eing an emanation o# Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"",
!oul merge in it !hen the %ro%er moment arri3e)
'e"u" Promi"e" Proo#
'e"u" tell" hi" ou-ting i"ci%le" that i# the& !oner at hi" ama>ing "a&ing" the&
!oul ha3e cau"e to -e #urther a"toni"he !hen the& !oul -ehol hi" -o& a#ter
cruci#i.ion return to li#e an -e recei3e -& Hea3enl& Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"") In other !or",
'e"u" %romi"e hi" ou-ting i"ci%le" a emon"tration o# the truth containe in hi" "u-tle
HAhen &ou concentrate on the S%irit, &ou uner"tan that it can enli3en &our
tem%orar& li#e !ith eternal li#e) It i" the #le"h con"ciou"ne"" or ou-ting material
con"ciou"ne"" !ithin &ou !hich !ill &iel &ou no %ro#it, no la"ting ha%%ine"") It i" &our
"%iritual uner"taning that can ;uic<l& lea &ou to &our goal o# eternal emanci%ation)
HYour #le"hl& con"ciou"ne"", &our ienti#ication !ith material matter", an the ou-t"
-orn o# them, !ill not gi3e &ou ultimate ha%%ine"") You mu"t reali>e the !or" o# !i"om
!hich I "%ea< unto are charge !ith the Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" o# the S%irit an can gi3e
li#e to the "%irituall& ea li<e "ome o# &ou !ho -elie3e not that the uni3er"al %anacea o# all
human "u##ering lie" hien -ehin the !or" o# m& !i"om, i# the& are trul& a%%lie in li#e)G
Ahen 'e"u" "%ea<" o# hi" !or" -eing S%irit an +i#e, he trie" to con3e& the truth
that e3er& !or ha" t!o a"%ect" C the con"ciou"ne"" containe in it an the energ& !hich
it %rouce") Ahen a mentall& "ic< man i" re%entant an hear" the !or H%eaceG #rom a
"aintl& ini3iual, he i" "aturate !ith the con"ciou"ne"" o# %eace an mental
encouragement or li#e6gi3ing energ&) Thu" 'e"u" mae it clear to hi" i"ci%le" that i# the&
!ere in tune !ith him the& !oul #eel the Chri"t !i"om o# S%irit -ehin hi" !or" an li#e6
gi3ing energ& containe in them)
+i3ing Aor" o# the Ma"ter
The !or" o# 'e"u" i not come #rom a -oo<) The& emanate irectl& #rom hi"
#ountain o# Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" an all li#e6"u"taining energ&) Tho"e !ho are "%iritual
an !i"e retire e3er& a& -ehin the #ore"t o# thought" an "ee< the ca3e" o# "ilence
hien in the roc< o# contem%lation) There in the ca3e" o# "ilence the true e3otee can
rin< #rom the #ountain o# S%irit an +i#e, #lo!ing #rom the !or" o# 'e"u") All ma"ter" li<e
Chri"t !ho are tune !ith Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" gi3e #orth !or" !hich are charge !ith
the Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" o# S%irit an it" all6"u"taining li#e #orce)
Due to hi" all6"eeing !i"om !hich coul trace the la! o# cau"e an e##ect
go3erning the action" o# an& ini3iual, 'e"u" <ne! #rom the -eginning !ho -elie3e in him
an !ho !oul -etra& him4
“.nd he said< E*herefore said I unto !ou< that no man can come unto me< e6ce%t it
4ere given unto him of m! ;ather.$”
E'ohn I4I7F
HFrom m& i3ine con"ciou"ne"" I <no! tho"e o# &ou !ho ha3e "tore u% goo
action" an <arma" an I ha3e earne i3ine com%a""ion -& !hich &ou !ill -e actuate to
#ollo! me) I <no! al"o tho"e !ith -a <arma" !ho !ill lea3e me) No materiall&6mine man
can reach an -e in tune !ith the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" !ithin me unle"" -& hi" e3otion
he ha" a%%eale to the Su%reme Go, the Father)G
In the a-o3e 'e"u" %ointe out to hi" i"ci%le" that it !a" not ea"& #or an&one to
recogni>e the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" in him unle"" that ini3iual ha gaine %re3iou" goo
<arma an the coo%eration o# the Co"mic +a!)
“;/1 *&.* *I5 .0# 1; &I' 3I')I">5' :50* -.)C< .03 :.>C53 01
1/5 :I*& &I. *&50 '.I3 J5'(' (0*1 *&5 *:5>?5< E:I>> #5 .>'1 21
.:.#F$ *&50 'I10 "5*5/ .0':5/53 &I< E>1/3< *1 :&1 '&.>> :5 21F
*&1( &.' *&5 :1/3' 1; 5*5/0.> >I;5. .03 :5 -5>I5?5 .03 ./5 '(/5 *&.*
*&1( ./5 *&.* )&/I'*< *&5 '10 1; *&5 >I?I02 213.$ Jesus ans4ered them<
E&ave not I chosen !ou t4elve< and one of !ou is a devilF$ &e s%a,e of Judas Iscariot the
'on of 'imon: for he it 4as that should betra! him< being one of the t4elve.”
E'ohn I4II65/F
Po!er o# Free Aill
It i" clear that 'e"u" !a" not in ou-t a" to !hether hi" cho"en t!el3e i"ci%le"
!oul go a!a& #rom him, -ut he re"%ecte their #ree !ill an remine them that the& coul
remain !ith him or go a!a& i# the& %lea"e)
It mu"t -e clearl& uner"too that el"e!here !hen 'e"u" "ai, HThe har3e"t trul& i"
%lenteou", -ut the la-orer" are #e!,G he i"tinctl& em%ha"i>e that the har3e"t o# Go
Con"ciou"ne"" coul -e rea%e -& using the free 4ill #or "%iritual la-or -& "el#6i"ci%line
an meitation) The la! i" that the more one "%irituall& la-or", the more he !ill rea% the
"%iritual har3e"t o# Go Con"ciou"ne"")
De3otee" orain the ha%%ening" o# their li3e" accoring to %renatal an %o"tnatal
"ee" o# action E<armaFD there#ore, !hen 'e"u" "ai, HHa3e not I cho"en &ou t!el3e
Eaccoring to &our <armaF an one o# &ou i" a e3ilJG he i not "%ea< o# thi" a" an
ine3ita-le ar-itrar& orinance o# Go) He tol thi" #rom hi" intimate <no!lege o# the inner
li#e o# all hi" t!el3e i"ci%le")
Preiction A-out 'ua"
I# 'e"u" !a" "ure that all hi" t!el3e i"ci%le" !ere %ri"oner" o# e"tin& an !ere
oraine to remain !ith him, he !oul not ha3e a"<e4 HAill &e al"o go a!a&JG 'e"u" <ne!
