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in a room in a garden
in a building in a town/city
in a box in a country
in your mouth/hand
in the pool/sea/river
We say somebody or something is:
in a line/ in a row/ in a queue/ in a street/ in a photograph/ in a picture/
in a mirror/ in the sky/ in the world/ in a book/ in a newspaper/ in a
magazine/ in a letter(but on a page)
at the bus stop at the top
at the door at the bottom
at the window at the end of
at the church
at the traffic lights
at reception
he front and the back:
we say in the front/in the back of a car
but at the front/at the back of a building/cinema/group of people!
on the front/on the back of a letter/a piece of paper/an envelope!
on the ceiling on her nose
on the wall on a page
on the door on an island
on the table on a map
on the floor on a list
on the left on the menu
on the right on a farm
on the ## floor
We say that a place is on a ricer/on a road/on the coast
We say a place is on the way to another place$
Be careful:
We say %in the corner of a room&// but % at the corner/on the corner of a
here are a lot of people in the shop$
'o along this road( then turn left at the shop$
here is some water in the bottle$
here is a label on the bottle$
here is somebody at the door$
here is a notice on the door$