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1 The course begins 7 January and ends 10 March.

2 I went to bed midnight.
3 We arrived 5 o c!oc" the morning.
# Mo$art was born in %a!$burg 175&.
5 're you doing anything s(ecia! wee")ends*
& +urry u(, Weve to go -ve minutes.
7 I !ast saw 'nn Tuesday.
. +e has !ived in India two years.
/ I!! (hone you Tuesday morning about 10.
10 Toms grandmother died in1/.7 the age o0 .1.
11 Jac"s brother is out o0 wor" the moment.
12 The (rice o0 e!ectricity is going u( 1ctober.
13 I havent seen him 2hristmas.
1# %unday a0ternoons I usua!!y get u( !ate.
15 There are usua!!y a !ot o0 (arties 3ew 4ears 5ve.
1 I!! be wor"ing 7 o c!oc".
2 I!! be bac" ha!0 an hour.
3 I sudden!y 0e!t i!! the e6amination.
# They were wor"ing in the garden 3 oc!oc" seven oc!oc".
5 2aro! got married 1//#.
& The boo" was easy to read. %o I read it a day.
7 They have !ived there 20 years.
. We were at the (arty midnight.
/ They were at schoo! 2 o c!oc".
10 I saw him !ast the morning.
11 I did my homewor" the evening.
12 %he started dancing & and now shes a great star.
13 +e !earned driving a !orry three wee"s.
1# +e waited they were 7uiet.
15 In summer he a!ways goes 8ogging %undays.
1 I !i"e wa!"ing around the town night.
2 're you going to the cinema 9riday night*
3 Ive been waiting an hour.
# 'nn wor"s hard the wee": so she !i"es to re!a6 wee")ends.
5 Ive been invited to a wedding 1# 9ebruary.
& the age o0 twe!ve he wrote his -rst (!ay.
7 We have to !eave -ve minutes.
. Ive been waiting 0or her an hour.
/ s(ring they;re a!ways in %(ain.
10 The (ri$e o0 co<ee is going u( '(ri!.
11 They !e0t the (arty 11.
12 We had a !ot o0 0un our ho!idays.
13 +e wo"e u( 0our in the night.
1# +e is a!ways s!ee(y the morning.
15 I haven;t seen him hours.