the i"ci%le", though in#luence -& <arma an co"mic la!, "till ha #ree !ill to -e !ith him
or to #or"a<e him) In #act, 'e"u" %reicte hi" -etra&al at the han" o# 'ua" in orer to
!arn him, that he might re#orm an re#rain #rom oing the e3il act) 'ua" !a" the -e"t
un%ai an unem%lo&e %u-licit& agent o# 'e"u" Chri"t, an inirectl& hel%e greatl& to
-roaca"t the ieal li#e an teaching" o# 'e"u" Chri"t to the !orl)
Aa" it a Plan o# Go or Satan
To Te"t 'ua"J
The ;ue"tion ari"e" C !a" it Go !ho %lanne that 'ua" "houl -etra& 'e"u" an
thu" "er3e a" a i3ine "ca%egoatJ Or !a" it Satan, the Co"mic E3il, !ho %lanne itJ In
orer to uner"tan thi" 3er& com%le. "ituation one mu"t clearl& gra"% all the cau"e" !hich
o%erate to -ring a-out the circum"tance" o# 'e"u"$ -etra&al -& 'ua")
'e"u" Chri"t in hi" i3ine con"ciou"ne"" #elt the ignorance an !ic<ene"" o# the
%eo%le aroun him) He %ic<e t!el3e a" the -e"t he coul #in among them) O# cour"e it
mu"t -e remem-ere that 'e"u" cho"e the t!el3e i"ci%le" -ecau"e he <ne! them an
ha alrea& traine them in #ormer li3e" "o that the& coul act a" hi" %er#ect me""enger" to
!or< out the !ill o# Go uring hi" la"t incarnation on earth)
'e"u" <no!ingl& cho"e 'ua" a" hi" i"ci%le -ecau"e he ha alrea& traine him in
a #ormer incarnation an ha acce%te him a" a "%iritual "on in "%ite o# hi" !ic<ene"")
'u"t a" a #ather cannot #or"a<e a !ic<e "on !ho i" -orn o# hi" o!n -loo, "o a Guru6
Prece%tor cannot #or"a<e a "%iritual "on or a i"ci%le !ho -ecome" !ic<e)
'e"u" +o3e 'ua"
'e"u" <ne! that the ele3en i"ci%le" -& their "%iritualit& !oul "%rea hi" cau"e into
the !orl, an 'ua" -& hi" -etra&al !oul o##er him E'e"u"F a great te"t leaing to hi" #inal
3ictor& o3er e3il) 'e"u" cho"e 'ua" a" a i"ci%le, #or he ha alrea& cho"en him in %a"t
li3e", an con"iere him a" a %roigal "on) 'e"u" lo3e 'ua" an ga3e him the
o%%ortunit& o# -eing -etter in the Chri"tli<e en3ironment o# the i"ci%le") Fore<no!lege o#
hi" -etra&al -& 'ua" i not %re3ent that great heart o# 'e"u" #rom acce%ting 'ua" in the
i3ine #amil& o# hi" i"ci%le")
'ua" ha -een a goo i"ci%le -ut in hi" la"t li#e, Bu"t -e#ore he ie an !a" -orn
a" 'ua", he ha mae u% hi" min to #or"a<e hi" -etter nature an -ecome gree& an
e3il) 'ua" ha !ithin him %lent& o# latent %renatal goo "ee" o# action" -& !hich he
attracte the com%an& o# hi" #ormer Guru6Prece%tor, 'e"u" Chri"t, -ut -ecau"e o# a -urie
e3il tenenc& o# gree he -etra&e hi" ma"ter)
Hien Bom- o# Gree
'e"u" a" a "%iritual octor iagno"e the li#e o# 'ua" a" it ha -een in man&
incarnation", an <ne! o# the hien -om- o# #inancial gree hien in hi" "u-con"ciou"
min !hich !oul e.%loe in the #orm o# -etra&al)
The Co"mic E3il Force al"o <ne! a-out the mani#e"tation o# Go in 'e"u" an !hat
he !a" going to o to e"tro& the <ingom o# elu"ion) That i" !h& thi" con"ciou" Satanic
#orce o# elu"ion or e3il u"e the !ea<ne"" o# 'ua" to -etra& 'e"u" Chri"t)
Go an 'e"u" Chri"t in turn al"o <ne! ho! Satan !a" to in#luence 'ua" through
the in3itation o# hi" o!n -a <arma EactionF) Go al"o <ne! that e3en though the Satanic
#orce o# e3il !oul cau"e 'e"u" to -e cruci#ie, &et Chri"t !oul attain #inal 3ictor& o3er
"atanic elu"ion -& reeeming hi" "oul through the "acri#ice o# the -o&, an -&
re"urrecting hi" -o& again through the %o!er o# hi" "oul #orce)
Go i not tr& to o3ercome e3il -& e3il material #orce) That i" !h& 'e"u" i not
!ant to -orro! t!el3e legion" o# angel" #rom hi" Father to -e "a3e, -ut allo!e him"el# to
-e cruci#ie) Satan thought that -& the -etra&al o# 'ua", 'e"u" !oul -e <ille, an thu"
%re3ente #rom "%reaing the <ingom o# Go !hich i" etrimental to the e.i"tence o# the
<ingom o# Satanic elu"ion)
I# 'e"u" ha u"e "u%ernatural #orce to e"tro& Satan, he !oul ha3e -een
3ictoriou") But i# 'e"u" ha -een a#rai to ie #or Go an ha lo3e hi" -o&, he !oul
ha3e ha to reincarnate, remaining a "la3e to elu"ion an Satan) E3en though Satan
"ucceee in cruci#&ing 'e"u" tem%oraril&, "till 'e"u", -& hi" re"urrection o# "oul an -o&,
#oile the !i"he" o# Satan)
On the other han, 'ua" an Satan, -& cruci#&ing 'e"u", re! the attention o# the
!orl to Chri"t an "%rea hi" me""age all o3er the earth) Go <ne! that 'e"u", -&
re"i"ting e3il !ith e3il, !oul get into the toil" o# e3il, -ut -& tr&ing to o3ercome e3il -& goo
!oul ultimatel& -e 3ictoriou" o3er all e3il)
E3il e"tro&" it"el#) E3il ultimatel& -ecome" the tool o# Go in an inirect !a&) For
e3il, tr&ing to e"tro& goo, ma<e" it a mart&r an thu" immortali>e" it)
The"e truth" e.%lain !h& 'e"u" !a" %reicting a-out hi" cruci#i.ion) 'u"t a" a goo
"tuent <no!" he i" "urel& going to %a"" in the e.amination, "o 'e"u" <ne! that though hi"
o!n te"t, accoring to hi" o!n <arma, the <arma o# 'ua", an the agenc& o# Satan, !oul
-e 3er& great, he !oul ultimatel& through cruci#i.ion %a"" the #inal e.amination o# hi" earth
li#e an a#ter three a&" !oul -e #ore3er #ree)
“*hen came to Jesus scribes and "harisees< 4hich 4ere of Jerusalem< sa!ing< E:h!
do th! disci%les transgress the tradition of the eldersF for the! 4ash not their hands 4hen
the! eat bread.$ -ut he ans4ered and said unto them< E:h! do !e also transgress the
commandment of 2od b! !our traditionF ;or 2od commanded< sa!ing< E&onor the! father
and mother: and< &e that curseth father or mother< let him die the death.$ -ut !e sa!<
4hosoever shall sa! to his father or his mother< It is a gift< b! 4hatsoever thou mightest be
%rofited b! me; .nd honor not his father or his mother< he shall be free. *hus have !e
made the commandment of 2od of none effect b! !our tradition.$
@A#e h!%ocrites< 4ell did 5saias %ro%hes! of !ou< sa!ing< E*his %eo%le dra4eth nigh
unto me 4ith their mouth< and honoreth me 4ith their li%s; but their heart is far from me. -ut
in vain the! do 4orshi% me< teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.$”
EMatthe! /74/60F
HTell me, !h& o &ou "%en &our time in #ollo!ing locali>e cu"tom" an #orget to
#ollo! Go$" commanment"J Tell me, !hich i" a greater "in C to ignore traition an
#ollo! Go$" commanment", or to ignore Go$" commanment" in orer to #ollo!
traitional cu"tom"J You <no! #ull !ell that in orer to out!arl& a%%ear hol& &ou %re#er to
#ollo! &our traitional cu"tom" an utterl& reBect the commanment" o# Go)
HFor Go commane, that i", Go 3i-rate hi" la! an !i"h through the %ro%het$"
intuition4 OHonor &our #ather an mother !ith the e3otion o# &our heart a" the& are the
i3ine in"trument" o# &our creation an he that cur"eth or u"e" 3ile language or thin<" e3il
thought" again"t hi" #ather an mother, let him ie the eath$ C that i", let him -e
remor"e#ul !ith the agon& a" inten"e a" eath an let him change him"el# an hi"
con"ciou"ne"" e3en a" one i" change in eath)G
HHonor Th& Parent"G
HOne mu"t remem-er that the %arent" are the %h&"ical incarnation" o# Go !ho
%rotect" the -a-&) There#ore, a "on !ho -la"%heme" again"t hi" %arent" -la"%heme"
again"t Go !ho mani#e"t" on earth a" the %arental lo3e !hich %rotect" the "on) Yet &ou
ha3e mae la!" !hich ena-le a man to -e #ree #rom hi" o-ligation" to hi" %arent", an thu"
hel% him to -rea< the commanment o# Go #or honoring #ather an mother)
HO &e h&%ocrite", !ho are out!arl& hol& an in!arl& !ic<e, ho! #ittingl& E"aia"
%ro%he"ie a-out &ou a#ter #eeling the"e truth" #rom hi" con"ciou"ne"" o# co"mic 3i-ration)
Inee he %ro%he"ie correctl& a-out the nature o# tho"e !ho come to Ma"ter" !ith "!eet
language an re"%ect#ul utterance" -ut !ith heart" "un< ee% in the e%th" o# in"incerit&)
In 3ain o "uch men !or"hi% me, "ince the& teach #or octrine" the commanment" o# men
in %re#erence to the commanment" o# Go)G
HAa"h Your Soul"G
HBecau"e &ou ha3e lai a"ie the la! o# Go #or %er#ect li3ing a" re3eale through
the %ro%het", &ou ha3e clung to u"ele"" traition" o# men, "uch a" the !a"hing o# han"
-e#ore meal") I"n$t it -etter that &ou !a"h &our "oul" -& #ollo!ing the %ure la!" o# Go a"
re3eale through the "eer" rather than "%en &our time in #ollo!ing traitional cu"tom"
!hich %rouce no la"ting "%iritual re"ult"JG
Man& %rie"t" o# Ea"t an Ae"t em%ha"i>e the #ollo!ing o# traitional rule" in
%re#erence to the #ollo!ing o# the "%irit o# "%iritual rule") Some o# the ancient 'e!" mae a
la! that i# a man in a #it o# anger or !ith !ic<e intention" %romi"e to gi3e hi" earthl&
goo" to the "er3ice o# the tem%le an e3en though the& might ne3er -e utili>e #or the
%ur%o"e, he coul not then -e re;uire to gi3e tho"e goo" to hel% hi" nee& %arent")
O-eience to thi" Cor-an la! mae -& man amounte to i"o-eience o# the
commanment" o# Go) 'e"u" -& hi" critici"m %ointe out ho! the #ollo!ing o# thi"
ceremonial la! might lea to the 3iolation o# i3ine la!)
