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TW 401 from PFHL Course 401-- New Way of Thinking
Directions: Write an essay about how you personally relate or have experienced the concepts in the following essay. This assignment is worth 2 units, so write at least 2 quality pages. Change of Vocabulary in a Frequently Spoken Statement (by Bill Stevenson-- March 7, 1998) In a counseling session, I said, “Only with God’s help can we go against our human nature.” The counselor shocked me by immediately telling me not to say that again. Before I could start to elaborate on the statement I made, he went to a butcher paper easel and started drawing a special chart about teaching he received over 20 years ago from Steve Hayner. Below indicates my understanding of what Mr. Jones drew and taught me: Creation Time of Innocence The Fall and God's 1st Covenant Post Pentecost Post Second Coming

Mankind and Dispensation of creatures Grace Human nature= Complete trusting in God Some individuals are righteous via 1 John 1:9 and by the first man and completely trusting in God. woman. “in Our likeness” (No need to eat of "the Tree of Good and Evil".) "It is good." Also at the same time, most individuals live selfishly, pridefully, etc.-Fallen Unnatural Nature. Therefore, I should say from now on, “Only with God’s help can we get back to the pre-Fall way of thinking-- the created good human nature.” Now think about that. That means a very positive reason for living along with the Great Commission!! That doesn’t mean we stop being against the “fallen unnatural nature” indicated in Galatians 1-5:21 and Romans 1, but it means are emphasis should be the transformation indicated in Romans 12 & 8. Look how Romans 8 ends!! Romans 8:28-39 Romans 12:1-3 Galatians 5:22-26-Colossians 2:6-10-Colossians 3:1-10 & 1225-Colossians 4:2 & 6 Philippians 4:4-8--


Conclusion: That is enough for true revival in any Christian. It was for me and will be for the rest of my life!! Such is the only way to experience the thinking wonderfulness that Adam and Eve were able to experience before the Fall. Have you had such experiences of innocence and peace and love?

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