House approves bill creating 7

district in Cebu province
The creation of the Seventh Legislative District in the province of Cebu by
reapportioning the current Second Legislative District now awaits Senate approval.
The House Committee on Local Government, chaired by ep. !edro ". #charon, $r.
District, South Cotabato', noted that House "ill (()* in substitution of House "ill
+&(,, which was authored by ep. -ilfredo Caminero %)
District, Cebu', had been
approved on +
reading before the sine die ad.ournment.
/n defending the bill during the committee hearing, Caminero 0uoted &1
Deputy Spea3er !ablo Garcia, who said in a privilege speech that the congressman of the
district is having a much more difficult time discharging his constituency services,
attending to the needs of &1 municipalities, and )4( barangays, which cover an area that is
almost &5+ of the total land area of the !rovince of Cebu.
6The compelling and urgent reasons for the creation of the Seventh Legislative
District of the !rovince of Cebu have been fully deliberated and favorably acted upon by
the House of epresentatives in the &(
and &1
Congress,7 Caminero argued in plenary.
68ore than ever, if not more urgent, over si9 years after the first effort to pass the
measure, the creation of an additional legislative district in the !rovince of Cebu remain as
valid,7 Caminero added.
Caminero said the total population of the Second District of Cebu as of 8ay &, ):&:
census was ()+,(1), or twice the number re0uired by law.
;nder the measure, the municipalities of, onda, #lcantara, 8oalboal,
"adian, #legria, 8alabuyoc, and Ginatilan shall comprise the proposed Seventh
Legislative District.
The current Second Legislative District of the !rovince of Cebu shall still be
composed of the municipalities of #rgao, Dalaguete, #lcoy, "oli.oon, <slob, Santander,
and Samboan.
The proposed district shall commence in the ne9t national and local elections after
the effectivity of the bill. %+:' jc
NR # 3528
JULY 15, 2014

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