“.nd he called the multitude< and said unto them< E&ear< and understand: 01*
*&.* :&I)& 215*& I0*1 *&5 1(*& 35;I>5*& . .0; -(* *&.* :&I)&
)15*& 1(* 1; *&5 1(*&< *&I' 35;I>5*& . .0.$”
EMatthe! /74/86//F
H+en me &our attention, all o# &ou, an -& tuning &our attention !ith me tr& to
uner"tan that no out!ar cu"tom or e3il en3ironment can a##ect a man #rom out"ie hi"
con"ciou"ne"", -ut an& e.%erience or thought !hich get" into hi" con"ciou"ne"" an
"aturate" it an then come" out o# him a" an e3il e"ire or action oe" e"ecrate him an
-ring "u##ering unto him) I# an& man ha" the ear" o# uner"taning, let him uner"tan)G
In the a-o3e 'e"u" %oint" out that the action o# hi" i"ci%le" o# eating -rea !ithout
!a"hing their han" i not a##ect their "oul") The Phari"ee" an "cri-e" !ho %ractice
hol& cu"tom" out!arl& !ere not a##ecte "%irituall& in"ie an !ere thu" h&%ocrite")
'e"u" "a&" that no matter !hat the outer en3ironment, !hether goo or -a, it
cannot a##ect a man li<e the goo or -a in hi" o!n heart) A 3irtuou" man in a -a
en3ironment u"uall& remain" goo, an a !ic<e man in a goo en3ironment u"uall&
remain" e3il)
'e"u" oe" not "a& that the out!ar en3ironment ha" no e##ect on man -ut he
em%ha"i>e" that the inner en3ironment o# man i" o# more im%ortance than the out!ar
en3ironment) A man "houl #ir"t e"ta-li"h goo !ithin hi" "oul, thin< goo, an li3e goo,
an automaticall& he !ill attract a goo en3ironment) But a man !ho em%ha"i>e" the
#ollo!ing o# out!arl& %ractice goo cu"tom" -ut oe" not ta<e care to ri3e the e3il
thought" coming out o# hi" inner "el#, i" e#ile an #ull o# e3il)
In orer to <no! a man, one "houl Buge him, not #rom hi" out!ar action" -ut
accoring to the "%ring" or moti3e" o# hi" action") It i" the e3il moti3e coming out o# a man
!hich actuate" him to o e3il, nothing el"e) O# cour"e, there are "ome e3il" committe -&
chilren through imitation) In that ca"e, o# cour"e, the chilren cannot -e hel re"%on"i-le)
But !hen the chil oe" e3il through hi" o!n innate e"ire, he -ecome" increa"ingl& e3il
an i" e#ile)
An E.%erience Aith
M& Great Ma"ter in Inia
Once m& great Ma"ter, S!ami Sri Yu<te"!arBi, !atche me rai"e m& han to <ill a
mo";uito !a" -iting m& -o&) But !hen he #oun that I "uenl& change m& min, he
"ai4 HAh& on$t &ou #ini"h the Bo-JG In a"toni"hment, I re%lie4 HAh&, Ma"ter, o &ou a3ocate
<illingJG To that the Ma"ter re%lie4 HYou ha3e <ille the mo";uito in &our min alrea& an
ha3e alrea& committe the "in) Ahat i" the i##erence i# &ou o not <ill it %h&"icall&JG
The Ma"ter i not mean that !hene3er an&-o& ha" a e"ire to <ill a man or a
mo";uito, he "houl <ill them, -ut he meant that a man "houl not #eel the e"ire to <ill at
all) For the e"ire to <ill, har-ore in the min e3en #or a moment, might turn the ini3iual
e3entuall& into a murerer) But it mu"t al"o -e note that it i" -etter to "u%%re"" the e"ire
to <ill an&thing or an&-o& than to commit the actual act o# <illing) But it i" the greate"t
achie3ement !hen one can remain #ree #rom e3il thought" !hich are the -a"ic cau"e o# all
e3il action")
“*hen came his disci%les< and said unto him< ECno4est thou that the "harisees 4ere
offended< after the! heard this sa!ingF$ -ut he ans4ered and said< E5ver! %lant< 4hich m!
heavenl! ;ather hath not %lanted< shall be rooted u%. >et them alone: *he! be blind
leaders of the blind. .03 I; *&5 ->I03 >5.3 *&5 ->I03< -1*& '&.>> ;.>> I0*1
*&5 3I*)&.$”
EMatthe! /74/:6/2F
HE3er& %lant o# human la! o# li3ing !hich i" gro!n onl& on the "oil o# traition i" a
!ee an "hall -e e"tro&e -& the Co"mic +a! a" u"ele"" to man<in) All tho"e rule" that
the %ro%het" ha3e eclare through their co"mic con"ciou"ne"" a" u"e#ul to man<in !ill
enure to the en) +et the Phari"ee" alone) +ea3e them in their much6lo3e "el#6create
ar<ne"") The Phari"ee" are "%irituall& -lin leaer" o# their "%irituall& -lin #ollo!er") I# the
"%irituall& -lin lea the %eo%le -lin !ith ignorance together the& mu"t #all into the mi"er&6
ma<ing itch o# ignorance)G
Parallel Luotation
There i" a %arallel ;uotation in the Hinu Scri%ture" !hich "a&"4 HA -lin man
leaing the -linD -oth are mi"le)G In the a-o3e !or" 'e"u" e.%re""e inignationD #or the
i"ci%le" #elt that he ha o##ene the Phari"ee") 'e"u" re%lie -& "a&ing that all e3il man6
mae cu"tom" !oul %eri"h an Go6mae eternal rule" o# li#e !oul enure to the en)
“*hen ans4ered "eter and said unto him< E3eclare unto us this %arable.$ .nd Jesus
said< !e also !et 4ithout understandingF 3o not !e !et understand that 4hatsoever
entereth in at the mouth goeth into the bell!< and is cast out into the draughtF -ut those
things 4hich %roceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and the! defile the man.
;or out of the heart %roceed evil thoughts< murders< adulteries< fornications< thefts< false
4itness< blas%hemies: *hese are the things 4hich defile a man: but to eat 4ith un4ashen
hands defileth not a man.$”
EMatthe! /74/76:8F
HO &ou, m& true i"ci%le", are &ou al"o !ithout i3ine uner"taningJ Don$t &ou
uner"tan that an& out!ar cu"tom cannot "%oil a man -ecau"e he oe" not #eel it in hi"
Heart, Seat o# Feeling
Accoring to the great Hinu Ma"ter, PatanBali, the #eeling" o# the heart are
re"%on"i-le #or all our entanglement" in earthl& li3e") Accoring to him, man !a" "ent on
earth a" a %er#ect image o# Go to -e entertaine there) But !hen a man #orget" the
immortal nature !ithin him, an #orm" li<e" an i"li<e" in hi" heart a-out material thing",
he -ecome" earth-oun) He reincarnate" on earth ue to the li<e" an i"li<e" in hi"
#eeling" ac;uire in %a"t li3e")
The "oul that come" on earth an e.%erience" e3er&thing !ith non6attachment in the
heart oe" not reincarnate -ut -ecome" li-erate in Go #rom !hich it came) Man i" "ent
on earth to !itne"" earthl& e.%erience" !ith the attitue o# a i3ine -eing mae in the
image o# Go) But !hen man -uil" li<e" an i"li<e" in hi" heart a-out all earthl&
e.%erience", he -ecome" entangle in them)
That i" !h& 'e"u" em%ha"i>e that action" li<e eating -rea !ith un!a"he han"
oe" not touch a clean heart) The -rea onl& a##ect" the "tomach !herea" e3il thought"
a##ect the "oul) But tho"e "%ring" o# action !hich a%%ear a" e3il language an come out o#
the mouth, come #rom !ithin the heart !hich #ir"t #eel" e3il an then mani#e"t" it in "%o<en
E3il Thought" De#ile
Tho"e e3il thought" !hich man #eel" !ithin him"el# actuall& e#ile him) E3il thought"
act a" a "mo<e "creen o# ignorance !hich hie" the %urit& an e3erla"ting Bo& o# the "oul
#rom the con"ciou" min o# a man) A man !ho #eel" e3il an har-or" !rong thought" #rom
!ithin him i" una-le to %ercei3e the e3il6hien "u-tle -eaut& o# hi" o!n "oul) A man !ho
li3e" in the ar<ne"" o# e3il in3ite" %h&"ical, mental an "%iritual "u##ering)
A man !ho thin<" -right an cheer#ul thought" an #eel" no-le thought" !ithin him
#in" that through the tran"%arenc& o# hi" inner luminou" li3ing all the -eaut& an Bo& o# hi"
"oul %our" #orth an "hine" into hi" con"ciou" min)
'e"u" "ai4 HDon$t &ou <no!, ear one", out o# the e3il tenencie" "tore u% in the
heart o# men Echitt4a or #eelingF through their %a"t "tore6u% -a <arma, all e3il thought"
an action" "%ringJ De"ire" #or aulter&, an aulterou" action", #ornication" or iolatr&,
e"ire" #or murer" an murerou" action", the#t#ul thought" an the#t#ul action", co3etou"
thought" an co3etou" action", e"ire" to a%%ear a" #al"e !itne""e" an the act" o#
a%%earing a" #al"e !itne""e", e"ire" to ecei3e an eceit#ul action", la"ci3iou" thought"
an action", e"ire" to cur"e an cur"e#ul action", e"ire" to -la"%heme an -la"%hemou"
action", #eeling" o# %rie an -oa"t#ul action", an all #ooli"hne"", are the chilren -orn out
o# the !ic<e tenencie" "tore u% in the heart o# man, through hi" ignorant action" o# hi"
li#e an %a"t #orm" o# e.i"tence) All the"e e3il tenencie" e#ile him, -ringing all #orm" o#
mi"erie" unto him) But out!ar ceremonie" "uch a" eating !ith !a"he han" o not a##ect
the "oul o# man)G

“*hen Jesus 4ent thence< and de%arted into the coasts of *!re and 'idon. .nd<
behold< a 4oman of )anaan came out of the same coasts< and cried unto him< sa!ing<
E&ave merc! on me< 1 >ord< thou son of 3avid; m! daughter is greviousl! ve6ed 4ith a
devil.$ -ut he ans4ered her not a 4ord. .nd his disci%les came and besought him< sa!ing<
E'end her a4a!; for she crieth after us.$ -ut he ans4ered and said< EI am not sent but unto
the lost shee% of the house of Israel.$”
EMatthe! /74:/6:2F
HAhene3er the earth -ecome" -urene !ith "in then #rom time to time a" neee
the Hea3enl& Father "en" a "el#6mae "%iritual Ma"ter to a "%ecial race !here the "%iritual
hol i" neee mo"t) That i" !h&, although m& teaching" are uni3er"al an !ill -e
a%%lica-le an u"e#ul to all li3e" on earth at all time", "till I am not "ent #or all %re"ent, a" I
ha3e -een e"%eciall& oraine -& the Hea3enl& Father to act a" the "%iritual "he%her to
the -e!ilere "hee% o# "%iritual "ee<er" -elonging to the hou"e o# I"rael) The I"raelite"
once !ere ee%l& 3irtuou" an "tore u% %renatal goo <arma" E%a"t action"F an
tenencie" in their "oul" "o that their accumulate %o!er o# goo <arma" "ent out a "ilent
call to the Hea3enl& Father) In re"%on"e to that call the Hea3enl& Father "ent me a" the
Sa3ior o# the I"raelite" in thi" c&cle)G
The +or$" Promi"e
The a-o3e !or" o# 'e"u" i"tinctl& %oint out the truth o# the greate"t Hinu Bi-le,
Bhaga3a Gita, !hich eclare, centurie" -e#ore the -irth o# Chri"t4 HO e3otee Bharata, a"
o#ten a" there i" ecline o# 3irtue on earth, "o o#ten I, the S%irit, orain "ome #orm o# Mine
to incarnate on earth to gi3e e3erla"ting li#e to the 3irtuou" an "ho! the "in#ul ho! to
e"tro& their "in") In orer to e"ta-li"h the %reominance o# 3irtue on earth, I, the S%irit,
a%%ear through the i##erent incarnate "oul" o# Ma"ter" #rom time to time in i##erent
Chri"tina, The Pro%het
Chri"tina a%%eare man& centurie" -e#ore Chri"t to reeem the 3irtuou" Pana3a
%eo%le o# Inia !ho !ere o%%re""e -& the !ic<e =uru") He !a" one o# the great Ma"ter"
!ho !a" a-le to #ull& mani#e"t all the ;ualitie" o# Go in hi" li#e, an through the "age
*&a"a ga3e Inia it" greate"t Hinu Bi-le, Bhaga3a Gita)
Buha, The Com%a""ionate
Buha a%%eare in Inia to %re3ent cruelt& to men an animal") He incarnate
there !hen the me""age o# merc& !a" e.tremel& neee) He em%ha"i>e the nece""it& o#
e3elo%ing "&m%ath& #or men an animal", in orer to #eel the %re"ence o# Go in all)
Through Buha man& "acri#ice" o# animal" in the tem%le" !ere "to%%e)
'e"u", The Chri"t
Fi3e centurie" later 'e"u" a%%eare to -ring the me""age o# #aith an e3otion an
healing o# -o&, min an "oul)
Philo"o%her Shan<ara
In the Se3enth Centur& A)D), S!ami Shan<ara EShan<arachar&aF incarnate to -ring
the %o"iti3e iea o# Go a" the e3er6e.i"ting, e3er6con"ciou", e3er6ne! Bli"") The %o"iti3e
conce%tion o# Go !a" much neee #or the o3er6intellectuali>e cla""e" o# Inia, !ho ha
e3elo%e a octrine o# annihilation a" the ultimate en o# li#e) Thi" e3il octrine aro"e #rom
a mi"inter%retation o# the iea o# 0irvana or ce""ation o# re-irth" taught -& Buha) He
merel& ha "ai that e"ire" cau"e re-irth an an& "oul !ho o3ercame material e"ire"
!oul -e #ree) He i not mean that "oul" !oul cea"e to e.i"t)
A "oul !ho i" #ree #rom material e"ire, accoring to S!ami Shan<ara, -ecame
unite to the %o"iti3e "tate o# e3er6e.i"ting, e3er6con"ciou", e3er6ne! Go o# -li"")
S!ami Shan<ara %ointe out that Go, -eing e3er6ne! Bli"", !a" a uni3er"al
nece""it& an the highe"t goal o# li#e !hich e3er&-o& "houl "tri3e to attain -&
i"crimination an meitation o# the inner Sel# !here the In#inite S%irit a" the e3er6ne! Bli""
coul -e #oun "ecrete)
+ater on Sri Chaitan&a came in Inia to "%rea the true lo3e o# Go) In moern time"
+ahiri Maha"a&a came to "ho! Chri"tian" an Hinu" an all other e3otee" the "cienti#ic
techni;ue o# concentration an meitation -& !hich the& coul contact Go) +ahiri
Maha"a&a e"%eciall& em%ha"i>e that all religioni"t "houl ri"e a-o3e their "u%er#icial
i##erence", concentrate on the uni3er"al %rinci%le" o# moralit&, an learn the highe"t
techni;ue #or tuning the min !ith the In#inite)
+ahiri Maha"a&a
+ahiri Maha"a&a$" octrine i" e"%eciall& uni;ue in the #act that, a%art #rom a3ice"
on moral culture an "el#6i"ci%line, it gi3e" e#inite techni;ue" o# "te%6-&6"te% Sel#6
reali>ation -& !hich one, through the attainment o# 3ariou" "u%ercon"ciou", Chri"t6
Con"ciou" an Co"mic6Con"ciou" "tate", can ultimatel& merge in the Su%reme Being)
+ahiri Maha"a&a$" teaching i" "%eciall& "uite to the moern age an #or %eo%le o#
all religion" -ecau"e it oe" not a"< an&one to -elie3e an&thing ogmaticall&, -ut -&
e#inite techni;ue to #in out all the truth a-out him"el# an Go) +ahiri Maha"a&a ha"
gi3en to the !orl i##erent techni;ue" o# meitation !hich %rouce i"tinct uni3er"al "tate"
o# Sel#6reali>ation until Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" i" attaine -& the highe"t ec"ta"&)
Each o# the a-o3e Ma"ter" or Sa3ior", -& their o!n "el#6mae "%iritual e##ort,
mani#e"te i##erent egree" o# Go$" ;ualitie" in their li3e") All Ma"ter", !hen the& are
almo"t #ull& "%irituall& e3elo%e, come on earth through the !ill o# Go to carr& out Hi"
"%ecial i"%en"ation") The"e Ma"ter" are o#ten calle Incarnation" o# Go -ut it "houl -e
"trictl& remem-ere that Go Him"el# in Hi" #ull %er#ection ne3er come" o!n on earth
through an& human -o&)
I# Go came a" a human -eing an i"%la&e the limitation" o# a human -eing He
!oul -e imitating the #railtie" o# human li#e) All %ro%het" o# Go !ho come on earth !ere
tem%te an ha to o3ercome certain human #railtie" in orer to attain the #inal "tate o#
Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"") I# Go a%%eare in a human #orm He coul not -e tem%te an i# He
!ere merel& %la&ing out the %art o# o3ercoming a tem%tation, -eing reall& aloo# in Hi" i3ine
con"ciou"ne"", then that tem%tation !a" no tem%tation to Go at all) Go can o3ercome
tem%tation #or He ha" no inclination to -e tem%te an thu" He certainl& coul not -e an to human -eing" !ho are reall& tem%te) But !hen human -eing" #in that 'e"u"
!a" tem%te -ut -& hi" i3ine con"ciou"ne"" o3ercame hi" human con"ciou"ne"" then
the&, too, ho%e an #eel encourage to o3ercome their o!n "trong tem%tation")
'e"u" Aa" a Fit In"trument
To Aor< Out Go$" Plan
The truth i" that 'e"u", ha3ing attaine high "el#6e3elo%ment -& "el#6i"ci%line,
%ra&er on mountain to%", an meitation through man& li3e", !a" cho"en -& Go to -e a
"uita-le in"trument to "ho! "u##ering man<in the !a& -& !hich an& "oul coul "%irituall&
la-or an rea% the %lenteou" har3e"t o# i3init&)
It mu"t -e i"tinctl& remem-ere that Go oe" not manu#acture" Chri"tli<e "oul" in
hea3en an "en them on earth to %la& out i3inel&6%lanne %art" to in"%ire !ea< mortal")
Human E3en A" Ae
A Go6create 'e"u" Chri"t cruci#ie on the cro"" coul not ha3e #elt %h&"ical %ainD
hi" cr&ing6out4 HFather, #orgi3e them #or the& <no! not !hat the& o,G !oul then -e onl& an
utterance o# a i3ine automaton)
'e"u" Chri"t !a" tem%te, he !e%t, he "u##ere li<e an& other human -eing, -ut
through the accumulate e3elo%ment o# man& incarnation" -& !hich he e.teriori>e the
%otential image o# Go Con"ciou"ne"" hien !ithin him, he -ecame a Chri"t or one
eno!e !ith Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"")
T!o ;uotation" #rom St) Paul -ear on thi" %oint4
“;or veril! he too, not on him the nature of angels; but he too, on him the seed of
“:herefore in all things it behoved him to be made li,e unto his brethren< that he
might be a merciful and faithful high %riest in things %ertaining to 2od< to ma,e
reconciliation for the sins of the %eo%le. ;or in that he himself hath suffered being tem%ted<
he is able to succor them that are tem%ted.”
EHe-re!" :4/I6/1F
“;or 4e have not an high %riest 4hich cannot be touched 4ith the feeling of our
infirmities; but 4as in all %oints tem%ted li,e as 4e are< !et 4ithout sin.”
EHe-re!" 24/7F
Becau"e 'e"u" !a" human an i3ine an -& "%iritual la-or rea%e the %lenteou"
"%iritual har3e"t o# Go Con"ciou"ne"", there#ore the Hea3enl& Father "ent him on earth to
!or< out hi" la"t e##ort" #or #inal "al3ation there) At the "ame time, !hile 'e"u" !a" "tri3ing
to attain hi" #inalit& on earth, he !a" to "er3e a" a "%iritual to mi"er&6laen %eo%le
o# the earth)
Pro%het" =ne! A-out 'e"u"
Pro%het" !ho eclare the coming o# 'e"u" Chri"t on earth !ere "%irituall&
a3ance enough to <no! the inner li#e o# the man 'e"u" through man& incarnation") That
i" !h& the ancient "eer" <ne! e.actl& !hat !oul ha%%en in the li#e o# 'e"u" Chri"t uring
hi" incarnation on earth, e3en a" a"tronomer" -& mathematical calculation" can %reict the
a%%earance o# comet" &ear" -e#ore the& are 3i"i-le) There are man& Ol Te"tament
%ro%hecie" concerning the li#e an eath o# 'e"u" Chri"t)
E;ualit& o# Soul"
All "oul" o# men are %otentiall& the %er#ect image" o# Go) Hence there i" no
i##erence -et!een the "oul o# an orinar& ini3iual an the "oul o# a Ma"ter) The
i##erence -et!een an orinar& human -eing an a Ma"ter, ho!e3er, lie" in the #act that
the human -eing -& hi" charcoal mentall& oe" not re#lect the "unlight o# Go, !herea" the
Ma"ter -& hi" o!n iamon mentalit& #ull& re#lect" the "unlight o# Go #alling on him)
Great Ma"ter" !ho ha3e #ull& attaine the lo"t con"ciou"ne"" o# Go !ithin
them"el3e" are all e""entiall& e;ualD -ut the& are i##erentiate accoring to their !or<" on
earth) Ma"ter" are i"tingui"he accoring to the num-er o# Chri"tli<e "oul" the& ha3e
hel%e to %rouce on earth an accoring to the num-er o# %eo%le the& ha3e in"%ire
uring their "ta& on earth) 'e"u" create ele3en Ma"ter" #rom hi" t!el3e i"ci%le") +ahiri
Maha"a&a create almo"t a" man& Ma"ter" C one o# them !a" Sri&u<te"!arBi, m& o!n
teacher) He ha attaine the "tate o# Chri"thoo)
S%ecial Di"%en"ation
No! !e uner"tan !h& 'e"u" "ai4 HI am not "ent -ut unto the lo"t "hee% o# the
hou"e o# I"rael)G 'e"u" "ai thi" in orer to eclare hi" "%ecial i3ine i"%en"ation on earth
an not -ecau"e he !a" narro!6mine or %artial to the I"raelite")
“*hen came she and 4orshi%%ed him< sa!ing< E>ord< hel% me.$ -ut he ans4ered and
said< EIt is not meet to ta,e the children$s bread< and to cast it to dogs.$ .nd she said< E*ruth<
>ord: !et the dogs eat of the crumbs 4hich fall from their masters$ table.$ *hen Jesus
ans4ered and said unto her< E1 :1.0< 2/5.* I' *&# ;.I*&: -5 I* (0*1 *&55 5?50
.' *&1( :I>*.$ .03 &5/ 3.(2&*5/ :.' .35 :&1>5 ;/1 *&.* ?5/# &1(/.”
EMatthe! /74:76:1F
H+et the i3inel& oraine chilren, the I"raelite", -e #ir"t "%irituall& "er3e -& me)
Accoring to the !ill o# Go m& #ir"t hel% uring the "hort %erio I "ta& on earth i" #or them
onl& an it i" not %ro%er #or me to gi3e the -rea o# i3ine con"ciou"ne"" !hich i" no! to
-e gi3en to the i3ine chilren o# I"rael to an& o# the more materiall&6mine %eo%le")G
Short Sta& On Earth
It mu"t -e remem-ere that 'e"u" reali>e the "hort %erio o# hi" "ta& on earth an
that he coul not %o""i-l& gi3e hi" i3ine con"ciou"ne"" to the !hole !orl, !hich !a" too
unrea&) He !ante to gi3e hi" time onl& to tho"e !ho !ere "%irituall& rea& an ha goo
<arma" an ha thu" attracte the attention o# Go) 'e"u" !a" onl& tr&ing to carr& out the
i3ine !i"he" in hi" li#e) But e3en though 'e"u" <ne! that he came %rinci%all& #or the
I"raelite", he i not re#u"e to heal the aughter o# the #oreign !oman, !ho !a" Ha Gree<,
a S&ro%henician -& nation,G St) Mar< tell" u" E54:IF) To her he "ai4 HO !oman, the %ulling
%o!er o# th& !ill an con3iction i" great enough to ra! the all6healing Co"mic Energ& #rom
me, "o let th& !ill -e #ul#ille) Go &our !a&4 &ou !ill #in the Co"mic Energ&, rou"e -& &our
#aith an m& !ill, ha" i"loge the e3il "%irit #rom the li#e o# &our aughter)G
The Realit& o# Satan
O-"e""ion o# human -eing" -& e3il "%irit" an healing o# "uch ca"e" are not a
%rimiti3e "u%er"tition) Ae clearl& "ee thi" in man& o# 'e"u"$ healing", a" in the ca"e o# hi"
!oman o# Canaan an her aughter, !ho !a" Hgrie3ou"l& 3e.e !ith a e3il,G an !hom
'e"u" heale through the mother$" great #aith in him) 'e"u", !ith hi" %er#ect integrit& an
i3ine <no!lege, !oul not ha3e re#erre to "uch ca"e" a" o-"e""ion -& e3il "%irit" i# the&
ha onl& -een ca"e" o# h&"teria or lunac&) He i"tinctl& calle #orth the o-"e""ing "%irit on
man& occa"ion", an the 3ictim !a" then mae !hole)
The co"mic e3il #orce em%lo&" thou"an" o# e3il i"em-oie "oul" to !or< mi"chie#
in the !orl) A" all goo i" organi>e -& Go an Hi" angel", an a" Go "en" Hi"
"%irituall& a3ance chilren on earth #rom time to time to eraicate e3il, "imilarl&, the
might& e3il #orce, Satan, !ith a 3a"t hore o# e3il "%irit", i" carr&ing on a cam%aign o#
organi>e !ic<ene"" throughout the uni3er"e)
Million" o# -acteria an all <in" o# e3il i"ea"e", e3il thought", e3il %a""ion", are all
im%lante -& the e3il #orce into the min an -o& o# man) Man i" e""entiall& mae in the
image o# Go) But Satan %lante in man gree, "el#i"hne"", anger an all e3il tenencie"
!hich ha3e o3ercloue the %urit& o# human "oul")
It ha" -een el"e!here e"cri-e
ho! tram% "oul" %o""e"" !ea<6mine %eo%le
an torture their -rain, cau"ing mental erangement") Ca"e" o# "uch o-"e""ion are not
!anting in the !orl) Se. maniac", %o""e""e -& an e3il "%irit, ta<e Bo& in attac<ing an
<illing !omen)
In the notoriou" ca"e o# Hic<man, !ho eli-eratel& i"mem-ere a little girl a#ter
"%ening a&" !ith her, !e reali>e that he coul not o "uch a heinou" act unle"" he ha
-een %o""e""e -& the e3il) Normall& Hic<man !a" a e3out church "tuent an ha a
goo re%utation) Ahen he !a" ca%ture he "ai that e3en though he ha le a clean li#e
out!arl&, he u"e in!arl& to #eel %o""e""e o# an irre"i"ti-le im%ul"e to <ill innocent girl")
* In Chapters 3 and 14 of Volume I of he !e"ond Com#n$ of Chr#st pu%l#shed %& 'mr#ta (oundat#on) In"*
He "ai that he ha to <ill thi" girl an ha %lanne to o "o #or a&" C that he coul ne3er
re"t until that o-"e""ion o# <illing !a" "ati"#ie)
The ca"e !a" i"tinctl& one o-"e""ion) An un"een murerou" "oul entere the -o&
o# Hic<man, ue to the attraction o# hi" %a"t e3il <arma "ecretl& loge in hi" -rain a" a
%reominant tenenc&, hien -ehin man& other "u%er#icial goo tenencie")
Satan Tem%t" Ma"ter"
Great ma"ter", !hen the& a%%roach #inal li-eration, can i"tinctl& "ee Satan an hi"
legion" o# e3il "%irit" ta<e #orm to o##er a #inal re"i"tance again"t the ma"ter"$ entr& into
hea3en) Ahen 'e"u" a%%roache com%lete li-eration, he !a" con#ronte !ith Satan !ho
too< him to a mountain to%, gi3ing him a glim%"e o# the 3a"t earthl& <ingom he coul
recei3e i# he #or"oo< the "tate o# Go Con"ciou"ne"")
Buha !a" con#ronte -& Mara. !ho a%%eare to him in the "ha%e o# ancing6
girl", tr&ing to tem%t him to gi3e u% hi" i3ine -li"" #or "e.ual %lea"ure) Ahen Buha
remaine una##ecte, #inal li-eration came to him)
Satan trie" i##erent ma"ter" !ith i##icult tem%tation") Great e3otee" o# Go, a"
the& a%%roach to!ar Him, are m&"teriou"l& trie -& 3ariou" tem%tation" !hich come into
their li3e") But !hen e3otee" are 3er& near Go, Satan then #or"a<e" hi" hiing %lace an
o%enl& a%%ear" to e#& them
I" Satan S&m-olicalJ
There !a" a time !hen I u"e to -elie3e Satan !a" a "&m-olical #orce, a
meta%h&"ical elu"ion, -ut no! I <no! an a m& te"timon& to the te"timon& o# 'e"u"
Chri"t that Satan i" re"%on"i-le #or all the creation o# e3il on earth an in the min" o# men)
I ha3e con"ciou"l& "een Satan man& time" o-"tructing me -& m&"teriou" mi"#ortune", an
-& con"ciou"l&6ta<en materiali>e #orm" !hile I !a" recei3ing the grace o# Go)
Go i" alluring Hi" e3otee" -& all goo thing" to come unto Him, an Satan -& the
%"euo6allurement o# %romi"e" o# ha%%ine"" i" tr&ing to ra! %eo%le to hi" %it o# ignorance
an mi"er&) Man i" #ree to choo"e Go6mae goo thing" or Satan6mae e3il) E3er& time a
man act" #or goo he goe" to!ar GoD e3er& time he &iel" to the Satan6e"ta-li"he
ha-it" o# gree, anger, an other e3il" !ithin him, he goe" to!ar Satan)
Hence man "houl con"ier all the !hi"%ering" o# hi" con"cience an goo
tenencie" a" the call o# Go !ithin him) All human -eing" mu"t con"ier the %rom%ting o#
all e3il thought" a" the call o# Satan an a3oi them)
*oice o# Con"cience
I# man continuou"l& li"ten" to the !hi"%ering" o# con"cience !ithin him an get"
u"e to -etter !a&" o# li3ing, he ultimatel& i"co3er" the eternal goo !ithin him an that
he i" mae in the image o# Go, thu" -ecoming li-erate) Satan -rea<" hi" %romi"e" to
gi3e la"ting ha%%ine"" through e3il to hi" #ollo!er") (ltimatel& all Satan$" #ollo!er" !ill turn
a!a& #rom him to Go)
E3er& ma"ter, !hen li-erate, #eel" the o-"e""ion o# ignorance !ithin him gone)
Aith the i"a%%earance o# the o-"e""ion o# ignorance #rom an a3ance e3otee, great
change" occur !ithin him) All e3otee" uner the in#luence o# co"mic elu"ion -ehol
matter a" matter, an "ee ualitie" o# goo an e3il an the relati3it& o# con"ciou"ne""
!hich re3eal" matter a" i##erent #orm" o# "oli", li;ui", ga"eou" an a"tral "u-"tance")
But !hen the in#luence o# Satan i" com%letel& terminate in the "oul, the li-erate e3otee
#in" onl& the %re"ence o# e3er6e.i"ting, e3er6con"ciou", omni%re"ent, e3er6ne!, -le""e
S%irit %re"ent in all "%ace) All e3il, all i"cre%ancie" o# nature i"a%%ear a" #orgotten
"hao!" #rom the con"ciou"ne"" o# the illumine e3otee)
“.nd again< de%arting from the coasts of *!re and 'idon< he came unto the sea of
2alilee< through the midst of the coast of 3eca%olis. .nd the! bring unto him one that 4as
deaf< and had an im%ediment in his s%eech; and the! beseech him to %ut his hand u%on
him. .nd he too, him aside from the multitude< and %ut his fingers into his ears< and he
s%it< and touched his tongue; and loo,ing u% to heaven< he sighed< and saith unto him<
E5%h%hatha< that is< -5 1"5053.$ .nd straight4a! his ears 4ere o%ened and the string of
his tongue 4as loosed< and he s%a,e %lain.”
EMar< 549/697F
HB& m& "igh I a-"or- th& e3il <arma an it" re"ultant "orro! an &our "ic<ne"" !ithin
meD I ha3e commane the all6healing hea3enl& energ& to #all u%on thee an th& -rain an
"en the healing 3i-ration" to loo"en u% the e#ecti3e auitor& an "%eech ner3e") Be heale)G
“.nd he 4ent out from thence< and came into his o4n countr!; and his disci%les
follo4 him and 4hen the sabbath da! 4as come< he began to teach in the s!nagogue: and
man! hearing him 4ere astonished< sa!ing< E;rom 4hence hath this man these thingsF and
4hat 4isdom is this 4hich is given unto him< that even such might! 4or,s are 4rought b!
his handsF Is not this the car%enter< the son of ar!< the brother of James< and Joses< and
of Juda< and 'imonF and are not his sisters here 4ith usF .nd the! 4ere offended at him.
-ut Jesus said unto them< E. "/1"&5* I' 01* :I*&1(* &101(/< -(* I0 &I' 1:0
)1(0*/#< .03 .102 &I' 1:0 CI0< .03 I0 &I' 1:0 &1('5.$ .nd he could there
do not might! 4or,< save that he laid his hands u%on a fe4 sic, fol,< and healed them. .nd
he marveled because of their unbelief.$
EMar< I4/6IF
A "treet lam% "he" light e3er&!here e.ce%t irectl& uner it !here there i" "ome
"hao!) Similarl&, a %ro%het illumine !ith Go "he" light unto all an i" !iel&
a%%reciate e.ce%t, o#ten, -& tho"e o# hi" o!n #amil& or tho"e -elonging to hi" o!n countr&
!ho li3e near him in a #amil& or racial an not a e3otional relation"hi%) The #amil&
mem-er" an neigh-or" o# a %ro%het, ue to their em%ha"i" on human relation", o not
reali>e the greatne"" in him)
Familiarit& I" A Danger
A Buge ma& -e #eare or amire in the courtroom -ut ma& -e onl& a hu"-an to
hi" !i#e an "u-Bect to amoni"hment -& her) It i" a natural %"&chological #act that
#amiliarit& -ree" contem%t) Peo%le !ho li3e near a great man o#ten o not reali>e hi"
greatne"" -ecau"e o# their lac< o# attention on him, -ut the %eo%le !ho li3e #ar #rom a
%ro%het an ha3e no #amiliarit&6con"ciou"ne"" !hen the& hear o# hi" greatne"", come !ith
attention an e3otion, not to get u"e to him, -ut to a%%reciate the i3ine greatne"" !ithin
That i" !h& it i" natural #or e3otee" to uner"tan the greatne"" o# their Ma"ter)
Aith the tele"co%e 3i"ion o# e3otion the e3otee" can 3i"uali>e the 3a"tne"" o# the
con"ciou"ne"" o# a Ma"ter, !herea" the #amil& mem-er" !ith their 3i"ion cloue -&
#amiliarit& o not mea"ure the greatne"" o# a Ma"ter$" "oul)
(nrecogni>e Beaut&
It i" the "ame thing !ith mo"t %eo%le !ho li3e aroun the Himala&a") The& ne3er
recogni>e it" -eaut&, graneur, 3a"tne"" an it" lo#t& %ea<" -ecau"e their attention i" on
their home li#e an not on the Himala&a") The& ha3e li3e near the mountain" "o long that
the& are u"e to them) But 3i"itor" !ho come #rom i"tant lan" !ith an eager attitue o#
min a%%reciate all the greatne"" an 3a"tne"" o# the Himala&a Mountain") Similarl&, the
#amil& mem-er" o# a %ro%het, -eing u"e to hi" -oil& %re"ence, o not u"e their attention
to "ee hi" greatne"" hien -ehin hi" -o&) But e3otee" !ho come to the %ro%het !ith
e3otion reali>e hi" "%iritual greatne"")
Becau"e o# the un-elie# o# the %eo%le o# hi" o!n countr&, 'e"u" i not emon"trate
man& miracle" there, e.ce%t that he u"e the %o"iti3e6negati3e %ole" o# hi" han" to utili>e
the co"mic energ& an heal tho"e !ho ha #aith in Go$" %o!er in him)
“.nd he sent a4a! the multitude< and too, shi%< and came into the coast of
agdala. *he "harisees also 4ith the 'adducees came< and tem%ting desired him that he
4ould she4 them a sign from heaven. &e ans4ered and said unto them< E:hen it is
evening< !e sa!< It 4ill be fair 4eather: for the s,! is red. .nd in the morning< It 4ill be foul
4eather: for the s,! is red and lo4ering. 1 !e h!%ocrites< !e can discern the face of the
s,!; but can !e not discern the signs of the timesF . :I)C53 .03 .3(>*5/1('
2505/.*I10 '55C5*& .;*5/ . 'I20; and there shall no sign be given unto it< but the
sign of the %ro%het Jonas. .nd he left them< and de%arted.”
EMatthe! /7490, an /I4/62F
'e"u"$ Di3ine Sign"
HO &ou h&%ocrite" !ho can rea the e3il !eather or the goo !eather on the #ace o#
the "<&, !h& can &ou not rea in m& li#e the "ign" o# the time", that i", the i3ine me""age
o# the %re"ent ageJ A" ignorant %eo%le cannot rea the !eather in the #ace o# the "<&, "o
thi" !ic<e generation ha" lo"t it" "%iritual 3i"ion an cannot recogni>e the i3ine "ign an
me""age in m& li#e, e3ience in the miraculou" healing" o# Go %er#orme through me)
H'onah came -ac< ali3e a#ter li3ing three a&" in the !hale$" -ell& in a "u"%ene
"tate o# animation, thu" %ro3ing the immortalit& o# li#e an -o& !hen the& are charge !ith
Go Con"ciou"ne"") A "imilar "ign or i3ine miracle "hall -e %er#orme -& Go in
connection !ith m& li#e, !hen m& cruci#ie -o& !ill remain -urie three a&" -eneath the
tom- an a#ter that !ill -e re"urrecte into immortalit&)G
Pro%hec& A-out Re"urrection
Thu" 'e"u" "igni#ie that the miracle" !or<e in hi" li#e -& Go !ere "u##icient "ign
an te"timon& o# Hi" a%%ro3al o# 'e"u") He al"o %ro%he"ie, -& hi" re#erence to 'onah,
a-out hi" o!n coming trial an re"urrection a#ter eath !hich !oul %ro3e hi" immortalit&
an i3ine heritage #or all time an all %eo%le")
'e"u", -eing human a" !ell a" i3ine, #elt ee% "orro!, %icturing in hi" i3ine 3i"ion
the mi"er& !hich hi" !ic<e contem%orarie" !oul ha3e to go through -ecau"e o# their -a
<arma" an re#u"al to -e i3inel& clean"e -& him)
“.nd 4hen his disci%les 4ere come to the other side< the! had forgotten to ta,e
bread. *hen Jesus said unto them. E*a,e heed and be4are of the leaven of the "harisees
and of the 'adducees.$ .nd the! reasoned among themselves< sa!ing< EIt is because 4e
have ta,en no bread.$ :hich 4hen Jesus %erceived< he said unto them< E1 !e of little faith<
4h! reason !e among !ourselves< because !e have no breadF 3o !e not !et understand<
neither remember the five loaves of the five thousand< and ho4 man! bas,ets !e too, u%F
0either the seven loaves of the four thousand< and ho4 man! bas,ets !e too, u%F &o4 is
it that !e do not understand that I s%a,e it not to !ou concerning bread< that !e should
be4are of the leaven of the "harisees and of the 'adduceesF$ *hen understood the! ho4
that he bade them not be4are of the leaven of bread< but of the doctrine of the "harisees
and of the 'adducees.”
EMatthe! /I476/:F
No Material Aorrie"
HO -elo3e i"ci%le", !h& o &ou, -& con#u"ion an re"tle""ne"", ma<e &our #aith or
Sel#6reali>ation -orn meitation "o little that &ou #ail to uner"tan !hat I "a& through &our
all6"eeing intuition, -ut u"e the %o!er o# rea"on an -ecome con#u"eJ Ah& o &ou not
#eel in &our intuition !hat I "a& an tr& to uner"tan that in &our rea"onJ Ha3ing "%iritual
e&e" o# !i"om an intuition &ou o not u"e them to "ee the truth in m& "a&ing"D ha3ing the
ear" o# "%iritual rece%ti3it& &ou o not u"e them to uner"tan the meaning -ehin m&
!or") Do &ou not remem-er ho! the Di3ine in me #e the #i3e thou"an !ith #i3e loa3e",
an ho! there !ere man& -a"<et" o# -rea crum-" le#t o3erJ
HO -elo3e i"ci%le", !h& ha3e &ou "o little i3ine con3iction that &ou !orr& a-out
material -rea !hen &ou ha3e alrea& !itne""e ho!, through Go, I #e multitue" !ith a
#e! loa3e"J Ah& "houl &our min" -e thin<ing o# -rea an thu" #ail to uner"tan !hat I
mean a-out the lea3en or %oi"onou" octrine" o# the Phari"ee" an Saucee"J Do &ou
o not uner"tan that !hen &ou can ha3e all the -rea &ou nee #rom me, !h& "houl I
-e !arning &ou a-out the lea3en o# the Phari"ee" an Saucee"J Be!are o# their #al"e
octrine" that are not the -rea o# li#e !hich &ou #in in m& teaching", -ut %oi"onou" -rea
!hich, !hen ta<en -& an& one, !oul "ic<en hi" "%iritual li#e !ith ignorance)G
“.nd he cometh to -ethsaida; and the! bring a blind man unto him< and besought
him to touch him. .nd he too, the blind man b! the hand< and led him out of the to4n; and
4hen he s%it on his e!es< and %ut his hands u%on him< he as,ed him if he sa4 ought. .nd
he loo,ed u%< and said< EI see men as trees< 4al,ing.$
“.fter that he %ut his hands again u%on his e!es< and made him loo, u%: and he 4as
restored< and sa4 ever! man clearl!. .nd he sent him a4a! to his house< sa!ing< E0either
go into the to4n< nor tell it to an! in the to4n.$”
EMar< 14::6:IF
'e"u" !oul not heal the man in the to!n o# Beth"aia, nor %ermit the man to te"ti#&
to the healing in the to!n, -ecau"e Beth"aia ha reBecte 'e"u", an he ha "ai o# it
EMatt) //4:/F HAoe unto thee, Beth"aiaK #or i# the might& !or<", !hich !ere one in &ou,
ha -een one in T&re an Sion, the& !oul ha3e re%ente long ago in "ac<cloth an
a"he") But I "a& unto &ou, It "hall -e more tolera-le #or T&re an Sion at the a& o#
Bugment, than #or &ou)G
'e"u" <ne! that e3er& %article in hi" -o&, incluing hi" "%utum, !a" charge !ith
the high 3oltage o# all6healing co"mic energ&) He too< it an "meare it on the e&e" o# the
-lin man an electri#ie them !ith the %o"iti3e6negati3e current #lo!ing #rom hi" han")
Then 'e"u" a"<e i# he "a! clearl&) The -lin man re%lie, HI "ee men a" !al<ing tree")G
Then 'e"u" ga3e a "econ healing to the e&e" o# the -lin man -& charging them !ith all6
healing co"mic current an a"<e him to loo< u% at the %oint -et!een the t!o e&e-ro!"
!here the "%iritual e&e i" locate) Ahen the -lin man li#te hi" e&e" there he mae a
contact !ith co"mic energ& an hi" e&e" !ere heale com%letel& "o that he coul "ee
e3er& man %lainl&)
“.nd Jesus 4ent out< and his disci%les< into to4ns of )aesarea "hili%%i.”
EMar< 14:5F
In orer to reach the #inal "tate o# emanci%ation 'e"u" !a" %ra&ing an communing
!ith Go !ithin the "olitue o# hi" "oul, in the com%an& o# hi" i"ci%le") It mu"t -e
uner"too that i# 'e"u" ha reache the "tate o# #inal emanci%ation he, -eing one !ith
Go, !oul not ha3e ha to %ra& or commune !ith Him) The Hinu Scri%ture" "a&, HThe
#lo!er %recee" the #ruit)G Ahen the #ruit a%%ear", the #lo!er !ither" a!a&) Thu", the
#lo!er" o# meitation an %ra&er "houl -lo""om in the garen o# the e3otee$"
con"ciou"ne"", -ut !hen the #ruit o# Sel#6reali>ation come", hi" #lo!er" o# i3ine meitation
an %ra&er !ither a!a&) The e3otee !ho ha" alrea& #oun Sel#6reali>ation an ha"
arri3e at the 3er& la"t "tate o# Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" oe" not ha3e to meitate) 'e"u"
i not reach the #inal "tate o# emanci%ation until a#ter hi" re"urrection)
Min Com%letel& Engro""e
The %ro%het Chri"tna a"<e one o# hi" i"ci%le" !h& he i not meitate, "a&ing
unle"" he meitate he !oul not #in Go) But the e3otee, !ho reali>e Chri"tna !a" the
mani#e"tation o# Go, re%lie, HO Chri"tna, m& min i" a& an night "o engro""e in &ou
that I cannot ta<e it a!a& #rom &ou to meiate on an& other "%irit other than &our"el# !ho i"
the highe"t mani#e"tation o# the S%irit Him"el#)G To thi" Chri"tna "ai nothing an laughe,
#or he reali>e that hi" e3otee an him"el# ha reache the #inal union in S%irit) O# cour"e,
tho"e e3otee" that ha3e not reache the #inal union mu"t not imagine that the& are one
!ith Go an thu" gi3e u% meitating an la-oring #or the %lenteou" har3e"t o# Go
“:hen Jesus came into the coast of )aesarea "hili%%i< he as,ed his disci%les<
sa!ing< E:hom do men sa! that I the 'on of man amF$ .nd the! said< E'ome sa! that thou
art John the -a%tist; some< 5lias; and others< Jeremias< or one of the %ro%hets.$ &e saith
unto them< E-(* :&1 '.# #5 *&.* I .F$ .03 'I10 "5*5/ .0':5/53 .03
'.I3< E*&1( ./* *&5 )&/I'*< *&5 '10 1; *&5 >I?I02 213.$
“.03 J5'(' .0':5/53 .03 '.I3 (0*1 &I< E->5''53 ./* *&1(< 'I10
-./+J10.: ;1/ ;>5'& .03 ->113 &.*& 01* /5?5.>53 I* (0*1 *&55< -(* #
;.*&5/ :&I)& I' I0 &5.?50. .nd I sa! unto thee< *hat thou art "eter< and u%on this
roc, I 4ill build m! church; and the gates of hell shall not %revail against it.$
“.nd I 4ill give unto thee the ,e!s of the ,ingdom of heaven: and 4hatsoever thou
shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and 4hatsoever thou shalt loose on earth
shall be loosed in heaven.$ *hen charged he his disci%les that the! should tell no man that
he 4as Jesus the )hrist.”
EMatthe! /I4/96:8F
EThe <no!lege o# the la! o# reincarnation %o""e""e -& 'e"u" an hi"
contem%orarie" !hich i" im%lie -& 'e"u"$ ;ue"tion an hi" i"ci%le"$ re%l& !ill -e ealt
!ith el"e!here in thi" "erie" o# Bi-le inter%retation")F
Ble""e Re3elation"
'e"u" "ai4 HI care not !hat %eo%le in general thin< o# me, -ut tell me !hat &ou
reali>e)G Peter an"!ere4 HIn thee i" the mani#e"tation o# Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" !hich i" the
onl& -egotten Son or onl& re#lection in all 3i-rator& creation o# Go the Father !ho i"
-e&on creation)G
'e"u" an"!ere4 HBle""e art thou -& &our o!n goo <arma an the -le""ing o# the
Father that through &our intuition He ha" re3eale unto &ou the truth a-out me) An&one
ienti#ie !ith #le"h an -loo cannot %ercei3e the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" !ithin me) It i" the
Father omni%re"ent in hi" Hea3enl& Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" !ho through &our e.alte
con"ciou"ne"" ha" re3eale to &ou the nature o# Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" !hich i" !ithin me)
An I "a& unto thee, O Peter, thou ha" reali>e, OTHAT thou art$ an thu" &our
con"ciou"ne"" i" one !ith Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"")G ES!ami Shan<ara an the ?edas u"e
the !or" tat t4am asi4 HThat thou artG C thou art one !ith the Co"mic Father)F
HO, Peter, on the "oli roc< o# &our !i"om !hich i" #oune on Co"mic
Con"ciou"ne"", I !ill -uil m& tem%le o# !i"om, church o# Go6Con"ciou"ne"", !here
"ee<ing "oul" !ill #in Go a#ter the& reach the altar o# meitation !ithin it) An the
ecorate gate" o# mi"er&6ma<ing, helli"h "en"e %lea"ure" !ill not -e a-le to lure tho"e
"ee<ing "oul" !ho once ha3e #elt the Bo& o# entering the church o# Chri"t Con"ciou"ne""
-uilt u%on the roc< o# m& teaching" through &ou) Through the %erce%tion o# Chri"t
Con"ciou"ne"" !ithin &ou &ou !ill ultimatel& #in the <e&" o# the <no!lege to enter that
hea3enl& region !here the =ing o# Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" or Go the Father reign")
HThrough &our e.alte con"ciou"ne"", a#ter #eeling the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" in all
creation, &ou !ill <no! the techni;ue -& !hich to #eel the Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" -e&on
all creation) An I "hall lea3e the"e <e&" Etechni;ue" o# Go6contactF !ith &ou "o that
an&-o& !ho can enter the church o# &our con"ciou"ne"", that i", i" in tune !ith &ou, !ill
al"o get the <e&", !hen he i" rea& to an e"er3ing o# entering the <ingom o# Co"mic
+a!" o# Freeom
HAhate3er la!" o# "u%ercon"ciou" li3ing thou "halt gi3e to i"ci%line earthl& "oul"
!ill ha3e the "anction o# the Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" or the Hea3enl& That6Thou6Art
con"ciou"ne"" !hich &ou ha3e reali>e !ithin &our"el#) An !hate3er la!" o#
"u%ercon"ciou" #reeom !hich &ou !ill in"till in earth6-oun "oul" or material "oul" !ill
al"o -e the one" that go3ern the emanci%ate "oul" !ho %o""e"" Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"")G
In the a-o3e, the !or" H#le"h an -looG "igni#& -o&6con"ciou"ne"" !hich i"
etrimental to the reali>ation o# Go Con"ciou"ne"") A %er"on !ho i" onl& con"ciou" o# the
-o& an not the S%irit !ithin it cannot reali>e the Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" hien -ehin it)
'e"u" e.%lain" that it !a" not the -o& con"ciou"ne"" o# Peter, -ut the Chri"t
Con"ciou"ne"" in him, re3eale through Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"", that mae it %o""i-le #or
Peter to <no! the mani#e"tation o# Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"" in 'e"u") He #urther "a&" Peter
ha attaine the HThat6Thou6ArtG Con"ciou"ne"" or Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" an, on the
roc< o# that !i"om, 'e"u" !a" going to -uil the church o# hi" inner teaching")
HGate" o# HellG
HGate" o# hellG "igni#ie" "en"e %lea"ure" a" com%are to the %lea"ure" o# i3ine
con"ciou"ne"" !hich one #eel" on entering the church o# meitation) The !or" HI !ill gi3e
unto theeG re#er to the re3elation" o# Chri"t Con"ciou"ne"") The !or H<e&"G re#er to
"%iritual techni;ue") The !or" H<ingom o# hea3enG "igni#& Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"" !here
Go the Father reign" a" the onl& =ing)
“;rom that time forth began Jesus to sho4 unto his disci%les< ho4 that he must go
unto Jerusalem< and suffer man! things of the elders and chief %riests and scribes< and be
,illed< and be raised again the third da!.
“*hen "eter too, him< and began to rebu,e him< sa!ing< E-e it far from thee< >ord:
this shall not be unto thee.$ -ut he turned< and said unto "eter< E25* *&55 -5&I03 5<
'.*.0: *&1( ./5 .0 1;;50)5 (0*1 5: ;1/ *&1( '.?1(/5'* 01* *&5
*&I02' *&.* -5 1; 213< -(* *&1'5 *&.* -5 1; 50.$”
EMatthe! /I4:/6:9F
HO "atanic elu"ion, "%ea<ing through the mi"ta<en "&m%ath& o# Peter, ro% a!a&
#rom m& con"ciou"ne"" an remain #or"a<en -ehin a" I am marching to!ar the <ingom
o# Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"") A" I am #ille !ith enthu"ia"m an thrille !ith Bo& at the
%ro"%ect o# enuring tem%orar& -oil& %ain on the cro"" in e.change #or e3erla"ting Bo& in
S%irit, I am o##ene, O "atanic elu"ion, at th& !or" o# "&m%ath& !hich thou ha" "%o<en
through Peter) For th& !or", O Satan, e3en though the& are gar-e !ith Peter$" 3oice an
"&m%ath&, clearl& re3eal the con"ciou"ne"" o# elu"ion6%o""e""e !orll& men an o not
3i-rate !ith the !i"om o# Co"mic Con"ciou"ne"")G
Delu"i3e S&m%ath&
In the a-o3e !or", 'e"u" em%ha"i>e that i# he &iele to Peter$" "&m%ath& he
!oul actuall& -e em-racing elu"ion, an thu" gi3ing u% hi" %re%arene"" to %er#orm the
i##icult i3ine ut& !hich ha -een re3eale to hi" 3i"ion) That i" !h& 'e"u" reBecte
Peter$" "&m%ath&) Although Peter !ante to -ani"h the thought o# an& oreal coming to
'e"u", "till, in the echo o# tho"e !or" !a" the tem%tation o# Satan !ho !ante 'e"u" to
#or"a<e hi" cruci#i.ion an thu" #ail to #ul#il the %lan o# Go)


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